10 Favorites, Must-Haves, & Time-Savers for the Kitchen

Carrying on in the theme of Monday’s post where I shared some changes I’ve made that have enhanced my life in both small and big ways, I thought I’d share a few more tips/ideas I use on a daily basis that I’ve found to be super helpful– only this time we’re in the kitchen. Some of these I have touched on in previous posts but with all the staying in we’re doing more right now, this seems like a good time to include them. Several will come in handy for any spring cleaning you have planned, as well.

A couple of years back I purchased a set of these microfiber cleaning cloths. They are super inexpensive, a 36-pack is around $20. I use them for everything and because they are so cheap, I don’t feel bad if one gets really stained and needs to be tossed. I use them as dish rags, for polishing silver, for dusting—you name it. You can tell from the thousands of reviews how popular they are! You’ll find them here: Microfiber Cloths.


Microfiber Cleaning Cloths


Probably my most favorite way to use them is for wiping down the screened porch throughout the year. Instead of having to continually rinse out a rag, I take around ten soapy/wet rags onto the porch and get busy cleaning all the molding and furniture. With so many rags and no stopping to rinse out the rag, the cleaning goes fast. I just clean until the rag I’m using is dirty, then change to a new one. When I’m done, they all go in the wash for the next time.

Screened Porch by Candlelight


I just noticed these and think I’ll try them the next time I order. I love the bright colors. It will be a while though before I need to order because I’m still using rags I bought two years ago! (These are available here: Microfiber Cloths.)


Scissors, I keep them all over my house. I literally have at least one pair of scissors in every room of my home. It saves a lot of steps! About a year ago I splurged for a second pair for the kitchen because I use them so much in that room. I have one pair in the drawer beside the sink and one pair in the drawer beside the stove, which in my kitchen are on opposite sides. It’s just so convenient to have them right there at my fingertips when I’m opening up food packages or whatever.

Tip: I buy cheapy scissors for rooms where I rarely use scissors but I do splurge a little and buy nicer ones for my office and for the kitchen. I really like these below for the kitchen–find those here: Scissors.


Because I’m lazy when it comes to cooking, I often buy boiled eggs for a quick breakfast. A couple of times after I first started buying these, I noticed they seemed to expire prior to the expiration date. I couldn’t figure out why that was happening then one day it hit me that since I almost always have lotion on my hands, maybe I was somehow contaminating the inside the bag when I reached in to retrieve an egg. I hate storing stuff inside the zip bags they come in anyway since they can sometimes be a pain to get open and to rezip.


I decided to try storing them a different way so I wasn’t reaching into the bag. I purchased this egg keeper and love it!


I still don’t know if the lotion on my hands was the problem but I haven’t had any issues with the eggs spoiling since I started keeping them in this egg keeper. I’m sure it will work great for regular eggs, too. If you need an egg keeper, you’ll find this one here: Egg Keeper.


Another must-have storage item in my kitchen is a Bacon Keeper. I can’t stand dealing with a messy bacon package each time I want to prepare bacon for breakfast.


Once I open a package of bacon, I put the rest inside this Tupperware Bacon Keeper I’ve had for many years…probably 20 years now. I don’t know if Tupperware still makes this keeper but I found a similar one here: Bacon Keeper.


I’ve shared this genius invention before so I won’t go into a bunch of detail in this post, but I had to mention it in this “kitchen” post because it’s awesome!

Flatware Storage, Expandable to Fill Drawer of Any Size


It’s a flatware tray/holder that expands to completely fill any kitchen drawer so you don’t end up with that weird awkward space down the side of the drawer. This is how it looks in the flatware drawer in my kitchen.

Flatware Storage, Expandable for All Drawer Sizes


And here’s how it looks in the flatware drawer in my son/dil’s home. I love how it completely fills the drawer! You’ll find this one here: Expandable Flatware Tray. They have some beautiful bamboo ones available here: Expandable Bamboo Tray.

Flatware Organizer Storage, Expands to fit drawer


I use spoons a lot throughout the day so one day I decided to start keeping my favorites out on the counter full-time in this adorable sugar bowl I found antiquing years ago. It’s a great way to utilize a sugar bowl that has lost its lid, although I think I do still have the lid for this one.

Hand Stamped Silver Spoons


It holds a mixture of regular silver spoons and adorable, hand-stamped, silverplate spoons. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that the shop I bought these from is still making them but there are quite a few more shops that do still carry them here: Hand-Stamped Spoons.

Adorable Spoons with Hand-stamped Sayings


I’ve been hoping to add a few more that were spring-themed. I love using them in table settings and love seeing them on my counter throughout the day.

Hand-Stamped Silverplate Spoons


Okay, I just found a shop that appears to have great reviews, so I think I’ll order a few spring-themed ones from here: Vintage Silver-plate Hand-Stamped Spoons. I love the vintage spoons with pretty handles.


Update: Just discovered another shop that makes beautiful stamped spoons and I’m in love! I’m definitely going to order a few of these including this one that’s available here: Beautiful Hand-Stamped Spoon.


You’ll find this precious spoon here: Home for the Holidays.


If I were to write a post sharing my all-time favorites from 2020, my air fryer would be at the top of that list. I use it almost every single day and don’t know how I ever lived without it! I would probably give up my microwave before I’d give up my air fryer. Seriously! I love it that much!

Love My Air Fryer


I purchased this one with dual drawers/baskets here: Air Fryer. I love having two baskets–so great for preparing different foods at the same time!


If you’re a lazy cook like me and just love great tasting food that’s fast, I really like this Parmesan Encrusted Talapia that I recently purchased from a Walmart Market. It is delish!


I’m not a food photographer but here’s a quick photo I took to share via a message with my daughter-in-law recently. That’s sweet potato fries on the left. I cooked both in the Air Fryer. The tilapia was done from freezer to plate in 10 minutes and was delicious! In fact, I’ve eaten all of them and need to buy more.


If you need a great stainless cleaner, this one is my go-to! They’ve changed the packaging since I last purchased it, but based on the reviews it appears to be the same awesome cleaner. You’ll find it here: available here: Stainless Steel Cleaner.



Totally unrelated to this post, I had to share this adorable birthday card I just purchased for my oldest grandson who turns 7 near the end of this month. He loves dinosaurs and I think he’ll get a kick out of this 3-D design. If you know a dinosaur-loving kiddo who has a birthday coming up soon, I found this cute card here: Dinosaur Birthday Card.


Update: Remember this adorable heart-covered shirt I shared recently? If you are a Talbots credit card holder, it’s 40% off today. I am seriously thinking about picking it up. When I added it to my basket, the 40% off didn’t show up until I started checking out and it took the price from $69.50 down to $41.70.

Actually, the 40% is good off any one item, I think I’m going to use it for this shirt–so cute for Valentine’s Day or really any time. I love how it looks underneath a sweater, too. You’ll find this heart shirt here: Heart Shirt.


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  1. Susan,
    I use ordered the s/s cleaner. We upgraded our kitchen appliances recently. Your product suggestions are always “ spot on “.
    Best to you always,

    • Thanks, Marty! Hope you like it–my daughter-in-law loves it for her stainless appliances. I only have one stainless steel item but it works great on that.

  2. Marilyn Evers says

    Thanks so much for sharing the miracle of Cutemol for cracked hands and feet. It is everything you said it was. My hands and feet are so appreciative!

  3. Hi Susan – Same here with scissors all over – same thing with reading glasses! Going to try the stainless cleaner – seems like I am always wiping the refrigerator so I hope this gives a lasting finish. Plus I like the idea of the scent. Thanks for the great ideas – PS I have that Tupperware bacon container. I think when I bought it ( ages ago) it was for hotdogs. I have a lot of what I refer to as my “vintage” Tupperware!!! PS…still searching for an office chair. Thanks again for your suggestions…will keep you posted! Have a great day!

    • Oh, I think I remember that now…that’s why it has all the little grooves. I’ve always used it for the bacon since I rarely eat hotdogs. Good luck with that chair hunt…hope you find an awesome one! I’ve finally faced the fact I’ll probably just have to buy a new one every couple of years since I sit in mine so much. So far my current one is holding up well.

  4. robin Wainwright says

    Some nice ladies were cleaning my house and gave me this great tip for stainless steel cleaner. Liberally spray a micro-fiber cloth with the cleaner and after using keep it in a zip bag for the next time. It is very helpful for a quick shine as well as a full kitchen clean up.

  5. Cecilia from Georgia says

    All of these are great tips and I’m so glad you included the precious dinosaur card! I am planning a trip to Denmark and the Scandinavian countries and would love your advise on a pair of comfortable (and must be stylish) shoes. You always have the perfect wardrobe for all occasions!

    • The two kinds I always take along are my Teva Delavina boots since they are warm and waterproof and my Ecco Yucatan Sandals. The boots saved me when I went to Italy because it rained virtually every single day including absolute pouring down the entire day we were in Florence. My feet stayed toasty warm and dry. The sandals are awesome for hot weather trips…could not have done without them in Egypt! You can see the sandals here: https://amzn.to/3cHEzkf
      They may not be the fanciest looking but they are awesome!
      You can see the Teva boots in this previous post: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/6-pairs-of-shoes-great-for-travel-or-everyday-wear/
      I’m not sure if they are still being made now since it’s an older style. Teva may make another similar style, though. Just be sure to look for waterproof boots if your going during a time when it rains a lot.

  6. Wanda F Bradey says

    My ladies’ prayer group is called “Between Sisters” and we have been together 18 years! I bought “sisters” spoons for Christmas so it reminds us to pray for each other. Often I am receiving a thank you for this spoon. It was a hit!

  7. Susan, I don’t often comment, but just wanted to say I love reading your blog! It’s always so informative and entertaining! I’ve come to know I can trust your reviews and suggestions.
    Your tip in this post about having a dozen or so soapy cloths in a bucket, ready for a big cleaning job was an “Aha!” moment for me. Such a smart idea and time-saver! When a cloth gets dirty, instead of taking time to wash it out, I’ll toss it into another pail, and pick up a clean cloth to keep going. This method also keeps from cross-contaminating the bucket with the clean soapy cloths. Now I can think of many more ways to use this method… washing my car, cleaning baseboards, porch furniture, etc. I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this myself! I guess through the force of habit we get used to doing something the same way and don’t think about other ways… which is actually a great life lesson, too! Thank you, Susan!

    • Thanks, Dianne! What’s that saying about necessity being the mother of invention. I got so tired of having to run back inside to rinse the rag out when cleaning the porch, I finally figured out a better system. lol I know, we all get kinda stuck in our ways. I hate cleaning so I’m always trying to come up with a way to doing it faster or easier.

  8. After near 65 years of marriage and four kids I have thought up all kinds of ways to get things done quick and easy so I don’t see many things that hit me in the forehead but your idea with the cleaning cloths is fabulous! That has got to save a lot of time, why didn’t I think of that! Maybe I will keep my screened porch cleaner now. The egg keeper looks great too. Why do you think refrigerator manufacturers put in egg holders without tops when we are told eggs should always be covered? Thanks♥

    • I didn’t know that, that eggs are supposed to always be covered. I’ve just been keeping them in the bin in the door. That makes sense though! Thanks, Mary Lou!

  9. Susan, I gave my husband the skillet you gave your DIL & he loves it. I also ordered the tissue box with the birds & it’s soo pretty. I’m going to order the walnut one for my living room too.

    • Isn’t it amazing?! I love mine and it’s all I use now. My DIL loves her so much, she went searching and found out they make an entire set! I wish I had known that back when I bought her two pans for Christmas, I would have gotten her the entire set. So glad it’s a hit with your hubby!
      I know what you mean, I love the birdie one so much, I bought three! I have one in my office, one in the guest room and one in the kitchen. I think you will love the walnut one, it’s so beautifully made!

  10. Years ago when I worked in a restaurant we stored peeled boiled eggs in a covered bowl of fresh cold water, changing the water daily. Max days: 2. Any older and the eggs weren’t safe for food service. Fridge temp had to be 35-38F. You know, even when I make egg salad at home, I don’t make more than we can eat in 2 days. I’m wondering if your eggs have preservatives?

    • Not sure but here’s the ingredient list and I keep my fridge at the recommended 37-degree temp: https://www.egglandsbest.com/product/cage-free-hard-cooked-peeled-eggs

    • Okay, I called Eggland to ask because I was curious what they would say. They said that in the unopened, sealed package, they will last until the expiration date on the bag, which is always pretty far out. Once you open the package, they said the eggs should last at least 5 days. I normally just open one package at the time which contains six eggs so I guess that’s why these are lasting so well for me. I opened two packages this time for the picture to show how they look in the container, but I’ll probably open just one at the time in the future like I’ve been doing. I wish they made this egg container in a smaller size, I’ll have to check to see if they do but I don’t remember seeing it.

  11. Bacon Keeper – sign me up!! I love all your suggestions Susan! Thanks for the great ideas, and Happy Wednesday!

  12. Michele M. says

    I *always* learn something new when I visit your blog, Susan.

    Thanks!!!! Always appreciate it!!

  13. I have a question about your air fryer. Does it have a really loud beep when it finishes cooking? My son has a model that is very loud and I have therefore hesitated to buy one for myself. This is the one thing that also bothers me about my toaster oven. I hesitate to use it in the morning if my husband is still sleeping.

  14. Cyndi Raines says

    Thanks Susan! I really like your idea of having multiple wash cloths, but do you have multiple rinse cloths also? We love bacon also and I have found to save time, I will cook the entire package in the oven on a baking sheet so I don’t get splattered and then the pieces we don’t eat go in the bacon keeper to be used later. All it takes is a quick warm up in my toaster oven and they are ready to go. (My microwave died last year and I really don’t miss it as I just used it to heat veggies,so now I am using my toaster oven more and like it so much better, especially to warm up left over pizza.) I am tempted to purchase that air foyer though. I too have extra scissors, even a pair in my bedroom closet in case I missed a price tag or have a hanging thread. Extra readers too in livingroom, office, bedroom, kitchem. My tip is that I keep a swifter duster in my car, tucked under the front passenger seat, to give the dashboard a quick swipe when needed. Living on a dirt road, it’s needed a lot, lol. Keep those great tips coming, love them!

  15. Bobbi Duncan says

    Susan, your ideas are always so well thought out. I love a spic ‘n span home, but have gotten to the age where I hate to clean it. Therefore, like you, I have devised many short-cuts so that I can enjoy my life much more. I love our air- fryer (thank you sooo much for that tip!). I can’t wait to try that yummy looking tilapia. Was in need of some new cleaning cloths– yep, ordered them too. So appreciate all your very helpful suggestions and have been delighted with your blog for many years now. Hugs, sweet friend!

  16. I have that bacon keeper too. Don’t want to think about how long I have had it. Now I use pre-cooked bacon. Not all precooked bacon is equal. My favorite is Jimmy Dean, next is the Hormel Black Label. I love tilapia but it has a bad reputation. Always check to see where it comes from. My next purchase is an air fryer. You have two inserts. Does it have an extra to use one for larger items ? Just bought more scissors because the gremlin ran off with some.

    • No, just the two baskets. Each basket will hold a fair amount. I can’t of anything offhand that I would cook in a large basket. If you have a lot of something you need to cook, like say a big, batch of french fries, you could just fill up both baskets and run them both. You can run them at the same time. If there’s something really big that would need a 1 big basket, they do make air fryers with single large baskets. That’s the kind my daughter-in-law used to have.

  17. Lynda Schneider says

    Love all your ideas Susan. I wanted to tell you how much we LOVE the Sam’s club Herb Crusted Tilapia. I have not tried it in my airfryer but I will. It is so delish!

  18. Darla Keim says

    Hi Susan, this is an FYI about milkandhoneyluxuries and their spoon stamping…I contacted them in January because I didn’t see the option to purchase the stamped spoons. They responded they hope to begin stamping this summer. Thank you for sharing your experiences and making recommendations. They are always !

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