A Canal Ride in Bruges, Belgium

Take a little ride with me through one of the many canals in Bruges, Belgium. Click on the photo below to ride, or click here: A Canal Ride in Bruges, Belgium.

Canal Ride Through Bruges


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  1. Oh, I loved the canal ride. Let’s go again!!! Thank you for allowing us to cruise along with you. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next!

    • Thanks, Kathi! I think I have some additional footage. I’ll upload it to YouTube once I’m back home. Bruge is such a fairytale village!

  2. That was wonderful Susan! Thank you for the ride on the canals in Belgium! I enjoyed the waltz music too! Looks like it’s a little cold and gloomy- but I’m sure the sights make up for it! I bet you are eating well too!

    • Thanks, Liz! It is blooming cold here. The director for the trip told us that they are having very unusually cold temps right now. On April 23rd, he said that the last time an April 23rd had been that cold was in 1991. Same thing happened when I went to Italy, unusually rainy weather. So, don’t ever travel with me, I’m a jinx when it comes to the weather! 😉

  3. Marlene Stephenson says

    That was a wonderful tour, i love the architecture and wonder the age of some of the buildings. Thanks Susan.

    • Most of the architecture dates back to the Medieval period. Our guide said that Bruges fell on hard times financially during that period and didn’t update/grow like some other cities did, so the architecture stayed the same. I absolutely love these little medieval towns with the cobblestone roads and gingerbread architecture.

    • Marlene, our guide also told us that much of the architecture is “gothic” style, so maybe that’s what the gingerbread style architecture is considered. I’ll have to do some more research because I love it and would love to learn more about it, too.

  4. Linda Page says

    Wow!! I love the buildings. The architecture is so wonderful. So much Old World charm. It looks overcast but dry. I hope you are enjoying every minute.

    • I know, the gingerbread style architecture of the medieval period is so wonderful! Such a treasure! It’s been very cold, even sleeting a few times and we have had lots of rain. But we are still enjoying it, despite our bad weather.

  5. Next best thing to being there. Thank you for the lovely ride!

    • Thanks, Toni! So glad you enjoyed it. The wifi on the ship is only available when everyone is eating, sleeping or on tours, so I have a hard time creating posts, or I would be posting more often. I’ll share more of these wonderful cities once I’m back home.

  6. Thanks for the canal tour, Susan! I’ve been enamored with the architecture of Bruges/Belgium ever since I had a friend who visited, about 40 years ago. He gave me a handkerchief trimmed in Bruges lace as a souvenir. I wonder what the history of the pyramid-like roof fronts is? So glad we saw many of those along the ride. Have a great time, and let us see more!

    • I so wish I had shopped for lace. I passed several shops that showed lace in the windows, just not enough time to go in them all. I’ve looked to see what that type of architecture was called because I don’t remember the guide saying. I’m going to look again once I’m back home with a faster internet connection. The architecture if medieval, it makes me think of gingerbread houses. I love it!

  7. Great idea to do a video–it was just gorgeous. Would love to also take a home/garden tour too. It looked so chilly, I needed a cup of tea:)

  8. Susan, what a beautiful ride. You did a great job with your GoPro! Enjoy! Pam @ Everyday Living

    • Thanks, Pam! I can’t remember if I used to the GoPro for that or my cell phone. I was switching a lot between both of those and my Nikon…have all three on the trip. My Samsung Galaxy 6 edge+ shoots amazing video, too…highly recommend that phone!

  9. Peggy Thal says

    Beautiful Belgium! Looks like you had a fun time and a great view of the city. Enjoy every minute.

  10. Wonderful footage, Susan. Love the music with the video. It does look cold, though!

  11. Charlotte says

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  12. Very enjoyable canal ride – thanks, Susan! Spring looks a long way off in Bruge!

    • The tulips are blooming, took photos of some today and the cherry trees are gorgeous! So, spring is doing its best to break through. 🙂

  13. That was sooo cool! Thank you for sharing that with us! When I’ve been to places like that, what always amazes me is how old everything is. What we think of as old here is nothing like what’s old there. The weather looks about the same as it is here in Chicago. It went from 80 & sunny to 50 & rainy overnight! Have fun!

    • That’s so true, Laura! That’s one of the things I love about travel, seeing these wonderful old buildings..truly amazing! Yeah, it was cold and wet a lot until toward the very end of the trip. The one thing that’s out of our control…the weather.

  14. Wow Susan, than you so much for the canal tour. Your blogging skills surpass most others.
    Looks kind of cold there, but I saw everyone had the appropriate attire and know you took your jackets too.
    Can’t wait to see all your photos.

    • Thanks, Dee…appreciate those kind words! It was cold, cold and wet…but the scenery and the trip made it worth it in the end. 🙂

  15. That video just made my day – it was a little slice of Heaven, and the music was perfect. Thanks for sharing your trip with us – I plan to watch that video anytime I need to just relax a little.

  16. Cindy Seago says

    I am so jealous:) Wish we were all there with you, I have always wanted to travel to Belgium. Safe travels and Send lots more video, so we can travel along with you…lol

  17. Wow! What a gifted videographer, photo artist and writer you are. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful trip.

    • It looks beautiful so glad u happened upon this deal, looks cold. Have a question for u about about using internet abroad, my daughter is going to Paris and I will need her to phone home or hear from her someway, what r ur tips? I bought her a rain coat and the boots and airplane neck thing u suggested I’m excited for her and a bit nervous all at the same time. Have a great vacation. Lena

  18. grammy goodwill says

    Thanks so much for sharing that video. When we were in Russia, there were 2 boys who raced our boat to each bridge. As we got there, they would be waiting to wave to us. Every. single. bridge. Then, when we got to the end, they were waiting for us (for tips). It was fun, in case that doesn’t come across in my comment. Did you have any kids like that?

  19. Cyndi Raines says

    Thanks Susan – nice ride and pretty music. I also was impressed with the “step roof line” and yes it reminded me of gingerbread houses! – ha. Stay warm!

  20. Wonderful, Susan. I’ve always wanted to visit Brudges. Thanks for taking us along.

  21. I enjoyed the ride! Such a lovely place!

  22. What fun! Your choice of music made the ride even nicer – thank you!

  23. What a lovely way to start my day. I remember my April trip to Europe also was chilly but did nothing to dampen our spirits. Too much “eye candy” took our minds off the cold! Looking forward to more videos. Thx. Linda

  24. What a lovely video. They way you took it made it feel like we were there. Thank you

  25. What a great video Susan .
    I just woke up this is a beautiful start for my day. I couldn’t stop thinking how different it is than where I live surrounded by fields of animals and vegetables. Keep the video s coming Be safe and have a great time. T.

  26. This was a great little ride! (I need to figure out how to do a video like that too… such a great tool) and Wow… what a gorgeous ride it was! Crazy with the buildings that were directly on the water… with their windows right there… good view out, but kind of creepy thinking about someone in the water having that close of access into their place too.

  27. I absolutely LOVED Bruges, but we didn’t do a canal ride for some reason, so I am glad to have finally had one, albeit via YouTube! Hope you bought lots of chocolates there!

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