3 Wonderful Halloween Tables & Tips for Creating a Spooky Mist with Dry Ice

Welcome to the 475th Tablescape Thursday!

Over the last few days I’ve received some wonderful photos from BNOTP readers, sharing the amazing tables they put together for Halloween this year.

Norma’s Spooky but Elegant Halloween Table

Norma created an elegant black and white table with beautiful silver accents.

Halloween Table in Black and White


Notice how she used simple, white dinnerware. If you’ve got a basic set of white dinnerware, you can create a table for any occasion or holiday. White china is such an excellent backdrop on which to let your imagination run! Love the mix of spooky and elegant touches with lace edged napkins and a big spider crawling across each plate. 🙂

Halloween Table with Spiderweb Tablecloth


Such a fun way to display cheese and crackers for a gathering! Thanks, Norma for sharing this elegant, spooky Halloween setting!

Happy Halloween Party Food


Sandra’s Halloween Table for Two

Sandra had some fun with her Halloween decor this year. If you would like coffee, you’ll have to get past the crow who’s guarding it first!  🙂

Halloween Party Plates


Sandra had a friend over for lunch and I love the table she created for the two of them! The dinner plates are by Laurie Gates.

Halloween Plates in Orange and Black


Sandra used a mix of salad plates. Sandra said, “I used different salad plates because I’m more of a mix and match, than all matching. Found my salad plates at a variety of stores and antique shops over the years.”

Love the black cat rimmed plates! Ummm, wonder what’s inside the coffins marked, “Do Not Disturb!” Maybe it’s the appetizer.  Hee, hee. 🙂

Halloween Cat Plates


Sue’s Halloween Birthday Table

Sue created a fabulous Halloween table for her son’s birthday. She did something I’ve always wanted to do, and that’s incorporate dry ice into the setting. Do you see the spooky mist rolling out of the purple urns and down onto the surface of the table?  Soooo perfect for a Halloween setting!

Sue found the awesome mummy stemware in the store, And That.

Spooky Halloween Table with Dry Ice


Oh my gosh, I love this effect! I would love to dine at a table with this spooky mist rolling across the table! lol

I’ve always heard that dry ice has to be handled carefully, you can’t touch it. I asked Sue for a bit more information on how she worked with it for this setting. Sue said, “We put it in an ice chest and put a towel over the ice.  We put warm water  in a vase and added several pieces of dry ice.  The white vapor rolls out of the vase and onto the table. It lasts between 5 to 10 minutes. It is a dramatic effect. Be sure and pick the dry ice up with tongs.  Do not touch the dry ice.”

I have got to do this sometime for a Halloween party…just love it!

Halloween Table with Spooky Dry Ice Mist


Thanks so much to Norma, Sandra and Sue for sharing their fabulous Halloween tables for this week’s Tablescape Thursday! If you have any questions about the settings, ask away in the comments and I’m sure these three talented ladies will be happy to answer.

Looking forward to all the beautiful tables posted for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Good morning, Susan! I tried something different this week – a pale palette for fall. Not my normal style, but if I ever have a cottage, or live somewhere on the coast or embrace farm style fully, who knows? Thank you for hosting us.

  2. Beautiful tablescapes. Love them! Thanks for hosting, Susan!….Christine

  3. Thanks for hosting. Fun to join this week.

  4. Susan, what fun Halloween tablescapes…the dry ice is amazing! Thank you for hosting!

  5. Those are some fun Halloween tables!! Thanks so much for hosting. Have a fabulous weekend!

  6. What fun these tablescapes are! I especially like Sandra’s lunch “table for two” – the milk bottles, the black/white flatware, the little cauldrons with witch legs, all the cute touches. I absolutely hate spiders, even fake ones, so I steer clear of those myself even on Halloween tables, but this table was just pure fun. Thanks for sharing these.

  7. rattlebridge farm says

    Susan, thanks for hosting the party!

  8. Dawne Marie says

    Halloween is my favorite holiday! Love the table for two. AND the dry ice. Thank you for sharing Susan.

  9. This is so nice to feature blogger posts from Halloween! I don’t know any of these ladies, so it’s nice to get to know new tablescape artists. They’re all really terrific, especially Norma’s cheese & cracker server, Sandra’s salad plates, and Sue’s spooktacular dry ice effect!!! I’ve never heard of the store And That. I’ll have to Google it. I love little boutiques, even if you can’t access them online. It gives me something to look forward to when traveling!

    • Alycia, have you heard Christmas Tree Shops, I think “And That” is owned by the same company. There’s a location not too far from me, I should check it out sometime…keep forgetting to do that when I’m in that area.
      Hope you have an awesome weekend, sweet friend!

  10. These Halloween tables are so beautiful and I would also like to use dry ice one day. I’ll be petrified but will do it anyway. Thank you for hosting and have a restful evening.

  11. Thanks so much for hosting!! Beautiful tables!!

  12. Awww… Susan, how funny are those tablescapes! I ♥ them all, more particularly I love:
    ~Norma’s black napkins, her spider web tablecloth and her way to set up a cheese and crackers platter, so creative! 🙂
    ~Sandra’s salad plate with the cat on the crooked picket fence (off-topic her red chair), 🙂 and I really want to know what’s inside those coffins, is mini Dracula taking a nap in them, therefore “Do not disturb”? lol
    ~and finally Sue’s mummy wine glasses and of course the spooky mist… so ingenious and… scary! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing, ladies!

  13. Thank you for sharing, I love these tables!! Unfortunately I did not have time to do a Halloween tablescape, so it makes seeing these photos all the more fun and special. Thanks again for another great Tablescape Thursday.

  14. Appetizer in the coffin–hahaha! Stand up the coffine and put the place name on them–too morbid? There must be another occasion for dry ice mist, but I couldn’t think of one.

  15. Those are all great. Love the table for two! The dry ice is a fantastic affect! The mummy stemware is the cutest!

  16. Thanks for sharing all these cute tables, and the dry ice is so cool!!

  17. All of these tablescapes are frightfully delightful!

  18. All very inspiring and creative. (Thank you so much ladies.) Regarding the use of dry ice, love the idea and so perfect for a Halloween table scape. -Brenda-
    P.S.: For those interested, there are swizzle sticks for drinks that will give a similar effect. (A quick web search most probably will lead you to a source for purchase.)

    • Wow, I’m totally going to look for those! I would love to serve drinks to guests/family like that, just to see the looks on their faces. 😉 Ha!

  19. I’m a little late posting, but happy to see you leave it open a long time!

    I noticed you are only 25 posts away from the 500th tablescape post! Yay! Let’s celebrate big time! What a fun time you have provided for all of us!

    Thanks for hosting!


    • Thanks, Katherine! We will definitely have to think of something special for #500! I think it will be around springtime, so that should be a fun time of the year. 🙂

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