A Beautiful Perfume, Fun Agenda Stickers and a Helpful Tool for Removing Bugs

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Happy Weekend to you! The sun is shining and it’s so beautiful outside, but the cold is keeping me inside where I’m STILL putting up Christmas decorations. Getting sick after Christmas really put me way behind, but I should finally be done today.

Today I’m sharing a few updates that I think you’ll enjoy, along with a few new things that are making life a lot easier. Recently I purchased my first ever agenda and I am loving using it here on my desk.

Calendar Pages Insert for Louis Vuitton Agenda


Just for fun, I searched to see if I could find some cute stickers to decorate a few of the pages and highlight some of the important holidays and dates.Holiday Stickers for Agenda


I fell in love with these, they are perfect for my needs and added just the right amount of fun to my agenda. This set mainly focuses on holidays and important dates throughout the year, but there are plenty of more generic stickers mixed throughout, like balloons and flowers. I was thinking those would be great for keeping up with birthdates. I can just write the name of the person beside the sticker. You’ll find these available here if you would like to dress up your agenda or calendar: Holiday/Event Stickers.

Agenda Holiday & Reminder Stickers


It’s funny how the little things can brighten up your day!

Agenda Stickers for Holidays, Appointments and Events


I’m still completely obsessed with these adorable dividers/dashboards! I’ve purchased quite a few and plan to swap them out during the year for the various seasons. I just love them! I purchased mine here: Dashboards/Dividers. She also has other goodies, including cute “Note” pages.

Dashboard Dividers for an Agenda, Including Louis Vuitton


Obsessed with this Perfume!

Recently, I came across a review of this perfume on YouTube and the person reviewing it was absolutely in love with it! Up until now, she would only wear her signature scent which was Coco Mademoiselle, but this perfume completely changed that. With such a strong testimonial, I had to check it out.

Yesterday I stopped by a store that carries all the Jo Malone fragrances and gave it a sniff. Oh my gosh, she was right, it is wonderful! I smelled a lot of the other Jo Malone scents but this was the one that captured my heart.

It’s a floral and oh, so pretty! It’s light and refreshing, yet lasts all day long on me. The scent is truly beautiful! It’s funny because I used to always try some of the edgier scents, but whenever I tried them, I found I quickly tired of them. The ones I truly love and seem to always garner the most compliments are the soft, feminine fragrances.

Jo Malone, Honeysuckle & Davana


Here’s how this perfume is described:

The wildness of honeysuckle, winding through the English countryside. Climbing. Twisting. Ever more alluring after dark. Fresh with rose and the aromatic, fruity twist of davana. Woody with moss. Warmed by sunshine.

Fragrance Notes:
Top Note: Davana, a green plant with hints of liquorice, brings vibrancy to the fragrance and a touch of a fruity note.
Heart Note: Honeysuckle, with a radiant floralcy and imbued with accents of honey, brings a rich character to the heart of the fragrance.
Base Note: Moss

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre is another perfume that always gets tons of compliments. This one is beautiful in a similar way, yet very different. I can’t recommend this lovely scent highly enough! You’ll find it here: Honeysuckle and Davana.

I purchased it in the smaller size which is not like me. I usually go for a larger size when buying any perfume. But this size is so perfect for slipping into my handbag or carrying with me when I travel, I decided to go with it. I doubt it’s going to last very long, though, as much as I love it, so I may go ahead and invest in a large bottle and save this one for when I travel.

Jo Malone, Honeysuckle & Davana


One More Beautiful Easter/Spring Pattern to Consider for Your Spring Tables

Thanks to Elena for alerting me about this beautiful dinnerware that’s perfect for spring and Easter. It’s all on sale right now 20% off, so a great time to purchase if it steals your heart! You’ll find it here: Spring Dinnerware/Salad Plates.

While I was checking out the sale, I came across this wonderful pattern.

Floral Dishware for Easter


I love the salad plates. If you’re like me and don’t necessarily want to buy a whole new set of dinnerware for spring or Easter, consider purchasing just the salad plates and using those with your existing dinnerware. They are currently on sale here: Bunny Floral Plates for Spring.

Adorable Floral Bunny Plates for Easter


Gentle Way to Remove Spiders, Ladybugs and other Inserts from Your Home

I had to share this, although it’s not as pretty as everything else I’ve shared in this post. LOL This is another tip I saw on YouTube for dealing with little bugs that find their way into your house like spiders. I always feel so guilty when I accidentally vacuum up a spider when I’m vacuuming the house. I try to notice them and scoop them up into a Tupperware container and put them outside, but sometimes I don’t see them when I’m vacuuming until it’s too late and I’ve sucked them up.

This little device lets you suck them up gently so it doesn’t injure them and you can put them outside. It will work for any kind of bug, but it’s mainly spiders that I will need to use it on since those and the occasional wayward stink bug are mainly the ones I find inside.

Catch Bugs and Dispose of them without killing or touching them


After it arrived, I decided to give it a try and went looking for any spiders I could find in corners around the house. It took a while, this being the dead of winter, but I finally found this guy hanging out under the sideboard in the dining room. It worked great and sucked him up very gently into the tube, then I put the cap on and took him outside where I let him go free.

I think I will go around the house and do this before I vacuum each time, then I won’t have any issues with accidentally sucking them up into the vacuum. This sure beats my previous method of trying to catch them in a Tupperware container to take outside. You’ll find this nifty gadget here: No-Kill Bug Vacuum.

Easy Way to Catch Bugs Without Killing Them


Have an awesome weekend! See you Monday for Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. You’re reading my mind as I had just gotten out all my planner supplies to decorate tomorrow. I love those stickers but they don’t ship to Mexico.

    I bought Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede about 5 months ago and really like it but I’ll check out yours next time. BUT if you see Diptyque (spelling) colognes you might just love them as I did. Known for their pricey candles, which I bought the gardenia one, I didn’t know they had colognes and they’re exquisite. There’s a Freesia one which was spelled oddly but maybe it was the Spanish translation and sniffing it was like placing your face in a bouquet of flowers. Do look for it next time you’re out and about. Next time I’m in Guadalajara I’ll see if it’s back in stock and grab one.

    • Last time I was in Diptiyque, I think they gave me some of their perfume samples when I purchased a candle. I need to look for those and try them. I used to buy their candles every so often, but I’m so hooked on the Woodwick Hearthwick candles now, and they are a lot cheaper, I doubt I’ll buy anymore Diptyque candles for a while.
      Okay, just found the samples but sadly no Freesia. They gave me Trente-Quatre Boulevard Saint Germain parfum, Tam Dao toilette spay and L’eau de Tarocco. I’ll make a point to stop in and smell Fresia next time I’m at the Shops Buckhead location. Thanks, Ginger!

  2. Hi I didn’t see the name of your agenda planner and where did you get it. I think it’s very pretty. Thanks

  3. You are way nicer with bugs than I am.

    • lol Well, for spiders and slow moving bugs. It’s a different matter for those GIANT roaches that come in from outside. I’m terrified of those and there’s no way to catch them. You have to spray them, then run and hide! I would be so happy if I never saw another one of those bugs again as long as I live!

      • Carol Norton says

        Those giant roaches are actually Palmetto bug. They run in pairs–male and female. If you have pine trees nearby, they’ll likely turn up. I learned about them back in my Museum days, from our Natural History staffer. At the time we had a beautiful long leaf pine in the back yard that I loved and made me feel like being home in Georgia. Palmetto bugs loved it too. An ice storm took it out many years ago, and not a Palmetto bug since.

        • I don’t have any pine trees in my yard and neither do my neighbors around me. I did at my last house, had a lot there. Georgia is known for its pines, Ray Charles even sang about it in Georgia on my Mind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRgWBN8yt_E . 🙂 But I don’t have any here which means I have to buy pine straw every year since I don’t have it for free like I did at my last house. Maybe it’s the bird seed out back that falls to the ground that draws them. Ugh.

          • Carol A Norton says

            Maybe they traveled in with the pine straw! Believe it or not, when we moved to Nashville over 40 years ago and I went to the garden supply store to buy pine straw because my lone pine tree wasn’t enough for what I wanted. They looked at me like I was nuts. Never heard of mulching with it and didn’t carry it. It’s different now of course. Times do change. 🙂

  4. Hi Susan, I have worn Jo Malone exclusively for six years. It is the only perfume that doesn’t mess up my allergies. I did smell that wonderful honeysuckle and davana when I was at Saks during Christmas, it was divine. Have a lovely weekend!

    • That’s good to know! I’ve had a few over the years that set my allergies off. I wonder why some perfumes do that, while others don’t. Wonder if the better quality perfumes just have better/most natural ingredients.

  5. I do the same thing with various bugs, though this time of year I generally compromise and take them to the garage. LOVE the bunny plates, thanks to you and Elena for sharing!

    • That’s a good idea since it gets really cold at night. I don’t want them to go to spider heaven, just don’t want them inside my house.

  6. I wear almost exclusively Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir. My only objection is that it doesn’t seem to be long lasting. I think having a travel size in my purse would solve that problem! Jo Malone seems to always find that sweet spot between sophisticated and fresh.

    • This is my first Jo Malone but I don’t think it will be my last. Really love it! I’ll check out Pomegranate Noir next time. Thanks, Linda.

  7. Sandra D in Joliet says

    I’m allergic to so many perfumes but the Honeysuckle sounds heavenly. My first “scent” was a honeysuckle by Avon and I loved it. I also loved Heaven Sent in Jr High. I can’t remember what my first adult perfume was but I only have a couple that doesn’t set me off if I apply lightly. I do miss perfume. I do catch crickets and ladybugs to put outside but spiders, earwigs and for some reason this year I had stink bugs…I tell them “sorry, but you shouldn’t come in the house”. I do think I’ll buy one for spiders which I don’t mind having in the garden but earwigs and stink bugs and flies, etc…..”You’re fair game”. The cats go ballistic when they find a fly in the house. I try to kill them before the cats tear down the blinds.

    • Yeah, I like spiders in the garden, too…they eat all the yucky bugs that chew on our flowers. I can’t believe how many stinks bugs I’ve found in the house this year. This must have been a big year for them!

  8. Ha, I liked that you used the “first day of Summer” as a demo; it felt like a wink at me. I just checked and tomorrow is…still January! 😀

  9. I love the bug zapper! I too am a run around the house with the tupperware and lid saving and releasing all kinds of critters! Country living…ah-h-h! I’ll have to get one and give it a go. Do you have to be really quick to get the lid on before they scurry free? And…welcome to the world of agendas and planners! You’ve been bitten by the bug (clearly have the zapper on my mind). For fun and unique stickers stop by my shop https:/www.etsy.com/shop/trlplansandprints — I created a code for your readers PORCH20 gives everyone here a 20% discount! Now back to the bugs!

  10. I was so happy about the Famille Rose collection at Williams Sonoma, I went back and bought two different tablecloths that are part of the collection. These tablecloths are so pretty, and they are on sale also.

  11. Cyndi Raines says

    So glad you don’t kill Charlotte, Hehe. That’s what I call all spiders that I find in my shed, (thankfully, almost none in the basement), taken from the wonderful children book “Charlotte’s Web”. Remember that one? Those bunny plates are darling. It won’t be long and we can start bringing out all our bunnies, but first the hearts! Valentine’s is fast approaching and it makes for a cheery heart! Wish we could scratch and sniff our screen! Lol would love to sniff your new fragrance.

    • Oh, I loved that book, although I did cry my eyes out when Charlotte died. 🙁 This is why I no longer have pets, I can’t handle it when they leave us.
      I can’t believe it will be Valentine’s Day in a couple of weeks, I want to go back and do Christmas again, it passed way too quickly!

  12. Well, sorry but a spider in my house is a dead spider!

  13. Give me Jo Malone anything, any time.

  14. Hi Susan, if you like Jo Malone perfumes you should try Pomegranate Noir. Perfect for winter! It’s Summer here in Australia so Honeysuckle and Davana sounds perfect for me,I’ll try it

  15. Hi Susan, I received a Jo Malone candle for Christmas, With it I received 6 small samples of various colognes. The Wild Bluebell was the nicest flowery scent on me. The Wood Sage and Sea Salt was next in my favorites.

  16. I love Jo Malone’s Lime, Basil, and Mandarin. I have a sample of Honeysuckle and Davana. I will wear it today. That seems to be the only way to know if I really like it.

  17. Oh spiders. So many different kinds. The ones that bite me don’t have a chance inside. I never kill a daddy longlegs as they capture flying insects in their webs. If I have too many webs they have to come down and the daddy has to start over. Stink bugs…stink and have to go. I will leave a black widow alone outside though as have never had a problem with them. Love your stickers and they do brighten your day as you turn to each new one.

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