A Canadian Thanksgiving Celebration with Harvest Pumpkin China

Welcome to the 524th Tablescape Thursday!

Brenda and Tom are newlyweds, they were just married in August. Together they live at Peaceful Valley Farm in Canada. What a beautiful place! It certainly lives up to its name!

Brenda said, “We are retired but we have a hobby farm with two horses, Lady and Foxy. We also have 6 black Angus cows, (Tour of Duty, Rosebud, Daisey, Feiria, Roscoe, and Arlene) over 60 laying hens, 10 beehives and three dogs named Porsche, Rolls and Bentley. We make our own preserves and maple syrup in the springtime. We recently added two sheep, Dolly and Candy.”



Brenda was kind enough to share photos with me of her Thanksgiving table for this year. Thanksgiving has been officially celebrated as an annual holiday in Canada since November 6, 1879. It is always celebrated on the second Monday in October. Similar to our American Thanksgiving, the Canadian Thanksgiving is all about spending time with family, feasting and being thankful for what one has and the bounty of the previous year.

Brenda said, “There are a few differences between Canadian Thanksgiving and an American Thanksgiving. Our Thanksgiving is focused mainly around the harvest time as our climates are cooler at this time of the year and our fall season. We give our thanks for a bountiful harvest.”

Brenda set a truly stunning table in celebration of Thanksgiving this year!

Canada, Thanksgiving Table


Brenda mixed two different china patterns to create this beautiful harvest table: Harvest Pumpkin and Harvest Pumpkin Wreath. Brenda said, “I decided to choose the salad plates as when you are serving something on them you still get the benefit of the pattern around the edges of the plate.” Such a stunning pattern!

Harvest Pumpkin Dinnerware for Thanksgiving Table


Brenda said, “The dishes are gorgeous and what I liked about them is they are focused a lot on a fall theme rather than Thanksgiving so they are more versatile to use throughout the fall season.”

Both Harvest Pumpkin and Harvest Pumpkin Wreath are still available and on sale here: Harvest Pumpkin.

I love the contrast of the beautiful dinnerware against the rustic charger plates. Brenda said, “The chargers were handcrafted from wood and we bought them in Orangeville Ontario Canada at a shop called Dragonfly Arts on Broadway. We love this flatware and it was a wedding present to ourselves recently. When we saw it we thought it would fit perfectly in our farm.”

Rustic Wood Chargers with Harvest Pumpkin China for Thanksgiving


Here’s a better view of the beautiful Harvest Pumpkin dinner plate. The colors in the pumpkins are so vivid and beautiful against the dark background.

Harvest Pumpkin Dinnerware on sale


Love the huge turkey Brenda used as her centerpiece! Brenda said, “The turkey I purchased at Home Sense which would be just like your Home Goods in the US. The glasses I purchased years ago and I do not remember where. The table runner was from Home Sense as well.

The stemware is a pattern called Anderson by Park designs, it was inspired by an 18th-century iron pot stand.”

Turkey Centerpiece for a Canadian Thanksgiving Tablescape


As a wedding gift, Tom gave Brenda this wonderful antique school desk. Brenda said, “Tom and I got married August 11, 2018.  Tom, as a wedding present, had this old school desk refinished we bought at an auction sale for me. You can see it has our initials on it. His thought was whenever we had to go back to school, we would have our vows put on it–until he heard how long my vows were. Now he is looking for a banquet table! lol”

What a sweet idea and such a sweet gift!

Antique School Desk


Resting on the desk in the photo above is a beautiful Harvest Pumpkin platter. I love this platter! It’s available on sale here: Harvest Platter.

Harvest Pumpkin Tray


Thanks so much to Brenda and Tom for sharing her wonderful Thanksgiving table! Looking forward to the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Marni Nixon says


  2. Thank you Susan, their table and accessories are gorgeous!

  3. This is a very pretty Thanksgiving/Autumn table!! I love the black pumpkin plates and the pumpkin napkin rings are just adorable. The large turkey centerpiece is just perfect. This really sets an autumn/Thanksgiving mood. Thank you for sharing your beautiful table, and thank you, Susan, for hosting another great Tablescape Thursday.

  4. I loved reading about their life in Canada. I got a kick out of the names they’ve chosen for the cows and dogs! Her table looks perfect for Thanksgiving. I have been trying to avoid buying those Harvest plates but seeing them used here is enticing me to consider them again!

  5. Thanks for sharing, Brenda–and Susan. Loved your table and those dishes are just so beautiful!

  6. Brenda, you are off to a great tablescaping start with such gorgeous dinnerware and all. I love how you used a rustic turkey (and he is adorable) amongst such a glamorous table setting. Please write again and tell us more about your farm; I would love to see all your animals with such fantastic names.

  7. Gorgeous table! The restaurants here celebrate Canadian AND American Thanksgiving as there are so many ex-pats from both countries living or snowbirding in this area. Double bonus for us. I, too loved the pet names for the animals, especially the dogs.

  8. Just delightful…ALL of it!!! franki

  9. Thanks so much for featuring this lovely table for Canadian Thanksgiving. Or for those of us who live here, just… Thanksgiving.

  10. Love that pattern. I saw another blogger use it very nicely too. Rich colors!

  11. My new grand daughter is from Canada. We celebrated this past Sunday. The pumpkin napkin rings are the thing, and I love the dog names. A lovely, lovely table.

  12. I’m not ready to think about Thanksgiving yet, but when I do, I’ll come back to this table for inspiration! Thanks for sharing it, and thanks for a party full of fall ideas.

  13. What a gorgeous table!! I have oohed and ahhed over those plates this year, but know I cannot buy one more fall plate. Everything about Brenda’s tablescape is perfection! The farm looks like a lovely place and I can tell the animals are loved by their adorable names. Happy Thanksgiving, all!

  14. I love that turkey, it’s adorable. The Fall china is very pretty too. I have a very Fall one too I’m so excited about, I’m now using it through Fall until C’mas.
    Thank you for hosting for us Susan.

  15. Cyndi Raines says

    Beautiful table! The first picture of the farm is awesome! Such beautiful green pastures! Love all the animal names. I wish we celebrated Thanksgiving at this time when we are harvesting, makes more sense, plus it wouldn’t be right on top of Christmas. Great job Brenda, thanks for sharing. Thanks Susan.

  16. Shirley Ore says

    Thank you Susan, Love the Canadian Thanksgiving…The China is gorgeous.Also love the turkey centerpiece. Love the animals having names…Beautiful table setting…

  17. Thank you for sharing that! The colors on the plates just pop against the black background! The table looks stunning! So does the landscape! I also thought it would be cool to see more of the farm. I love the dog names! That way you can tell everyone that you have a Porsche, a Rolls, and a Bentley!!! How fun! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  18. What link do I use for this piece:
    You’ll need to include a link in your post back to the party to link up and participate. That’s so visitors to your blog will be able to find the party and the other Tablescape Thursday participants. Requiring a link back also prevents businesses and scammers from linking up to sell their products. (Yup, that really happens, unfortunately.)

    Thanks for this! I just love your website.

    • Thanks, Kathy! If you would like to link up a table setting that you’ve posted on your blog to the Tablescape Thursday party, click on the title of the tablescape post at your blog and using the little blue InLinkz blue button at the end of the post, you can add your tablescape post to the party. Then edit your post to include a link back to the tablescape party here at BNOTP so those folks who visit your blog can find the party and the other participants. Hope that helps. Maybe I need to write a post explaining that process again sometimes for folks who haven’t joined in a party in the past. 🙂

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