2 Awesome Sales from 2 Awesome Stores–And The One That Got Away

I’ve been checking out the sales this week now that Christmas is behind us. I had a feeling there would be some great sales and there are–including from a store I always loved shopping in before they closed the location near me.

Talbots is having a killer sale–it’s a sale-on-sale-on-sale type sale. This beautiful 83% wool, camel and ivory coat is on sale from $369 to $279, plus another 40% off of the sale price. I think there’s another 5% off for cardholders. I really love it–it just looks so elegant for winter! It’s on sale here: Wool Coat.


I’m also super tempted by this coat. I bought my daughter-in-love one very similar a few years back but it was the shorter jacket style, and every time she wears it, I regret not getting one for myself. The red is so beautiful with the faux fur around the collar. It’s currently on sale from $229 down to $179 with another 40% off that sale price.


It’s available in 4 colors. I love the ivory, as well! You’ll find the sale here: Down Parka.


Do you like denim jackets? This one is so cute with its tartan lining. Love that! You’ll find it on sale here: Denim Jacket with Tartan Lining.


This beautiful snowflake sweater is included in the sale. I love both of the colors it’s available in and love the slit on the side that gives it a more relaxed fit. I also love how it comes down longer in the back to cover the tush–such a flattering fit.


The dark blue and white version is also gorgeous! You’ll find it on sale in both colors here: Snowflake Tunic Sweater.


I’ve shared this turtleneck before–love the camel and ivory color! It’s also available in two additional colors. I think it would be beautiful under a Talbots ivory-colored vest. It’s on sale here: Stripped Turtleneck.


All of their stretch corduroy pants are on sale, including these straight-leg cords. They were originally $99.50 and are currently on sale for $39.50–a killer sale! Again, I think there’s an extra 5% off for cardholders. Either way, that’s a great price for Talbots cords! You’ll find these in 10 colors and on sale here: Corduroy Straight-Leg Pants. If you prefer a jegging pant style, their curvy fit jeggings (which I wear a lot since they fit my waist better) are also on sale here: Curvy Fit Jeggings.


A few years back the Coldwater Creek store near me closed. It happened just as I started shopping there and had fallen in love with their clothes. I was so disappointed but I just recently thought to look for them online and they are having an awesome sale! Things are going super fast and I missed out on this beautiful vest covered in Cardinal birds.


I had this vest bookmarked and unfortunately, it sold out in my size before I could purchase it. Drat! I hope they get some more in! You’ll find it on sale here: Cardinal Vest.


Love this vest covered in trees and cute animals, but it’s not currently on sale.


I’m going to stalk it for a bit to see if it eventually goes on sale. You can see it in detail here: Woodland Vest.


Cute plaid shirt! These types of shirts always look great under sweaters. You’ll find it on sale here: Plaid Mock Turtleneck.


Adorable snowflake sweater! It sold out while I was creating this post! Argggh! If you want to stalk it in case they get more in, you’ll find it here: Snowflake Sweater.


Love this hooded Anorak-style jacket! It’s currently on sale at almost 50% off here: Anorak Jacket. The cute Chelsea-style boots are available here: Chelsea Boots.


Another super cute vest that’s currently on sale here: Buffalo Plaid Vest.


I’m going to go ahead and put this post up before anything else sells out because things are going quickly now that so much is on sale. One last sweater that I think is really beautiful. You’ll find this FairIsle-style sweater here: Sweater.


I may add to this post as I shop the sales this evening. Please let me know if you see the cardinal vest back in stock in a Small–so wishing I hadn’t missed it when it was in stock! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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  1. Great finds Susan! Hope your cardinal vest pops back up soon! 🙂 Happy Post-Christmas shopping!

  2. So many pretty things! That vest with the cardinals is so a must-have; looks like many others thought so too.

  3. I visited Coldwater Creek so many times when the store was in Snellville and tried on so many clothes. Unfortunately, their clothes do not fit me well at all so I ended up not buying but one or two things. Has anyone else had a similar problem with other stores?

  4. Diane Westbrook says

    I get the Coldwater Creek catalogs…check to see if you can recieve them too….love their items and sad that they closed the store close to me, as well..

    • I will def check on that, I love their clothing styles a lot.

    • I have been a CCk fan almost since they began. I could not afford to buy everything I liked, so I would check their Clearance Online for favorites. There was a time when they must have hired a different buyer and their clothes were so grandmotherly and dumpy that I stopped buying. But their sales must have fallen, s they returned to the styles I love. Sizewise, not everything fits me because my lower half needs an 18 but my waist and upper half needs a 16. So I have to make adjustments. But the clothes wear well….I still am wearing what I bought back 10 years ago (when pants legs were cut fuller).

  5. You led me to trouble again!!! I ordered the denim vest….I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of it……thank you!

  6. Nancy Lou Hauge says

    Got my Cutemol today..you weren’t kidding! This stuff may just be the thing for my dry skin! Have never seen anything so thick and rich..I’ll keep you posted…

    • Nancy, be sure to read the instructions. They say to wet your hands then dry them leaving them slightly moist/damp, then apply the Cutemol and it will lock in the moisture. It will take it about 5 minutes or so to dry so give it some time, but it’s a miracle worker on dry skin. It’s amazing on feet and elbows! My dil has had a terrible cold and her nose was raw from wiping it so much. She used Cutemol under her nose on the sore skin last night and it’s so much better today.

  7. All cute! I have that ivory fur trim parka, really nice when it is cold in Colorado. I visited the Talbots sale and had to buy the blue tartan vest, such a good price. Earlier in the season I purchased the same tartan in a boot with furry lining so now it is a set! Hope you are staying warm in your area and no weather issues. I am excited to see your storage area with the new improvements. It is going to look great. I am living vicariously because I really wish we had one like it!

  8. I must comment about Coldwater Creek. They sold to a foreign company and the reviews/complaints online now are horrible. I loved their clothes and always got so many favorable comments (compliments) when I wore something from there. I would recommend doing a little investigating by reading the online comments before you order anything. As the old saying goes, “Buyer Beware”.

  9. I shopped Coldwater Creek some in the 80s or 90s and even though I loved the styles they offered, I had trouble with the fit so I returned more than I kept. I had heard they went bankrupt and liquidated, closing all brick and mortar stores around 2014. I seem to recall hearing they were bought out by some other company and, at some point, the new company reopened some stores and the website. I ordered 1 thing from them in 2018 but then in 2020, during COVID, I got an email stating they were closing all stores (again) and shutting down the website. Sometime within the past year, I started getting emails again and when I checked, sure enough, the website was back up and running.

    Recently, I bought a preowned Coldwater Creek blouse from eBay, a blouse that is actually still sold on their website. The quality was mediocre and the fit was so bizarre I can’t imagine anyone being able to wear it (which is probably why it was up for sale on eBay). It certainly gave me pause about the quality of the clothes they are offering now.

    Between financial issues and COVID, the company has had a rough go of it. I guess time will tell if they can stay up and running in this current difficult economy where many people are having to cut back their discretionary spending to keep a roof over their head and food on the table.

  10. franki Parde says

    It’s the truth…you put in cart…go back after browsing…and, IT’S GONE!! Happened twice JUST TODAY!!! franki

  11. Seeing such cute things is so frustrating when you live in So. CA and don’t really have the need to bundle up! Our chilly is not what your chilly is!

  12. Susan, They are now showing the Cardinal Vest in a size small Misses. Not sure if you’re looking for Misses or Petite.

    • Thanks for letting me know, Maureen! I was in the car all day yesterday driving back from Ohio. Awful drive, lots of accidents and road construction. I will check it out. I’m not happy that they charge for shipping. Arggg. I wish no companies did that these days.

  13. Susan, with my birthday deduction and using my Talbot’s card, I got that camel windowpane coat for $148! What a deal! I can’t wait to receive it next week. There have been some fabulous sales at Talbot’s, Chico’s and White House Black Market lately. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Betty Jane Shultz says

    I LOVE Talbot’s and do most of my clothes shopping there. However, sad to say, I think their sizing needs some alterations! I always got a Medium and recently purchased their Bomber Jacket — the large was much too large and the Medium a tad too small. I purchased the medium because it had a lot of features I like but – better that than sleeves that hung about 5 inches below my fingertips! I’ve noticed many of their items have this characteristic — they are NOT what they were formerly. Is anyone else experiencing this?

    • Sounds like one of those coats was badly sewn or missized. I haven’t run into that before with Talbots, I think normally their sizing is pretty consistent.

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