This Year I Ordered My Fresh Greenery Wreath Online & Here’s How It Turned Out!

Welcome to the 774th Metamorphosis Monday! How was your weekend? I hope you had a great one! Have you started working on your Christmas and holiday decor? I spent most of the weekend doing a bit of Christmas decorating and lots of organizing. You may remember a few months back I moved all the Christmas decor I had stored here under the bonus room eaves (including my window wreaths that normally were on the wall where you see the insulation) down to the newly renovated storage room in the basement.

Easy way to add lighting to under eave storage and attics, closets


I had also cleared out all of the Halloween decor that was stored under another one of the eave areas off of my bonus room. Everything ended up down here in the basement as I tried repeatedly to order storage cabinets, cabinets that I could never get delivered in one piece.


Eventually, when I couldn’t get the cabinets delivered damage-free, I gave up and just stacked everything against the wall here in the basement.


This weekend I realized that so much of the “stuff” I have stored here in this storage room in the basement (previously a crawl space) is pillows and cushions. I spent several hours moving all the cushions and pillows to another storage area upstairs and that opened up a lot of new storage room for all the Christmas and Halloween decor. That also allowed me to better organize everything within this space. Christmas decor ended up down the left side.


All my Halloween decor is now stored on the right side. Do you ever go into your storage closet or a storage room to organize or move things around, and in the process, you find things that you’ve completely forgotten you ever placed there? I feel like I need to make myself go downstairs every week and go through this space just so I can get used to what I’ve stored here now. It’s not that I forget what I have, it’s that I forget that I’ve moved it to this new storage place. After storing things for over 30 years in other areas/closets/storage spaces in my home, it is definitely taking my brain a while to get used to those things being here now. I don’t think that’s an “age” thing–I really think it’s just my brain because I’ve always been this way.


Ordering My Fresh Greenery Wreath Online: Switching gears, in October I was scrolling through Instagram and I kept seeing ads for gorgeous, fresh-greenery wreaths from a place called Lynch Creek Farm. I checked out their online reviews and they all looked good. They had a few negative reviews a couple of years back during that period when every company was struggling to get supplies and meet shipping demands–you know the period I’m talking about. Otherwise, their reviews looked really good.

I thought about how nice it would be to have a fresh wreath delivered right to my door instead of having to drive around from Lowe’s to Home Depot to Pike Nursery, etc… shopping for one as I normally do each year. Metro Atlanta traffic is the pits so I decided to save myself the stress this year and give Lynch Creek Farm a try. I ordered my wreath in late October and chose my delivery window for the week leading up to Thanksgiving. I wasn’t sure if I’d be hosting Thanksgiving, but I wanted the wreath to arrive just before Thanksgiving, just in case. It arrived on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, so right on time!


I had a really hard time choosing a wreath from their website because there were so many that I liked! Every time I found one that I liked, I would add it to my cart. I ended up with five wreaths in my cart before I forced myself to narrow it down to one. This was the wreath I ultimately chose because it was so beautiful in the pictures, but I was a little worried about all the red since it would be going on a red door. Since it was my favorite and I couldn’t quit thinking about it, I decided to just go for it and hoped it would look okay. By the way, this is not a sponsored post. Lynch Creek Farm has no idea that I am writing this post and I paid in full for my wreath with no discounts. I am just a satisfied customer who purchased a wreath from them and have had no contact with them, otherwise.

Fresh Wreath of Nobel Fir and Whie Pine with Berry Accents


When I opened the box, I noticed a few of the berries had come loose, but it wasn’t very many.


The moment of truth…would it be as beautiful as it was in the photos online?


Here’s how it looks on my red front door. One thing I noticed is you don’t see as much greenery in the very center of the wreath as you do in the photos online. After I put this post up, I may go downstairs and see if I can pull some of that greenery out where it’s a little more visible in the center.

Christmas Wreath for the Porch, Lynch Creek Farm


I think it’s a beautiful wreath, but I do think it would look better on a door that wasn’t painted red, so my initial instinct was right on that.


Here’s a closer view in better lighting–it is gorgeous!

Pacific Pepperberry Wreath from Lynch Creek Farm


And here’s the wreath on their website. See how there’s a bit more green showing in the center of the wreath.

Fresh Wreath of Nobel Fir and Whie Pine with Berry Accents


Overall, I’m quite pleased and I would order from them again. I think I’ll try a different wreath next year, one that isn’t as red since my front door is red.

Red door with fresh wreath


This was one of the ones I considered…they have so many cute ones! I noticed in addition to the fresh-greenery wreaths, they also offer dried wreaths and other decorative pieces. They even have gourmet gift boxes. You can check out all their beautiful wreaths here: Lynch Creek Farm Wreaths, Centerpieces, and Gift Boxes.


Another thing I got done this weekend was hanging all the wreaths on my exterior windows.

Hang Wreaths on Exterior Windows, Traditional Decoration for Christmas


In addition to changing out some of the bows, I changed a few of the hanging ribbons that were starting to look a bit rough. This is the width/style hanging ribbon I like and I was so happy to find it online this year. Last year I purchased some that looked a bright red, but when it arrived it was actually more of a burgundy color. So glad to have found this bright-red ribbon this year! I purchased two so I won’t run again anytime soon! If you need a bright, Christmas-red ribbon, you’ll find this ribbon available here: 25 Yards, 2-1/2 Ribbon.  The bows with long streamers are available for a great price here: Exterior Bows with Long Streamers. They are also available with gold edging here: Exterior Bows with Gold, Wired-Edge Ribbon.


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  1. Your wreath is absolutely gorgeous and I know most of us are a bit envious of all your amazing storage! Have fun getting ready for Christmas!!

  2. Happy Holidays! I LOVE the wreath with the red berries!

  3. Your wreath looks great. Just some fluffing of the greenery in the middle will get the effect you want. Now off to check out their wreath selections- lol. Have a great week. XO- MaryJo

  4. Margaret Kuhn says

    The wreath is lovely. If you are crafty, you could make it for a fraction of the price. Costco has fresh wreaths for $20.00 or less every year. Then go to a craft store like Hobby Lobby or Michels and get the pepper berries, and small red ornaments.

    • I’m sure I could, but that’s what I was trying to avoid, driving through crazy Atlanta traffic to gather supplies, etc… I don’t think I could create anything this elaborate or pretty without spending a lot on supplies and a lot of driving around–would rather order it and have it delivered.

  5. Love the wreath! Happy decorating Susan!

  6. Your house looks wonderful with all the wreaths in the windows. The fresh wreath is beautiful on your red door. My cyber Monday is not going as expected. I had several things in my Amazon cart and planned to order today. I deliberately waited for cyber Monday. That turned out to be a bad moved as a few of the prices went up! I did not order today. I will wait a few days to see if the prices go back down.

  7. What would I do without your recommendations?!? Just ordered 4 wreaths. I hope they’re as beautiful as yours!!! Thanks, Susan!

  8. I just messaged a link to your post at the Lynch Creek online chat. They should at least give you a discount code!!!! 😀

  9. Sandra D, Jol says

    Beautiful wreaths and love your house inside and out. I am envious of your storage areas. I live in a 900 sq ft starter ranch and no way would I attempt to go up in that little hole to the attic. Doesn’t even have a drop down ladder! But I just live vicariously through your blog. I have a garage that had the door taken off and a wall built so I check daily for critters crawling in the engine area. I store stuff in totes in the garage. Mice used to ruin everything-cardboard wasn’t working out if you know what I mean so I got lots of Rubbermaid totes, etc. 15 years ago I rescued and have 2 cats living there (it’s heated in the winter) and I see no droppings or other evidence of mice. Although it was cluttered, I knew where everything was (ususally). My brother became homeless and came here with a U-Haul full of stuff, workbench, tool chest, tools, saws, etc and I moved most of my boxes of craft supplies to a storage unit. Everything was so chaotic when he moved in 12 years ago I no longer know where things are. I need to go thru all that stuff and bring it home now that he passed but I’m finding it hard to do. I’m getting too old for this. Happy Holiday Season!

    • Sandra, sorry for your loss. I use those plug in things for mice, but they are awesome for everything but silverfish. I bought mine at Lowes in the pesticide isle. Just don’t block the beam. For any boxes I use for storage, I add boric acid and change the boxes yearly. I can’t use pesticides because of the smell, and this has worked for over 20 years.

    • I don’t blame you, I don’t store anything in my attic, either. Knowing me, I’d fall down the stairs. Sorry to hear of your brother’s passing, Sandra. ♥

  10. Susan,
    The wreath is stunning!!!
    My link ups for this week are 3 79.80 and 81!
    Thanks so much for hosting this delightful party each and every week!! I really appreciate the time and effort that goes into it!!! Thank You!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  11. Tina Reynolds says

    I love it! I am ready to order a wreath online today and I hope they will still be available. My door is also red. As far as holiday stuff and storage, I have a new rule: if it’s used upstairs, then it is stored upstairs, but if it’s used downstairs, I keep it downstairs. This seemed illogical to my husband since there is a huge closet upstairs that once held all of the holiday finery and even the big artificial tree! However, I grew tired of carrying boxes down and up, and up and down! Now I have things stashed close to where they will be deployed! I sure hope this works out long term.

    • I like that storage tip, Tina! I know what you mean and it’s actually kinda dangerous carrying them up and down. I wish I had a BIG closet on my main floor that was the perfect size for storing my Christmas tree without ever having to take it apart. If I ever were to build a home, it would definitely have a closet like that.

  12. Love your wreath! I’ll be curious to see how you get more greenery in the middle. And it’s so fun to see your storage metamorphosis – you’re an inspiration! Thanks so much for hosting, and Happy Monday!

    • I tried it but it didn’t work…could only get a few little pieces to show in the center. I’m still happy with it though. It’s very berry-licious! lol
      Merry Christmas, Barbara!

  13. Terri Santiago says

    Hi Susan
    I have ordered from Lynch farms for a couple years.
    I have one sent to my daughter who lives in Tennessee.
    I have the one you show with the birdhouse and cardinal, I put it on the shed door.
    Iam envious of your storage space.
    Have a Blessed Holiday Season

    • That sounds adorable, Terri! Love that! I def think I’ll order from them again, it was so convenient and gas/stress saving to not have to drive around looking for a wreath this year.

  14. I absolutely LOVE your new wreath and house trimmings! Wishing you the very best at this holiday season! Many thanks for sharing your writing talent and instincts that give us readers hours of enjoyment throughout the year! Happy Holidays, Susan!

  15. Susan, I so love your large home. I have basement envy. When is the bathroom remodel planned ?
    I can see why it was a tough decision on the wreaths !

    • Thanks, Myrna! I hope to remodel one this year, although there are a couple of smaller projects that I would love to do, as well. I should probably do at least one bathroom though. I’m having trouble getting excited about bathrooms. lol

  16. I’ve had Lynch Creek centerpieces before, and their products are first quality. Your wreath is beautiful!

    • I’m very impressed with this wreath, so far–great to know that you’ve had a good experience in the past, too! I have a feeling I’ll be ordering from them again in the future. Merry Christmas, Rita!

  17. Your home is definitely Christmas central! Do you have any bits of faux greenery to tuck into the center? Or something from your yard? Then tuck in a few sprigs of the same, around the outside too.

  18. I love your new wreath! My comment has more to do with keeping track of what you have already. Why not list each of your decorations with the purchase date and last usage date? You could also leave a space for which room/window/door it goes into. It’s a major investment of time at first, but would save much more as time goes on. I don’t do it for decorations (small home, not many), but I do keep a current list of freezer items. The day I realized I had 15 pork loins I knew I needed to do something! Merry Christmas.

  19. Susan, I love that wreath but I share your problem with a fresh wreath on the front door as our door is green! I got my gingerbread house bag a couple of days ago and you were right, the gingerbread man is so fat that he could easily have been a coin purse, but it is all so adorable! My (college-age) granddaughter was here for the weekend and I thought for sure the bag was going to go home with her! I’m sure that she’ll eventually end up with it (or perhaps her own) but, for now, I did get her the card case for Christmas. That wreath is beautiful and what a great company from which to buy them! You always have the best stuff for us.

    • Yay! I’m so glad your bag arrived and you love it! I just noticed today that it is now sold out! I hope they bring it back again next year for those folks who wanted it but missed out. I carried mine out shopping for the first time yesterday and everywhere I went, people loved it! What surprised me is how many people noticed it and commented on it though I carrying it handheld down low by my side. It was a hit!
      I know, that Gingerbread Guy is chunky! He really could have been a coin purse. I just love him!

  20. Gorgeous wreath! I had one from Lynch Creek Farms last year and kept it up on my fireplace until February, lol, and I plan to order from them again this year. I love all their wreaths!

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