Last Minute Christmas Deals & The Coat I’ll Be Wearing In Germany for Christmas

A lot of stores are having last minute sales with free shipping for the holiday season. Here are a few that caught my eye.

Sundance is offering 20% off this weekend, along with free shipping. I’m eyeing this beautiful cardigan here: Cardigan.

Cardigan, Sundance


Frye has a great sale going on, 25% off with the code: CHILLY at Checkout. So if you’ve been lusting after a pair of Frye shoes or boots, this is a great time to shop. See all their boots here, including this cute one: Frye Boots.


Ralph Lauren is offering 40% off and free shipping with the code HURRY. You’ll find this sale at their website here: Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Sweater & Prince Charles Edward Tartan Flannel Shirt


Talbots is doing it again, 40% off any one item and 50% off two or more, plus free shipping today until midnight.


I love this sweater, the colors are so pretty! I noticed it has excellent reviews. You’ll find it here: Plaid Sweater.


The Sperry Saltwater Stripe Duck Boots I purchased recently for spring are on sale for almost 40% off with free shipping. You’ll find them available here: Saltwater Boots.

Sperry Duck Boots, Nautical Stripe


Tory Burch also has a great sale going on with free 2-Day shipping. These boots are marked down from $498 to $199! They also come in black and you’ll find them available here: Tory Burch Boots.


Love these plaid slippers, would make a great gift for Christmas. They are available here: Slippers.


The Coat I’ll Be Wearing During My Upcoming Visit To The Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland

The minute I hung up the phone after booking a Christmas Markets Trip to Germany, I realized I didn’t have a coat that was suited for hardcore cold weather, especially one that would keep me warm while walking for extended periods outdoors, sometimes in snow.

The next thing that popped into my head was two words: Canada Goose. I’ve always heard such good things about their coats. If Canada Goose can keep Italian Biologist warm in Antarctica, surely they have a coat that can handle December weather in Germany. (Photo below from here: Canada Goose.)

When I started Googling for Canada Goose coats, I was overwhelmed by the selection. They make so many different styles and each style comes in a bunch of different colors. The store that seemed to have the best selection and the most available sizes was Neiman Marcus. In reading reviews online, I learned that the coats sell out quickly each winter, and I noticed that certain colors/sizes were already sold out for many styles. Black seems to be a popular color and was the color I saw sold out the most.

After a good bit of research online, I narrowed it down to three Canada Goose coats in the color, red. The coats I chose were the Trillium, Expedition and Rossclair. After reading reviews that indicated certain coats run a bit small, I ordered all three in the medium size from Neiman Marcus using ShopRunner which provides free shipping with delivery in two business days. So glad NM participates in ShopRunner since I don’t have much time before I leave for this trip.

All three coats arrived today. The first one to arrive was the Canada Goose Trillium Parka. Here’s what I observed about this coat: it fit okay over a shirt/sweater combination, but I looked rather like a stuffed sausage in the mirror. lol I was so happy to find the arm length was fine, often when I size up to a medium, the arm length in coats and sweater will be too long.

I had read that these coats are so warm, you don’t need a sweater underneath, so I removed my sweater and tried the coat on again. That helped reduce the plump factor a good bit. This coat doesn’t have a split in the back, but I didn’t have any problems walking while wearing it. Overall, I was very pleased and couldn’t wait until  the other two coats arrived. The Canada Goose Trillium coat is available here: Canada Goose Trillium.

Canada Goose Trillium Coat


Next came the Canada Goose Expedition coat in a size medium. I knew the Expedition was a bit of a long shot, but I wanted to try it since it’s one of Canada Goose’s most iconic coats. It’s designed more for the hardcore explorer and looks the part.

I knew as soon as put it on, I wouldn’t be keeping it. For one thing, it was way too big, so apparently the size you wear in a Canada Goose coat can vary according to the style. Maybe because the Expedition is more of a hardcore, “I’m going to the North Pole” kinda coat, maybe they designed it larger so a sweater could easily be worn underneath. Umm, not sure.

The other thing I didn’t especially like was the coat kinda looked and made me feel like I was wearing a big rectangular box. As soon as I put it on, I thought to myself, I feel like I’m wearing a man’s coat, and one that’s too big for me.

The Expedition is stylish in some ways, but it definitely has a more boxy/rectangular cut. It was also quite heavy, perfect for that next trip to Antarctica where you’ll be tagging Emperor Penguins as they begin their annual migration. Since I don’t have a Penguin expedition penciled into my day planner for anytime soon, I knew the Expedition wasn’t the coat for me.

Canada Goose Expedition Coat


The third and final Canada Goose coat I had ordered was one that I almost didn’t order at all. I didn’t think I would like it, but it had such good reviews, I wanted to see it in person. After trying on Canada Goose’s Rossclair Parka, I knew immediately I had found my coat. Somehow, through all that warm down, it actually gave my body a feminine shape. And it wasn’t near as heavy as the other two coats had been. I checked its rating and it’s good for wearing in weather that reaches -5 degrees. I’m pretty sure if the temperatures drop to minus 5 degrees in Germany, we won’t be out touring that day. lol

The Rossclair has a figure-flattering cut and I love it!

Canada Goose Rossclair Parka, Stylish and Easy


It also has a nice long vent in back that I found very helpful when I tried the coat on with a sweater that came down below my hips. I think most of the time the vent will stay zipped, but I like knowing it’s there in case I need a bit of extra space for climbing or sitting.

Update: I’m a dummy! lol There’s a way to adjust the waist size, so when you choose to wear a thick sweater underneath your coat, you can loosen up the waist. Or, tighten it for a much more fitted look when you’re not wearing a heavy sweater underneath. I love this coat, just keep discovering more and more features like the hidden zip pocket inside!

Canada Goose Rossclair Parka Coat Zip in Back


Here’s how it looks in back online…

Canada Goose Rossclair Parka, Back View


In this side view, you’ll see that it’s a tad longer in back. I wasn’t sure if I would like that, but I definitely do. When wearing it I couldn’t tell that it was any longer in back, but I like having that extra coverage.Canada Goose Rossclair Parka, Side View


So the Rossclair is definitely the coat for me. If you would like to see additional photos/colors available, you’ll find it here: Rossclair Parka. It’s available in a lot of different colors. I was super tempted by Algonquin Green.

You know that old saying, “You get what you pay for.” Well, one thing I noticed immediately about this coat that I’ve never noticed about any other down coat that I’ve tried, is that it doesn’t limit your movement or bind you in any way. I’ve purchased (and returned) down coats in the past because bending my arms in them took soooo much effort. It was exhausting! Also, I’ve found that a lot of super insulated, down coats have a tendency to bind right across the shoulder/back area, making it difficult for me to fold my arms or reach out.

After trying on these three Canada Goose coats and not encountering those problems, I realize those issues are probably hallmarks of  a poorly designed coat. None of the Canada Goose coats I tried on had either of those issues. They do not bind or restrict your movement and it’s easy as pie to bend your arms at the elbow. Love that!

I’m not exactly sure how they are designed, but I’m guessing they use less down on the inside of the elbow area where the arm needs to bend, or maybe the down is sewn there in such a way it doesn’t bind. I’m not sure how they do it, but this coat felt like it was designed for the way a real person moves.

Canada Goose Rossclair Parka, Stylish and Easy


If I had to choose one feature of the Canada Goose coat that I think makes it worthy of its fairly steep price tag, other than the obvious feature that it can keep a person warm any place on this earth, it would have to be the intuitive, genius design that makes it so comfortable and so non-restrictive. That can be a hard thing to pull off and still keep a person warm, but Canada Goose has obviously figured out how!

If you’re in need of a really good cold-weather coat, you’ll find all the Canada Goose coats available here: Canada Goose Coats.

By the way, this is not a sponsored post, Canada Goose has never talked or communicated with me in any way, and I researched and purchased all of the coats I’ve shared in this post. I’ll be returning the Trillium and Expedition coats back to Neiman Marcus tomorrow and will keep the RossClair. I’m thrilled to have found a great down coat, and I’m looking forward to wearing it one day when I finally book a trip to see the Auroa Borealis, aka the Northern Lights.

Do you have a Canada Goose coat that you love wearing? Is a Canada Goose coat on your wish list for Christmas?

Canada Goose Rossclair Parka, Stylish and Easy



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  1. While I love the color of the coat, I think you will really stand out in Germany in it. Most Europeans wear dark colored coats, primarily black. Just a thought for you to consider.

    • Thanks, Susan, but I’ve found in all my travels that it’s just not the case. Everyone told me to not wear my yellow raincoat in Ireland. I can’t tell you how many folks I saw in Ireland wearing yellow raincoats…but there were quite a few. I was told don’t wear tennis shoes in Italy…saw tons of people wearing tennis shoes in Italy. So I don’t worry about that anymore, I just wear what I love, but thanks for the warning.

      • I heard the same thing about Paris, that Parisians mainly wear black, but I saw many people wearing color when I was there, including a woman in a big purple down coat (it was 60° F.!). I was taken aback, though, by how many people wear all black to weddings.

    • Regality (aka The Quing) says

      I am finding more and more that the trend in the good old U.S. of A. is toward zero color. The restaurant we went to for Thanksgiving was dark and the clients and staff were almost all wearing black. It was like happening on a convention of depressives. Hooray for our hostess here for bucking the trend!

  2. Good choice!

  3. Donna Nance says

    Do you have any Smart Wool socks….if not go buy a few pair..they are expensive but not bulky and keep your feet warm …well worth the money….I bought them for our first Christmas market trip in 2014 and they are all I wear now…they even make tights, too…I found some on sale at Dillards in March and I grabbed them…

  4. Cyndi Raines says

    Now that coat looks like it will be perfect and love the red. Red is my favorite color. Merry Christmas to yourself!

  5. Very stylish in deed! franki

  6. Susan: You are going to love your new coat!! I don’t own a Canada Goose (yet) but a girlfriend does. She has owned it for a few years and she loves it, keeps her very warm on her daily cold Canadian winter walk. I love the red, great choice. Have a fun trip.

    • Good to hear! It seems to be another “forever” coat, like the one I bought from Barbour. I do expect to have it for many years, maybe the rest of my life. You really do need a coat like this in Canada, so I can see how the company started there.

  7. Have you thought about purchasing the packages of hand or foot warmers? The ones I am familiar with you just open the package, shake the warmer and they are good for hours.

    They are available at Lowes and probably Home Depot. Very inexpensive, and worth every penny! We took them to London in March one year and they were a life saver! You just drop one down in your glove and boot/shoe and you stay toasty warm. You may want to buy them in pairs for both hands and feet. Love your red coat!

    • That’s an awesome idea! I’ve seen them on the L.L. Bean site, but they were quite expensive. I’ll check out HomeDepot tomorrow for those. Thanks, MaryEllen!

      • Susan, here in Canada due to demand they actually sell the ‘warmers’ in most of our $-Stores. They come in small packets which you can store in your pockets or purse and barely take up any room. -Brenda-
        P.S.: Handed a few to a delivery person the other day as my order required a signature and the weather was sooooo nasty. I also slipped him a few Lotto Tickets and wished him luck with the hope he could retire early … . He was very appreciative and thanked me with a big smile.

        • You are sooo nice, Brenda! I would love to be your neighbor! That delivery person is going to think of your kindness all day as he stays nice and warm. If he wins the Lotto, I hope he remembers who gave him the ticket! 🙂

    • Mary Ellen, I picked up a couple of the jumbo packs of the hand warmers and the foot warmers in HD today. I think they have a special on them…got 10 of each for around $7. I also bought them for my son and dil too, they get a lot of cold weather/snow where they live. Thanks for that suggestion!

  8. This trip sounds wonderful. I believe we took the same trip a few years ago. The trip was from Amsterdam to Basal, Switzerland on the
    Avalon Line. This was in the fall. Some of the highlights for me was the Ann Frank Museum and the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. Also the Maginot Line in France. I loved Cologne. Love the coat. Have a great time.

    • Thanks, Kay! I’ve been to Amsterdam when I did a Holland-Belgium trip, spring 2016, so this will be my second time there. Looking forward to seeing Germany and a little bit of France this time around.

  9. I love the red!!! and the shape of that coat is really nice. Post a picture of yourself at the market. I can’t believe you are making this trip without me! haha! It is going to be such a treat.

    I’m going to have to look into that coat. I went to a local Christmas market last night and FROZE! I thought I was dressed plenty warm, um, NO!

    Enjoy wearing that beautiful coat and warm shoes!

  10. Oh, Susan, your coat story reminded me of Little Red Riding Hood: “and the last one was JUST right!” I love your choice! Have a wonderful time; looking forward to your pictures. Merry Christmas!!

    • lol Rosie, so funny you should say that because I was thinking the exact same thing before I created that post. 🙂 Thanks! I’ll try to share some every day on Instagram since I probably won’t be able to post every day while there. Hope the ship has good wifi!

  11. Susan, first of all I want to wish you a very merry Christmas. I took a trip very similar to that many years ago. The food is awesome and the christkindl markets are so much fun. They have something over there at Christmas time that they call Gluewine. If you get a chance try it it will keep you warm but I will warn you that it tastes like drinking straight alcohol. I do agree with the first comment that most Europeans where dark colors but I think the red will be nice especially at Christmas and you will stand out in a crowd and people will say hello. When you’re in Rothenberg make sure you check out the Glockenspiel in the Town Square. Again have a wonderful time The clothes are very apropos and take lots of pictures!

  12. You always find the coolest stuff. I meant to comment on your bendable hanger purchase. I think they are a great idea for lightweight knit tops, but I would caution you against using them for bulky sweaters. Over time, your sweaters may stretch out of shape, due to the weight of the knit sweaters. Knitters in my family have warned me about this and recommend folding and storing on a shelf.

    • Thanks, Bernie. I’ll keep an eye on the two sweaters I purchased in Ireland. They aren’t hand-knitted, but they are more of an open-weave like you see with hand-knitting. I’ll have to do an update post in a month or two regarding how the hangers are working and how the sweaters are looking, so far they look great.

  13. Susan, your new coat is beautiful! The cut, zipper in back, color, the hood, the fur, etc. really pretty. Thanks for the heads up on the other sale goodies. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! And a wonderful safe trip. ⛄️ Looking forward to “hearing” all about it!

    • Thanks, Dawne Marie! I can’t wait to share it in an upcoming post. I’ll post a lot on Instagram, too…since that’s the quickest way to share.

  14. Re your coat; excellent choice and coming from the Great White North as I do, I guaranty it will keep you toasty and warm. To conclude, I love their jackets for casual wear however not so fond of the coyote fur as prefer fox. Also, thanks for the heads up on all the bargains. -Brenda-
    P.|S.: Wish I was going with you.

  15. Hi Susan,
    You will be gorgeous in that coat! I lived in Germany for three years and along with the gluwein be sure to get the fresh cooked kartofflepuffer, potato pancakes, at the markets. They will keep you warm. The Rathaus, city hall in German cities have great restaurants..odd. Be sure to buy a smoker to bring home…so many choices. Schnitzels and brats are always good choices for food…have a wonderful time!!

    • Ummm, that sounds good! I will look for the potato pancakes because being cold is not my favorite thing! lol Sounds like some really great foods to look forward to on this trip! Thanks, Holly!

  16. donna a zoltanski says

    I love all the research and time you put into everything. Your coat looks perfect – stylish, pretty, and will keep you warm. Perfect! Enjoy your vacation and Merry Christmas. Trip sounds very exciting. I will miss your posts but look forward to hearing all about it!

    • Thanks, Donna! I should be able to post a few times while I’m gone, plus I’ll have some posts already prepared. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  17. Susan, sounds like you got an excellent buy on your hand warmers. Glad you were able to find them. Some years they sell out quickly here in NC. I am four hours from the mountains and we see very little snow. They are great for the cold weather. Have a fantastic trip. Merry Christmas!

  18. Your coat is gorgeous—so perfect for a Christmas market excursion! I can’t wait to see your pix.

  19. Cyndi Raines says

    Susan, I had to look at your pretty new red coat again! I really like it and think you will be so glad you have it when you come north in January to see your son and DIL. We can get pretty cold and damp and that coat should keep you toasty warm.

    • I love it, too…can’t get over how comfortable it is. It feels like it’s already “broken in” and like it’s been with me forever.
      That’s such a good point, I’ve never been to see them in January, so thanks for the reminder. I will definitely make sure I take it with me for that trip. 🙂

  20. Ann E Seigman says

    Hi Susan, I must tell you that when I read your post about the Rhine River Cruise and Christmas Markets that I was just a little jealous! My husband and I lived in Nuremberg, Germany for a year and a half when he was stationed with the Army there. Our first child was born there and we have been back for visits many times over the years. We enjoyed the Christmas Market there. You won’t be disappointed; there is a wonderful view in every direction along the Rhine!

    My husband and I took the Viking Rhine River Cruise from Amsterdam to Basel, Switzerland 7 years ago this past fall for our 45th wedding anniversary. We have done cruises with several of the ocean liners and the river cruise on a small ship tops them by far, in fact we are thinking about where to go on the next one. Prague and Croatia seem like they would be very interesting. Whichever, it will be a River Cruise again!

    I love the red coat! We usually visit Europe in the fall, so I don’t really remember the winters there very well, but I don’t remember them being as brutal as Ohio winters can be. I’m sure that you will be plenty warm. Please post pictures of your outfits that you will be putting together. It is so much fun living vicariously through you! I love packing and thinking about the things that I will take on a trip.

    Oh, how I wish that I could tag along. I will look forward to your posts and Instagram (and probably get a little jealous again)! I used the computers on the Viking for emails and the service was pretty good. Have a wonderful time! Ann

  21. Bobbi Duncan says

    Susan, I love your choice of coat! The image shows more orange-red. Is it? I love red but can only wear a true deep red well. I have a very warm red coat that I love but it is 16 years old now and starting to look slightly worn. I don’t usually require a down coat where we live but would get a lot of use from one when we go to New England or the NC mountains during the winter months. I use the hand and feet warmers when out walking and they are wonderful–keeps me toasty. Can’t wait to see all your marketplace pictures. We go to Lake Mohawk, NJ for their Christmas Market–a beautiful little alpine village in Sparta NJ–certainly not Germany but still a very pretty place and lots of fun in any season. Hugs!

  22. Oh Susan, I am visiting NYC and the weather is very frigid. Every other person on the street has a Canada Goose coat. I’ve been checking out the styles and love the Graphite grey although I will probably get red or black. I already a similar red North Face coat that is VERY warm but I can hardly bend my arms if I wear a sweater under it. Thanks for the recommendation! Enjoy!

  23. linda c Burwell says

    Have you sent any posts this past week? July 27 2018.

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