Would You Do This? A Big Change for the Upstairs Living-Bonus Room!

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In Saturday’s post, I mentioned that I was contemplating making a pretty big change here in my upstairs living/bonus room.


This room is a bright, airy room with four windows: two windows at the end and two dormer windows that face the front of the house.

Bonus Room Upstairs Family Room


One dormer…

Dormer Window with Windowseat, Upstairs Family Room-Bonus Room


The other dormer…(photo taken at Christmastime)


Here’s a look back toward the door where you enter into this room from the upstairs hallway. Since this room is over the garage, it’s a pretty big room.


Over the years I’ve made a few changes, like removing the painted window I had hanging over the double windows.


It landed here in the garage over the potting bench I assembled and painted in this previous post: Paint a Potting Bench Periwinkle Blue. (Potting Bench is still available here: Potting Bench.)


Recently, I added a blue, painted chest to the wall over near the clock.

Upstairs Family Room, Antique and Painted Furniture


I fell in love with that chest when my daughter-in-love and I completed a dinosaur-themed makeover in my grandsons’ bedroom. (Chest is available here: Blue Chest.)

Pottery Barn Dinosaur Quilts for Boy's Bedroom


This room has a little secret…


…a back staircase.


The staircase goes down, then makes a right-hand turn where there are a few more steps that take you into the laundry room, which leads right into the kitchen.


Adding the little blue chest created a pretty view when coming up the back stairs from the kitchen.

Back Staircase View of Blue Painted Chest


This past weekend I moved the Danish Bornholm Grandfather clock out of the bonus room and into the upstairs hallway. I love how it looks here when coming up the front staircase.


Here’s where it is in relation to my office.

Danish Bornholm Clock


So what am I toying with doing here in this room now that the clock is no longer on this wall?

Upstairs Family Room, Antique and Painted Furniture


I once blogged about how I would love to add shelving for books to this funny, little, slanted wall going down the back staircase.


What if I did something a bit more drastic? What if I removed the two sconce lights and covered that whole wall, including the back staircase wall, with built-in bookcases?

Upstairs Family Room, Antique and Painted Furniture


Something like this… (Book is available here: Built-Ins.)


I envision the bookcases following the slant of the ceiling and I am thinking of even having them above the window. I love that look when I’ve seen it in pictures, a shelf going over the top of a window. Although, I also love the look on the front of the Built-Ins book, too.


I was thinking the bookcases would need to curve/slant back in here at this end when they reach the staircase, the way you see a corner cabinet do in some kitchens, then the bookcases could continue down this wall, only they would be more shallow. With the molding removed, the shelf that’s already here is around 6 inches deep.


Six inches is deep enough to hold a lot of books, like this one below. Although, we may be able to make the shelves an inch or so deeper in that area.


Can you envision it: built-in bookshelves on that back wall surrounding the window seat and going down the back stairway? I would probably have the window seat rebuilt, adding drawers underneath for storing throws and such. Currently, the top lifts up and tons of my son’s old board games are stored inside. It’s always a pain to have to remove all the pillows and the long cushion to retrieve items from that storage space, so built-in drawers would work much better.


If you Google for Attic Bookcases or Attic Libraries, you’ll see a bunch of photos with bookcases built into slanted ceilings and I love how it looks! What do you think about this idea for the upstairs living room area?

I have someone coming out to give me a quote tomorrow. I don’t know when I’ll do it since this is the year of the car for me. I HAVE to replace my 14-year-old car this year so I’ve been saving all my pennies for that purchase. But maybe I could make this change in the not-too-distant future and that would give me some time to think through all the details. I’ll let you know what I find out after the estimate tomorrow. Let me know your thoughts!


Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters linked for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Thank you so much for a wonderful party! I hope you had a great weekend and a wonderful week ahead.

  2. I love your clock! It looks great in the hall. We inherited an antique long case clock from my mother-in-law which we placed in our front hall. I think these clocks are so charming. Thanks for hosting MM.

  3. Jill from Southern NH says

    Love this idea, Susan. 1,000 times yes! I’ve often said given a choice between built in-bookshelves / custom millwork and a week-long vacation, I would take the shelves + woodwork ; )

  4. Lou Anne from Bella Vista says

    Absolutely……do it! Anything that is both attractive and functional is a win-win. Would look great staged with lots of decor and books.

  5. Love the bookcase idea but would you have to move the pretty blue chest? Only idea I would question is, if I read right, is continuing the shelves over the stairwell….sounds like an easy way to fall while reaching for a book……maybe a nice piece of art there instead?

    • I’m afraid it would end up in the basement, for now. In the future when my son and dil move to a bigger house where each of the boys has their own bedroom, maybe I could pass it down to them.
      You are probably right about the stairway. Even if I didn’t put books on the upper shelves, how would I ever reach them for dusting. That would drive me crazy, knowing it was dusty, yet not being able to reach it. Maybe I could place a ladder on the landing and reach from there for dusting. Not practical, though.

  6. Snowflake281 says

    Sounds like you have a lot to ponder about this change. The challenge is not to make your bonus room look too overcrowded as bookcases sometimes do. I think you’ll be safe because the window bench will break up the look. Also, if you’re going to remove the sconces, you’ll need to decide if you want to have lighting capability built into them. Personally, I like the idea. I’ll be interested in hearing about the experience as my husband & I are contemplating having a master bedroom closet evaluated for a custom storage design, which is making me a little a-scared!

  7. I think the Addition of the bookcases on either side of the window seat would be absolutely darling. I’m not so keen on the bookcases down the stairs only because it would be a transition in depth from the ones at the top I wonder if a nice piece of artwork on the wall above the railing would be just as attractive. Maybe the framed puzzle of the book shop that you featured one time would be appropriate. Or you could lean art on that ledge which is often done rather than hanging art. Anyway I think it’s a super idea to add the bookshelves around the window. Are you thinking wood tone or painted? Can’t wait to see what you do.

  8. Bookshelves idea is great for the window wall. However, I would check and see what are the city’s standards for adding shelving over a stairway. There might be city code for unencumbered stairway width and overhead. I’ve never seen book shelving added to a stairway in any decorating book or magazine. There must be a reason why. Good luck with your project. All of your projects turn out great.

  9. Love the idea of the bookshelves surrounding the window seat. It will look so cozy. Will you also be using the shelves for board games? If so perhaps you could do some lower shelves behind doors. Also, make sure all shelves are reinforced so the weight of the books doesn’t cause sagging. I agree with the above reader, Jae, that retrieving a book from the stairs could prove to be tricky. Just my thoughts on this sunny spring day.

    • I had planned to just use it for books but that would be really practical for storing away the board games. I’ve been gradually taking all my son’s board games to my grandsons as they keep aging up and can play more and more of the games stored in the window seat. It’s full all the way to the top with games. Each time I visit them, I usually take a few more with me. lol
      Definitely a great point, would not want sagging like I have with some of the shelves on my IKEA bookcases in my office.

  10. Okay, first of all, I don’t remember ever seeing that back staircase – very cool! I love the idea of bookcases on the one wall, even over the window, and a new built-in bench with drawers. My only hesitation on the wall of books down the stairs would be ANY loss of depth, whether it’s moving furniture or accessing for up/down (I’m thinking of mobility impairment). I tend to think that way because my husband is 10 yrs older and stairs are an issue, period. Lol, our cars are both 15 (!!) yrs older this month. Garages are life extenders, for sure.

    • That’s a great point about losing space for moving furniture. I have dragged furniture up those back stairs before since they are carpeted. Mostly (when I’m having furniture delivered) it gets brought up the front staircase since it’s a straight shot. Wow, that’s awesome about how long your cars have lasted! The longest I had one was 16 years and I bought it preloved two years old, so it was 18.

  11. How did you manage to move that clock?

    • It’s really very light weight once the weights are removed, plus it comes apart in a few different sections. I didn’t even have to slide it on a blanket which is how I normally move furniture.

  12. Do it. I am removing a set of sliders to an open deck and adding a 7′ long window seat. (there is deck access on the adjoining wall through another set of sliders. I’m planning a bookcase surround at a future date. I LOVE the look…even though I dont keep a lot of books anymore I still have some, and collections and framed photos, and, and, and…

  13. Barbara Edwards Armacost says

    I think it’s a great idea!! It would add so much character to the room. So exciting!!

  14. Tina W Reynolds says

    I live in a big old house with high ceilings. That means a lot of steps on the stairway: 19, plus the landing. My husband has had a lot of health issues and cannot carry anything up or down. It is all up to me. For over 30 years I have stored all of my holiday decorations in a huge closet in the upstairs hall. And, like you, we have a lifetime of books and stored toys from our son and grandson. ( if you have the big house, you get to store the family stuff!). I have begun the re-thinking process of transferring some holiday decor to the downstairs closets and cabinets because I am toast after carrying it all down, and then back up later when the holiday is over! If your new bookcase idea will not impede the space needed to step up at the top of the back staircase, then great. It would look spectacular and would be an asset. For myself, I have a new mantra: nothing new goes upstairs. I have come to realize that if something goes up, I will be the one carrying it up and will also be the one carrying it down someday. I just love your blue chest and would feature that prominently, for sure! My latest project idea is painting a bookcase that is in our upstairs hall. The wood looks pretty dated and is in no way distinguished, so I’m having fun toying with what color to paint it!

  15. Think it over…I would not close off any exit route from upstairs even though you have another stairs. That stairs has many benefits. THINK !

  16. Hi Susan!
    I have always loved the look of your upstairs room. It just seems to say, “Come in, sit awhile and have a cup of tea!”. I think the book shelves would be a great addition!
    Speaking of books…I just finished one this morning that I think you would enjoy. It’s titled “Surviving Savannah” by Patti Callahan. It was recommended by Mary Kay Andrews.
    My metamorphosis Monday is re-organizing the garage today. What a chore! Have a great day and good luck with your new project.

  17. Love the bookshelf idea!! I like the idea of “keeping sconces”, too. Possibly little sconces could flank the seat under the window on the sides of the bookshelves. I’ve also seen sconces on the front of bookshelves.
    Some things to consider: Will your little blue chest of drawers be able to stay in her spot? Would a shelving system that is deeper than 6″ be more functional but create a problem getting people or stuff up and down the stairs – or make you move your little chest of drawers? Would you use this room and the shelves enough that you will still love the little shelves when you have more to dust?

    • That’s what I was thinking, adding little sconces on the walls on the bookcases on either side of the window seat, would have to be prewired for that somehow.
      No, sadly the chest would have to go. I hate to take that lamp away, I like having a lamp in that corner. I may be able to add some lighting to the shelving other than just the sconces. I hope the guy who is coming out to give me an estimate has some suggestions. If I decided to go through with it, I’ll be a ton of Googling and Pinterest searching for ideas, I’m sure. lol
      I primarily want to use the shelves for books, not to display items and when shelves are filled with books, there’s usually not that much to dust…just the tops of the books. That is a great point though! And do I really want to buy more books because that will be a lot of books to move one day if/when I decide to downsize. Argggh, sometimes I wish my mind would not think of new decorating ideas. lol Complicates life!

  18. The wall of built in bookcases sounds cozy. I’m in agreement with the others
    about shelves in the stairwell. That just doesn’t sound safe. I’d break my neck trying to retrieve a book! I’d probably hang pictures or your puzzles.
    The clock looks like it belongs there. Very attractive.
    I hope your eye problem has been resolved.

    • I’m going to do an update post on the eye thing because I think it would be helpful for others. The giant floater is still there but when I’m really focused, like as I’m writing a post or replying to comments, I don’t notice it as much. The doctor said my brain would get better at ignoring it. It annoying for sure but I’m thankful for the good health that I have and in the big picture, this is pretty minor compared to what a lot of people have to cope with…so I shouldn’t complain. Thanks for asking, Carolyn!
      P.S. I am really loving the clock in that spot.

  19. I love the idea of bookshelves around the window but not so much down the stairs. I think that would just look too crowded and hinder evacuation in an emergency. A little too claustrophobic for me.

  20. Imbi Fox says

    Hi Susan,
    I think bookcases would look fabulous there. I tend to agree with the others regarding the wall coming up the stairs. If your carpenter has a good design to handle that it would be worth considering putting shelves there. It seems it needs to be tricked out with molding and millwork to have it look built in. Just shelves there might not give you the look you seem to be going for. Maybe put skinny shelves that are divided into a grid of lighted cubes with small glass doors…to house collectibles and provide soft lighting for the stairwell. yes, on the book bridge over the window. If not a book bridge maybe just an arched canopy over the window seat to add architectural interest and create a sort of alcove. Otherwise it might look too much like two freestanding shelves. Yes on incorporated lighting. Yes on extending the window seat.

    Looking forward to seeing what you decide to do.


  21. Susan, I think built-in shelves is a fabulous idea! I love the look, and just think of all the great styling opportunities! I wish we had a space to add built in shelves. I look forward to the progress on this project.

  22. Leslie Alexander says

    Bookshelves and window seat would be lovely. But truthfully, you would get more bang for your buck in a resale market if you put the money into updating your bathrooms, like you’ve mentioned you want to do. Are you using this bookshelf idea as a small distraction? I do that. Bathroom renos are SO CONSUMING! but so very worth it! Even if you don’t have moving in your plans for many years, I think you would enjoy bathroom renovations much more. Sorry, you asked!

    • I know, I was thinking about that the whole time I was dreaming of the bookcases. I have no idea what the bookcases will cost, but I’m sure it’s less than 3 bathroom renovations. lol The downstairs bath won’t be that expensive, it’s the two upstairs baths that will be pricey. I should probably just focus on saving for those and doing them next year because this year it’s going to be buying a car and updating my ancient desktop computer. I appreciate you bringing that up because I had def thought about it. I think part of the issue is I’m not a bath person. I spend as little time as possible in the bathroom. So it’s hard for me to get excited bout redoing them and the choices are going to be overwhelming. Maybe once I do one bathroom, it will help me get excited about the other one.

  23. I think bookshelves on that wall would be wonderful!

  24. franki Parde says

    The clock…genius!! Bookcases built in…winner, winner!! Now…what “kind of car are you thinking about…we’re in same boat…ugh…It’s a love/hate thing… All in family have different opinions… HUGE task…franki

    • Thanks, Franki! I’m not sure just yet–just know it will be another SUV. I really SUVs for carrying home large plants and the other stuff I seem to always be hauling around. lol Do you have any particular vehicle in mind?

  25. It’s so much fun to move things around and change things up! I look forward to seeing the new shelves! Thanks for the party fun Susan~

  26. Oh I love it Susan – built ins are so convenient and I love the look! Can’t wait to see what your quote looks like. 🙂 Happy Monday!

  27. Yes!

  28. Absolutely, without a doubt, go for it. Your room would look like one of those adorable book store puzzles that we all love. Have a great time planning this!

  29. Hi, Susan. I love, love, love the idea of a surrounding bookcase around your window! But I have to agree with others who feel it’s best to leave the stairwell as is, for safety reasons. You know the space better, though. I’ll be curious to see what your contractor says. Good luck with your new project. I’d love to have built-in bookcases, but I’ve run out of empty walls!!

  30. Leigh Barnes says

    Yes, absolutely go for it! It’s funny , when I have looked at this room before, I pictured built in bookcases and one across the window, and a window seat with cushions!! I thought it just looked like the most perfect area to do something like that. Of course, I love reading and books everywhere so that vision naturally came to me! Can’t wait to see the finished product!!

  31. I think built-in bookcases is a great idea! I like the idea of drawers under the window seat, too.

  32. Teresa M. says

    I like the idea too of an end wall of bookcases.
    Your inspiration “sunset” shows glass doors on top and solid doors on the bottom. I can’t tell if it has a wood back or if they built it in place and have drywall as the back in the inspiration photo. Tape it out on your floor to make sure you like it when coming up your staircase. Just a thought…consider a nice good two side plywood and make the shelves min. 10″ deep (plus doors) with the vertical break coming down where the ceiling begins to slope. What I like about that depth is if like me, you have a bunch of books, you can still lean art in front of the books to layer so it looks better with a variety of books.
    If you have doors on top, you can easily make use of that electrical and run 3 or 4 puck lights shining down onto the seating area. Also LED strips in the uppers. Then set back 6″ deep shelves on the slope part so it doesn’t interfere with stairs and give coordinating look on both sides of the deeper bookcase. Whatever you decide I’m sure it will be fab. Good luck!

    • Those are great ideas! I hadn’t thought about stepping the end shelving back. I like the puck ideas for when I just want extra light in that area of the room, but I wouldn’t read by those since I really don’t like overhead lighting. I would still want little adorable sconces on the side of each bookcase at each end of the window seat.

  33. Bobbi Duncan says

    Your clock looks so pretty in it’s new location, Susan. I am in agreement w/ many others to not continue the bookshelves down the stairs–too busy and too dangerous. I love the idea that your window seat will have a more built-in look w/ easy access to things stored beneath the seat. Sconces on the depth walls around the seat or facing forward into the room would be beautiful. I am undecided about more books above the window–could look overly busy, especially if you add the sconces. Sometimes more is less when individual focal points have too much going on. You could always start w/out the shelving above the window to see if adding more would work. I’m crazy for built-ins and moldings so I can’t wait to see the refurbished room!!! Hugs!

  34. Hi Susan,
    I love the idea of built in bookshelves around the bench!
    So quaint and functional all at once !
    Looking forward to reading about your
    Future design plans .

  35. Brenda S Lawrence says

    I love this idea Susan, absolutely love it! Hugs, Brenda

  36. Susan, I love built in bookshelves and have them in a couple of rooms in my house. In theory, I think they would look great on that slanty-ceilinged wall. My only concern would be, would they darken the room? I think they probably would. And would they make that side of the room look ‘heavy?’ It might do that as well.

    I have to say, I have loved that little corner since you put the blue chest there. I think the clock looked great there. I seem to remember it being in a different location in that room a few years back. Anyway, since you have that color of wood furniture in that room in the table and armoire, etc. the clock brought that same warmth to that side of the room and gave it balance. The blue chest carried the blue theme from the other furniture to that side of the room and also brought balance and continuity. So for me, I honestly really liked it the way it was. But naturally, it’s your space and sometimes it’s just fun to make a change.

    I would advise you to carefully think of the darkening issue and if that would be okay with you. If you still go through with the bookshelves, think of whether they’d be painted white like the trim color, or if you’d perhaps make them a warm wood color like the armoire and other pieces. But my vote is to put the clock back, leave the blue chest, nix the bookshelves and come up with another interesting piece for that spot near your office door where the clock is currently standing. 😀 Happy deciding.

  37. Carol Murry says

    Love the idea of the built in bookcases and like the others, am not sure about the shelves by the stairwell. And I think you should paint the bookcases – natural wood might be too dark. Can’t wait to see what you decide to do!!!

  38. Sharon Myers says

    Love your bookcase idea! That would look great. I agree with the others about not putting book shelves along the stairs. You love your little blue chest, and so do I. It should stay in the room somewhere. I’m excited to see what you do.

  39. Nancy Hauge says

    Install drawers! Leave pillows off window seat so it is not a pain but if anyone wants to sit there use a pillow from couch…there are certainly plenty …they look cozy and nice but always pretty much in the way unless you want to take a nap and then you only need one…window seat must be left as it is the perfect spot to just sit and gaze at the view. Love the bookcase idea!

  40. Thought the following might help. The following comes from Taunton’s Shelves, Cabinets and Bookcases book.
    Standard bookshelves depth, without any backer board would be 9, 9 1/2, to 10 inches deep. Would recommend backer board to stabilize unit from bending sideways. Using the 10 inch depth would allow you to place random small decorative objects in front of the books.
    Weight limits: Red Oak 3/4 inch thick: 24″ wide=49 lb, 30″=21 lb, 36″=9 lb.
    1 inch thick: 24″ wide=116 lb, 30″=47lb, 36″=23 lb
    Fir Plywood: 24″ wide=32 lb, 30″=13 lb, 36″=6 lb.
    Fir Plywood with 2″ edging: 24″=96 lb, 30″=39 lb, 36″=18 lb.
    MDF: 24″ wide=9 lb, 30″=4 lb, 36″=2 lb.
    MDF with 2″ edging: 24″ wide=73 lb, 30″=30 lb, 36″=14 lb
    Poplar and Eastern White Pine are not advised due to limited weight limit.
    Estimated Weights of storage:
    Hardcover Books, sized 11″x 9″ is 20 lb. per foot
    Magazines, sized 11″ x 9″ is 42 lbs. per foot

  41. My immediate thought was nooo, I love the light sconces! But, I do love built in bookcases & it’s the perfect room in your house for them. If you decide on the bookcases send the light sconces to me, haha.

  42. Catalynn says

    Susan.. I think it’s a great idea and will look fantastic,
    Maybe you’re already aware but a few years ago I heard about “Ikea Hacks”
    and this one was my inspiration:
    Since then we’ve done a “hack” in almost every room using different Ikea products… in the livingroom we used “Hemnes” and in our kids rooms and guest room we used “Billy” bookcases and we just finished putting “Kallax” in our media room above our garage.
    With the Kallax we left a shelf on top because our 2 cats love to visit and sprawl but with the other built-ins we took them to the ceiling and finished it with crown molding.
    They all turned out fantastic and it was so much cheaper than having custom millwork installed.
    I really love the Kallax in the media room because it was just wasted space where the slanted ceiling was so low and Kallax has so many different options, you can get doors, drawers and a bunch of different baskets and such for in the cubbies.
    We used 3 Kallax for the media room.
    I also figured out a way to pretty up the cold air returns in each room by taking a portion of the baseboard up and around.
    People are always shocked to find out that it’s just different Ikea products built-in with molding.
    Just thought I’d mention it in case it might interest you.
    Here’s the Kallax that we just finished in our media room and the cold air return with baseboard molding.




    • I have seen some amazing IKEA hacks that you would swear were built-in cabinetry, so I know what you mean. Unfortunately, my Billy Bookcases in my office sag terribly. All my books in there are hardback books for the most part, and the Billy just can’t handle the heavier books. I don’t know why they don’t make the Billy shelves thicker/sturdier.
      If I do these, I’ve decided to have them custom built so there shouldn’t be any sagging. I don’t have anyone to help me with this so will just have to leave it up to the pros if I go through with it.
      Wow, those pictures are amazing, Catalynn! It looks completely professional and custom! I love how you added the molding around the cold air return! Thanks for those pictures!
      I also love that you took your kitties into consideration when adding the Kallax in one room. That sounds totally like something I would do! 🙂 Cats love being up high sooo much! You know, when you visit Africa, you’ll sometimes see the big cats hanging out high in the trees. I guess that’s where domestic kitties get it. 🙂

      • Catalynn says

        I think it will look so nice because your room is already so comfy and cosy the bookshelves will be the icing on the cake!
        And yes I’m a bit of a cat lady now that the kids are grown and out on their own… they’re my fur babies.

  43. I love the idea of the built in bookshelves! Having a back staircase in a larger home makes so much sense. Thanks so much for having us over to the party! Have a great week!

  44. Susan, I think your ideas on the bookcases and window seat sound wonderful! I had this idea once in a house I lived in when I was single, and let someone talk me out of it. I think you will love it. You are lucky to have that back staircase to lead to your laundry room and kitchen. Your house really is lovely!

    • Thanks so much, Martha! I’ve always loved having a back staircase. I once had a contractor tell me I should remove it/close it off the take the extra room where the stairs come out into the laundry to use in the laundry room. I couldn’t believe he suggested that. My laundry is big enough, as it is and I would never give up the back staircase–I use it every day, sometimes several times a day.

  45. Kathleen Lazarski says

    I think bookcase surround is a great idea. Also like storage drawers instead of lifting a lid. But where would the blue chest go? You’ll still need lighting on that side so what will you do instead of sconces? Not sure about going over the stairway due to accessibility. Open shelving means dusting! Love that you have a staircase from the laundry area…like it’s the maid’s entrance. lol

  46. LOVE the idea – can’t wait to see the project completed!

  47. I liked the grandfather clock in the bonus room because the woods matched so well. It just needs something tall on the other side of the window seat to balance it. I agree with Leslie Alexander. Remodeled bathrooms will give you a bigger return on your investment. By the time they are done, you should be able to travel again.

  48. I love bookcases and that room. I love your home and keep hoping you will add to/finish the basement. Are you going to build white bookcases ? Like the others, not keen on putting them on the stairway. The sconces would be great on the side walls of the bookcase by the window seat.
    PS That Leslie seems to know us. Yogi Berra said “When you get to the fork in the road, take it” I added another line “Most people take the path of least resistance” Focus.

  49. Cyndi Raines says

    I have always loved back staircases, they are the neatest! I think built-ins around the window would be lovely, but due to safety reasons, not on the wall going down the stairs. I also agree, with the reader who said you would get more of a return money wise, in concentrating on redoing a bathroom. More of a headache for sure, but once you started on one, I’m sure you would be pretty excited. Look how happy you were in just getting new dispensers and adding your pretty crystal glass, hehe. By the way, I Love my beautiful kleenex box and my soap and mouthwash dispensers! Thank you Susan! Oh, and yes, the clock looks great in its new home, but don’t put the dresser in the basement, it is too cute to be down there.

  50. Darla Keim says

    Susan, LOVE this idea. Bookshelves provide so much personality and character to a room. A wall of them is the dream! I’m already thinking of sending your idea to my daughter who has a similar room in her home and is an avid reader/book lover. Thank you for always sharing your ideas and helping us to fill our lives with inspiration.

  51. Go for the book shelves, Susan! It would look fabulous! I want to do the same at my place! Thanks for the party, by the way!



  52. A lot to think about! I just had built-in bookcases removed and am contemplating whether to put them back. Love your clock! Good luck!

  53. I think those bookshelves would look great on either side of the window and above the window, I like that look, too. Now, I am not too sure about by the staircase, I am thinking it might look a little crowded, even though you currently have that little ledge there. Good luck with your project, whatever you decide!

  54. E oliver says

    I love your clock at the top of the stairs, looking quite at home there. And I love your blue chest, starring in its own little corner.

    I am not so sure about the bookcases, even though I love books and built-ins. But I wonder what is going to happen if you add them here. Right now, the entry to the stairs is barely noticeable and there is a subtle visual symmetry to the window wall. Adding shelves, especially ones that go over the top of the window, is going to increase that sense of symmetry, except at the right hand side, where the entry to the stairs will become very obvious.

    The effect of the very strong symmetry of the shelves, combined with its loss at the top of the stairs, will, I think, be visually jarring and psychological uncomfortable.

    And, by the way, extending the bookcases into the stairwell, which I agree is unsafe, wouldn’t change the problem. It would just do it in a different way.

  55. The clock looks spectacular in the hallway. Like the space was just made for it. It’s a beautiful clock with the carving on the base.

    Love the idea of bookshelves on either side of the alcove. And replacing the lift up top with drawers. As far as bookshelves on the stairs. I can just see myself plunging to the bottom of the staircase either while going up/down the stairs or not paying enough attention while looking for a book. So, I would rethink that. It shouldn’t make a big impact on the number of books you store, since only paperbacks would fit. And if you are like me, while you may have kept some because you can’t replace in another medium, you don’t consider them “displayable” Be sure to post whatever you decide. Probably after the car purchase LOL

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