Yummy Iced Coffee Recipe

I’m not a big coffee drinker, which is too bad now that I think about it.  It sure would have come in handy back in my college days when I had to occasionally pull an all-nighter to finish writing a paper.

When I do drink coffee, it’s always iced coffee.  Actually, when I make iced coffee, it’s end up being more like a milkshake that happens to be coffee flavored.  I adore milk and can easily go through a gallon a week.  So when I make iced coffee, I add LOTS of milk or cream.

A few months ago I stopped by the blog, The Pioneer Woman.  While there, I stumbled across a recipe for iced coffee.  The title of the post, Perfect Iced Coffee, caught my eye.  Ree found the recipe in Imbibe magazine and she shared it on her blog.  She also likes her coffee with lots of cream, even using condensed milk on occasion, so the pictures looked insanely yummy.

The recipe makes a large batch and lasts a long time in the fridge.  It’s almost like a concentrate, so when you’re ready for a glass of iced coffee, you just fill up your glass with ice, add the coffee and some cream/sugar and you’re good to go.  This method is so much better than the way I’ve prepared it in the past where the coffee always ended up melting the ice and watering down the coffee.

Since this concoction lasts for several weeks when kept in the fridge, I decided to give it a try.  My favorite way to dose it up is with the flavored creamers.  Coffee Mate’s Peppermint Mocha and their Pumpkin Spice are two of my faves.  I haven’t tried my coffee with condensed milk as Ree suggests, but I bet that would be amazing, too…probably like dessert.

Easy, Best Way to Make Iced Coffee

Ree mentions in her post, this recipe appeared originally in Imbibe Magazine.

Here’s the super easy recipe for making this fab iced coffee.  You’re not gonna believe how it’s done.   Oh, when I make this, I usually only make half the recipe.  That lasts me at least 2-3 weeks.  If you’re a big iced coffee fan and drink it every day, you may wish to make the full recipe.
Ingredients you’ll need:
1 pound Ground Coffee (I use Eight O’Clock Coffee)
8 quarts Cold Water
Half-and-half or any milk of your choice.  The flavored creamers are yummy.  If you like it sweet, add sugar, artificial sweetener or sweetened condensed milk, if you dare.

Supplies you’ll need:
A large food storage container or a large pot that will hold 2 gallons
A 2 gallon beverage dispenser to store the coffee in the refrigerator once it’s all done

In a large container, mix the ground coffee with the 8 quarts of water.  Just stir it well enough to get all the coffee good and wet.

Since I don’t have a huge food storage container, I use my large dutch oven.  It works okay, but it isn’t very easy to pour the coffee out once you’re done.  I’m going to be on the look out for a large container like Ree uses.

Next, cover the container and let it sit at room temperature for eight hours.  I always make it at night so it can “brew” while I sleep.

In the morning, strain the coffee mixture through a fine mesh strainer into a large pitcher or beverage server.  You’ll want to pour it into a container that’s appropriate for storing in the fridge.  You can use cheesecloth in the strainer, if you’re worried about any grounds sneaking through.

Discard the grounds and place your coffee into the refrigerator to chill.  It doesn’t take long to chill since it’s room temperature when it goes into the fridge.

When you’re ready to have a glass of iced coffee, just pour it over ice and add milk or sweetener as desired.   Your ice doesn’t melt (since the coffee isn’t hot) and you’ve got ice coffee at the ready, anytime you want.  I’ve had it sit in the refrigerator for 3 weeks with no problem.

If you end up making this, take photos of the process showing how you made it.

Got any iced coffee fans out there?  Have you ever tried your iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk?

To view Ree’s gorgeous photos and the pictures of the restaurant style container she uses to prepare this recipe, stop by The Pioneer Woman blog.

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  1. Country Wings in Phoenix says

    Good Morning Sweetie…
    I have not tried this recipe, but you have definitely encouraged me to give it a try. Does it ever look yummy and of course I adore anything peppermint. Thank you and Ree both for the lovely share, and Imbibe magazine as well.

    Your photo is absolutely gorgeous sweet friend. Have a beautiful and blessed day. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  2. Katie @ Wildwood Creek says

    Thanks for reminding me about this recipe. I remember reading this at PW and thinking I should try it. It looks delicious.

  3. Thanks so much for this recipe! I would love to have this on hand in the summer but I have a very tiny fridge. Is it possible to cut down the recipe/ratio to accommodate a smaller container? Do you think that would ruin the flavor?

  4. ♥ Sonny ♥ says

    I love iced coffee.. If one thought they'd use it within a week – could the creamer and sweetner be added Before it went in the fridge?? Just wonderin becuase my powder creamer clots up in cold coffee. I have tried many kinds but always have to stir the creamer into a small amount of hot water before adding. Just wondering about this and what your experience has been.

    thanks for this recipe. I will be making it.

  5. We have actually used a Filtron for years which makes the coffee extract. That's all we drink. It also allows us to have a fresh HOT cuppa every time we want it. It's plastic and stores easily. I haven't messed up my counter or life with a coffee maker in about 30 years.

    You can buy them online, I think, but my MIL just gave us ours. She gave one to each of our daughters too.

  6. Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest says

    Yum, sounds great!

    I don't tend to drink iced coffee until about mid summer when it gets too hot, and still then usually prefer iced tea.

    I am a tea drinker mostly but enjoy that one cuppa strong java early in the am in cold months….but my daughter loves her iced coffee!

    I am so going to share this with her, thanks so much for sharing!!

  7. Yum. I'm going to try this! Thanks!

  8. Olive Cooper says

    We love coffee in any form and this sounds wonderful. That it lasts so long is a good plus. Thanks Susan.

  9. Last summer I started making my own iced coffee since I was spending too much time running to McDonald's for theirs…and because it was costing me a fortune! I make mine just like Ree does and then I used Coffee-Mate Sugar Free French Vanilla for my sweetener. I love it!

  10. I am a friend of coffee, usually hot, but I'll give this a try this summer.


  11. laxsupermom says

    When I make a pot of coffee, and only use half the pot, I freeze the remainder in an ice tray then pop the frozen coffee cubes in a ziplock baggie for use in iced coffee as needed – no watered down coffee. The Pioneer Woman has never steered me wrong, and her iced coffee sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Kathy Steinlicht says

    Morning Susan, We have been making coffee with a Toddy (Cold process)for more than a few decades:)It is great for Iced coffee or hot and perfect for gatherings. I have assorted teas , hot chocolate and this coffee concentrate and hot water in a electric pot.(ice in bucket as well) Once guests have their first beverage of choice , they can help themselves to more. Always enjoy your posts. (Although not a blogger myself)

  13. I'm not an iced coffee fan… I'd rather have a big glass of tea. But my husband prefers iced coffee…so this would be a great way to treat him to his favorite cold drink. I also have one of those filtron things but have never figured out how to use it. Maybe I'll drag it out. Thanks for the idea!

  14. I have not tried this before.I can't wait to try it.

  15. I am not a coffee drinker but will pass this on to my mom!

    I am interested in where you got your bee glass? Love them. Have seen expensive ones but wondering if you found a better deal? Tnanks!


  16. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says

    Hi Ann, I found them for a great price in both Marshalls and Tuesday morning. It's been a year or so but I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't get them back in again. They are by La Rochere.

  17. Janette - The2Seasons says

    I suspect coffee with condensed milk originated in Southeast Asia. When we rode our bicycles from Saigon through Cambodia to Bangkok, we drank coffee with sweetened condensed milk the entire time. They called it White Coffee, and it is very popular. Keep in mind that they didn't eat many other sweets like we do.

  18. Maria Elena says

    Susan, this recipe sounds wonderful! Both, me and my husband are serious coffee drinkers, so we will be trying to make some soon. I will let you know how it goes!

  19. I made this several months ago and splurged calorie wise…and used the sweetened condensed milk. OMG…it was so good AND addicting. Even Mr. Dumpling wanted a fix every night. I'll start making this again when it gets warmer. Only drawback…the straining took forever.

  20. Hi Susan,

    This is really the best iced coffee. I am so glad you posted this. After years of searching for the perfect recipe, I stumbled upon Ree´s last summer. Many years ago I vacationed in Greece and drank the most fabulous iced coffee I had ever tasted. It was so good! I have since tried to re-create it with no luck. So imagine my excitement when I tried out this recipe! It´s exactly how I remember it.

    I make a half batch and it lasts three weeks. I use a large pot and put the lid on for "brewing" over night. I haven´t tried condensed milk (afraid of getting hooked!) I just blend with sugar and milk, preferably 3% fat.


    Sidenote: I was so thrilled and put it up on my blog. Shortly after, I got comments like "this is not how Grecian people make their iced coffee"… Well, I never implied they did. I only wanted to share my sweet memory and that I´d finally found the perfect blend for me 🙂

    Enjoy your day!

  21. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says

    That's too funny about the comment. lol It is so good! That's why I haven't tried the condensed milk…afraid I'll like it too much! 🙂 I wish I had better pics to show the process, but it's not too exciting to see the coffee sitting in a dutch oven. lol

  22. Sounds and looks yummy!!
    Miss Bloomers

  23. Barbara Anne says

    Like Debbie, who replied earlier, we use a Filtron Cold Water Coffee System, too. As Debbie said, 11oz-16oz of your favorite ground coffee is put into the container, cold water is put into a container that fits on top of the container with the coffee in it. The water drips down on the coffee over a period of 12 hours. I'll note here that the container holding the dry coffee has a plugged up hole in the bottom and a thick filter pad between the plug and the coffee. At the end of the 12 hours, you carefully remove the plug and quickly place the container now full of wet coffee, atop the carafe that comes with the kit. The coffee concentrate drips quickly into the carafe and when it stops, you put the carafe into the refrigerator. For a cup of fresh coffee without acid, put about an ounce in a coffee cup and add hot water.

    My in-laws have used this system for 40 years after having the coffee while visiting family in New Orleans. We've used it for nearly that long and I gave a kit to my parents in 1980. They used to brew 8 cups of coffee in the morning and reheat it for the rest of the day. I shudder to think how it tasted. They really loved the coffee system and passed it on to our older son.

    They have a web site – go see! I don't sell these either.

    The iced coffee recipe is worth a try!

    I do enjoy your blog so much. Thanks!


  24. I am not a coffee drinker but my friend is so I will be sure to pass this along! I know she will love it :o)

    PS. I am now following you on Google…hope you will
    follow me back :o)

  25. Dawn Marie says

    I recently bought them on amazon!

  26. Dawn Marie says

    I recently purchased the bee glasses at amazon!

  27. Dawn Marie says

    I recently bought them on amazon!

  28. Susan I have made this Iced Coffee recipe. The first time I made it per the recipe and was overwhelmed with all the coffee syrup that I had…..I ended up having to discard some of it because I couldn't fit it all in the fridge. But it is excellent iced coffee, the next time I made a smaller batch. LOL

  29. NYC, Style and a little Cannoli says

    I am real simple with this one. Just brew my regular coffee, add ice and creamer or whatever flavor I like and viola Iced Coffee. If you want to add sugar when it is already cold, best kind to use is agave nectar in liquid form, dissolves right away for you!

  30. Vicki V @ blestnest.blogspot.com says

    I have used a Toddy coffee maker which uses a similar method. It's great to have the coffee concentrate around for either iced coffee or hot coffee since I don't drink it every day.

  31. Bettsi McComb says

    Here's what I do (since you asked!): I am a single woman so even though I only make a small pot each morning, I still end up with a little too much to drink each day. Each morning before percolating my morning coffee, I pour out the remaining coffee from the previous day into a pitcher I keep in my fridge. Then when the weekend comes, I have what I need on hand for iced coffee! Perfectly painless and such a treat! Like you, I love the flavored creamers- they have enough sugar and creaminess to provide the extra goodness!

  32. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says

    Bettsi, that's brilliant! Most folks just pour that out and waste it…what a great idea!

  33. tHANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE ICED COFFEE RECIPE!!!I cannot wait to make this. I have spent the last few hours of my vacation day from work catching up on your photo blogs and this recipe. how much fun is this to spend a morning. I love your blog.thank you.mary

  34. Thank you so much for the iced coffee idea-much better than using hot coffee-can't wait to make it and have on hand-don't know why I didn't think of this before. I have spent the last several hours of my vacation day catching up on your blog. I appreciate the photo lessons as well because I am such a novice with photography. Susan, love your blog. mary

  35. Great article I didn’t know you could keep coffee in the fridge for that long. What if you were to stir in sweetner while it was still warm before it brewed over night? This would save time and flavor you think? I’m not sure just an idea as I was reading your article.

    Thank you!

  36. I am so glad to have come across your website, I love all your decorating !! Beautiful home !!

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