A Double Rainbow Seen While Sailing With The Scotts

I’m back from the “Sailing with the Scotts” cruise and have some fun pics to share. I spent yesterday sorting and going through many of them…and doing this. Yep, it’s that time again, time to bring out the wreaths. I’m going to spend the afternoon hanging them and can’t wait to see them up. (See how I hang them in this post: How to Hang Wreaths on Exterior Windows )

Wreaths Ready to Hang on Exterior Windows


Looking at that photo above, it’s funny how paint in photos can be so deceiving. The upstairs hall is painted a very light yellow called Tea Bisquit, the same color seen here in the upstairs family room.

Upstairs Family, Bonus Room


While I’m hanging wreaths today and going through the rest of the pictures from the Sailing with the Scotts cruise…and planning for Thanksgiving…and cleaning the house, (Whew!) I thought I’d share a quick video I uploaded to YouTube last night.

View of Miami from Cruise Ship, Sailing With The Scotts


While on the cruise, one day I managed to sneak away from all the crowds and found a semi-quite spot where I could sit and enjoy the sun and the waves while I sipped on a fruity drink.

Fruity Drink Served in Coconut Shell


I managed to bring two of these cute carved monkey coconut drink holders back home in the large suitcase I had checked. They are actually made from real coconuts, carved out to hold a glass inside. I was worried they wouldn’t make it through security. Can you imagine how those must have looked going through one of the x-ray/scanning machines–a big, round, ball-shaped object with a skinny cylinder inside. Yikes!

Amazingly, they were still inside my suitcase when I got home. I thought they would be so much fun in a tablescape next summer or to use when I have a friend over and we have drinks out on the porch. 🙂

Party Drink in a Coconut Shell


While I was sitting there, relaxing with my fruity drink and thinking how tiny our ship was in this vast, vast ocean, I suddenly realized a rainbow had formed.

Beautiful Rainbow


Normally it’s hard to see both ends of a rainbow when on land since trees and buildings get in the way. But out here in the middle of the ocean, I could actually see both ends coming down into the ocean. Wow!

Single Rainbow Became a Double Rainbow


Then I realized a second rainbow was starting to form!

A Rainbow


Do you see it?

Second Rainbow is forming


Do you remember Double Rainbow Guy and his video that went viral on You Tube with 42 million views! I guess double rainbows aren’t quite as rare as he thought. 🙂 I wonder how rare they really are…good trivia question!

Two Rainbows seen out on the ocean on the way to Key West


I made a very short video of it for you, trying to capture the full rainbow. You’ll find it here:  Double Rainbow

Have you ever seen a double rainbow? This was my first time seeing one and it was pretty awesome! Have a great weekend…see you tomorrow for Metamorphosis Monday!

second rainbow_wm

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  1. Welcome back to shore. I have seen a double rainbow once, both ends, and right outside my window. How fortunate that you now have your wreath-hanging down to a science. I’m doing candles in the windows today, myself.

  2. I have seen several over the years. A couple of years ago. We were celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary. The day we renewed our vows we had a double rainbow and another one after our party. It made both events very special. My father use to fly and we would see the rainbows from above. Can’t recall if I ever saw a double rainbow from above.

  3. Of course, “twin” rainbows while sailing with Jonathan and Drew (twins!!) I’ve got a “thing” for rainbows that’s why I have crystals ALL over…they case rainbows all day long. We’ve been “in” a rainbow’s end…completely surrounded by color (miracles DO happen!) When we had our plane we would see entire rainbow circles from the cockpit. Twin rainbows in Hawaii…luv me some rainbows!! Had to lol…I brought back a coconut drink holder too…honestly, it travels with us…we call it the “Happy Monkey!” You are so much fun!! franki

  4. Hi, I have been searching for a yellow wall covering. Can you please tell me who makes Tea Biscuit? I am hoping to cheer up my hallway that has NO windows. Many thanks.

  5. We’ve been to Maui a couple of times and they have so many rainbows, single double and triple! On any given day it you will experience a short shower followed by Sunshine and POW! Rainbows everywhere! One day we saw 8 sets of rainbows!

  6. I never ever get sick of watching that hilarious – intense- video of Yosemitebear’s FREAKING OUT on the double rainbows. Whew, what a reaction. Hope you didn’t do that on the ship, haha.

    Be safe hanging you twenty million wreaths! I cannot believe how fast this year is flying – jeepers, time for Christmas decor already, yikes. Didn’t we just put away our spring stuff?


  7. When we lived in SW Florida we would see them all the time. Very common.

  8. Ooh looks and sounds like you had a good time! The coconut drink holder is too cute- great memory piece! I bet it will feel good to get the wreaths up. Such a pretty look for your home. Double rainbows- one or two they always make me smile!

  9. I’ve seen three double rainbows in the past 12 months, so not so rare, but still so beautiful!

  10. Beautiful photos (as usual). I have seen double rainbows but they are still breathtaking no matter how often I see them. I thought living near the ocean might be why I see them, but I’m not sure. Your upstairs family room is so lovely- my dream living room really. But with a young and very drooly dog I don’t know if I dare go that light. Love your posts!

  11. Welcome home! I hope we hear more about your cruise. Love the double rainbow. That is wonderful that you got to see one for real.

  12. Iris McCloud says

    Susan, Everyone will be looking forward to your cruise posting. I have cruised a number of times and I never have had a problem adjusting to the motion on the ship. The older smaller ships had a lot more movement that could be felt on board. Every time I get off the boat I am literally lurching like a “drunken sailor”. I actually took dramamine at home after a two week cruise. I had seasickness on land which seems strange. Sounds like you have jumped back into a whirlwind of activity. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Iris

  13. Beautiful picture of the double rainbow. Did you know the Bible says a rainbow is the sign of the promise God made to Noah that he would never again destroy the earth by flood? Genesis 9:13 Vikki in VA

  14. We see lots of rainbows in Iowa. Some bright, some somber, many times doubles…never a triple. My favorite rainbow? In southern Wyoming up high in a mountain range on a sunny rainy evening. The colors were so intense, definite separation no blending of colors. It was so close that I really felt as if we were a mere 10 feet higher we could have reached out and touched it! Mesmerizingly beautific!

  15. I wonder if being on a ship in the ocean and seeing a double rainbow is extra special good luck!? I bet it is!!

  16. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    Glad to see you back and that you had a good time.

    This has nothing to do with this post, but did you notice this the other day?

  17. We see double rainbows here in PA quite a lot Susan! I didn’t realize they were so rare and didn’t believe it was the first time you saw one! lol I live very close to Gettysburg and like I said, always see double rainbows out my front door, love them so much. Looks like your cruise was so fun, I’m in love with that cute drink made from the coconut! Can’t wait to see it in a tablescape! Happy Thanksgiving!! Hugs, Brenda

  18. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Glad you’re back safe and sound and looking forward to more on your cruise.

    I also wanted to mention a place not far from Atlanta and featured on Sunday Morning. It’s a development called Serenbe and it is a neighborhood / community centered around a farm. The people who live there can get their organic produce basically right outside their door! Just saw it today and thought I’d mention it to you in case you haven’t heard about it. It sounds like exactly the sort of place you might like to visit on one of your excursions. 😀 Check out the website if you have a chance. I think it looks really neat.

  19. We see them frequently. We live between the Mississippi and Missouri rivers.

  20. Hi Susan, we actually saw a triple rainbow up here in Minnesota last Spring. We stood with our mouths hanging open, on a sidewalk in our neighborhood, and people came across the street to see what we were so agog about! The colors were so intense too, and the rainbows had very sharp lines…never saw anything like that before! It is a special memory with neighbors.

  21. The first rainbow looks like you can touch it. Did you see a pot of gold floating nearby? Welcome Back!!

  22. I was in a helicopter on vacation flying over the Waimea Canyon on the island of Kauai. It was raining and several rainbows had formed. That in itself was amazing to see. However it got more amazing when we saw that they were complete circles!! I’ve never seen that before, or since. The excitement didn’t end there……we flew thru the middle of one of the rainbows. It’s one of my best memories of my life. We’ve also been on that ship you and The Property Brothers were on. The older ships do have interesting decor, but newer ships look much better. Enjoyed reading about your trip, Property Brothers is a favorite show.

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