My Winter Survival Favorites: Part 1

Welcome to the 624th Metamorphosis Monday, a blog party sharing fabulous Before and Afters!

Each year I love to put together a post with my favorite winter survival goodies, those things that help make the winter season a lot more comfortable and maybe even a little fun. If you’ve been reading BNOTP for very long, you probably know that I pretty much go into hibernation come wintertime.

Has this fall/winter flown by for you, so far? It really has for me, maybe because I was in Ohio for almost a month and every day was super busy. We still have around 3 months of cold weather ahead of us, maybe 2-1/2 here in Georgia if I’m being optimistic.

One of the things I’ve been enjoying the most has been the heated throw my grandsons gave me for Christmas. I love using it in the evenings over my lap when I’m working at my desk. Before I left to come home, my grandsons were using in the evenings to watch TV. They loved it so much, I felt kinda bad when I packed it away to return home. lol I think I need to buy one for my oldest grandson whose birthday is next month…maybe an early birthday present.

If you’re cold-natured like me, you’ll find a great selection of heated throws/blankets here: Heated Throw/Blanket.

Update: I had a few questions about the heated plaid throw my grandson gave me. I looked online and found it on sale here: Plaid Throw.


I rave about Cutemol all the time here on the blog. My daughter-in-law and I couldn’t survive without it since it is about the only thing that saves our fingers from cracking during the winter months.

My DIL recently told me that it’s finally a “Subscribe & Save” item on Amazon. She signed up for that right away since she orders all the time, as I do. Neither of us ever want to run out, it’s that good! Cutemol is also excellent for dry feet/heels, transforms them almost overnight. Can’t say enough good things about it! Def a must on my winter survival list every year! You’ll find it here: Cutemol.

You’re probably sick of hearing me go on about these merino wool socks. They are my favorite for fall and winter. I’m going to put together a post soon on little shortcuts I’ve created/found to make life a bit easier and these socks are going to be in that post for another reason. Anyway, if you hate having cold feet, these are so warm, comfy, and soft. Love them. You’ll find them here: Merino Wool Socks. You’ll find the men’s version that I gave my son for Christmas here: Men’s Merino Wool Socks.


Another one of my winter faves is Woodwick Candles. I buy them in both the large and smaller size. I love having one burning during the day while I work in my office. I find the wood-burning/ crackling sound they make so soothing and cozy. Kinda makes me feel like I have a wood-burning fireplace here in my office.

My absolute favorite scent is Fireside. I found out during Christmas that Fireside is also my daughter-in-law’s favorite scent in Woodwick Candles.


I also love Frasier Fir, really they have so many wonderful scents, hard to pick a favorite! You’ll find them available in a lot of places. Over the years I’ve bought them HERE and HERE and HERE. They are currently on sale at that last link so I think I’ll pick up a couple of more before the sale ends.

Woodwick Candle Sounds Like a Crackling Fire


Another must-have for winter for me is a good book or 10. You’ll find a bunch of my favorite Decor books here: In The BNOTP Library.

Right now, I have two on my wishlist. Would love a copy of Timeless by Patrick Ahearn–available here: Timeless: Classic American Architecture for Contemporary Living.


Even more, I would really love James Farmer’s latest, Arriving Home, available here: Arriving Home, A Gracious Southern Welcome.


I already have James’s book, A Place to Call Home, and it’s wonderful! So I know I would love Arriving Home, too!


I’ve been meaning to share a favorite that I bought for myself and my daughter-in-law this winter. You may remember this long, over-the-top-luxurious cashmere sweater that I purchased last year. I loved it so much, I ended up buying a second one in the same color (black) when they went on sale that year.

Long Black Cashmere Sweater on sale


I stalked the site all last winter until one finally showed up in this gorgeous camel brown color. It had sold out but I guess they found one last one somewhere and I ordered immediately before it vanished again. I have so enjoyed wearing this sweater in both colors!

Long Cashmere Sweater on sale


Well, this year, they came out with it in a new style. Argggh! lol I was going to pass it by since I already had it in both black and gold in last year’s style, but then it went on a killer sale and I couldn’t resist. I ended up buying this year’s style in black for me and the golden brown for my daughter-in-law. I gave her one of my black sweaters from last year (since I had purchased two in black last year–can you tell I’m obsessed with this sweater!) so now she has last year’s style in black and this year’s style in gold.


We are both pretty obsessed with these long, cashmere sweaters! She loves to wear her’s while working from home since her desk/work area is tucked into an adorable dormer alcove in her home, thus tends to be a bit chillier than the rest of the room. I can’t recommend this sweater enough…it is luxury personified! I just looked and it appears that it’s still on sale, I’m tempted to buy it in the Pine Green color before the sale ends. You’ll find it in three colors here: Long Cashmere Sweater.



Hope you enjoyed this list of some of my winter faves! Happy Winter Shopping!

Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. Happy Monday Susan, thanks so much for the tips on the heated blanket and intense hand cream. Those are on my list. Thanks for hosting!

  2. These all look so perfect for winter! I want to snuggle with the cozy blanket, wearing that lovely cashmere sweater, and read one of those beautiful books! Thanks for all the great ideas, and Happy Monday!

  3. Franki Parde says

    I’m under my electric couch throw right now! That WAS a life changer…I was ALWAYS cold, fingers, toes…and, now, just toasty!! franki

  4. Dear Susan,
    Finally ordered cutemol! The cracked skin at the top of my fingers nest to the nail is so painful. cutemol has been a godsend and I think you so much for recommending it.

  5. My daughter gave me an electric blanket to wrap up in when I’m sitting in my favorite chair, it’s wonderful!! Love your plaid one! The cashmere sweaters look so cozy, thanks Susan!

  6. Love love the socks. I ordered a second set this fall. My feet are always cold and they are perfect…and you can just throw them in the washer.

  7. I also enjoy your Winter survival lists Susan, regardless that we live in different climates. A tad off subject; I’m encouraged by the photo of your DIL’s workspace seeing that she is using a desktop/external keyboard with a mouse as that is my preference as well though most of my friends are now using ipads (or whatever) so I was beginning to feel totally outdated … lol!
    P.S.: Just find I am more accurate and rapid using such.

  8. Biodynamic Barb says

    OMG! Your “library” of books is amazing! I have some of them already and will definitely be looking into the others you recommend. If you liked The Epicurean Collector, I can trust your recommendations! I feel like I’ve just opened a box full of treats!!

    • Thanks so much, Barb! I need to take time to enjoy them all, haven’t sit down to read them in a while. You’ve inspired me to take time to pull them off the shelf and start reading them all again!

    • Barb, any time you want to see the books I love, click on the “Books” category at the top of the blog. There are two pages of them listed there, so look for the link to the second page toward the bottom of that first page.

  9. Does the Woodwick candle just have one wick? The way our house is constructed, only the two-wick candles put out any “throw” in the area where we are most often. I like James Farmer’s books, too. I’ve added this new one to my wish list. Thanks for all of your ideas.

  10. Debbie Goss says

    I wear a much larger size than you so most of the clothes you recommend do not fit me, but oh my goodness the socks are amazing! I have ordered them twice and wear them daily from October to April. They have been washed and washed, yet still retain their color. Thank you for the recommendation!

  11. Carol Murry says

    Your recommendations are always great! I ordered the socks and LOVE them. I teach school and they are wonderful for recess duty – my feet don’t get cold. Thanks for sharing your favorites.

  12. Terri Santiago says

    I love the tartan blanket warmer, but which one is it on Amazon?

  13. Yes to the electric blanket! Very cozy on a cold winter day.
    Thanks for hosting and have a good week.

  14. Thanks so much for hosting this lovely party! It is greatly appreciated!!
    Please stay safe, healthy and most of all, happy!!\

  15. Tina W Reynolds says

    Hi, Susan! What great ideas! We’ve had a mild winter so far in my area…knock on wood! It can turn on a dime, and usually the end of January and ALL of February are just Arctic cold! Then, March is not much better…bone-chilling. So, you are correct: we have no choice but to get more “gear” to help us survive. The other day I realized that there is not one thing about snow that I would miss if I never saw it again. I felt guilty for even thinking that since we have had a couple of easy winters in a row. I recently pulled an old ski-style parka from the closet. The zipper had long ago broken. I put it away in the back of the guest room closet and just forgot about it. Thinking I might donate it to a charity which cleans, repairs and gives away coats, I got it out. Instantly I realized what a great coat it is! Fully tricked out and so well made. I took it to my local shoe repair shop, which also does so many repairs. They replaced that pesky zipper beautifully! Even though this type of coat is not in style now, it is soooo warm! I also resurrected my 1990’s white knitted hat, mittens and scarf to wear with it. I am hoping that everyone at the grocery will think I am cool in my VINTAGE coat! LOL!

  16. It looks like they recommend these socks to be handwashed. Do you do this?

    • Really? I have never done that, just toss them in the machine with my other dark clothes. I don’t even wash them on delicate. They’ve come out great. Incredibly warm and soft.

      • It said in the Amazon description…can be machine washed but best hand washed. Who hand washes sock? LOL Do you put them in the dryer?

        • Yup, I just toss them in with everything else. If I’ve only washed a couple of shirts in my handwash basket along with a pair or two of socks, I will hang them since I don’t want to run the washer for just a couple of pairs of socks, but most of the time I toss them in the dryer with towels and such.

  17. Cyndi Raines says

    Susan, I can’t say enough great things about those socks. They are the best. I will be ordering my second batch when I’m done writing this. I love them, very comfy, soft and wear well. I am hard on socks and these have lasted well over a year. I just throw mine in the washer and dryer. Am eager to hear what else you have done with them. Also my first jar of Cutemol is almost gone so I will order another. Have started to use on my feet also. Would love to read all 3 of the books you’ve mentioned, they sound wonderful. Wonder if the library has them? I would call, but they are closed due to Covid. Keep these good tips coming. I appreciate your recommendations very much.

  18. I love the red plaid blanket. It looks warmer. I have SAD and can’t take cold weather. Your DIL should put one of those 3 M window insulator kits on that window to keep out the cold. A friend used them and said it made all the difference. They are available in Ace Hardware too.

  19. Thanks so much for hosting! I can’t wait to check out your cozy and cold weather recommendations. Hope your week is a fun one, CoCo

  20. I have the electric lap blanket and my cat and I love it!

  21. You posted a picture of a new office chair not too long ago that you recommended. I am also 5’4” and it is difficult to find a chair that is small enough. Would you please post the recommendation again or email me.

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