Finally Chose a Christmas Tree and We’re Shopping in Sundance!

Happy Weekend!

Well, I finally did it! I finally pulled the trigger and ordered my very first Balsam Hill Christmas tree. It arrived yesterday and is currently setting on the floor of my entry, awaiting its unboxing. I’ll do that today to make sure everything works. Not sure when I’ll decorate it, there’s plenty of time for that still.

Balsam Hill Fraser Fir Christmas Tree


After much angst, this was the one I chose, the Balsam Hill BH Fraser Fir. Balsam Hill’s most popular and highly rated trees appear to be the BH Fraser Fir and the BH Balsam Fir. The BH Balsam Fir is super dense with more branches. I like to have a little hanging space and the Fraser Fir (when I used to buy a real tree) was the type I always liked. They are grown nearby in the southern Appalachian mountains, so they’ve always been easy to find here at Christmastime.

Update: I’m returning this tree, it’s nothing like it’s depicted at the Balsam Hill website. Read more about why I’m returning it in this post: This Balsam Hill Fraser Fir Tree is Going Back.

Balsam Hill BH Fraser Fir Christmas Tree, Color + Clear Lights


Two Perfumes I’m Adding or Have Added to My Collection

I’m a big fan of Tiffany & Co. jewelry. When I heard they had a fragrance coming out, I couldn’t wait to try it. Recently Marie and I attended a Breakfast at Tiffany event in Atlanta. Instead of being an outdoor affair in a pretty garden like it was last time, this time it was held in the Atlanta store, so I had an opportunity to test this new fragrance.

I love it and had to have a bottle. The bottle is gorgeous, like a little jewel sitting on the dresser. I guess it’s designed to look a bit like a beautiful, cut diamond, very appropriate for Tiffany.

I usually go for the biggest size when I love a fragrance since it’s normally the better buy, but this time I went for the medium size because the bottle was just so cute in that size. Tiffany & Co. Eau de Parfum is available here: Tiffany & Co. Perfume.

Tiffany & Co. Perfume, Eau de Parfum


Hermes has come out with a new fragrance and it’s been getting rave reviews. I’m driving down to the Atlanta Hermes next week to purchase a bottle. If you don’t have a Hermes Boutique near you and would like their latest perfume, it’s available here: Hermes Twilly Perfume.

I love the little mini twilly around the neck of the bottle. It can be taken off and worn on the wrist or tied onto a handbag or pretty much anything. I like the adorable Bowler hat on top, too. Bowler hats always make me think of one of my favorite movies, The Thomas Crown Affair. If you haven’t seen that movie, it’s a good one! Google for the trailer to check it out.

Twilly Perfume by Hermes


About Those Boots I Ordered

So remember the pretty Old Gringo boots I ordered recently? Well, they came and I love them, but they had a defect which is highly unusual for Old Gringo boots since they are all hand-made. See where the arrow is pointing, there’s a round ball, I think a stud, stuck under there.

Old Gringo Boot with something caught underneath the leather


I contacted Old Gringo via phone to see if they could get it out and re-stitch that area and they said, no. So, sadly I returned them. I was worried that one day the stud (or whatever is under there) would wear through the leather.

Old Gringo Raelene Boot with Stud caught underneath leather


Dancing in the Sun!

But I wasn’t sad for long because I found these babies. Oh.My.Gosh, do I love these adorable boots! When I first discovered them at Robert Redford’s online shop, Sundance, they had them in my size, size 7. I waited a minute before ordering, and when I checked back, my size was gone. 🙁

I Googled and couldn’t find them anywhere. I called Old Gringo again (they’re going to know me well if I keep this up-Ha!) to ask if they knew where I could find them. They said that Sundance had recently ordered some. I figured they meant the ones that I had already found, but were sold out. I decided to check one more time, just in case. So glad I did–surprisingly, my size was back in stock!


They are supposed to come today, so I’m eagerly awaiting their arrival. I just checked now and they only have a size 9 left.  They had all the sizes just the other day. Apparently, this style is flying off the shelf! Hopefully they will get more in.

If you wear a size 9 and love these cute boots, you’ll find them here: Boots.

I got 15% off when I purchased my boots using the code, EMAF10. I think it works for anything at the site if you spend $100 or more. It also gave me free shipping, automatically.

Update: While I was creating this post my boots arrived, and I’m obsessed! Oh my gosh, I LOVE them!

Old Gringo Hippie Chick Boots


One thing I love about Old Gringo boots is there’s no “breaking-in” period. They fit great right from the start. They also run true to size with space for a heavy/thick sock. If you don’t wear socks with your boots, or wear very thin socks, you may need to size down 1/2 size.

Old Gringo Hippie Chick Boots with Flowers


It’s official! I’m never taking them off! Ever! They’re going to have to bury me with my boots on! 😉

Old Gringo Hippie Chick Boots, Brass, Red, Bone


I’m pretty obsessed with Sundance in general. It was started by Robert Redford back in 1969 at the base of Mount Timpanogo in Utah. Visitors would stop there to shop, then would call back later wanting to buy more things. Eventually, they began offering items via their catalog in 1989.

There are so many beautiful clothes and shoes at their website, I can see why people were calling and writing back for more. Read more about how Sundance got started here: About Sundance.

Note: When using the code, EMAF10 , to get 15% off at checkout, the discount is reflected on the “order review page.” I’m using it right now to buy a couple of their turtlenecks and it’s showing a message saying the discount shows up on the review page.

Below, I’ve gathered together just some of the items I fell in love with at Sundance. I love almost everything on their website! You’ll find their website here: Sundance.

Click on any picture below to access that item.

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  1. Margaret Robinson says

    Balsam Hill is a wonderful company and know you’ll enjoy the items you purchase – Merry Christmas, a tad early!

    As to the boots – well, if you like them, then great. These aren’t real cowboy boots, but since that doesn’t matter to you, I say go for it. They’re certainly different and will be noticed. If I wore a pair of boots like that out to the Ranch (a) I couldn’t ride my horse in them and (b) people would notice and probably never take me seriously again. However, I think you should wear whatever you like, whenever and kudos to you for doing so!

    • Yeah, these boots are way too pretty to wear around horses and dusty ranches or stalls. When I was a teenager, a friend of mine owned several horses and participated in horse shows. She always wanted me to go to those with her, and I remember how dusty it was. Also, my brother owned several horses and kept them on his 35 acre property. He had practical boots he wore for working in the stalls and for riding, but he had several pairs of nice boots that he wore the rest of the time.
      Old Gringo does makes boots for riding, but they make a ton of what I think of as “fashion” boots. Margaret, you can see the many styles they offer here: . There are lots of practical boots for riding…the kind you would wear around a ranch at that link. Since I don’t ride, I don’t shop for that type, but they make all kinds.

  2. I go a little crazy (slight understatement;)with my Christmas decorating and have a tree in every room. LOVE Balsam Hill trees. I have the Fraser Fir in our great room and am anxiously awaiting my newest addition, the Silverado Slim.

    Love the boots…especially the color. Will look great with holiday outfits.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Ha! TOOO CUTE !! Love the boots!

  4. Could you provide the information on the boots you returned? I love them both. I have a boot obsession. Enjoy!!!!

  5. Susan I think we have the same taste! I adore everything you posted here! LOVE your new boots! Adorable! I think I could order everything from the Sundance site…love it! Have a wonderful holiday season!

  6. Those BOOTS are da bomb!!! I LUV THEM!! I’m wearing my Old Gringo boots right now and they truly are SO comfortable!! I’ve ordered from “Sundance” many times and like that…sorta bohemian/western look. You are on a roll!! franki

    • Thanks! They really are, love how they don’t have that break-in period, although they do get even better the more you wear them. Good to know you like Sundance. This was my first purchase from them, but I’m sure it won’t be my last. Have a wonderful weekend, Franki!

  7. Beverly Anderson says

    Getting a new Christmas tree to decorate is always so exciting! I also ordered 2 Balsam Hill trees for this year – a 10’ Balsam Fir Narrow for our Living Room with clear LEDs and their lighted 8’ Revelstoke Pencil Tree for the corner of the Dining Room. Since I love deer, the dining room tree will be deer-themed decor.

  8. The boots are cute, but I feel that eventually you will catch the flowers from one boot to the other as you walk.

    • Thanks for the warning, but haven’t had that issue so far, and I’ve been wearing them since they came. They don’t stick out that far, so I think they’ll do okay.

  9. Congrats on the tree, the boots and anxious to hear about the perfume. The next time I go to DC I will have to stop in the Hermès store.

    • I can’t wait to smell it, so many folks of the reviews I’ve seen have said it’s really nice. I would just order it, but I love the experience of actually going into the store in Atlanta. I would love to visit the DC store one day! Let me know what you think when you smell it, Shirley…would love to know.

  10. Rhonda Storey says

    Can’t wait to see your new tree decorated! Their trees are beautiful!! I too, love Sundance. I’ve only ordered one thing so far, but I’m sure it wont be the last! I was SO impressed with their catalog. Everything is beautiful!!!!

    • I don’t think I’ve ever gotten one of their catalogs. I should now, though since I’ve purchased something from them. So good to hear that you like them, Rhonda since they are a new shopping experience for me.

      • Rhonda Storey says

        I get several emails everyday with 15% off coupons, and a catalog about every other week. You better get your credit card out before you sit down to look at it though! Lol! P.S. I just want to say THANK YOU for always commenting to our replies! I read a lot of Blogs, and you are one of the few who answers/replies to us!! I know you are a busy lady, so it means a lot that you take time to do that. LOVE your Blog!!

  11. Well you are very busy shopping these days 🙂 I am going through a phase where not shopping feels peaceful. Thats a good thing because I literally can not wear all the clothes, shoes and boots in my closets. You have picked some cute items and I am happy to see you having fun. The tree will be pretty. I am a fan of balsam hill, it will last forever. This year I bought a flocked tree and it too is sitting in its box. I think it may be a real mess to put together. I have six trees going up this year plus three little ones. Yay holidays! I love lights too… hubby spends a week putting up outside lights, it is truly beautiful and I think the neighbors count on us every year.

    • I know, I’ve been determined to kind of overall my wardrobe. I had really neglected it over the years, especially winter clothing.
      Ohh, I’ve eyed the flocked trees, let me know how you like it, Jillian! Hopefully it won’t be too messy. I think they are beautiful!

  12. All your tree talk put me in the mood, so I just got the Advent calendar. I like the village scene, but not a fan of scrolling.

  13. They have just opened the first Sundance store in the southeast. It’s in Avalon in Alpharetta. Susan, you’ll have to check it out!

    • Really? I had no idea! Awesome! I will definitely check it out. Thanks for letting me know, Sally! Avalon just keeps getting better and better!

  14. I didn’t know Sundance had a website. Do you think I can order Robert Redford? . He’s always been a “crush” of mine.


    • Ha! Might be worth a try. If you do and he shows up on your front porch, let me know and I’ll announce it on BNOTP and we’ll all show up! 🙂

  15. Can’t wait to see your tree lit up – I love lots of lights! Balsam Hill is so popular, their trees sell out very quickly, I’ve learned from past years when looking to replace mine.
    What a shame with the Gringo defect! Your new boots are cute, and Sundance is all THAT! When we made our cross-country trip last year, stopping in Salt Lake City was high, high on my list, and not for the LDS Salt Lake Temple, lol. Sundance Outlet is there, and I hit the jackpot with 40% additional off lowest prices in mid-Aug. Boots, sandals, purse, home decor, jewelry and clothing…I bought it all, and I would’ve bought furniture and rugs if I thought it would’ve fit in our SUV! Love it all.

    • Rita, I noticed last night that they have an “outlet” category on their website and the prices are greatly reduced. That looks like a good link to visit regularly!
      I just found out via a local BNOTP reader that we have a Sundance about 25 minutes away. I think I’ll check it out sometime soon. How awesome that you were able to go in the original store! Would love to do that! I don’t think the Sundance here will have any furniture or housewares, I think it’s too small for that. I love the flatware I saw online! Thanks for sharing your experience when you were there. I really do need to travel out west, there’s so much the U.S. I’ve never seen!

  16. I’ve bought a lot of things from Sundance and this coat is my favorite:–floral-embroidery-wool-coats.jpg

  17. Marlene Stephenson says

    Congratulations on the tree, it will be beautiful. Those are great boots and i love boots in the Fall and Winter. Have a great day.

  18. I have a collection of perfume bottles, most antique! Maybe will do a post on them one day. I love those boots. I have to wear a wide size so often cannot find any to wear. Enjoy them and dance!!!

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