Welcome to the 489 Metamorphosis Monday!

I made it! This was the view from my side of the plane as we were flying into Maui. You can see the shadow of the plane which I thought was kinda cool.

This evening I was reading more about Maui online. I find it fascinating how this island was formed! Wikipedia states:

Maui’s diverse landscapes are the result of a unique combination of geology, topography, and climate. Each volcanic cone in the chain of the Hawaiian Islands is built of dark, iron-rich/quartz-poor rocks, which poured out of thousands of vents as highly fluid lava over a period of millions of years. Several of the volcanoes were close enough to each other that lava flows on their flanks overlapped one another, merging into a single island. Maui is such a “volcanic doublet,” formed from two shield volcanoes that overlapped one another to form an isthmus between them.

Amazing! I can’t wait to learn more about Maui and the other Hawaiian Islands during my stay this week!

Mountains flying into Maui


Everything is nice and green, they’ve been getting a lot of rain here lately per the driver who picked me up at the airport. I was so tired from staying up to 3 AM the night before packing for this spur-of-the-moment trip (followed by two long flights–Georgia to California, California to Hawaii) I went straight to bed as soon as I grabbed a bite to eat in one of the restaurants here at the resort.

The food was amazing! I was starving so I ordered a “classic” burger, fries and a slice of their carrot cake. OMGosh was it amazing, all of it! The cake slice was so large, four people could have enjoyed it. I have plans to look for a maxi dress while here. If I keep eating like this, I will NEED a maxi dress! lol

I love how the right wing of the plane really looks like a bird’s wing from this angle. 🙂

Shadow of Plane, Flying into Maui


One last “shadow” picture flying into Maui. Gorgeous day, beautiful weather! I can see why Hawaii is thought of as a paradise. I looked at this week’s forecast and the temperature hardly varies, never getting too cold or too hot. My skin is loving the humidity, just like at home. I just feel better when I’m bathed in moist air…hard to describe.

Whenever I plan a trip, I always order one of the EyeWitness Travel Guides for the place I’m going. I didn’t have time to do that since this trip was so last minute, so I ordered a couple of books on Saturday evening and I’m having them delivered here where I’m staying.

I let the front desk know when I checked in. The books should arrive tomorrow. I’ve never done this before, so we’ll see if Amazon truly gets them here. lol These were the two guides I ordered: Hawaii and Maui.

I’m looking forward to sharing the island with you this week, as soon as I get a bit more sleep. I awoke very early this morning since my body is still on Georgia time. It’s 3:15 AM here, as I type this.

Shadow of Plane, Maui


It was getting dark when I arrived at the resort yesterday evening. I snapped a quick photo of my view from the long balcony that stretches across the living room and bedroom. You can see the ocean straight ahead. I tried to take a photo with my regular camera but when I zoomed in, the lens would not focus. Have no idea what’s causing that, hoping it’s a setting on the lens, otherwise it will greatly limit the photos I’ll be able to take while here. I’ll try to figure that out later today.

There are several large waterfalls directly below my room. I’m looking forward to sleeping to the sound of those this week. Can’t wait to share this lovely place with you! I wish you were here with me!


Kaanapali Beach Resort, Maui


Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Jane Franks says

    So glad you made it! I’ll be looking forward to your “travel diary” from Hawaii, and seeing things through your eyes!! You are a great promoter of wherever you travel!! Have fun! Jane xo

  2. Wow, Susan, what a gorgeous resort! I’d enjoy a week there even if I only went from the room to the pool and back! Rest up and enjoy your stay, and we’ll enjoy reading about it.

  3. So glad you went Susan! You will have a ball!

  4. What an exciting trip! I’m not sure ‘d be brave enough to go it alone. Can’t wait to see pictures of your adventures!

  5. That was my mom’s favorite island to visit. Long trip, totally worth it! Enjoy.

  6. Yay! You decided to go!! Can’t wait to hear all about your trip. Have fun and enjoy the wonderful sights you have ahead!

  7. Charlotte says

    I am so glad you are there! It is beautiful! Relax and have a wonderful time. I can’t wait to hear all about your trip!

  8. So glad you made it! It looks gorgeous.

  9. Linda S in NE says

    But we are there with you, aren’t we?

  10. Judy West says

    Glad you decided to take the trip. The plane shadow is so neat never thought about that. Have a great stay and keep us up on the fun.


  11. Julianne Lovelace says

    Get a muumuu not a maxidress.

  12. My heart just skipped a beat!!! You ARE THERE…didn’t the leis smell divine!!! Luv’d the photo of the plane…really something isn’t it…Atlanta…Hawaii!!! Naps are good…especially falling asleep to waterfall music!! Aloha! franki

  13. I love Maui! Since it’s close to California, it’s been our tropical get-away for years – I even got married there. The air is so fragrant and magical, the evenings and sunsets are beyond beautiful – plus there’s shopping! The Hawaiian culture and history is fascinating, the people are warm and friendly, and from now on you’ll feel nostalgic and long to be there whenever you hear ukuleles and Hawaiian music. Even if you’re not a swimmer, try snorkeling either around the Black Rock in Kaanapali or towards Waimea or take a catamaran. You won’t regret it!

    People claim it’s too touristy, but hey, I’m a tourist and want to experience it all when I’m there. Get away to the Up Country – totally different; do the bike ride down the hill, go to Hana for the scenery along the way, and if you have a car go the other direction from your hotel and explore that part of the island. SO looking forward to following along on your trip!

  14. Terri Santiago says

    Hi Susan
    Make sure to take time to get a smell of Hawaiian Plumeria.
    Oh I can smell it now !!!!!
    I say God made a beautiful quilt, when flying over land, all of the squares.
    Enjoy !!!!!

  15. Sandy Endle says

    So happy for you! You forgot to post about the smell. Plumeria and all the other flowers. It’s like walking into a perfumery. Have a wonderful time.

    • Susan, one of my trips to Maui was geared around their gardens. You can find them mentioned in guide books and in the island booklets around town. If you love gardens, this is a wonderful way to plan out your stay.

  16. Marty Oravetz says

    There is so much to see, be sure to go to the plantations, and take all the tours they have. You will love them all and of course a luau is a must.

  17. Maui is gorgeous, but so are all of our islands. Each one is a bit different and each has a very special feel. Don’t forget about the lavender farm!!!

    The ‘maxi dresses’ are called mu’umu’u (not mumu) with a short ‘stop’ between each u

  18. Maui is my happy place; we go every year since it’s so close for us and we’ll be there for 3 weeks in September. Have fun – you will be hooked.

  19. Aloha! Enjoy…Maui is gorgeous, but so are all of our islands…Each one is unique and has its own flavor.

    You need to visit the lavender farm

    The large dresses are called mu’umu’u (not mumu) with a slight stop between each u.

    Have fun!

  20. LINDA PAGE says

    So glad that you decided to go! I wish I could have gone with you but I have 3 commitments this week (including an annual doctor thing and that is always hard to reschedule) and there wasn’t any way. I hope you have a complete blast! Be sure to learn how to hula. It’s good exercise…so you don’t have to buy that Maxi dress!!!

  21. One of my favorite places! Hawaii captured me when I was 13 years old and I’ve loved going back whenever I can! Blue Hawaiian helicopter tours are a great way to see the island and Mamas Fish house is a great restaurant for lunch with a beautiful view! Enjoy your visit!

  22. I am very happy you decided to “take the plunge” and make this trip happen! Keep us posted!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  23. Fantastic, Susan! What a great friend. I’m so glad you accepted his offer. You won’t regret it.

    It’s been years since I was in Hawaii, and I didn’t go to Maui when I visited. The Hawaiian people were the sweetest, most genuine people I had ever encountered. I hope the rush of tourism hasn’t spoiled their lovely, naturally pleasant temperaments. And I am so happy to see all the open land from your plane pictures!

    Love your time there. You’ll miss it when you leave.

  24. Wanda Bradey says

    I have been to Maui 3 times and the Big Island, once. Flew over to Ohau for the day…you might want to do that if you are interested in Pearl Harbor. Make sure you do the Road to Hana. It is so beautiful…and quite an experience! Eat at the food trucks on the island…great food!!!!!!!!!!!! Have fun! (Oh, don’t waste money on the pineapple train. You can see exactly what is there just riding along the road. )

  25. Kelli Morehead says

    Maui is incredibly lovely. Definitely do the sunrise tour at Haleakala (“House of the Sun”). You have to get up very early to catch the bus ride to the top of the crater, but when you see the sun come up over the cloud bank covering the top of the crater that turns everything golden, you will swear you are in Heaven. It is that beautiful. Enjoy your trip!

  26. Our son was stationed on Oahu for three years while in the Army, so we made many trips. We would ask him what the weather was going to be and he would just look at us and say, I don’t look at a weather forecast, the weather is always the same here every day. LOL. It is a beautiful place. Enjoy your stay

  27. Ann Butler says

    Have lots of fun! I myself am not a fan of Hawaii, great for maybe a visit but after living there, I have had my fill.

  28. 15 years ago my daughter and son in law spent their honeymoon in Hawaii. They live in Utah. Flew to CA then to Hawaii it was not a long flight for them.

  29. Have an amazing trip. Relax, absorb and feel it all.

  30. Maui is so beautiful. I know you’ll enjoy.

  31. Aloha Susan!
    Did you already get your Lei, the garland/wreath of flowers? I love them!
    Enjoy your vaca! I wish I was there, too! 🙂

  32. You put a smile on my face with the title of this post! 🙂 I’m so glad you made it. And I can’t wait to hear of your adventures there!

  33. I hope you have a wonderful time. You are so brave to do this. I wish I were more like you . I enjoy reading this.

  34. Michele (Finch Rest) says

    SO SO excited you decided to take this opportunity. Life is short. Savor every single minute of your time in Maui.

    Pics are awesome – can’t wait to see more. Hugs.

  35. Rachel Wolters says

    My daughter lives on Maui. Be sure and eat at “Cheeseburgers in Paradise” on Front Street and “Leoda’s” between the Lahaina side and the airport side. They have the BEST little pies and their sandwiches are so delish! Of course the “Road to Hanna” is beautiful and when you get nearly there, there are the “Sacred Seven Pools” that are so lovely. There is a black sand beach up at Hana and if you drive through Hana (don’t blink or you will miss it!) and watch closely, on the other side of it you will find a “driveway” on the left through the greenery and you will come upon a sweet little church with cemetery where Charles Lindberg is buried. It’s a lovely little place and his monument is interesting. There are several really lovely areas to see (parks and such), one has “rainbow” colored eucalyptus trees (beautiful!), another park with lots of peacocks. Up country has it’s own beauty and lovely little Hawaiian touristy towns. There is also at least one, I think more, places you can do zip lining and my daughter (47) loved it! Have a great time. The drivers there are crazy, but the people are so nice and you can have a truly wonderful time there. Enjoy! If you have any questions, just send me an email and I will try and answer them for you!

  36. Michelle Baker says

    Funny, but one of the best meals I can remember ever having was in the restaraunt of our Maui hotel. Maybe it was all the fresh fruit and vegetables used in the meal, the perfect weather in the open air restaurant, or the fact that I was there with my family – probably all of the above – but I will always remember that meal! 🙂 Enjoy your stay in paradise!

  37. So glad you decided to go! It is so incredibly beautiful there. My husband and I were married on the beach in Maui in 1992. We stayed in what The Grand Wailea Waldorf-Astoria. The resort in itself was amazing so many pieces of artwork and a huge mosaic pool, but there is so much to do in Maui…from Lahaina to Haleakala Crater. I have always wanted to go back and hope to someday until I will enjoy it again vicariously through you!

  38. Go to the lavender farm. You will enjoy it.

  39. Cyndi Raines says

    Awesome! Excited for you! I know you will love it, how could you not? Can’t wait to see your pictures. Wish I were there to experience that sunrise so many have mentioned and eating a meal at Mama’s Fish House, sound DELISH! Enjoy!

  40. Bobbi Duncan says

    Hi! Know you’ll a wonderful time. I’ve yet to go to Hawaii, but all my kids have been several times…in fact, our youngest and his wife are there NOW. Amazing sunsets, from photos I’ve seen! Enjoy every moment. Hugs!

  41. I love the Islands! Dont r/o snorkeling, Hawaiian Blue is real thing, and snorkeling is a lovely way to see the fish and ocean without being on a boat.

  42. kim lentz says

    I got married on the island of Kauai, but spent time in Maui – you should rent a jeep and take the road to Hana – beautiful ride! There was a Mexican restaurant, wish I could remember the name of it, that was so friendly. we spent lots of time on their outdoor deck drinking margueritas! Enjoy! I got a book from Fodors – the road less traveled I believe – told me all the place to go (that the tourists didn’t know about)

  43. I can’t wait to hear about your trip. Hawaii is on my bucket list. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

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