Hall Tree Decision, A Missing Bag, A Delightful Book, My Fave Winter Lotion & A Scrumptious Scarf

Can you believe I’m just now storing away all my Christmas wreaths? I took the wreaths off the windows after I returned from Germany, but due to being sick and then going out of town for 8-9 days, I’m just now getting everything put away. And you know what, I feel zero guilt about it. lol Getting well and visiting family were all way more important than putting the wreaths back in storage and taking down the tree. So if you’re Christmas decor is still up, don’t sweat it! Life is too short to sweat the small stuff, right? 🙂


Hall Trees

It was really, really hard, but I finally made a decision on the hall tree I’d like to add to my laundry room. (If you missed that post, you’ll find it here: The Perfect Mudroom Hall Tree.) I decided to go with this one below (available HERE) because it’s narrow enough that it will perfectly fit the spot I have available in the laundry room, while still allowing the door to stay wide open to that room. If I ever renovate that space and the hall tree no longer works, I can always sell it or give it to my son/dil.

I know several folks suggested having one built-in and I love that idea. But the more I thought about it, I decided I would love to take it with me if/when I move one day. If I don’t do that, I’m sure the next owners would enjoy it.

I’m going to wait until a sale comes along, hate to pay full price when I have a feeling Home Depot will eventually put their hall trees on sale. If you see HD’s hall trees go on sale, please let me know. It would be just like me to miss it!

Hall Tree for Mud Room with Drawers and Cubbies


Bag Decision Was Made For Me

Thanks so much for your input on my spring “pink” bag quest in this post: Help Me Choose: 3 Beautiful Pink-Nude Bags for Spring and Suimmer. After reading your comments on that post, I ordered the one that was most recommended, the Prada Galleria bag in Cammeo Beige. Over the last two days whenever I checked their website, I noticed it was saying “in process” but wasn’t shipping out.

I called Neiman Marcus today and after checking into the order, a supervisor called me back to say they hadn’t been able to find the bag. It was supposed to ship out of another store, but they were unable to locate it. I noticed right after I ordered it, the site was saying, “Out of Stock.” The supervisor said something must have been wrong with it, and it was pulled from stock. After checking all their stores, they were unable to find another one.

I have to hand it to NM, their customer service is top notch. I never asked for anything in compensation for this problem, but the supervisor generously offered a nice discount on any future bag I purchase from them.

I was thinking of ordering the bag directly from Prada since it appears you can do that on their website, but the discount she offered is too nice to turn down. I think I’ll just keep an eye out for the Galleria bag on the NM website and hopefully they will get more in for spring.


Another Option for a Nude-Pink Spring Bag

A BNOTP reader shared in the comments about this adorable nude/pink/beige bag that’s available at Sundance. I loved how it looked on the website, so I drove over to Sundance today to see it in person.

It’s a great bag, but unfortunately, even though the description at the website seems to indicate that it can be carried as a shoulder bag, I was unable to get it to fit/stay on my shoulder. I was wearing my favorite fluffy Orvis sweater, so I’m sure that didn’t help, but even without the sweater on, I don’t think it would have fit onto my shoulder. The handles just aren’t long enough.

If you are looking for a beautiful bag for springtime, and don’t mind that it’s not a shoulder bag, you’ll find this one here: Nude/Beige/Pink Leather Bag. The color is really beautiful, it’s definitely a neutral. In the store I took it over to a window and noticed it changes color depending on the lighting. I love that about it, it’s really a pretty bag, just wish the handles were a tad longer.

Sundance Pink Bag


A Book for Those Who Love Fashion

Speaking of fashion, recently a YouTuber I follow recommended a book by an author I recognized from Instagram. Megan Hess creates the most beautiful fashion drawings and all her books are lovely! If you love designer fashion and have either visited Paris or would like to (like me) you will love this book. In the book, she shares some of the history of each of the places she features. I love that part! Her fashion drawings are beautiful, just as I knew they would be.

This beautiful book is my guilty pleasure when I snuggle into bed each evening on these cold winter nights. One of these days I’m going to visit Paris and check out all the great places she writes about in the book. If you love fashion, especially designer fashion…or just love Paris, you’ll find this book here: Paris Through a Fashion Eye.


Cutemol for Baby-Soft Skin

Recently I shared a post about some of the products I had planned to try to deal with preventing and healing split fingertips during the winter. Thanks sooo much for all your great suggestions, they were awesome! One of the products I had mentioned that I was going to order was this: Cutemol.

Well, it came and it’s pretty amazing! When I first  squeezed some out into my hand and starting rubbing it in, it reminded me a little of zinc oxide or whatever you call that white stuff that folks used to put on their nose when they were going to be out in the sun a lot.

It’s super thick and rich, so I rubbed it on for a minute or so, then used a tissue to gently blot off any excess that seemed to remain on my hands. I probably just need to use a bit less each time since it’s so rich.

I also used it on my feet and the results were amazing! The best way I can describe it is, the next day, my hands and feet felt like a baby’s skin! Literally! They felt as soft as my grandson’s soft, toddler-baby skin! I was so impressed, I ordered it in the 8 oz size and a second small tube to keep full time on my desk throughout the winter. A little goes a long way since it’s so rich. It’s available here: Cutemol.

If you only like lotion that completely evaporates into your skin quickly (which is all I have used in the past) you may not like Cutemol because it takes about 10-15 minutes to really sink in. You can definitely still feel it for a while right after you put it on, but it does eventually soak in and all you’re left with is the most amazing baby-soft skin! Also, it lasts a long time. Even after I wash dishes, I can still tell that it’s there. 


A Scarf Addition

Beginning last summer, you may remember I started adding a few scarves to my wardrobe. Recently, with the color pink on the brain, I purchased a pink cashmere scarf that was on sale at Nordstrom. It was by the brand, Halogen. I’ve never ordered anything by that brand and as soon as I saw it, I knew it would be going back. It just wasn’t the quality that I had expected.

Fortunately, another scarf I had ordered around the same time from The White Company, arrived, and it turned out to be just as beautiful in person as it had appeared online. I first discovered The White Company via a YouTuber I follow. She orders a lot of their bed linens and always speaks very highly of them. As their name implies, almost everything they carry is white or in a neutral color.

If you’re interested in adding a cashmere-wool scarf  to your wardrobe, I can definitely recommend this one. The scarf is a mix of merino wool and cashmere, and it’s divine! The pattern is a beautiful herringbone design and I love how the ends are tipped in white. So pretty!


The herringbone pattern is soft and subtle, it’s just a gorgeous scarf! If this scarf is any indication of the quality of their products, I will definitely be ordering from The White Company, again.

Soft Gray Herringbone Cashmere Scarf


You can really see how soft it is in these photos from their site. I have been wearing mine almost constantly since it arrived, even inside the house. It’s sooo soft and warm, I don’t want to take  it off!

It’s wide enough, it could probably be worn as a shawl. I absolutely love it and knew as soon as it arrived that I needed to share it with you. I caught it during a sale and I noticed today that it’s still on sale with free shipping. That’s great since it’s coming all the way from London.

If you need a scrumptious scarf for winter, you’ll find this one here: Herringbone Cashmere Wool Scarf.

Soft Gray Sweater, Cashmere and Wool


Do you realize we are almost through January? What?! Is that not amazing? If we can just make it through February, spring will be here before we know it! I love spring and summer, but I sure am going to miss all the cozy warm sweaters, scarves and flannel PJs of winter!

Stay warm, dear Friends!

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  1. Ann E Friend Seigman says

    Good morning Susan, I truly love the hall tree that you chose! It looks beautiful and so functional!

    The Prada bag that you chose would have been my choice. It will be so pretty to carry into the spring and summer, and so cute with a summer dress.

    Books are one of my passions and Paris Through a Fashion Eye looks very interesting. I have been to Paris on several occasions and I think that that book would be great to settle in with on one of those cold nights here in Ohio.

    Thank you for the suggestion of Cutemol. I struggle with cracked fingers in the winter as well. I will give Cutemol a try.

    I really like the cashmere scarf! I have a cashmere Burberry scarf that I bought in London and I love it! The scarf from The White Company would be a great neutral one.

    Please take it easy. I had that awful bronchitis around Christmas time and yesterday I woke up with a sore throat, aching and I think that it is coming back! Be sure and get enough rest and thank you for passing on your finds!

    • Ohh, I love Burberry scarves, they are amazing! I just purchased one for my son as a late Christmas gift. I had it monogrammed and it’s supposed to arrive today.
      Ann, I know exactly what you mean. I’ve noticed on the days that I don’t get a full 8 hours of sleep, it seems to be a bit worse, like it’s trying to come back. It’s amazing how long this stuff lasts! I really think that’s how our bodies continue to fight it off after the antibiotics are over…is by getting a lot of rest/sleep. When I was researching about bronchitis (after I found out I had it) one article said that it sometimes takes two rounds of antibiotics to fully get rid of it, so keep that in mind. I don’t think I need another round, but I do need to get a lot of sleep right now to keep fighting it off to make sure it doesn’t come back. Hope yours doesn’t come back!

  2. I’m going to try the Cutemol. I looked around and the Amazon price was the best. I am always willing to try something new for my hands as they are perpetually dry especially in the winter. I like the hall tree you chose- and the pullout drawers make the most sense vs. a lid to open. Regarding a sale price- sometimes I log in, then go ahead and put something in my cart but just leave. On occasion I’ve been offered a discount for something I was looking at. Just a thought.
    I hate to rush life but I am so glad January is nearly done so we can do the same with February! Winter is long and arduous here so I look forward to spring with great anticipation!

    • Hee, hee…I did that too, Liz! Hoping HD will notice and put them on sale. It’s interesting how companies (or their computer systems) notice when we have something languishing away in our carts. 🙂 I agree, Jan and Feb are not fave months, even though my birthday is in January. I can’t complain too much right now, though. We are experiencing a week of spring weather here with temps in the 50 and 60s each day. Even the birds are singing up a storm this week, they probably think spring is here!

  3. donna a zoltanski says

    Always a great feeling when all the Christmas decorations are packed away for another year and I get to freshen things up a bit. Love February and “hearts” too!

  4. Bunny Rogers says

    I too ordered the Cutemol and I’m very happy with the results. It’s not my cuticles which need attention as much as my elbows and feet. Every night I rub it in and by morning I can tell the difference. I bought the large jar to keep on my bedside table. So glad I found out about this product.

  5. I’ll be interested to see how you like your halltree. I’ve been doing some research and noticed one of the major complaints about these items is they are difficult to put together, even for two people. Instead of getting a hall tree, I am also considering just a storage bench with a separate shelf with hooks. When you think about it, it serves just about the same functionality as a hall tree, is less expensive generally speaking, and is more versatile/portable. Like you, our halltree will be in the laundry room so having something super pretty isn’t a priority, but functionality is. We have a few months before our house is ready so hopefully you can be our guinea pig before that ;).

    It’s been MANY years since I’ve been to Paris, but the memories are still vivid. One of the most intriguing cities imo, and you should definitely put it on your bucket list!

    • I know, the directions always say that, even with the IKEA bookshelves I’ve purchased in the past. I’m hardheaded and just do it anyway. lol Somehow I always find ways to work around the “needing two people” thing. Doreen, I did a bit of googling last night, was thinking how I’d love to hop on a plane, fly to Paris and just meet an experienced guide for a private tour of all the places folks most often want to see. Definitely want to look more into Paris…just have to find the right time/tour.

  6. Your hall tree choice is perfect! I have to try the Cutemol. My hands are very dry and itchy this time of year. I am constantly washing my hands and they dry out easily. Your posts are always informative and I love that you share the link to purchase the items you’re blogging about! Happy Wednesday!

  7. Jeanne Bishop says

    Love seeing your recommendations. They are appreciated.

  8. morning…after reading your post about the hall trees…I looked on the home depot web site….and then hours later it came back on my feed that it was on sale….worth looking into….love the scarf…have a good day…..

  9. Linda Nelson says

    Yes, that is certainly a gorgeous bag; I love the style. I agree with you about wishing the handles were a tad longer. I’m sure many women would agree, too! Have fun with your NM credit.

  10. Well-timed tip on the Cutemol; I will look into that today!

  11. I love the hall tree you chose, it looks super sturdy too. I need a new spring bag and I am loving the pink/beige color, really pretty. I used to always get brown or black bags then a straw one for summer, but now I am really loving a pop of color too. Time to go shopping!

  12. Good choice, Susan, love that hall tree you opted for!
    Its shutter doors will go perfectly with your window shutter! I hope for you HD is gonna put those on sale, soon. Now, all you need is a giant wooden bobbin… 😉 Susan, don’t worry, I am worse than you… 🙂 I started with some Valentines’ day decorations, not too much yet, I just hung a few hearts made out of paper (white and brown, not red) in vases on the window sills beside the front door, but forgot the giant (and red!) Christmas wreath on my door! And I didn’t realize that for days… although I knew there’s something kinda weird when entering or leaving the house… Luckily, my neighbors are too busy to notice that! (Or they are just too polite to say…) lol
    ~Hugs to you~

  13. Is the Prada bag cameo beige or in your last update you said cameo pink?

  14. Oh, wow, you have a “Sundance” store close to you??!! That would be a downfall for me…just sayin. I’m in a “scarf fetish.” too…LUV the one you just got!! franki

  15. Cyndi Raines says

    So glad we are wrapping up January. I need to work on tax stuff today. Happy belated /or almost birthday Susan! (I forgot the actual date.) Time to get out a few hearts to go with my Snowbabies winter theme. That scarf looks wonderful and cozy. Continue to hibernate a little longer to get your full strength back. Good excuse to laze in bed for reading and day-dreaming!

  16. Chloe Garden says

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for the tip for Cutemol. I’m always looking for a winter moisturizer for my hands and feet that works.

    I’m glad you are recovering from your bout of sickness. I thought of you often and wished you well as you were making your way home and getting medical treatment state-side.

    As for taking down Christmas decorations, the ones inside came down and were stored away January 20 as our out-of-state visit with my parents was extended to a whole month. It felt otherworldly to arrive home in the middle of January to a house decorated for Christmas. Luckily, our only outside decoration was the front door wreath, which I had the neighbor remove for me on New Year’s Day so our house wouldn’t look neglected.

  17. Going to order the Cutemol and may order the scarf. Thanks for good tips. Love this bag you showed today. Still putting away decorations too and feel no guilt!

  18. If you are still looking for a pink handbag, you might take a look at Dillard’s selection of Michael Kors handbags. They seem to have a larger number of soft pink ones.

  19. Marlene Stephenson says

    Too bad about the bag, like the hall tree you picked out, and will be trying that Cutemol, my hands are really dry this winter. Have a great evening.

  20. My wreath and garlands are still up on the front porch and they’ll probably stay up a lot longer lol. I usually just take the red bow off at the end of Jan and call it a winter wreath till March. Do whatever makes you happy.

  21. Selma Kessler says

    Have you looked at the Kate Spade bags? There is a lovely soft blush (warm vellum) available in some of her styles right now. Some of them have convertible flaps and straps to completely change the look! Ideal for travel, too!

    • I was eyeing a few of those recently. I should probably visit the Kate Spade store in Atlanta and hopefully see them in person. I’ve never had a Kate Spade bag but they look beautiful! Thanks, Selma for the suggestion!

  22. Sheila in Garden City SC says

    Susan, many thanks for the numerous “best ideas” and great taste and style that you share. You are such a “go to” for me, and I’ve ordered many things that you had researched! I hope you’re recovered from being so sick recently. Time and rest!

  23. Bobbi Duncan says

    Love your new hall tree–extra storage contained in a pretty piece always works for me. The Megan Hess books look so fun and are illustrated beautifully–just ordered mine. Thanks for all the “shares”. Hugs!

    • Thanks, Bobbi! That book is pure eye-candy…hope you like it. I love looking through it right before bed and dreaming of seeing Paris in person one day.

  24. Thanks for the CUTEMOL suggestion…ever since chemo my nails have been the worst. Always split and I used to have long perfect nails. So sad

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