A Few Bathroom Updates & Cute Daisy Towels

I’m back home in Georgia, arrived late yesterday afternoon. The painters arrived bright and early this morning. There’s been lots of pressuring washing going on, the actual painting outside will start tomorrow. I’m not doing a color change, just refreshing the exterior paint in the areas that are painted.

During my time in Ohio, you know I had to make a few visits to my favorite grocery store, Dorothy Lane Market. (Read my previous post about DLM here: Dorothy Lane Market: The Only Grocery Store That Acutally Makes Me Look Forward to Grocery Shopping.) They have the cutest totes available for purchase now. I should have taken a photo looking down above them so you could see how they are constructed. There’s a panel that folds down inside to create the bottom, so it creates a nice-sized, square container that will hold a ton. I like these so much more than the bags that most stores sell. They can be carried by the handles that are attached on either end, or by the longer straps on the sides. You can tell someone put a lot of thought into the design. I plan to use these when I go shopping for groceries here since they work so much better than bags. Plus, they don’t turn over in the back of an SUV.


I thought in today’s post, I’d take you into the master bath and share a couple of small updates in this space.


I purchased my favorite toothbrush holder for this bathroom and it goes really well with the fixtures. (Toothbrush holder is available here: Toothbrush Holder.)

Renovated Master Bath in 1938 Home


Though I purchased an ironing board during my stay in Ohio, I never got a chance to iron the new shower curtain that I purchased while there. I was going non-stop every single day. When I return, ironing the shower curtain will be high on my list of things to get done. Love this ruffled shower curtain! (Shower curtain is available here: Shower Curtain.)

Ruffled Shower Curtain


Katie, a previous owner who lived here for 20+ years and completed all the bath renovations, said that her contractor thought the tile in the two upstairs bathrooms was mostly likely Rookwood tile. The Rookwood Pottery Company was founded in 1880 about an hour away in Cincinnati by Maria Longworth Nichols Storer, the first woman to own and found a large manufacturing enterprise in the United States. The company produced handmade art pottery and architectural tile. I think the tile is so pretty and it’s in amazingly good shape!


I bought these adorable daisy towels in TJ Max. I liked how they looked hanging here so much, I couldn’t bring myself to use them. Ha! Do you ever do that—buy towels that are too cute to use? I bought another set in a different design, also really cute, and I did use those during my time in Ohio.

Daisy Towels


I have so many of these adorable birdie tissue holders back in Georgia, but I couldn’t resist purchasing another one to enjoy during my stay in the Ohio house. (Bird-themed tissue box cover/holder is available here: Birdie Tissue Cover/Holder.)

Kleenex Holder for Bird Lovers


You may remember this previous photo that I shared of the other upstairs bath from when it was available to purchase two years ago.

Charming Bathroom, Old Home


Here’s a closer view of the shower in this bathroom. Again, this could be Rookwood tile based on the year (1938) that this home was built.

1938 Bath, Renovated


I love the light in this shower. All the showers have lights in the ceiling, same for my son’s home just a few doors away. I guess that was a “thing” back then. With the shower curtain pulled across in place, it creates such a pretty, soft glow that lights up the whole bathroom in the evening. This is a great shower for kids and shorter adults. I’m 5’4″ and the shower head is just high enough for me to comfortably fit underneath.

Rookwood Tile, Beautiful Bath Renovation


Itching to get back to the Dollhouse to work on a few more projects, but I have enough here in Georgia to keep me busy for a while!

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  1. Lol, our upstairs shower is very short too. My HVAC guy (a friend) asked if that was where I sent my husband when he was in the dog house. The light almost touches his head, he’s 6’3″, lol.

    Also, have you found the toilet paper rolls of today are too big and fit too tightly in the tile well for the TP? It is in our 1938 bathroom, so I bought a TP extender from Amazon.

    Love the new towels and shower curtain. Love your dollhouse!

    • Lol, too funny! You hubby def couldn’t shower in this hall bath. Thankfully the shower in the blue bathroom is normal height.
      Yes, during the time when TP was running short everywhere, I brought up some from my home for my son/DIL and it wouldn’t fit in the little holes in the bathrooms. But the regular Mega Charmin (where 12 rolls = 48) does fit. I was tickled to see that paper tears leaving a scalloped edge. They call it a “smooth tear.” I love how it looks. One of my grandsons commented on how the nightstands have a scalloped design, the lampshade in that room has a scalloped edge and even the TP is scalloped! Ha! Nothing gets by my 10-year-old grandson, he’s all about the details.
      Thanks, Rita! ♥
      I need to see this extender, sounds interesting! I’ll look for that on Amazon!

  2. Franceil Parde says

    I had that “ruffle shower curtain” in our bath in former Tudor…the new owner asked if I’d leave it.
    You are “just having so much fun” w/your dollhouse…it makes my heart smile. frank8

  3. Susan, so excited for you. You must be so anxious to get the Georgia house sold and be settled in the dollhouse. It is great as we get a little older to have family close by. Your family must be so excited you are going to be living nearby.
    I have found if you put a damp towel in the dryer with a wrinkled object and run the dryer for a while it removes a lot of the wrinkles so ironing is not necessary. Works especially well for large pieces, bedskirts, shower curtains, tablecloths, etc.
    Good luck on your new adventure.

  4. Teresa M. says

    Those daisy towels brightened my day too. Thanks for sharing. I’m so happy for you!!
    Good luck in GA.

    • Thanks, Teresa! I need to go back to that TJ Max and see if they have the matching washcloths. I forgot to look for those when I was there.

  5. Busy busy. Does Katie live nearby ? So much history in that house. Good to have a source. Are you painting the bathrooms in GA or wallpaper ? Were you able to bring back the dollhouse chandelier for the swap ? Still think you should put the elegant chandelier over the bed when you move. Then you can purchase any table.

    • She still lives in Ohio but I can’t remember the name of the city. I don’t think it’s too, too far away. Probably painting, just to keep it simple. I almost had the chandelier removed but I had so many boxes that I wanted to take back to refill, I didn’t do it on this trip. If the elegant one doesn’t look right in the dining room, that’s a great idea. I do want to see it there first though. I think with the addition of the glass doors over the bookshelves/china shelves, it will dress the room up a bit.

  6. Nancy Brantley says

    Love those daisy towels. DLM is like our Harris Teeter and Lowe’s Food close to us here in NC. Hot bar has the best grilled Salmon I’ve ever ate.

  7. You are well addicted to DLM!! My favorite thing is their quiche… and their meatloaf with the yummy sauce … and Laura’s cookies!… and their cakes!!
    The fourth store will be in Mason, Ohio, where my daughter lives with her family. She can hardly wait for it to open!
    Enjoy! I’m having fun following your adventures!

  8. Back to the light in the shower. How do you change the bulb ? Is there a bathtub in the house that I missed ? If that tile is as old as the house, it held up beautifully.
    Don’t you love it when you bring all of us along on “The adventures of Susan” ? It’s like having dozens of mothers chiming in. LOL

    • I wasn’t exactly sure, so when the electrician was out making repairs and getting rid of all the extra wiring and stuff on the walls, I asked him to help me remove it. There are some tiny screws that look like they are part of the light, but they turn to release it. I washed it while it was down, although it didn’t appear to be as dirty on the inside as I had expected.
      The tile has held up great, same for my son/DIL’s home. I guess things were really designed to last back in the day.
      Hahaha, I love that because this is a huge transition so I’m loving all the ideas and suggestions!

    • Just realized I forgot to answer about the tub. Yes, the master bathroom has a rather large tub and it’s installed at an angle. It’s kinda interesting and unlike any tube I’ve ever seen. It needs to be reglazed but otherwise, it’s a great looking tub. I’ll share more about it when I start the reglazing update on it.

  9. I just told my husband our next road trip is going to include OH—I want to visit DLM! He looked at me with a smirk, but after 44 years, he’s really not surprised.
    Your daisy towels are so cute! I tie a coordinating ribbon in a bow around my “for display only” towels, so everyone knows there just there to look pretty.

    • MerriJo, there are 4 locations in this area (I think). The two I’ve visited so far are on Far Hills and one is much smaller than the other. That reminds me, I need to visit the store they just finished a year or two ago, I hear it’s awesome. I’ll do that on my next trip back.
      Good idea for the display towels! lol I should have bought more of these, I think they are so cute!

  10. Michele M. says

    Such a cute bathroom! : – ) GL with the painting tomorrow. Boy it has to be a hot job with this horrible heat wave we’re having right now. Hope the painters stay hydrated!!!!

    • It’s been cooler here than it was in Ohio! Not sure what tomorrow’s temps will be. Fortunately, they are in the shade a lot when painting in back.

  11. Hardly 12 hrs back from Ohio and you are already on projects! It’s too busy to answer a long question, so I will revisit this later in the year: your feelings/thoughts as you travel to and from your two homes etc. Do you feel a transition while you are driving? Do you feel like you are merely visiting one place but living in the other? etc. For now, just store the answers in your brain and I will ask again later.

    • I want to create a blog post answering some of the questions I’ve gotten recently and these are great ones I can include in that post. I do have a lot of conflicting emotions.

  12. Mary from Virginia says

    You have found and purchased the best house! I would be thrilled to live there. My parents’ first home was a cape cod style and I loved all of our secret attics, low ceilings, and fun storage in that house. Can’t wait to hear what’s going on in GA too!

  13. Susan, I know what you mean by not using the cute towels, however, I began using all of mine after my mom passed away. I gifted her many new towels, especially kitchen ones, and when cleaning out her house I found a ‘hidden’ stash of them unused (she didn’t want me to find them easily!). It made me kind of sad that she didn’t enjoy them, but that is how she was…save the good stuff for company, though I would have bought her as many replacements as she wanted!!! 🙂 Soooo….my unsolicited advice, use the towels, they always make cute ones. I also bought a daisy design for the powder bath this year!
    Your new house is coming right along! What fun!

    • You’re right! We never know how long we have and we should all use the good stuff right now. There will be more cute towels in the future, thanks for those wise words, Rosie!

      • I totally got where my mom was coming from, being a child of the depression, she did want to have some nice things put aside for guest time, like her mom did. But I wanted her to use ALL the new stuff for her! 🙂

        As far as towels, I used to feel bad about tossing them aside, but now that I donate gently used towels and blankets to animal shelters, I feel fine. I don’t have to wear them out into shreds before discarding them. I imagine the volunteers and workers would get a smile when using daisy towels!

    • Good tip, Rosie! I remember to do that for awhile and then forget and save something else for later.” I can always use the reminder…like even today

  14. I have been looking for a covered toothbrush holder and I believe you have one on your vanity! Would you please share where you purchased it please? Thanks so much and your dollhouse is just adorable!

  15. The more I see of the Dollhouse, the better I like it. Except for the shower – I’m 5’8″ and husband 6″3″ and sons taller than him! I like your house in Georgia so much that I just can’t visualize how that furniture is going to work in the new place so am anxious to see it. If I were moving to Atlanta and buying your house there, I would ask to have all the furniture, linens, lamps, etc. included in the sale price. That house is perfect. I am anxious to see if your new house will be perfect too!

    • Thanks, Nicki! That is such a nice compliment and I appreciate it more than you know!
      Thankfully the master bathroom shower is normal and up a lot higher. lol That hall bath would be great for kids.

  16. I am LOVING following on this dollhouse journey! I just want to offer a tip. I so badly wanted to change my bathroom but alas, the budget didn’t allow for it. I have similar size square white tiles in my shower. It was recommended to me that once a year I reseal all the tile and grout to help it stay clean and not grow that nasty mold. So I spent 3 days cleaning, tearing out old damaged areas of grout and silicone, regrouting and applying new silicone seal. I used a 511 Impregnator Sealer from Home Depot or Lowes. It has worked like a charm! So you might want to do that to these tile bathroom/showers especially. Drying it after each shower also helps, better than just using a squeegee.

    • Thanks so much, Toni! I like that idea of sealing it and maintaining it. It looks great now so I should start looking into that to keep it that way. Thanks for that recommendation!

  17. Those are the totes I’ve told you about. I love them! I throw one in my suitcase every time we travel too.

  18. Jennifer says

    I am loving these sneak peeks into the doll house. It’s just so cute! The tile in the bathrooms is so pretty. It adds to the charm. Thanks fro sharing!

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