February Favorites, Including a Long-Awaited Item That’s Finally Back

Happy Weekend! I’m a little late, but today I’m sharing all my favorites from the month of February. If you missed my favorites post for January, you’ll find it here: January Favorites.

I have to kick off February favorites with an item I’ve been using and loving now for a few years, this porcupine boar and nylon brush by Spornette. I shared this brush in a post about a year ago, but unfortunately, the few they had at that time sold out quickly. It has taken them a long time to be restocked, but finally they are back. I can’t remember now who had asked about this brush, but I hope the BNOTP reader who emailed me about it, sees this post.


My dil has been wanting one after trying mine when I was visiting a while back, so as soon as I realized they were back, I snapped one up for her. She loves it so much, she is ordering a second one to keep at work.

This brush is literally the best brush I have ever used. The best way I can describe it is it feels like the most thorough brushing of your hair that you’ve ever experienced. It as if no hair on your head, goes unbrushed. It feels nice when you’re using it. I love it! Hopefully, they have plenty this time and they won’t sell out right away again.

If you are in need of a great brush, you’ll find it here: Brush. Tip: Don’t wash this brush under water or get it wet. It will ruin the base that holds the bristles. Since this isn’t a plastic brush, it really shouldn’t get wet. Also, the small hole you see in the part that holds the bristles is not a defect. It’s supposed to be there as seen in the photo above.

Natural Bristle Brush, German Cushion Porcupine Boar



Brush Lint Cleaner

I’m not exactly sure why, but after about a month or so of use this brush always ends up with little fuzzies/lint caught in the bristles. Maybe it’s the L.L. Bean flannel shirts I wear during the winter or my flannel sheets and pajamas. Whatever it is, I end up with little fuzzies/lint in my brush after brushing my hair. This brush cleaner is the one I use to remove all the lint from my brush. So if you buy the Spornette brush, I recommend this brush cleaner for keeping it lint-free.

You’ll find this brush cleaner here: Brush Cleaner.


Brush Cleaner


Long-lasting Lipstick That Doesn’t Feather or Creep

Recently when I shared a Dior lipstick I love because it doesn’t creep into little lines around the lips, Jinny left this comment:

I have to strongly recommend RIMMEL London Provocalips lipstick! It advertises as a 16-hour lipstick. A friend suggested it and I don’t buy anything else! It truly stays on all day! It doesn’t creep or fade. Available at Target and other chains, under $10. Sent it to my adult daughters who only wear lip coloring occasionally and they love it.

After that great recommendation, I decided to give it a try and I do love it! I started out purchasing just one color but I’ve already ordered it again in a second color.

Rimmel Lipstick Lip Color

Jinny was not kidding, it lasts all day long and well into the night. I put it on one morning and wore it all day long. When I went to bed that night, my lips were still rosy. The next morning I couldn’t believe it when I looked in the mirror because the color was still there. I could have just put on lip gloss and gone on with my day! It’s definitely the longest lasting lipstick I’ve come across. Plus, it doesn’t creep into the lines. I still love my Dior lipstick, but this one is also a winner!

You’ll find it available in 13 colors here: Rimmel Provocalips 16hr Kissproof Lipstick.

Tip: When I put it on, I sorta “paint” it on with the wand and it does not creep at all. I wait about 20-30 seconds for it to dry, then I used the gloss that’s on the other end. My favorite color so far is the one called, “I’ll Call You.” I’m looking forward to trying some of the others.

Rimmel Lipstick Lip Color


New Phone Cover for Samsung Galaxy, iPhone or iPad

Last month I noticed my Kate Spade phone case was looking rather sad. It had lasted almost two years but it was definitely time for a new one. I love pink so I purposely went in search of a pink phone case, not really knowing what I  would find. I found the prettiest case for only $10!

When it arrived, I loved it so much I immediately ordered a second one to have as a backup since I don’t plan on changing my phone for another couple of years. It looks in person exactly as it does below…it’s beautiful! Plus, I love how protective it feels for my phone.

Beautiful floral pink phone case


I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, but it appears they make this same design (plus several other floral patterns) for a lot of different phones. You’ll find it for both iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones here: Phone Cover. At that page, be sure to click “See More” if you don’t see your phone showing up.

Note: When you visit that link above, you’re going to see phone covers in turquoise and burgundy colors. Click on whatever phone you have/own and that’s when you’ll see all the colors it comes in, including this beautiful floral pink I purchased. Oh, wow! I just noticed they make this same design for iPads. Arggg, I think I need it for my iPad, too!

Beautiful floral pink phone case



Checklist/To-Do List for my Planner

A couple of months ago, I purchased my first planner. I’ve really enjoyed using it and recently decided to look for some checklist or to-do pages to put inside. Again, since I’m so hooked on pink right now and since my planner is brown in color, I thought pink would be really pretty. I found these below and ordered a set of the pink ones.

They come from far away, forgot where now, so they took about three weeks to arrive, but I really like them. I just ordered two more sets since I’m not sure how long they’ll be available. If you have an A-5 or A-6 planner, you’ll find the pink ones (and some other choices) here: Checklist for an A-5 Planner. They are double sided, too…like that!

Pink To Do List for A-5 planner


Tool for Opening Packages/Boxes

I recently saw this little tool demonstrated on YouTube and liked how easily it worked for opening packages. It’s definitely better than the scissors I’ve been using. I ordered one set which means you get a dozen! I’ve put them in various rooms where I sometimes open a package, as well as a couple in my garage. I’m going to share the rest with my son/dil. You’ll find this handy little tool here: Package/Box Opener.

Small Tool for Cutting Open Boxes

Honeysuckle and Davana

Last month I shared this beautiful Jo Malone fragrance and I’ve been wearing it all through the month of February, It’s the perfect scent for spring! You’ll find it available here: Honeysuckle and Davana. BTW, if you don’t like it, you can return it for a full refund. Great return policy!

Jo Malone, Honeysuckle & Davana


Rothy’s Shoes

Do you enjoy wearing flats? I don’t wear flats very much but my daughter-in-law, Nancy, loves them and wears them all year long. She absolutely swears by Rothy’s. She used to purchase Tieks but since she discovered Rothy’s, that’s almost all she wears now. Plus, they are much less expensive than Tieks, and in her opinion much more comfortable and longer lasting.

I asked Nancy what she loves about them since I wanted to include them in this month’s “Favorites” post. She said

They are comfortable as soon as you put them on your feet and take no breaking in – which is rare for me!!  I have always had arch and bunion issues and I haven’t had a single foot issue since I started to wear them about a year ago, plus, my bunions have actually almost gone away!

They also provide me with enough support to wear all day and put back on when I get home to walk around on hardwood floors. What might be the best part is the ability to wash them. You throw them in the washing machine and air-dry and they are like brand new! They are beautiful and I love that they hold up so nicely in bad weather and water which is why I wanted to get them originally. I always have a pair in my bag (don’t take up a lot of space) and they are vibrant and cute!

With spring and summer coming up, I wanted to mention these in case you’re looking for a comfy pair of flats you can wear all day.

Coupon for 20$ off: If you’re thinking of ordering a pair, leave me a comment and I’ll log in to the Rothy’s site and send you a referral coupon that will give you $20 off your purchase. Or, you can email me at [email protected] and let me know.

You’ll find them in a lot of different colors/designs here: Rothy’s Shoes. In case it’s helpful, Nancy normally wears a 7 but in Rothy’s she wears a 7.5, so order them a 1/2 size up.

Super Comfortable Flats, Shoes


Two Items I’ve Not Tried But Have Heard Great Things About

A YouTuber I follow just shared this and I think it’s a pretty genius idea. It’s basically a dongle that includes all the charging cables you could ever need, all built into one. No more having to carry around a bunch of different cables for all your different devices. You’ll find it available here: Multi Charging Cable Adapter.

Multi USB Charging Cable Adapter



The other item I have not tried yet, but have heard good things about is this hair tool that both dries and styles your hair at the same time. You can use it to add volume or to straighten your hair while drying it. I’m thinking it must be pretty awesome since it has a 4.4-star rating after 4,100 reviews! Wow!

If anyone has this hair tool, please let me know how you like it. I’m super tempted to order one and give it a try with that many good reviews.

You can read all the reviews and learn more about it here: One Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer.

Update: I’ve heard from so many of you that this dryer/styler is awesome, so I ordered it today. Looking forward to trying it!

Hair Dryer and Styler, Adds Volume


Happy Weekend to you! Hope you have a great one!

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  1. Good Morning Susan!

    I ordered the Rimmel Lipstick this morning. So many pretty colors to choose from. Can’t wait to try it! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Susan,
    I tried the Honeysuckle and Davana and love it. I have a friend who loves Rothys but have been afraid to try a pair because I have wide feet. I do like to have at least one pair of flats. Thanks for the favorites list. I always try one and many times several of your suggestions.

  3. Jamie_on_Main says

    I have wanted to try the Rothy brand and your post might be the boost I needed. I went with your link but the $20 off was not mentioned. When I live chatted with them they said maybe your link was not current. Has any one else had this happed? Thanks

    • Jamie, since it isn’t working in the post, I’ll email you a referral that should give $20 off. I’m not sure why it’s not working. Thanks for letting me know.

  4. Re Rothys shoes: Nancy mentioned arch issues, so does she mean that they have arch support?

    • Mia,I texted Nancy for more info about that and she said, “I have had to wear arch supports in my sneakers all my life, but I have no arch issues with Rothy’s.” Hope that info helps. XXX

  5. Just ordered the hairdryer and it works great on my wavy hair. I have a bit of arthritis in my hands but can still manage it. Highly recommend

  6. Susan, how is it that you are always able to find these amazing things?

  7. Cyndi Raines says

    Susan, I asked you the other day about the Spornette brush and my new one will be here tomorrow with the little rake cleaner. You are so correct in saying this is an awesome brush, I love it (I ruined my original one by cleaning it incorrectly.) I am eager to try the Rimmel 16 hour lipstick also. Thanks for telling us about these great products.
    Just fyi, two tips I can pass on that I discovered just this week: 1. I thought my garbage disposal had died and was down there looking it over and to see what size motor it was when I read about a reset button on the bottom of the canister. Well, bingo, I pushed it and tried the switch and it worked! So glad I didn’t have to purchase a new one and I never even knew there was a reset button. Did you know that?
    2. My hair has been extra fly-away these past few days even though I use a good conditioner and we have our humidifer on. Anyway, I was thinking, how can I get rid of this static in my hair and it hit me, try a dryer sheet. So I did and rubbed it over my hair and poof, the static left. Hope these tips help someone. Don’t forget to spring forward! ⚘

    • Wow, I never knew garbage disposals had reset buttons, I’m going to remember that in case mine ever quits working. Thanks for that tip, Cyndi! Another way to deal with the static that I often do is to spray a tiny bit of Static Guard on my hairbrush and run it through my hair. That works really well, too. Someone shared that tip with me many years ago and when I looked on the can, I was surprised to see that suggestion is actually on the can. I always thought of it as being on for clothes. I carry a very small travel-size can when I travel during the winter since static in my hair drives me crazy. lol

  8. MaryEllen says

    I have had the Tool Box Opener Cutter for years and love it. A place you may not have thought to carry one is in your car. I carry one in the pocket/opening on the console by my driving leg. How many times do you purchase an item, try to open it in the car, and need help? Here’s the answer.

    • I love that idea, I’m going to put one in my car right now. Nothing worse than trying to open a package in the car with just your hands. lol Thanks for suggesting that, MaryEllen!

  9. Oh my! Your post cost me $$. I happily purchased a few of your recommended items.

    I’ve owned the Revlon hair dryer/brush since the fall, and my hair has never looked better. There’s no frizz, my hair is super-smooth. It is also very easy to use. I get compliments on it all the time. Even from people “in the industry.“

    My only “complaint“ is that the barrel is big. My chin length hair needs to grow a bit to get the full curl advantage of this size. However, I love it, I love how my hair looks, and I’m not looking for a new tool. (I originally saw this on the Today show, as an item to help you save time getting ready in the morning.)

    Thanks for your entertaining, amusing, and informative post every day. Judy

  10. Carolynn Poythress Elder says

    I would love to order the Revlon hair styler, but the reviews on Amazon say it hardly lasts any time at all. Have any of your readers had one that lasted well?

  11. Hi, I’d love to get the Rothy’s coupon 🙂

    I have a John Frieda round hair dryer/brush that I absolutely love! I bought it on Amazon and have to replace it every couple years because the bristles start wearing out, but it works well for my short, fine, layered hairstyle. I’ve heard good things about the Revlon too, but my hair is too short.

    Have a great week!

    • Megan, not sure why but it’s not letting me send the referral to your email. Could you email me at [email protected] so I can verify the email address? I can’t wait until the brush I ordered arrives to give it a try. My hair is quite long right now but I am getting ready to get several inches cut off. I should probably get that done that done this week so I’ll know if the brush will work for my hair when it arrives. I think it’s arriving either today or tomorrow. Thanks for the tip on the John Frieda brush!

  12. Kaye Wright says

    I’ll be ordering the Rimmel lip color and most likely the Jo Malone fragrance since it’s returnable if I can’t wear it. I, too, love flats! Rothy keeps popping up on my feed, but I’ve been hesitant to order. I’d love the 20% coupon! Thank you!

    • Kaye, I just sent the referral coupon via Rothy’s so you should get that soon. Oh, and when you order, you may want to order 1/2 size up, I know my dil always orders 1/2 larger.

  13. I love the box cutters! They are perfect to have close by for opening boxes, etc. They will also make great stocking stuffers for Christmas! Thanks for the recommendation. Yours are always the BEST!!! Thanks!!

  14. Susan Doyle says

    Thanks for the post re: Rothys! I have been tempted but leery to order any shoes on line. I too have bunions so comfort is a big factor with shoes. Based on your DIL’s recommendation, I will take the opportunity to order a pair so I’ll look forward to your coupon referral. I’ll let you know how I do.
    RE: Rimmel long lasting lipstick….I have found the long lasting colors seem to really irritate or dry my lips out and you mentioned none of that so NO issue??

    • I haven’t noticed an issue with drying. Maybe the gloss that it comes with that you put over the top helps prevent it. As I’ve used the Rimmel more and more, I’ve noticed the best way I like it is to put it on lightly and then smear it over my lips with my fingertips or by pursing my lips. The applicator tends to put a lot on your lips so I just dab a little, then use my finger to spread it. I do still love it, though…lasts all day long which I love.
      I’ll send you a coupon code for the Rothy’s Susan…hope you like them as much as my dil does!

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