5 Denim Projects Made with Repurposed Jeans

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

Thought I’d share what’s been cooking over at Denim Do Over this week. Here are last week’s posts, all made from repurposed denim, usually old jeans.  You’ll find a link to the tutorial in the post, showing how to make each project.

Don’t sew? Many of the projects at Denim Do Over are no-sew projects!

Do you have a denim project you would like to see featured on Denim Do Over? You’ll find a button for submitting your project in the category bar along the top and in the sidebar.

Denim Placemats for a Casual Tablescape

Creatively Sams Denim Placemat


Denim Sit-Upon for Comfy Outdoor Seating

Denim Sit-Upons


Denim Pencil Cube and Bulletin Board

Denim Pencil Holder Cube


Denim Hair Accessories

Denim Bobby Pins


Saving That Old Pair of Jeans with Style

Reparing that favorite pair of jeans


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  1. Great idea’s! I will have to show these to our YA leader at the library. Love the cube they made.

  2. Oh, Susan,
    I love all those ideas! Especially those “no-sew” projects! 😉
    The good (or bad?) news is that since I’m still losing weight (it’s 15 lbs until now) I’m gonna need new jeans, soon!
    ~Hugs to you~

  3. Great idea, Susan. A very cute and practical blog !! I am especially enamored with the pencil box! Thanks, Connie!

    • Hi Susan,
      Your photos and projects are great. May I know if it is possible if we repost it on our facebook fanpage?

      • Hi, sure you’re welcome to post a photo of a project I’ve featured. If you’re looking for denim clothing/fashion projects, you may want to check out my other site, Denim Do Over. Here’s the link for that site: http://www.denimdoover.com/denim-clothing-projects/ The post you left your comment on is kind of round-up post of a few of the projects from Denim Do Over, so you may find others there under the “Fashion” category that you would enjoy more.

        • Thanks Susan! All the craftworks are very nice! Will upload some pictures on our facebook page and credit your page as the source .

          Thanks a lot for your help.

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