It’s Currently Sold Out–But I Found It + Fave Phone/iPad Stand & A Puzzle Board Hack

Recently I decided to resubscribe to Netflix. I had unsubscribed years ago because I didn’t really care for much of their programming. The reason I decided to give them one more try is that I’d like the ability to watch movies while walking on my treadmill here in the office. My treadmill has a slanted thingy that I could lean my iPad against, but it’s really low so would be kinda hard to view. Then I remembered this handy tablet/notebook/iPad stand I purchased last year, and it’s perfect.

Favorite Phone and iPad, Tablet Holder Stand


It raises my iPad up to just the right height. As I was looking at it, it dawned on me that it would make a great Christmas gift, so I ordered one for someone on my Christmas list who often watches their iPad while cooking.

Favorite iPad Holder


I also have the phone stand and use it constantly here on my desk. I’ve given it as a gift twice in the past and both recipients tell me they love it and use it all the time. So, I definitely recommend either or both of these if you’re looking for a gift idea that won’t break the bank. You’ll find them available here: Phone Stand AND here: iPad or Tablet Stand.

Favorite iPad Holder


A Puzzle Board Hack: A few months back I got a crazy idea! I can’t remember if I already shared this previously, but if I did, I’ve taken it a step or two further. Whenever I’m working on a puzzle, like this one that I just completed over the weekend, I love having the “picture” that comes with the puzzle nearby. It really helps a lot when you can easily refer back to the picture. So I got an idea and came up with a way to keep it close at hand as you see here on the puzzle board in the top right corner.

Adjustable Puzzle Board, Tilts for Comfort


To accomplish that, I added these long magnets to various parts of the board.

Magnets on Puzzle Board to Hold Puzzle Image


Initially, I ordered a set of 2 magnets. When I realized how great that worked, I ordered another set. I actually ended up ordering them four different times because each time I added another couple of magnets and discovered how handy they were, I wanted to add more! I wish I had just gone ahead and ordered a bunch to start with, but I had no idea how much I was going to enjoy them until I started adding them all around the board.

Puzzle Board, Adding Magnets for Magnetic Clips to Hold Puzzle Picture


You can see them attached in various places around the board. The magnets I added come with double-side adhesive, making them super easy to apply/attach to the board They are super secure and I’ve had no issue with them coming loose. Note: When you apply them to the board, make sure you add the adhesive to the side of the magnet that attracts the clip you use. You know how magnets will attract or repel another magnet, so just verify you’re sticking it down on the board with the correct side facing up.

Adjustable Puzzle Board, Tilts for Comfort


I started to order some clips with magnets, but then realized I already had some that would work perfectly. If you have a puzzle board and like this idea, here’s where I purchased the long, flat magnets with the double-side adhesive for applying them to a surface: Magnets with Double-side Adhesive. I think these clips are the same as the ones I’m using: Chip Clips with Magnets. You’ll find tons more clips with magnets here: Chip Clips with Magnets.

Using Magnetic Clips on Puzzle Board to Hold Puzzle Picture


I’ve had several emails this holiday season asking where to get this puzzle board. It’s currently on sale for the best price I’ve ever seen it, here: Puzzle Board.

Tilting, Slanting Puzzle Board, Easy on the Back


Home Alone House Is Currently Available & It’s At Its Normal Price! Last year I shared this amazing Home Alone house from LEGO that I purchased and assembled. Oh my gosh! I can’t begin to tell you how much fun this was! It makes a great decoration to pull out this time of year, too! This house was designed by a huge LEGO fan, then the experts at LEGO took his awesome plans and made some pretty significant improvements to create this wonderful, very detailed Home Alone house, of course giving him all the credit for the initial design. I love how LEGO encourages their fans to create and submit their suggestions/plans for future LEGO projects.

Home Alone Lego House with Treehouse


For the interior, they recreated so many of the wonderful scenes we love from the movie. There are many delightful Easter eggs to find, too. I really love how it can be played with after it’s assembled–it’s almost like a dollhouse in that respect! I think it’s just the best LEGO kit ever!

Lego Home Alone House, Open to See Inside


Last year it was sold out everywhere and eBay sellers were asking double the price for it! Once again, it’s showing sold out and on backorder at the LEGO website, but I was able to locate it at its normal (not inflated!) price here: LEGO Home Alone McCallister’s House. I’m sure it won’t last long, which is why I’m sharing it with you now. It sells out every single year and for good reason. It’s an amazing LEGO project and collectible!

LEGO Home Alone, Completed House


See you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. The iPad/Tablet holder has been a game changer for me since I bought it when you first posted it – thank you! I take weekly Zoom needlepoint classes and the adjustability of it is awesome!!!

    • I’d forgotten how amazing that Lego house was. Such detail.
      I saw the movie (on TV) last year for the first time. Loved it!

  2. Can you share where you found the clip-on lights for your puzzle board?

    Dee Ann

  3. Susan, I think I told you that the ipad stand was a game changer for us! Thanks for showcasing that product. HA! The puzzle board people need to hire you for implementing the magnet idea. 🙂 That is ingenious! Have a great week’s end!

  4. Thanks so much for the magnet idea for the puzzle board! I just put some in my Amazon cart!

    • Sure! Claire, I didn’t think to mention this in the post, but when you apply them to the board, make sure you attach them so the side that attracts your clip is up. You know how magnets can attract or repel another magnet, so just verify you’re sticking it down on the board with the right side facing up.

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