My Fave Yellow Paint Colors: Duron Sugar Cookie and Duron Tea Biscuit

One of my fave paint colors I go to time and time again is an old, old Duron color called Sugar Cookie.  There’s a little story how I first discovered this color.

Many, many years ago, through a job I had at the time, I met a delightful lady who was the wife of a professional coach for a local university.  I can’t remember now if he was a footfall or basketball coach.  Anyway, when I visited their home, I immediately fell in love with the yellow paint color she had used throughout her home.  It was, Duron-Sugar Cookie and it was definitely “love at first sight.”

She absolutely loved it too and excitedly told me it was the perfect paint color because it goes with everything.  She went on to say that due to her husband’s career, they frequently moved and she had found over the years that Duron Sugar Cookie worked in every home they moved to and with almost any decorating/color scheme she used in a room.

To emphasize that point, she gave me a little tour of her home and she was right!  It was perfect in every room, no matter the fabrics or color scheme. It looked great with reds, blues, greens…all the different fabrics she had used throughout her home.

She also pointed out that it looked great with new furniture or with the warm patina of antiques. She had a lot of beautiful antiques and they were stunning against the soft, buttery color of Sugar Cookie.

I was sold and made a beeline straight for the paint store that day. Sugar Cookie has gradually spread throughout my home over the years.

I’ve use it in my home office. You may remember my “Paint Panic Attack” I posted about HERE

Pottery Barn Office with Bedford Furniture and Buffalo Check Curtains

Decorating Office Walls

It’s in My Entry…

Entry with Shell Niche and Grandfather Clock

My bedroom

Tartan Plaid Bedding For Winter


And my kitchen/breakfast room. (St. Patrick’s Day tablescape can be viewed here: St. Patrick Day Table Setting)

St. Patrick's Day Table Setting Tablescape


Since Duron is no longer around, I was VERY happy to discover my local Home Depot has an old Duron fan deck they can match to when needed.  The only bad thing is, every so often Big Orange changes their paint formulas in their computer.  Apparently, the companies change their base paint so the paint formulas have to change, too.

I usually have some paint left over in a can so I take it with me for a match when I need another gallon, but I know that doesn’t help those of you who occasionally e-mail or leave comments asking for the name of the paint in my office, bedroom, etc…

A few days ago I stopped by the HD paint counter and asked if they would match to the fan deck again and give me a sticker with the formula so I could share it with you. They did and here’s the current formula for 1 gallon of Sugar Cookie (eggshell) in their Behr Premium paint.

Duron, Sugar Cookie Paint Formula, 07-20-13


Update: January 2014
My son and his wife recently purchased a home and they used Sugar Cookie in several rooms. He offered to e-mail the formula Home Depot gave him for the 5-gallon size, so here it is in case you need more than just a gallon.

Duron Sugar Cookie, 5 Gallon Size


The other paint color I’ve used in my home that I’m often asked about is another old, old Duron color called Tea Biscuit.  It’s the color you see here in my upstairs family room, also sometimes called a Bonus Room or FROG depending on what area of the country you live in. I just learned that word, FROG (thanks Vikki and Mary!) so I had to work it into the post. πŸ˜‰   Apparently, FROG stands for “Finished Room Over the Garage.” I like that better than Bonus Room, so I’m officially dubbing this the FROG from here out.

Create Upstairs Family Room from Bonus Room


Tea Biscuit is a little lighter yellow than Sugar Cookie. Sugar Cookie is a bit more buttery and Tea Biscuit is a little more subtle. I love both colors but went with Tea Biscuit for this room (instead of Sugar Cookie) since I wanted to use a lot of antique pine in here. I felt like the lighter tone/color of Tea Biscuit would provide a bit more contrast and work better with the color of the antique pine furniture.

Bonus Upstairs Family Room


As with all paints, Tea Biscuit can appear even lighter when the sun is pouring in.

Create Upstairs Family Room from Bonus Room


Several folks have asked for the formula for Tea Biscuit. I posted it a while back but just like Sugar Cookie, the formula changed. Here’s the current formula (see below) as of 07-18-13 for 1 gallon of Tea Biscuit (eggshell) mixed in Behr Premium paint.

Duron, Tea Biscuit Paint Formula, 07-20-13


A Little Disclaimer: 

I haven’t had paint mixed up using either of the formulas posted here in this post. These are just the formulas the nice HD employee printed out for me on 07-18-13 after color matching to the old Duron fan deck they keep under the counter. He printed both formulas out at the same time and handed them to me. I asked which was Sugar Cookie and which was Tea Biscuit.  He told me and I jotted it down on the back of each label.

So, all this is to say, please don’t fuss at me if these formulas do not produce the results you wish.  I’m just the messenger. πŸ™‚  Hopefully their color matching system did its job correctly and hopefully the formulas didn’t get mislabeled.  I did my best to get them for you so hopefully these will work.

You should see the look on the faces of the paint guys when you walk up and tell them they have an old Duron paint fan deck under the desk and you would like the current formulas for Sugar Cookie and Tea Biscuit. They look at you a little strangely because most of them don’t know the fan deck is there and they don’t really understand why I want the formulas but don’t want any paint mixed up. See what I do for you!  I love you guys that much! πŸ™‚
Guest Room is Different…It’s a Custom Match
The yellow paint color I used in the guest room isn’t Sugar Cookie or Tea Biscuit. It was a color the paint store mixed to match the yellow in the floral Sanderson fabric used for the curtains, the pillows and the table topper thingy.  It’s a brighter yellow than either Sugar Cookie or Tea Biscuit.

Hardwood Flooring for the Guest Room


While we’re discussing paint colors, I’ll go ahead and include the paint color/name for the dining room so I can link to this post for future questions/reference. The red I used in the dining room is Benjamin Moore, Raspberry Truffle.  It’s not too bright and not too dark. You can see Raspberry Truffle online HERE although it looks really different online than it does in person. I like the description they have of it at that link.

I first came across this color while on an historic home tour in Marietta, Georgia. It was in a small den and the room felt absolutely wonderful. If I had a small den I would use it there. Since my den/family room is paneled with judges paneling and I really wanted this color somewhere in my home, I decided to use it in the dining room. I still love it after all these years. Maybe one day I’ll get a wild hair and change it, but it’s nice and cozy for fall and winter dining which is when this room is normally used. During the spring and summer, dinner parties are usually on the porch.

Fall Table Setting with Spode Woodland China and Natural Centerpiece


Another color I get asked about a lot is my front door.

Fall Porch Decorating Ideas


It a Benjamin Moore color called, Heritage Red and it’s only available in their Aura line of paint. Not all BM stores carry the Aura line, so it’s a good idea to call around to the locations in your area to see who stocks it to avoid driving to a store that doesn’t carry it. It’s a bit pricey but you only need a quart for most doors, so that helps.

Snowflake Wreath for Red Door for Christmas


Hope this post helps with all those paint question you may have had.

Have an awesome weekend!  See you on Monday for Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Love your decorating so much! And hope to talk my Einstein into a chandler in the master bedroom —
    Thanks again from Texas!

    • Thanks, Jennifer! I found that one if an antique store and the price was right so I couldn’t resist. I had originally been looking for one that was antique brass and crystal, not all crystal, to go with the other brass pieces in the room. But the price was so awesome, I couldn’t pass it up. That room is only about half finished…one day I’ll buy some chairs to go on either side of the table in there. πŸ™‚

  2. Sandi Lee says

    You are such a good woman to go to all this trouble for us and best of all you do it with such a good sense of humor!

  3. Diane Williams says

    Hi, Susan, just wanted to thank you for the information on your two paint colors. I’ve admired the Sugar Cookie for sometime, but was too embarrassed to ask you. I think Mary Carol Garrity has something close to this color. You really are very thoughtful, and I look forward to each of your posts. Blessings to you, Diane

  4. Susan, thanks for the formulas. We only have one room in yellow, but I’m filing this away for future reference. Love these colors!

  5. Susan, I love your paint colors! They are very similar to the color we have used in every home of ours over 39 years….BM Oriental Silk. It used to be a stocked color but now you have to ask for it to be mixed up. It’s a light yellowish cream color that isn’t as cold as white and everything goes with it. Right now we have it in our kitchen and family room and all the bedrooms on our second floor. Love your home it is so beautifully.

  6. Great post. I really like both of these colors. Yes, I take an old deck with me and they always look at me like I have three heads. Hugs, Marty

    • Marty, wish I could get my hands on an actual fan deck with the color. The Sugar Cookie chip they color match from is starting to look a bit beat up. I bet Duron (and other paint companies) could make some money if they would produce their old fan decks and make them available to us to purchase for color matching.

  7. Thanks so much Susan. When I painted my kitchen I wanted it Sugar Cookie and they thought I was crazy. So i got mad and went to Lowes and we finally got it close.
    I have them in my notebook now.
    Have a super weekend.

  8. Thank you for sharing the formulas. Your office has always been my fave. Working on getting my office to feel as comfortable as yours looks!

  9. I agree that the light buttery yellows go with most anything. I, too have used it in the past and I’m going to use it in our home here in Texas. I love the yellow with white trim. It just looks so clean and fresh.

  10. I love this story and would’ve loved to see the faces on the paint guys, haha!

  11. Susan,
    Duron was bought out by Sherwin Williams and I bet if you took the old Duron paint fan over to SW, they would be able to match your colors. I found something in the BM fan deck, and SW was able to match it perfectly. We are hiring a professional painter/handyman and he helped me chose a color for our sunroom that would pull certain colors from our living room and I went to SW and asked if they could make me a sample of the one he thought would go best and I also got a sample of the next color on fan deck. I painted each of the colors on poster board and after they dried, use painter’s blue tape to take them to the wall and DH and I like the color he chose better than the one next to it. They are so similar in color but Key Largo Green is a shade lighter. I will use the Eucalyptus for another project. It won’t go to waste.
    The SW paint store is closer to him then less than 2 miles from his home. I’m betting SW paint cost less then BM too. We’ve used both many times before and were very satisfied.

    • Betty, I did that when I painted the office since I knew they bought them out, but unfortunately the color they mixed was awful! It was brownish/goldish looking and not at all like sugar cookie. I still have the whole gallon sitting in my basement, I think. I guess it’s the difference in the base but the color matching to the fan deck seems to be the only way I can get it done accurately and HD seems to be the only place that ever does it correctly for me. Maybe the guy at SW just goofed…I should probably have taken it back, now that I think about it.

  12. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says

    Love it, feels/looks so fresh……..I too love yellow, I have Peach Tea/Valspar which is a yellow on the gold spectrum and it floods my kitchen and laundry room with energy and feels like a fiesta going on…..TFS, Love & Blessings to you/yours…

  13. Barbara B says

    I absolutely love these colors!!! I have always been a big fan of neutral cause they go with everything and I love changing things out. This is my new neutral. Thank you so much for sharing.

  14. I know SW is very popular, but it has never been my favorite brand because to me, their palette looks muddy.

    I may get some of the tea biscuit from HD and see. We are getting ready to do something to our FROG (love that!) because it is still painted the way we found it when we moved in six years ago. (It is deep deep Cabernet) Ick!

    There is a lot of wood trim and built-ins (MOST of which I have agreed to leave, since that is the husband’s Man Cave) but I had been thinking Linen White since there is a yellow undertone to the wood. I think Tea Biscuit might bejust the ticket.

  15. Hi Susan,

    I’m a huge fan of “yellow” and have used it in nearly every home over the years. The color I’ve been living with in my last two homes is Barley by BMoore. I think it’s MAYBE a little more intense than Sugar Cookie, but I get compliments every time someone new sees it for the first time, and also find it goes with almost absolutely EVERYTHING. I, too, have a lot of antique pine and antique oak and it just WORKS so beautifully. I came up with it after studying a favorite print which had a hue that I more or less wanted to “match” to my decor. I’ve never been happier. I think it’s actually a “neutral” in that it works with black, navy, purple, red, green, denim blue, brown, orange, etc. I especially love it with wood floors – either dark or medium tone.

    Another little “trick” for your readers is to ask the person mixing the paint for the formula of the color you choose. If it has black it’s “grayed down”, if there’s brown there will be at least a hint of orange, etc.

    Have a great weekend.

  16. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA says

    Agree wholeheartedly w/Sandi Lee’s comment above!! Ditto!
    Your home is so lovely — just perfect.

  17. ~Susan~
    I painted my dinning room the Sugar Cookie( after seeing your post)ohh late last year, and the gal at Home Depot went beyond the call of duty to get the correct formula for me by calling someone at the paint company! Love it so soft and refreshing!
    A big Thank you for going beyond the call of duty for us readers, we love you too !!

  18. sue crawford says

    Susan! I just had a thought? I’m wondering if you would be willing to “take on a project” and walk alongside of me through it? We’ve been remodeling this 130 year old farmhouse that’s been in the family since the depression. Recently, we opened up 2 rooms to make it one LARGE farm kitchen. I’m so stuck on decorating, even though my cabinets are enroute:( I just love & adore everything you show me but I go back and forth from one color to the next and I’ve been all over Pinterest but can’t seem to find my inspiration. Just curious. I’m guessing you have design background. I’m willing to discuss fees with you if you’re willing. Blessings to you today. Just ENJOY your blog SOOOO MUCH! Maybe I’ll just copy one of those “Sugar Cookie rooms” hehe

    • Sue, I’m totally an amateur, no design experience other than trial and error in my own home. πŸ™‚ I have an idea, though! Send me some photos with any ideas you are bouncing around or thinking about, and I’ll try to post them asking the BNOTP readers for their suggestions. You should get lots of good help that way! Be sure to email nice, large, non-blurry, pictures (not small pics) and preferably taken without the flash. (Flashes whiten everything out and make the pictures really harsh.)

  19. dear susan,
    your home is very pretty,and i can’t believe how you manage everything from, carpentry to painting, to decorating,
    and even the landscaping! your husband must be very proud!

  20. That would be SO FUN! Do you really think your readers would help out? It’d be a collaborative effort:) I’ll do that as soon as I figure out how to send the pics – I’m not a computer genius. I’ll get some “kids” to help me. hehe

  21. Hi Susan,
    Thanks so much for this post – I love your Duron colors. I used a Duron pale gold- yellow color called Slivered Almond in my last home. Can you tell me which of our local Home Depot stores has the Duron fan deck?
    Also, I’m looking forward to more of your landscaping news. The before and after pics of your house are incredible!
    Happy weekend,

  22. Thank you!!! Love the colors! They look great and the rooms are beautiful!

  23. I’m a “yellow person” too, plus anything blue & white. I’m now redoing the master bedroom, you guessed it, yellow walls, blue & white quilt, etc. If only this post had come out yesterday it would be sugar cookie or tea biscuit. I’m a Sherwin Williams fan and the color is Butter Up in Cashmere, seemed the closest I could get to either of the aforementioned colors. Wish me luck!!

  24. I love your yellow Duron. I’m so happy you could find another brand to match it eventually. I also have a very soft yellow throughout the social area specially. Come to think of it, I will be painting our bedroom, so I guess I’ll go with the same hue. like yours is. You too sweety, have a great Summer weekend.

  25. Brenda Lilley says

    Hi, Susan,
    I just have to tell you that I am totally in love with your home! It is so warm and inviting…and just plain “homey.” I could move in and not change anything and feel as if I were home! BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing it and your decorating expertise with us.
    (An almost-60-year-old grandmother who is a native Texan)

  26. Oh yellow is my go to neutral, everything goes with yellow. I was in Sherwin Williams with
    my painter & wanted them to match my current Ben Moore paint & the said that it is difficult
    to match their formula. Maybe that is why I always go back to Benj. Moore products. I have
    used their historical color ‘Hawthorn Yellow’ in several rooms. A good go to yellow if none
    of the other suggestions pan out:) Hate picking colors from a color fan!

  27. Hmmm, I wonder how much the formula has changed since you last posted updated formulas? Last month, we painted our kitchen yellow. I thought I wanted your Sugar Cookie, but I had them mix it based on the formula in your last post about it and it just didn’t look right to me. More beige-brown than sunny yellow. Maybe the formula had already changed by then and what I got wasn’t really your Sugar Cookie. They were impressed by your blog at the paint desk though! And it was nice to just pull up your blog on my phone and have the formula fit there πŸ™‚

    • Sally, that stinks that the color didn’t come out right. I wonder if it had changed the formula. It definitely doesn’t feel beige brown in person. Maybe I should take a paddle and dip it into my paint and take that to them and get them to match that and print it out. That still wouldn’t help with the base formula changing though.

      • lizbelle says

        This was so thoughtful of you to do Susan! Do you think I could take these formula to Lowes & have them copy it? I like their paint best. Love your idea of taking the paddle to copy. That would be awesome! Do you have the paint for both colors? Your fans would really appreciate that!

        • Hi Liz, I’m not sure if Lowes would be able to do anything with those formulas. You might have to pick up a quart or some small amount and then take that to Lowes to color match to, although not sure if HD can mix just a quart with that formula. I think I still have some paint, but hopefully these formulas will work.

  28. Your home is absolutely gorgeous. I enjoyed the tour. Thanks for sharing.

  29. I absolutely love your pictures today. I have to ask where you got your dust ruffle and shams. I have the exact same floral comforter, but love your checked accessories. Great look. I also have that exact same lamp on your night table. How crazy is that? Pls share if you can!

    • Thanks, Lauren! I purchased the comforter set around 10+ years ago in Linens and Things. Not sure if they are still in business…they all closed down here in Metro Atlanta. It’s been so long now but I think the set came with with one set of pillow cases, either the floral ones that matched the comforter or plaid ones…probably was the floral ones. I think the set was called Summerton. Click on that link above the picture where I linked to the Master Bedroom post I wrote several years ago…I think I mentioned the name of the bedding in that post. Everything on the bed came from Linens and Things, except the small pillow in the center which was made for me by a friend, and the plaid dust ruffle that I had custom made. The set did come with a plaid dust ruffle but it was way to short for my high bed, so I had one made. The plaid fabric which is a moire fabric, was available in a lot of fabric stores around here (Atlanta area) for several years. Not sure how many stores carry that plaid fabric now. Country Curtains online has curtains/draperies in it still and they usually sell their fabrics as well, so if you want to have some plaid shams or a plaid dust ruffle made, you could purchase the plaid moire fabric from them if you can’t find it anywhere else. You may want to try Googling Plaid Moire Fabrics and you may find it available online. Since I bought the comforter set and pillows around so very longs ago, I’m surprised the plaid moire fabric is still around in places like Country Curtains, etc… I guess it was just a popular fabric. I still love it after all this time so that’s why I haven’t replaced it, plus it has held up well and still looks good. Hope you are able to find the fabric. Call Country Curtains if you can’t tell if it’s available for purchase. I bet they would sell you some yardage if you don’t find it elsewhere.

      • Susan, thanks for the reply. I am not surprised to hear you say you bought it a while back. I bought my set a while back as well at Tuesday Morning, but still love it. I think it has a real southern flair, and my bedroom furniture is Crescent cherry from 25 years ago when we first married. It is so traditional, and I love it so still use it. I will look at the places you suggested for dust ruffles. Thanks so much for your quick response. PS- I am new to reading blogs and just love yours! I got an iPad and am finding a whole new world out there. I love decorating, antiquing, and junking so I am hooked every night to blogging! My stle seems to be more traditional, but love color, and adding pieces to make things look current.

  30. Peggy Thal says

    Love your paint colors. It takes a long time to find just the right shade. Even whites!! Red is a real difficult one to chose. I went though 4 different cans until I found the right shade I love. Also, four coats on the wall. Primer with a tint is the way to go. Sherman Williams has been my lifesaver. Used to use Duron only from the 70’s to the 90’s. I loved a yellow shade called BUTTER. Your house looks just lovely and the color choices work so well. Thanks for sharing. Love chandeliers everywhere but need fans in bedroom. My husband wants his fan! They make chandelier fans and I am getting some next year. Happy weekend!

  31. Yellow is my favorite color, but picking out yellow paint is not an easy job. Thank you so much. I love your rooms.

  32. Mary from Virginia says

    Thanks so much for the information on your paint colors. Several years ago I struggled with finding the “right” yellow. The guy at Home Depot was so kind, but he did say once “oh no here she comes again!” LOL He mixed and RE-mixed paint after paint to get it right. I finally ended up with a paint that I found on the Martin Senour site called Brass Ingot. The name sounds harsh, but it was a lovely yellow. I think yellow is one of the hardest colors to do right. I have to say my favorite paint is still Benjamin Moore, with Glidden coming in second.

    I can’t take credit for the abbreviation FROG. Vikki who lives in Virginia too used that when talking about her staircase project. The acronym FROG is used around here in real estate listings. If you have a room over the garage that isn’t finished, why that is a ROG πŸ˜‰

    • ROG…too funny! That’s right, Vikki mentioned it and then you knew what it meant. I have add her name to the post. Yellow can be so hard. I tried to find a yellow I liked when I first moved here but had to give up after trying several.

  33. Linda Leyble says

    Hi Susan…You know, I once had a Duron fandeck…don’t know where the heck I put it though. I never used it because they didn’t sell the paint around here (got it online). I vaguely remember – but I may be wrong – that Sherwin Williams might have had something to do with Duron and that they could probably access their colors. This is only something in the way way back recesses of my mind though. May not be accurate. But – it’s worth a call to see if they have those recipes. I will do that – and report back.

    Those colors are great! I have a go to trim color. It’s OC 94 from Benjamin Moore (Windswept). It seems to go with everything. Not white – but a very light cream.

    Thanks for all you do for us!!


    • Hi Linda, SW bought Duron, I believe, but the one time I had them mix Sugar Cookie for me, it was way too muddy and dark. I don’t know why unless it’s because they changed their base paint. You know, if I were starting all over, I would be very tempted to paint all my trim a soft off white/cream color instead of white. I like white but I’ve been in some homes that had a soft cream color trim and it was soooo elegant and pretty, less jarring and stark than white trim. I’m locked into white now since I have all my plantation shutters painted to match the trim, but I do love the soft cream trim, too…maybe even more. πŸ™‚

      • Linda Leyble says

        Thanks Susan! So, a quick search online showed me my mind is still pretty good and i was right about SW having a connection to Duron. I did write to Sherwin Williams – so hopefully they will get back to me by tomorrow.

        I agree about light cream over white and I understand your dilemma. How I started with OC 94 in the first place was because when we were renovating our kitchen – with light cream cabinets – I needed a trim color that was closest to that and so that became my go to color. I got most of the designers near me to switch to that color also – except for those who wouldn’t do anything but white!

        Thanks for your email and your reply to my comment!


        • Linda, I wrote to Sherwin Williams & never got an answer. Let us know how you fare. Susan, I will ask Lowes if they can copy, if not will head to Home Depot to see what the options are. meanwhile I did take a yellow pillowcase to Lowes & the lady painstakingly came up with a close custom match color that I really like, at least I tried patches of it it in one room, which has low light. Its a very pale yellow… A buttery yellow white. is that how Tea Bisquit looks?

          • Yep, that sort describes it. Those last three pics in the post are very accurate for how it looks in different lighting. It’s very much a neutral so would work in almost any room.

  34. Hi Susan! I have been thinking about paint colors recently as well. My 26 y/o son finally cleaned out his room and i have been getting it ready to repaint. After much deliberation, I have chosen Ben Moore’s Nantucket Gray. I remember your post about changing your son’s room and I have to say that I wasn’t expecting to be sad when all of the “kid” stuff went out! It was kind of sad to see the car-load of stuff going to Goodwill. I hope I’ll be happy with the new color and am looking forward to a small change here at home. Thanks for your paint inspiration.

  35. Love your paint colors! Wondering where I can get a plate rack like yours? I have inherited many display plates. The only bare walls I have are in the bedroom and the laundry room. would that be too weird?

    • Pam, thanks so much! No…you can hang plates anywhere. I love seeing them displayed in any room! πŸ™‚ I bought that plate rack many years ago from a local antique dealer who used to take trips to Sweden/Denmark. If you don’t find one the size you need, I wonder if someone in your area could make one?

  36. Lisa Marie Rombach says

    THANK YOU! My all time favorite color is yellow, but I could never find the right shade I was looking for. Hope the local Home Depot can help me out.

    • Lisa, I hope that formula works. If it doesn’t, tell them to call the Home Depot location on Roswell Road in Marietta, GA and get them to color match again to the chip in the Duron Fan Deck that’s under the desk. I hope the guy who matched it this time did it correctly. It’s worked for me in the past when they color matched to the fan deck so hopefully it will be accurate this time, too.

  37. Hello Susan!…I have been thinking of painting my kitchen and decided to go with your “Sugar Cookie”….I have a little of it done and Love it! My living room is painted a shade of yellow and this is a little lighter and I think it will all work together very well…I am a yellow person and love the warmth and coziness it gives a room….I will be covering my paintings of Morning Glories, birds and butterflies I have cascading around the door, but I think it is time for a change. Thank you for sharing your paint colors they are all beautiful…I love to paint and about 2 yrs ago painting my guest bedroom white and used a very large stencil to paint every wall in a Toile design in a great shade of blue. Everyone is so surprised to see that it is not wallpaper!….Your rooms all look great and thanks for sharing!

    Hugs, Renee’

  38. The yellow looks stunning! It really brightens up the room and keeps it looking so fresh! Great post!

  39. This looks beautiful. The color looks bright, lively, cleaning looking and gives the room a happy and warm feeling. Great job!

  40. Catalynn says

    Susan, I’m sure you’ve mentioned it somewhere but I can’t seem to locate it and I’d love to know what color, finish etc. of white you use for trim in the rooms painted “Sugar Cookie”?
    Is the formula posted here somewhere?
    I went to Home Depot last week and had them mix me a gallon of “Sugar Cookie” using your formula and it’s so nice… can’t wait to get started on the painting.
    Thanks in advance for any help πŸ™‚

    • Catalynn, I’m afraid I don’t remember now what I used for the trim. I think it was Benjamin Moore and it wasn’t a custom color, just one of the popular whites. I don’t have the paint can now but if you check with one of the Benjamin Moore stores and asked them what a popular white for trim or one the decorators use, I bet they can recommend one. That’s usually what I do when I’m searching for a good white for trim is just asked them for recommendations and just use one of their standard white paints. Glad you like Sugar Cookie…I love it! πŸ™‚

      • Catalynn says

        oh that’s wonderful news Susan,
        I have almost 2 quarts of white paint leftover from painting trim in kitchen, eating area and laundryroom last year… so I’ll just use that and save a few $$$.
        Thanks for the reply πŸ™‚

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