Nostalgic Christmas: Beautiful Snow-Covered Cottages & A Charming Gingerbread House

Welcome to the 792nd Tablescape Thursday! Yesterday was an interesting day with a few false starts at setting a table for Tablescape Thursday. It started with me discovering that the centerpiece I had planned to use was way too wide for my dining room table, so I had to completely scratch the table I had originally planned. As I worked on ideas for another table, I started feeling a bit queasy. I lay down for a bit, and when I awoke an hour or two later, I felt even worse. Just when I was starting to think I would not be setting a table, I began to feel much better. Yay!

So the first few photos in this post were taken quite late at night, but you’ll see much brighter, clearer photos (taken this morning) toward the end of the post. I love how the lit gingerbread house is reflected in the door. It gave me the impression that there was a whole world of little villages filled with lit cottages just outside that door.

Christmas Table with Lit Gingerbread House Centerpiece


Christmas Table Setting with Gingerbread House Centerpiece


I think I’ve only used this little ceramic gingerbread house in one table setting before. The house was a find in Bath and Body Works many years ago. This is probably the best view we’ll have of the stemware I chose for this table. It’s by Pfaltzgraff and I believe the pattern name is Winterberry. They still make a similar holiday goblet and I found it available here: Pfaltzgraff Winterberry Stemware.

Lit Gingerbread House Centerpiece, Christmas Tablescape


I checked to see if this adorable gingerbread house was still available online anywhere and I found several here: Gingerbread House.

Ceramic Gingerbread House


If you had asked me when I had previously purchased this dinnerware, I would have sworn it was last year–and I would have been wrong. lol I double-checked and I purchased and used it in a previous Tablescape Thursday back in 2021. It is still available here: Christmas Toile Dinnerware.

Affordable Christmas Dinnerware, Tartan Charger Plates


I love this pattern sooo much! This dinnerware is so affordable, I would have zero qualms about using it every day throughout the holiday season. The salad plate shows the cutest snow-covered scene with adorable snow-covered cottages.

Nostalgic Toile Christmas Dinnerware


The dinner plate (photo from the 2021 post) depicts another wonderful snowy scene, again showing beautiful homes decorated for Christmas. Love! When I first purchased this pattern, I only bought a set for four. After it arrived, I loved the pattern so much, I immediately purchased another set of 4 place settings so I’d have enough to set a table of 8.

Affordable Christmas Dinnerware, Christmas Village


Snowflake napkin rings continue the snowy scene we see in our dinnerware. I managed to get a little bit of the snow from the centerpiece onto the charger plate and the napkin, but didn’t notice until after I took these photos. A big gust of wind came and blew it off later. 😉

Snowflake Napkin Rings, Toile Christmas Dinnerware, Tartan Charger Plate


Snowflake Napkin Rings, Towle King Richard Sterling Flatware


The flatware is Towle, King Richard–still love this pattern after all these years.

Towle King Richard, Snowflake Napkin Ring


One final view from late last night…

Christmas Table with Lit Gingerbread House Centerpiece


The early morning sun was finding its way through the shutters this morning, doing its best to light up the gingerbread house in the center of the table.

Christmas Table Setting, Christmas Ideas


Christmas Dinnerware, Brown Toile


Some better views of the salad plate..this pattern is described as having a toile design. I love the evergreen bough border surrounding the plate!

Affordable Christmas China Dinnerware


I remembered to take a photo of the dinner plate this morning…love the houses!

Christmas Table, 2023


This charming holiday dinnerware is available here: Christmas Toile Dinnerware.

Pretty Christmas Cottage, Christmas China


Tried to get a better view of the stemware, but I still think the earlier night-time view is a bit better for seeing the design.

Holly Stemware, Pfaltzgraff


I bet this cute cottage sold out that Christmas so many years ago. The whole house lifts up and off its base so a candle can be placed inside. I always use small battery-operated votives in mine to avoid any issues of cracking due to the heat from a candle. The only place I can still find this gingerbread cottage available is here: Gingerbread House.

Gingerbread House, Christmas Table Ideas


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!

Christmas Table Setting, Christmas Ideas


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  1. Oh, Susan, I love this post today! Not only is your dishware lovely and perfect for the season, but your photography with the natural light streaming through the window makes everything look so cozy and welcoming. Bravo! (I’ll be right over for a cup of coffee! *wink wink*)

  2. I love that pattern for Christmas time. I’m torn between the cozy evening look and the bright, festive morning one. No reason one can’t have dinner and breakfast there. Plus even more use of a seasonal pattern.
    Also, at first I thought you had set a table for 3, and used the fourth place for the centerpiece. Then shortly realized the mistake. But think that could be a great idea for smaller gatherings: room for a larger/more elaborate decor and you wouldn’t have to remove it for meals.

  3. What a darling table Susan – I love it in the evening AND the morning! You’re right, the reflection in the window is magical! The design on your plates is so wintery and fun. It reminds me of Johnson Brothers’ Friendly Village pattern – one of my favorites for the holidays. Thanks for the inspiration and for hosting, as always! Have a great rest of your week!

    • It really does look similar…has that same overall feel of Johnson Brothers Friendly Village. I love that pattern, too.
      Thanks, Barbara! Hope you have an amazing week!

  4. I love when people search amongs there vintage/older items and put together a beautiful table or vignette. Such charming examples you have used together, which is perfect. And who doesn’t love a little light on the table too! Thanks for sharing, Sandi

  5. Such a cozy & inviting table!

  6. Helen Peterson says

    Glad the nap restored you. Love the scale and charm of this setting. Awesome.

  7. Simply adorable!!! LOVE everything about this setting!!!

    • What a cute gingerbread house! And I still love the plates. Thanks for this blig today. I am decorating my stairs with a gingerbread theme this year. I’ll try and send a photo when I get done decorating next week⁸

      • Oh, that sounds so cute, Anne! I’ve fallen in love with all things gingerbread this year…I’m blaming it on the gingerbread house handbag I bought recently. lol Yes, please share a photo–would love to see what you do!

    • Thanks so much, Rosie! ♥

  8. First, so glad you are feeling better. I heard a radio host say today the flu is all over the Atlanta area. Love the tablescape and beautiful dishes. I don’t think I have ev
    er seen your shutters closed. I really like them.
    No matter what I did I could not comment on the sisters pink tablescape. I was in Old Time Pottery today and a lady was so excited to find a pink Christmas tree. I happened to find the cutest mini pink ornaments and some mini Santa ornaments.
    I see the new owners have put in clothing and shoes.
    If anyone loves the Container Store, they may go under too.

    • Thanks, Myrna! Ugh, don’t like to hear that. Not sure what was going on with my tummy but feeling much better today.
      I should visit the single Old Time Pottery that’s left here, I just never seen to go over in that direction. Last time I did visit, it was pretty empty. I bet they are better stocked now that Christmas season is here. I hope that doesn’t happen to the Container Store!

  9. Susan, I love this tablescape! The dishes are so pretty and unique and look so cute with the adorable Gingerbread house!!! so sorry you are not feeling well! – Patty

  10. Jill from Southern NH says

    What an adorable gingerbread house, and such sweet winter scenes on your dinnerware! I have a good-sized red painted sleigh, made out of real wood, from Bath & Body Works from a shower gel gift set in the ’90s and I still take it out and put a poinsettia in it every year! I wonder how your Christmas Toile dinnerware would look mixed with your lovely Better Homes and Gardens winter dishes from Walmart too!

  11. franki parde says

    ALWAYS…just BEAUTIFUL!!! franki

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