A Cozy, Woodland, Candlelight Dinner for Cold, Winter Nights

Welcome to the 487th Tablescape Thursday!

During the winter months, I love surrounding myself with plaid as much as possible, be it a plaid throw at night when I’m reading, a plaid scarf to keep me warm when I run errands or colorful, plaid plates for cozy dining.

Winter Woodland Table in Plaid


This winter table has a woodland-deer theme. I kept the centerpiece simple, using two cute deer I’ve had for several years and a lantern found in Marshalls a few years back. I think I found the deer in Cracker Barrel, if I’m remembering correctly. They always have the cutest decor items in their little store. The tablecloth is a wool throw found on eBay several years ago. It really cozies up my glass top breakfast table for winter.

Woodland Deer Themed Table for Winter


The adorable snow-covered gingerbread houses topping off our wine glasses were a find at Christmastime on sale. I noticed tonight that they are still on sale here: Gingerbread House. They are especially cute perched on the rim of a mug of hot chocolate or spiced cider, but I couldn’t resist using them in this cozy, winter-themed, woodland table setting. They bring to mind a cabin tucked deep in the forest, smoke billowing out its chimney while deer play in the woods nearby.

Woodland Deer Themed Table Setting with Deer Plates


The plates are from Pottery Barn quite a few years back. They are different from the plaid plates I normally use. I love my other plaid pattern so much, I just don’t use these as often as I once did. It was uncanny how closely they matched the wool throw…like they were made for each other! Wood chargers are still available here: Bark-Edged Chargers.

The red, plaid trimmed napkins were from Pier 1, I think…either that or HomeGoods. The sand-colored napkins underneath are still available here: Napkins.

The deer napkin rings were a sweet gift from my friend, Linda. They were perfect for this woodland/deer themed table. The twig flatware is from West Elm many years ago.

Deer Plates & Twig Flatware Paired with Plaid for a Winter Table Setting


This is the way to warm up on a cold winters night–with a little candlelight.

Dining by Candlelight, Winter Tablescape in Plaid


Gingerbread House Mug Topper for Hot Chocolate, Coffee or Cider


A closer view of the cute gingerbread house.

Gingerbread House Mug Topper for Winter


Update: This year they’ve come out with these cute gingerbread mug toppers. They can be found here: Gingerbread Mug Toppers.


Another view of the table by candlelight…

Cozy Plaids for Winter Dining, Winter Table Setting Ideas


I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but a part of me is going to miss winter…the part of me that loves woolly sweaters, warm fires, hot cider and cozy candlelight dinners. Each season has its own special gifts, just hoping winter doesn’t gift us with anymore snow this year! lol

Candlelight Table Setting for Winter Dining


A few pics this morning on this gorgeous sun-shiny day…

Plaid Throw for a Winter Table Setting


Winter Tablescape in Plaid


Looking forward to all the beautiful table settings for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Susan, your beautiful table is so me. I love nature and deer in particular. Paired with your plaid makes for a very cozy, inviting table.

  2. Thanks for hosting and for showing me that plaids and woodland aren’t just for Christmas.

  3. Susan, what a wonderful table! We must b on the same wave length this week, because your table would go perfectly with my Apres-Ski Lodge Buffet that I’ll link to below! Check it out. I love the deer and have featured them in several tables, outdoor decorations and fireplace mantle. Do you also use the deer in holiday decorations say on a mantle? Too pretty to leave in storage!

  4. Rebecca Dexter says

    One of the prettiest table settings I think you have done…of course, I am partial to anything with a deer on it and plaid. Being from WI we are used to a lot of snow but I am in Florida now for the winter and just missed 20 inches. Believe it or not, I was sorry I wasn’t there. Life goes on pretty much as usual until you get the big blizzard, like 20 inches…then and only then do the schools close etc. As long as you don’t have to go anywhere that day it is great fun and a fairyland to be sure.

    • Thanks so much, Rebecca! Wow, 20 inches…that is amazing! That’s how it was in Ohio, life goes on since all the roads are being plowed. I did notice one thing though, I didn’t see any school buses, but one day when I went out, I saw an SUV type car that had a sign on it that indicated it was a school transport vehicle. I forgot what the sign said, but that was the impression I got. I forgot to ask my son about it but I was wondering if they don’t run school buses when the roads are really snowy and instead use cars. Or maybe that was some type of private school transportation that parents can hire to transport their children home.

  5. So pretty, so cozy! I especially love the plaids and the wooden charger plates. The napkin rings and flatware are just perfect. Thanks so much for another great Tablescape Thursday.

    • Thanks so much, Elena! I just want everything that snuggling and warm around me right now and it’s spilling over into my tablescaping. 🙂

  6. I love this kind of stye. Up here it’s a perfect look but in typical fashion I have gone off in a different direction (trying to fight the winter blues) and went for bright colors! I do love the mix of the tartan plaids with the deer- it’s such a cozy look. Have a wonderful upcoming weekend! Thanks as always for hosting TT!

    • Ohh, love that idea too, Liz! I remember once running into daffodils in Home Depot in the middle of winter, and I bought 5-6 pots of them to put down the center of my dining room table. Sometimes we just have to make our own spring, don’t we! 🙂

  7. So warm and inviting! I feel the same way about winter…I like the cozy feeling of having the fire going with a stack of books and decorating magazines to browse, winter clothes, red cardinals at the feeders, etc. This Southern girl’s idea of winter. What is not to like about Cracker Barrel…Chicken ‘n dumplings, sweet tea, and great shopping! Picked up a gigantic carved Thanksgiving turkey for 75% off!

    • Really! That’s awesome! When did they have those, Roxanne? Sounds like an awesome deal!
      Cracker Barrel is my favorite place to stop on my long trips. They have the cleanest bathrooms and you can stretch your legs a bit while shopping. Makes you wonder why every restaurant doesn’t follow their model of adding a shop out front. So smart!

      • I got Mr. Turkey last January. I’ve noticed with Cracker Barrel you’d better buy it if you love it, because once it is gone it’s gone forever. Shopping and eating under one roof, what’s not to love!!

  8. Cyndi Raines says

    This looks like a typical winter in the north Susan, well done, since we still are only 1/2 way through winter up here. Love the deer and plaid. I still have my mantle decorated in faux greenery and winter berries with deer and real antlers tucked in for that warm, cozy feeling through February. I love the wooden chargers and I have one that I use under the table centerpiece. Hope to get more soon, after recouping due to furnace repairs. Stay warm in your nest♡.

    • I love the sound of your mantel, Cyndi…sounds so pretty! I never got around to decorating mine since I was gone so much during the holidays. Ugg, furnace repairs are no fun. I was watching the tale-end of a show on HGTV recently and I was shocked at how much A/C systems and furnaces cost now. I hope mine hang in their a while longer!

  9. Your winter table is cute, cozy and warm, Susan, but I am personally done with winter!! Hurry spring!

  10. Jill from Southern NH says

    This is a beautiful tablesetting, Susan. I too like evergreen and deer decor in January for a nice wintertime look that’s a bit more rustic than my Christmas decor. Speaking of plaid, have you heard of interior designer Scot Meacham Wood, whose motto is “Tartan is the New Black”? Fell in love with his work in a Traditional Home article, whose photos are online here http://www.traditionalhome.com/design/designers/holiday-decorating-tips-designer-scot-meacham-wood. He also has a colorful, well narrated blog, fb page and online store, and I like how he often gives the stories behind the plaids, royal crests, etc.

    • Oh, I love Scot Meacham Wood, have followed his blog for several years. I also follow him on Instagram where he occasionally post Instastories. I love his style! I haven’t seen that Traditional Home article so thanks so much for sharing that link! I will definitely check it out. He’s so talented and I love his passion for plaid.

  11. Susan, it makes me smile to hear that you are embracing winter a bit more than in the past. I find it totally invigorating and cozy. There is something to be said for snuggling on a cold winter night.

    • It may be the 50+ degree temps we’re having now talking. lol Ask me how I feel when the temps dive back down into the 30’s again. 😉

  12. Love this table: between your fuzzy throw, plaids and wooden accents it radiates warmth and a sense of “cozy”! Those darling gingerbread houses are quite a find. Thanks so much for hosting TT!!

  13. Hi Susan,
    Your setting is Warm, inviting, cozy, classy and beautiful tablescape.
    When will the hot toddies be served?! Count me in. 🙂

  14. Peggy W Nodine says

    Love the plaids and tartan, I am so glad Jill sent you the Traditional Home link, I saw that article too, he has such great taste and so much in plaids with great ideas for using it in our homes. I immediately thought of you Susan when I saw this article. Fun tablescape. Thanks for sharing with us.

  15. LUV’D the deer…I have them TOO, tee,hee and am a HUGE “Cracker Barrel” fan!! Those little “neck wreaths” are so darned cute!! I just bought white “marabou??” boa from Hobby Lobby that I’m going to make “neck wraps” for my deer. Yup, we’re plaid people!! 🙂 franki

  16. That tablescape was just beautiful. Thank you, Susan.

  17. Such a cozy table! It does look like you are dining in a log cabin with the snow falling outside. I saw the mug toppers and bought a cookie cutter that makes them. I made them with my Godchildren and they came out cute!

  18. You have a grand collection of plaids, and use them with such style. I’m with you on missing those same parts of winter, yet not enough to see over. Funny how about mid Sept, people talk about being tired of the heat, and can’t wait to wear warm socks and boots, and for the first fire and snowfall. Then about now, they are saying they can’t wait to chuck those socks and boots for sandals, can’t wait til it’s warm again etc. I guess that keeps us all looking forward in some ways.

  19. Sandy K Park says

    Oh so comfy, cozy warm. Only thing missing is a blazing fire. Just beautiful.

  20. Really beautiful.

  21. Great table, and I think deer decor is a great winter carryover. But, I’m over winter. It’s way too dirty outside. Every time we walk now, I have to wash shoes and dig out cinders and salt that get trapped in the treads. The only thing I’ve enjoyed is the downtime, but I’m all caught up on reading, and now into getting taxes completed. That’s the signal….spring, come soon!
    Thank you for hosting Tablescape Thursday, Susan. I always enjoy it, no matter the season!

  22. Ann E Friend Seigman says

    Oh, Susan, I love this Tablescape! It is so cozy and inviting. I especially love the Deer Plates! Where did you get them? Were they from Pottery Barn as well? I would love to have some for my cabin! Have a cozy and restful upcoming weekend, Ann

  23. Oh my, the sunshine coming in onto the table cloth bought out the rich green color, which then brought out the green in the dishes! Love the wood chargers and woodsy theme.

  24. Love the plates and those gingerbread houses are the cutest. Thinking about you recently while scouring GoodWill for Christmas decorations people have donated after the holiday and found some old type Christmas lights for my plants. The newer ones do not produce any heat. Walgreen’s has gift wrap marked down 90% and they have red plaid. And BTY they refilled the display with those metal VW’s. The Flower Power one put in a Christmas arrangement was a big hit.

  25. Really enjoy your blog so much!! It’s one of the most informative and helpful blogs I follow! One thing I noticed is that you don’t decorate in your formal dining room anymore; any reason? It is so beautifully appointed!

    • Thanks so much, Alyce! You mean set tablescapes in there? The main reason I don’t put very many tables for Tablescape Thursday in there is because it’s so hard to photograph. That room in on the front of the house which faces north, and it never gets any sunlight coming in the through the windows. I have two large lights that I take into that room when I photograph in there, and that helps a lot, but sometimes they show up in the mirror. lol I probably should post tables in there more often. Also, that room is pretty formal and my favorite tables to create are casual, less formal tables, so that’s why I tend to use my breakfast table during the winter and the porch table during the summer. Those spaces tend to have better lighting. I’ll see if I can come up with a Valentine’s table to put in there this year. ♥

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