A Great Sale & A Tactic for Getting the One You Missed

Have you ever come across a shirt or dress that you liked so much,  you didn’t wait for it to go on sale for fear it would sell out? That’s what happened to me with this beautiful shirt below. I loved how it looked so much, I bought it the day I came across it, not waiting for a sale. I wish I had taken the time to read the reviews because after it arrived, I discovered it ran quite large. I had ordered my usual size and it was very roomy. I immediately logged on to order it in a size smaller and found that size was all sold out. Arggg.

Update: So I’m driving to the grocery store today when it dawns on me, the way I actually ended up getting this shirt in my size was by calling a TB store I sometimes shop in, and they were able to find this shirt in another store and have it shipped to me. The way I am normally able to find an item that is out of stock online in my size is to bookmark the item and to check that link every day, preferably several times a day so if someone returns it, I will catch it right away. But for this one, I got lucky because it was still out there in a TB store.


I wanted to share this shirt in today’s post because I love it so much. It’s one of those shirts I will keep and wear for many years to come. Unfortunately, it appears to only be available in a size Large, which probably translates to an XL based on my experience with it running a bit big. If you wear a Large or Extra Large and you love the look of this shirt, definitely snap it up before it’s gone.

One thing to know, the design is a “reverse” design so the colors you see on the outside are soft and muted. I really love that, though! It’s 100% linen and you can just feel the quality. It definitely has that relaxed, “I’m-sailing-on-my-yacht-while-sipping-champagne” resort look and feel. lol

I also really like how it comes down a bit longer in the back–very flattering! Hopefully, they will bring it back in more sizes this summer since it has been so popular. In the meantime, you’ll find it in the one size that’s left, here: Floral Shirt.


During the summertime, if I’m not out running around in a summer dress, you’ll find me wearing white pants or white shorts. I have found I always look better with some color around my face, so over the years I’ve discovered the easiest way to dress during the summer is to wear white on the bottom with a colorful shirt on top. It also greatly simplifies dressing in the morning, so there’s that, too! lol

For those days when I’m hanging out around the house or just running errands, this has become my go-to shirt. I’ve now ordered it in 6 designs, that’s how much I love it! I hope they bring it back every year because I will continue to order more if they do. I have four designs here with me in Georgia, but unfortunately, my other two shirts arrived at my son’s home after I left Ohio to head back home. I’ll get them on another trip back up this summer. I think I’ll be going back to help with my grandsons again for a week or two at some point.



Anyway, if you need a light-weight, feels like you’re wearing nothing shirt for hot summer days, I highly recommend this shirt! Even though it’s very light, you can’t see through it at all. Love that! You’ll find it available here: Fave Casual Shirt.


Talbots is having their famous, Red Hanger Sale right now. The prices are great and the sizes are going fast, as you would expect. You’ll find the sale here: Red Hanger Sale.

Here are a few of the items I found that are going for a great price. I love this Barbour coat that’s currently on sale for around 50% off. You’ll find it available here: Barbour Coat.


I have a thing for Sperry Duck Boots…love wearing them on rainy days. These are perfect for spring and summer. You’ll find them on sale in two colors here: Sperry Duck Boots for Summer.


I’m still crushing on these Ked’s toile sneakers…would be so cute with white pants! They are currently on sale here: Toile Sneakers.

Toile Sneakers, Blue and White


I already have this shirt below and love it! I wear it with white jeans and I’m super tempted by the sneakers above. They would be so pretty together! It’s a beautiful shirt, very well made and I love the contrasting polka dot cuffs! You’ll find this shirt currently on sale half off here: Blue and White Shirt.


Another really cute sweater to throw on with a summer outfit. It’s on sale from $89.50 down to just $24.50! Awesome sale! You’ll find it here: Beachy Sweater.


This skirt is not currently on sale, but had to include it because it’s so cute! You’ll find it here: Skirt.


Fall will be here in a few months. I have a vest that’s almost identical to this, and I wear it a lot during the winter because it goes with everything. Happy shopping! I’m working on a fun 4th of July table, looking forward to sharing it for tomorrow’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. I bought that Talbot’s skirt. It’s pretty in person. I also bought the light pink tee with the bow! Really cute together.

  2. Diane D King says

    Thank you for all of your posts. I read them all even if I don’t comment. I ordered two of the Lily facemasks and love them. I get lots of compliments at the grocery store when I coordinate them with my outfit.

    I order EVERYTHING online now and usually have great luck with my shopping, but I need some help and suggestions. I ordered a dress from Coldwater Creek in May that was HUGE. I got their return label online and put it in the mailbox on the second of June. I ordered a second dress in a smaller size, and it, too, was WAY big. I have not received a refund for the FIRST dress yet! I have contacted them four times and still no refund. What do you do to get your money refunded? Diane in Savannah

    • I’ve never ordered from Coldwater Creek, so not sure. I would call their customer care number and tell them you would like the issue escalated. You can also call your credit card company and open a dispute/chargeback through them. That may get them moving a bit quicker on your return.
      I know some companies are taking longer right now to do refunds and advertise that it can take longer due to the virus. I haven’t run into that with Tommy Bahama or Talbots, but Lilly is taking 3-4 weeks to process returns. Just guessing here, but I think a lot of companies are still under the impression that Cornoavirus germs are easily spread via objects and surfaces, even though the CDC has completely reversed their original stance on that. So I wonder if some companies have a “holding” area where they place returns for a period of time.

    • Diane, did you order these? https://bit.ly/3dyQfCC
      That’s the ones I ordered and I love them…they are sooo cute!

    • Diane D King says

      Thanks for the reply. I had a difficult time getting through to their customer service, but I looked them up on Facebook and sent a private message. I got a reply and resolution for the first dress. The second dress is still “In transit”.

      Yes, I ordered a pink and a pink and blue floral. I didn’t pick the prints, but told them “anything but yellow” and they followed my instructions. They are so cute!

  3. I have a question regarding the first item: how do they roll up sleeves so neatly? They look like they would stay rolled up like that all day.

    • For the floral shirt that’s the first one in this post, mine stays up beautifully all by itself. I turn it up three times and it doesn’t budge. A lot of my long sleeve linen shirts (that I’ve purchased from Talbots) have a little button partway up that you button it through once you roll it up. That’s the kind of shirt I’m wearing in the photo on my sidebar, only I had the sleeves down that day to protect my arms from the sun. Usually, shirts will stay up without any button, though.

  4. I SO love those toile sneakers! I might have to break down and get some before I have to use your shopping tips! 🙂 Thanks for the great collection!

  5. Susan, you basically described my summer ‘uniform,’ 😀 White linen ankle pants and a colorful summer top. Makes life so easy, especially since I keep a few pairs of white linen pants. I’m thinking of doing something similar in the fall/winter with black pants, lol. Am I getting lazy in my old age? 🙂 I’ve had my years of being fashionable, now I just like easy and convenient.

  6. Linda Practical Parsimony says

    I found a black coat at Belk’s in my size, but the red and pink were sold out. Belk’s got the red and pink from another store for me. That was so easy.

    • The only thing I don’t like about Belks is if you have a return, you have to mail it back yourself and they do not reimburse you for the cost. At least that’s how it went for me when I purchased some shorts from them recently.

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