Beautiful Calendar Inserts for Any Agenda, Especially for the Louis Vuitton Fan

Last summer I was offered a trip to Maui, Hawaii by a friend who had booked a week there but ended up not being able to go due to another commitment. (Read more about that trip under the Travel category at the top of BNOTP here: Travel.)

During that trip, I did some shopping which included visiting a Louis Vuitton store in Whalers Village. While inside, I spotted the most beautiful antique trunk. Until that day, I had never realized LV’s iconic monogram print dated all the way back to 1896! That left a huge impression on me and since then I’ve purchased a few LV items in the monogram canvas print. It’s amazing how knowing more about the history of a brand can completely change how you view it.


Since I’ve fallen hard for Louis Vuitton this past year, for Christmas I gifted myself one of their agendas. I chose the larger, GM size since I plan to primarily use it here on my desk. I’ve never owned an actual agenda, so I’m really looking forward to using it this next year and for many years to come.Louis Vuitton Large GM Agenda in Monogram Print


When I decided to purchase the agenda, I wasn’t too keen on the calendar insert Louis Vuitton sells to go inside. I didn’t like the layout of their calendar at all. I knew from having watched a gazillion YouTube videos/reviews about their agendas that there are other companies who make inserts for agendas.

Though I didn’t end up going with any of the ones I saw mentioned in the reviews on YouTube, I found the most adorable calendars, dividers, and inserts one could ever wish to put inside an LV agenda, or really any agenda. The items I’m sharing in today’s post will fit a Filofax Planner and Kate Spade agendas, too.

I went a little crazy–this being my first agenda. I live for organizing, it’s my favorite thing in the world to do, so I couldn’t wait to put this agenda together with my newly purchased components! Everything I ordered arrived yesterday and I’m super happy with how it looks. It’s all just as pretty in person as it appeared online. I hope this post is helpful if you’re looking for some adorable pieces with which to update your agenda.

Please note: This isn’t a sponsored post, I didn’t get a discount and I paid for all my items like any customer would do. I just ordered a couple more pieces tonight…love the designs!

I took these photos at night under lamplight, so the colors are actually much richer/darker in person than they appear in some of the photos. I’ll link to everything plus some other items I’m eyeing at the end of the post.

If you’re unable to see the links, you’ll find all the items I purchased (plus many more) here: Beautiful Calendar Refills, Bookmarks, Dashboards for Any Agenda. I really love her Tiffany inspired dashboards, will definitely be adding some of those to my agenda. I love the idea of swapping out the dashboards for the seasons and holidays.

If you’re a Louis Vuitton fan, you may have noticed LV collaborated with Grace Coddington recently to create some adorable cat-themed items since Grace is a big cat lover. I’m guessing this little agenda “dashboard” was inspired by that collection. I’m currently using it at the front of my agenda because it makes me grin ear-to-ear each time I see it. So cute!

Louis Vuitton Grace Coddington Inspired Agenda Page Dashboard


These are the actual calendar pages I purchased. I chose the single-sided pages since I wanted to use Monthly Dividers throughout my agenda. There are quite a few choices for the calendar, this was just the layout I liked best. (Update: She also offers calendars with the week starting on Sunday. I much prefer that and purchased those for the following year.)

Louis Vuitton Inspired Agenda Calendar Pages


Had to buy a few of these adorable clips…so cute! I’m sure I’ll find plenty of uses for them.

Cute Louis Vuitton Style Paper Clips


Each monthly divider page has the cutest drawings. All are different and are one of my favorite parts of my agenda. This one is for March.

Louis Vuitton Inspired Agenda Inserts


This is the divider for June.

Adorable Louis Vuitton Inspired Agenda Monthly Dividers


This one is for October. I love how she designed each monthly divider to work with that month’s holiday or season. All the monthly dividers came as part of a single set. I won’t ever need to buy those again since they can be used over and over from year to year.

Louis Vuitton Inspired Agenda Divider Pages


Not sure yet where I’ll use this dashboard/divider in my agenda, I just loved it too much to not get it.

Louis Vuitton Inspired Travel-themed Page for Agenda


Another dashboard/divider I had to have…so cute!

Louis Vuitton Inspired Agenda Page Dashboard


I purchased one set of the “Notes” pages. I think I may buy another set because I can see how these would really come in handy. She also has some Tiffany & Co. and Hermes themed items in her shop. I purchased a Tiffany bookmark to tuck inside one of my Tiffany books.

Louis Vuitton Inspired Note Pages for Agenda


Below you’ll find links to all the items I purchased, plus quite a few more that I think are adorable as can be! If you’re unable to see the links, you’ll find all the items I purchased (plus many more) here: Beautiful Calendar Refills, Bookmarks, Dashboards for Any Agenda.

Note: If you see something in this post but don’t see it available in Mel’s Etsy shop, contact her via her contact link on her shop page, and often she can create it for you. Hope you find this post helpful as you update your agenda.



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  1. Love your planner – I tried for many years to use paper/book planners – loved touching the pages and looking at the pretty designs they offer for all the pages. Unfortunately, it never worked well for me. I found having to “re-enter” stuff each year cumbersome. I finally settled on using Outlook on my computer because you can put reminders for important dates (birthdays, anniversaries, annual events, etc.) in once and they will show for all future years. I can also look back many years – no paper to store. I haven’t done this yet, but you can share your Outlook calendar/planner with all your devices so you are never without it. Updating one device can update all of them. But, I do miss the graphics and feeling the pages…

    • Thanks, Amma! I tried Google calendar a few years back but found I would forget to record appts. in it. I do love having a physical calendar here on my desk that I can reference. One of the most important parts for me is being able to see a full month at a glance and flip them through quickly. That’s one of the reasons I love these inserts. I imagine you can do that on Outlook, too.

  2. Oh, “Louie, Louie”…I can see how you fell for these…adore the creativity that’s USEFUL!! franki

  3. Hi, and a big thank you for this post! I have the exact planner you purchased. I’ve had it since 2014 and I do love it. Except for the calendar. I have tried to find inserts on Etsy and other places. Nothing has worked out, so I “make” my own calendar, which is tedious and sort of childish looking. I was dreading doing it again this year, and you just came to the rescue! So thank you again! I love your blog, as you share so many interesting subjects and ideas! Happy new year!

  4. I adore your planner! I’ve had several LV pieces over the years. My favorite is a continental wallet I purchased in 1992. It was big purchase for me at 30 and I think it was in the neighborhood of $200! Can you believe I have carried that wallet daily for 27 years and it still looks almost as good as the day I bought it. People sometimes judge LV as a trendy luxury brand, but the company’s history is fascinating.

    • Wow, that’s awesome, Mary! Just think of what your “cost per wear” would be for that piece. You definitely got your money’s worth and more! That just shows the quality, that you could carry it that long and it still looks great!
      Yeah, I agree…there’s definitely nothing “trendy” about LV, not with its rich history. I just ordered their book: Louis Vuitton City Bags: A Natural History, so I can read about the evolution of their iconic bags. I’d love to buy their trunk book at some time to read more about those.

  5. In the movie Charade, Audrey Hepburn returns home to an empty apartment. Getting out of the taxi she is handed her LV suitcases. She picks them up as though they don’t weigh anything. That scene forever stuck in my mind. I have never been able to do that. At a lovely B&B in Cornwall the host struggled to bring my luggage to the room. He looked at me and said “Never pack more than you can carry” Americans, he muttered to himself. I’ve never forgotten that either. Those old steamer trunks were really something. My father had one, but then he worked on steamers. Happy New Year Susan.

    • lol I bet they were completely empty in that movie. Too funny! Kem, now I have to track down that movie and watch it. I would love a Speedy 25, I believe that size bag was created for her when she found the Speedy 30 to large for her tiny frame.
      That story about the host at the B&B is hysterical. He would have a hernia, trying to carry one of my suitcases. lol Thank goodness for wheels!
      I’ve always wondered how they moved those massive trunks. The antique trunk I have in my guest room has tiny wheels on it, but still don’t know how they could roll that thing fully loaded down on those small wheels.
      Happy New Year, Kem!

  6. Is the daily planner purse size? I take my planner with me always. I have not found one for 2019 that will fit in my purses. All of them are to big.

    • This one would fit in some larger bags and definitely in a tote. LV makes two other size agendas that are smaller than the one I purchased. They are definitely purse size.
      I was tempted by the MM size, I think they are now calling that the “Medium Ring Agenda.” It definitely would fit in most handbags. But I really wanted a big “box” to write in and knew I’d keep mine on my desk, so that’s why I went with the GM or Large Ring Agenda.

  7. Sandra Boudreaux says

    Did you notice the Friday the 21st typo? It should be the 22nd. Other than that, it’s precious.

    • No, I didn’t notice. I’ll have to change that…good eye! I bet she could resend me that page, although I can just change it for that date.

    • I just emailed her and she responded quickly. She said you were the first person to see that, she had no idea. She’s sending me a new page and will correct it for future shipments. Thanks again, Sandra!

  8. I’ve had LV’s since the late ‘70’s. They really do wear like iron. I had a bucket bag I carried for work nearly daily for decades. I stupidly bought a Happy Planner in December and could kick myself. I also have a passport sized traveler’s notebook I do like so you made a wise choice with an LV planner. More practical in the long run. Enjoy.
    PS I bet you could buy a hole punch to make your own inserts.

    • Thanks, Ginger! I bought an inexpensive calendar/planner on Amazon for this year and had been using it. I liked it a lot, but I’m so smitten with LV right now, I couldn’t resist trying one of their agendas after seeing so many glowing reviews on YouTube. I bet you have some beautiful LV pieces! Wish I had started buying them a lot sooner! With the Happy Planner, do you buy a new planner every year? I’m not familiar with it. If so, you may want to check out the LV agendas toward the end of the year. Don’t wait too late though, my SA had some trouble locating one for me since I waited until right at Christmas. Actually, I think it was a few days after Christmas when I contacted her. My days have all run together with traveling and the holidays!

      • I’d rather have what you bought but probably in the MM size but might go for the one you bought. I will wait until I can see both in real life. I will look late summer and make my choice. This Happy Planner I have just seems gimmicky. You made a good decision.

  9. Donna zoltanski says

    Really attractive organization!!! Love the cute pages…seasonal and tiffany’s are my fav!

  10. Cyndi Raines says

    When I was working I consistently used the Franklin Daily Planner since our job purchased the yearly package for us. Using it was invaluable. I logged everything, personal and business and the beauty was they sold notebooks to keep the outgoing year in while your leather binder held the new year. Loved that all my addresses, birthdays and notes were all in one place. It went everywhere with me. I still have it and reference addresses from it. Now I have a regular calendar from the Veteran’s that I keep on my desk to log appointments and also carry a really cute Susan Branch 2 year calendar for my purse. Nothing as awesome as yours or even as practical as the Ben FranklinPlanner, but they still keep me on track. Your LV is beautiful and those inserts are very nice. Happy for you!

  11. You always come up with great organizational tips. I plan on buying those cute inserts for me and my best friend. I have also checked several sites for the Louis Vuitton large size agenda. Prices ranged around $750-$800. How do I know if a site other than LV is selling the real agenda and not a knockoff? Do you have any suggestions? My best friend would love one for her birthday this month. Her daughter has asked me to check with you first. Thank you.

    • I would not buy the agenda from anywhere other than Louis Vuitton, if you can. LV is probably the most knocked off brand in the world. You may find a pre-loved one on eBay or on some other site, but I before buying it, please do extensive research to make sure it’s not a fake. Sounds like the prices you’re seeing are about the same as buying right from Louis Vuitton, so I would stick with buying directly from them. You can call their main customer service number that’s on their website and they’ll let you know how many stores have them and will help you find one. I’ve had good experiences with their Customer Service folks. I think they had a bit of a rush on them for Christmas, but hopefully, they are getting restocked now.

  12. Jane Boyd Broce says

    Love your LV obsession….I have it also and have now enhanced my agenda thanks to you!

    • I got it bad, Jane! lol Let me know what you think about the inserts. I’ve ordered so many of her dashboards, I just love ’em. I bought some of the Christmas even though Christmas has passed. I was afraid she might not have the same ones available for next year. I’m really pleased with the quality of everything I’ve received.

  13. I just love posts where you introduce us (or maybe it’s just me) to specific items from luxury brands. I’d never heard the terms “agenda” or “dashboard” used in the context that they are here…off to do some Googling!

  14. Susan, I have ordered a lot of dashboards, calendar inserts, note pages, etc., from the Etsy site and just today found out that LV has told Etsy to stop all use of their clip art. I’m so glad I ordered the last of what I wanted from her and it went in yesterday’s mail. All those beautiful LV pages are gone! Let me know if you find any elsewhere. Color me sad!

    • Noooooo! 🙁 That’s awful! I’m glad I got some of the future holidays, like Christmas. I guess we’ll have to buy generic calendar inserts, but at least we’ll have the beautiful dashboards. I can’t believe that! If anything, I would think looking at my beautiful calendar every day would just make me want to buy more LV bags. I’m sure her beautiful inserts led to more LV agenda purchases. That was one of the main reasons I purchased the LV agenda was so I had an excuse to buy the dashboards, note pages, calendar inserts, etc… I’m so sorry to hear that. Thanks for letting me know, Martha.

    • Oh, and I definitely will not be buying my calendar inserts from Louis Vuitton!

      • Do they even sell any? I imagine Clever Planner will have the same calendar next year, just not on the LV paper. Like you, I’m SO glad I got most of the dashboards I wanted and a couple of the clips. I also imagine she will do the same nice note pages, but without the lovely LV art at the bottom of the pages. Gee. If we’re sick, imagine how the seller must feel tonight. Most of her pages are gone! I’m SO glad I got the cat dashboard you showed. I love how she personalizes with our name, too. I am enjoying those decals you shared. I’ve gotten more, of course!

        • LV sells inserts but they are ugly. Also, they are not laid out the way I like. I don’t think you can see a whole month at the time. I’ll just buy whatever inserts she offers for next year since I like her layout better.
          I hope you got the monthly dividers if you wanted those…they are one of my favorites that she offered.
          I love the little decals, too!

  15. Denise Moye says

    Do we have the details of the person who had the shop seeing as Etsy is not allowing these to be sold on there anymore?

    • Denise, when you visit her Etsy shop here:
      on the right side of the page you’ll see the words:

      Shop Owner

      Click on the word “Contact” and message her there. She makes custom orders sometimes so let her know what you would like and hopefully she can help.

  16. Hello.. can this be ordered? Did I miss that part? This is the most amazing planner I’ve seen thus far

    • Anna, the Etsy shop where I purchased my inserts can be found here:

      The Esty seller’s name is Mel and you’ll see her contact info at that link on the right side of the page. You can message her there to see if she has whatever you would like to order. I know she does custom work so she can probably make whatever you want. She does great work!

  17. Katie Duckworth says

    Hi please can I have a link or mels shops name for etsy for the louis vuitton inserts. I have been searching the Internet for ages and come across your page. Many thanks katie x

  18. None of these are available 🙁

    • Tanya, just click on the contact button for the seller and let her know what it is you want and I bet she can make it for you. Just send her a screen capture of what you’re looking for

  19. None of these are available 🙁

    • Click on the contact button at her Etsy page and let her know what you’re looking for, and she can probably make it for you.

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