A Beauty and the Beast Princess Birthday Tablescape

Welcome to the 339th Tablescape Thursday!

Recently, Elena put together a “Beauty and the Beast” princess birthday party for her daughter, Susanna. Elena said, “Even though she’s 27 years old, she will always be (to me) my beautiful Belle, my favorite Disney princess.” The table Elena put together would be great for any Beauty and the Beast fan, no matter the age.

Beauty and the Beast Princess Birthday Party 1


Elena placed a pretty pink rosette runner down the center of the table as a backdrop for her centerpiece.

Beauty and the Beast Princess Birthday Party 2


In this vignette, beautiful Belle is seen reading a book while Mrs. Potts and Chip are nearby.

Beauty and the Beast Princess Birthday Party 3


Elena decorated simple glass votives with David Tutera crystal ribbon found in Joann Fabrics. I had no idea they made crystal ribbon. That could come in handy for making elegant napkin rings!

Beauty and the Beast Princess Birthday Party 8

Belle twirls her gown with Cogsworth and Lumiere nearby.

Beauty and the Beast Princess Birthday Party 5

A sweet centerpiece for this Beauty and the Beast tablescape…

Beauty and the Beast Princess Birthday Party 6


Elena said, “In order to really go all-out with the Disney Beauty and the Beast theme, I ended up having to use paper and plastic party goods. I really don’t like using paper and plastic, but I think I was able to blend the place settings fairly well with some of the more ornate glass, porcelain and bejeweled decorations.”

This birthday table setting shows you don’t always have to use expensive china to create a beautiful table. Often we already have lovely collectibles or special pieces that can be used to create a wonderful centerpiece. I love Elena’s creativity in putting this table together!

Beauty and the Beast Princess Birthday Party 4


Elena decorated the room with pink tissue flowers and banners she made by hand.

Beauty and the Beast Party Banner


Beauty and the Beast Birthday Party Banner


Such a gorgeous cake! Elena surrounded the cake with more crystal ribbon and topped the cake with a beautiful Swarovsky crystal crown. Wow! So elegant!

I really like the idea of placing the writing on the side of the cake because it leaves plenty of room to decorate the top. Filing this idea away for the future!

Elena, thanks so much for sharing this wonderful table setting! This makes me want to throw a party and decorate right now!

Beauty and the Beast Princess Birthday Party 9


Various Beauty and the Beast Lenox Figurines—from Amazon.com and Ebay
Yellow tablecloth—Bed Bath and Beyond
Pink satin rosette table runner—Ebay
Acrylic “diamonds” scattered on the table—from David Tutera wedding supplies, Jo Ann Fabrics
Crystal rimmed votives—glass votives from Wal-Mart, decorated with crystal ribbon (David Tutera from Joann Fabrics)
Silver mercury glass pillar candle holders—from Michael’s and Jo Ann Fabrics,  hand-decorated with David Tutera crystal ribbon
Waterford Crystal pillar candle holders, some trimmed with David Tutera crystal ribbon
Waterford crystal Lismore cake pedestal (holding Belle and the Beast holding her hand while on bended knee)
Deluxe clear  plastic charger plates and “silver” plastic flatware—Party City
Paper Disney Beauty and the Beast  dinner plates—from the U.K. via Ebay
Acrylic hobnail stemware goblets—Home Goods
Silver  18” cake pedestal (from Ebay)  trimmed with David Tutera  crystal ribbon
Swarovsky crystal crown—Ebay
10” round Princess cake from “Mind Over Batter” bakery in Tempe, Arizona
Looking forward to all the beautiful table settings for this Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Elena made a magical Beauty and the Beast room. I think that banner has childhood pictures of her daughter on it. Love that idea, and I love the huge paper flowers too. What a gorgeous cake! I have never seen the crystal ribbon either, but I’ll be looking for it now. Elena and Susan, thank you for sharing this fun birthday dinner.

  2. Too Cute

  3. What fun for a grown up daughter! Love that runner~ thanks for the fun today Susan~

  4. I again started receiving post notifications by email after a long time of not receiving them. Yay!!

    • Yay! I wonder if maybe they were getting blocked by your email host and for some reason they started letting them through. Whatever it was, so glad they are arriving again. 🙂 Thanks for letting me know, Lauri.

  5. Oh Susan, what a great idea from your friend. So elegant and love all the decorations and that cake, wow. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Susan, thanks for sharing Elena’s darling table. I just know her daughter felt honored with this party. The garland with personal photos, the cute figures down the center of the table, and that amazing cake. What a special party!

  7. Wow! How elegant! That is fancy! I never do any table settings, but I love looking at them on here! I’m going to run up and get some of the crystal ribbon at JoAnn’s. Had never heard of it till I came here!!

  8. What a fun Birthday party! Such a creative idea for your daughters 27th Birthday! The table looks great and I am sure it was a hit!

  9. Very sweet event. The cake is very pretty, and love the crystal ribbon! Thank you for sharing and hosting!

  10. I love the idea of crystal ribbon! So many things you can do with it, just like this pretty table. I have a daughter with a birthday this weekend as well!

  11. From A Little Princess -All girls are(princesses)! Even if they live in tiny old attics, even if they dress in rags, even if they aren’t pretty, or smart, or young, they’re still princesses – all of us! Didn’t your father ever tell you that? Didn’t he?

  12. Susan, I am sure that the birthday girl (well, woman – ha!!) felt just like a princess, which we all deserve whatever our age. I love that cake stand and the beautiful tiara on the cake. I have seen the crystal ribbon used for different things, but I have never worked with it myself. This makes me want to rush out and purchase some!

  13. What a gorgeous and whimsical table! I would love it for my birthday too, lol.. Her DD must have felt like a young girl again with her mother putting up such a stage for her. I know my G’girls would have died seeing this table.
    The cake and the stand is stunning; everything is perfect, ready for Hollywood!
    Thank you for hosting and for sharing dear Susan.

  14. Thank you all of you for your very kind words!! I had so much fun decorating for my daughter’s birthday party. Thanks again to Susan for hosting these wonderful Tablescape Thursday parties. :0)

  15. Perfect for a Princess of any age!

  16. Elena’s table is just gorgeous!!! I didn’t know about crystal ribbon either but am now going to get some! Everything is amazing and that cake looks devine!

  17. That is so beautiful! My daughter is 16 now, but she’s always loved Belle. I showed her this post and she asked why I never made her such a fancy party! Your daughter did an awesome job.

  18. Elena and daughter will always have this special table to remember! The banner with photos is a great idea! Great job Elena! Thanks for hosting Susan.

  19. Susan, I hope my comment shows up 🙂 Somehow I ended up on the Silver Comet Trail while posting my comment!

  20. crumpety cottage says

    Very sweet! At first when I saw the title I thought this would be a table scape for a little girl. 🙂 When I read that Elena’s daughter is 27 I smiled thinking, What a lucky daughter! To have a momma who still wants to give her a beautiful birthday party and do something special for her is so wonderful. And I’m sure Susanna feels just as fortunate to have such a loving mother. It’s a very sweet theme. I didn’t know about the ‘bling’ ribbons either. That’s very interesting and will also be ‘filed away’ in my mind. And all the movie side kicks like Mrs. Potts and Chip, Lumiere and Cogsworth just really make the whole table. I love, love, love that pretty cake stand. Thanks for sharing, Elena. 😀

  21. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for sharing this. So sweet. As I was reading the post, I read that the hostess had used paper plates in order to remain true to her birthday theme.

    This tip is for anyone wanting to use paper plates to “jazz up” their table or remain faithful to a particular themed tablescape. Long ago I purchased dinner-sized clear glass plates to use OVER patterned paper plates….(this was before I had collected a myriad of dinner and salad plates, stem ware, flatware, etc.). The glass dish allows the theme to show through while still having the feel of a eating on a “regular” plate. It works so well for people who love to change up a tablescape, but don’t have the room or the means to collect a lot of different patterns.

    Hope some of your readers find this tip helpful.


    • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

      That’s a great tip, Trish! I love the idea. So simple and so logical. Thanks for sharing it. 🙂

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