Dining in the Garden at Greenwood’s on Green Street

A friend and I recently had dinner at one of my fave restaurants, Greenwood’s in Roswell, Georgia.  When you visit Greenwood’s, not only do you enjoy a great home-cooked meal, but you get a wonderful garden tour, too.  Here’s a view of one section of the sidewalk out front of  the restaurant.  On the other side of the brick wall is a large courtyard where folks either dine or wait for a table to become available inside.

Dining in the Garden at Greenwood's


I wish I had thought to take you along on a visit to Greenwood’s earlier in the summer.  As beautiful as the flowers are now, they were even more amazing earlier in the summer.

Dining in the Garden at Greenwood's


Another section…

Dining in the Garden at Greenwood's


A view looking back toward the other end…

Dining in the Garden at Greenwood's


The side facing the street…


Greenwood’s is very popular and people come from pretty far away to dine on their southern fare and home made pies.  The wait for a table can take a while on the weekends.  Apparently, folks can get pretty creative in their efforts to get seated sooner.  This sign hanging out front always cracks me up.   It’s titled, “The top ten reasons why you shouldn’t have to wait for a table at Greenwood’s.”

Dining in the Garden at Greenwood's


We got there early the evening we dined, so we were seated right away.

Photo from Greenwood’s Restaurant website

I requested a table on their side porch.  No one was on the porch when we first arrived.  The porch overlooks another one of Greenwood’s gardens.  The one off the side porch is both a flower and a vegetable garden.  I sat in the blue chair, just in front of the tree that’s growing up through the porch and out the roof.  Whimsy…it’s everywhere you look.  Love that!

Dining in Greenwood's on Green Street Restaurant, Roswell, GA



Here’s a view of one section of the garden.  I took this picture while seated at our table.

Dining in the Garden at Greenwood's


Out across the garden, you see an old truck that’s become a large “planter.”  I saw a butterfly land on a flower growing along side the truck.

Old Truck in Garden of Greenwoods on Green Street Restaurant


Fortunately, I had my 18-200mm zoom lens on my camera so I zoomed in for a bit closer look.

Dining in the Garden at Greenwood's


I love butterflies…they are as lovely as the flowers they visit.

Dining in the Garden at Greenwood's


After dinner, we left via the steps off the side porch and walked right by the end of the truck.  See the old boot turned upside down among the flowers?

Fun place…Greenwood’s.

Dining in the Garden at Greenwood's


If you live in Metro Atlanta and like southern cooking and pretty gardens, check out Greenwood’s some evening. If you go on a weekend, go early…or else, you’ll have to come up with a creative excuse that’s not already on the sign out front. 😉

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  1. Bonjour
    Something like zinnia…Hummm
    Greenwood is a wonderful place

  2. SheilaG @ Plum Doodles says

    I haven’t been to Greenwood, but it looks like a beautiful place to go. I”ll definitely have to give it a try!

  3. I love the sign! “I know Bob”!

    Looks like a great spot, similar to where I’ll be headed today, here in California. Hi Hand Nursery, complete with the old truck, great shops and restaurant!

    Take care,

  4. What a beautiful place, eye candy everywhere you look! I love your photographs!

  5. Beautiful! So since you sat in the blue chair are you the one who spilled the drink? Rent quirky restaurants fun! there’s one in Ashland Or called morning glory! It used to be a house. Nothing matches in the restaurant. Chairs,silverware,tables,plates ,etc -nothing matches! Great food too!

  6. When we’re back in Georgia, I would love to have dinner there. But I’d go early, like you, to avoid the lines!

  7. This looks like an amazing place! I need to try it out! Your photos are wonderful! They have so many unusual items! Love the look!

  8. This looks like a fun place! I love the truck and the boot. Funny how they make what are common elements in the rural Southern landscape look chic!

  9. OMG I love this place! I’d so be wanting to go there frequently! Love the bed of the truck…I love whimsy!
    I enjoyed seeing their gardens…thanks for sharing!

  10. What a wonderful restaurant, Susan. It’s fun to eat outside in the summer, especially in lovely surroundings like that. Thanks so much for posting those pictures. It makes me want to buy an old truck just to fill it with flowers!!

    Do you get the idea I loved your post/pics?


  12. Food and gardens…be still my heart. Two of my favorite things in life. I can only imagine what the place looks like in spring. They do a good job to have so much blooming this time of year, especially after all the hot weather. I don’t know about you guys but we have had extremely hot weather up here in SE coastal Virginia. Here are a few pictures from my garden taken yesterday evening that show what is still blooming here. https://picasaweb.google.com/vbarnette/Garden20August2012?authkey=Gv1sRgCMKHjMn42-eEcQ#

  13. Looks like a fun place to dine.
    I can well imagine some of the reasons people give to keep from having to wait. My daughter and husband went to a restaurant one evening that did not take reservations, and had been waiting for a while, when a well known person and his date walked in. He told the hostess “I’m sure you can find us a table now”, and she seated them immediately. Daughter said quiet a few that had been waiting for a while walked out, some saying they would not be back – they lost a lot of business over that little incident. They did not stay in business long.

  14. Susan,
    I know Bob…#1 cracks me up!!! Oh, dear friend to see some green with all the drought we’ve had here on the Prairie was so ~o~o refreshing today! I adore the pick~up truck with the planted bed!!! Thank you for taking me along (cyberly speaking, of course) to view these lovely gardens!

  15. Next time Jane and I are near Atlanta, Greenwood it is. It sure looks like our kind of place to eat.

  16. Lovely place Susan. We love to eat out in such surroundings. We have a similar place here called Linden Gardens, it is our choice for lunch through Spring to Autumn.

  17. What great pictures! You certainly captured the ambience & charm of what looks like a delightful restaurant. I’ve never been, but maybe the next time I’m driving through Atlanta, I will stop. I’m an avid garden so the pictures captured my interest right away, but I have to admit that the truck- planter with its lost gardener had my heart! Thanks for sharing the whimsy & fun.

  18. Would, “I drove all the way from North Carolina” work…probably not….This is a restaurant I would wait in line for! The next time I am in Georgia, I am taking my sister in law there…she is an avid gardener and would love it !!…Thanks for presenting this wonderful place…I am sure to go…and wait in line patiently!!

  19. Love the old truck used as a planter. With all the abandoned vehicles I see here in Maine, I wonder if I couldn’t get one to use for that purpose.

  20. I love gardens too, but based on what I saw, you all must be getting more rain than we have this summer. My plants are really struggling.

  21. Beautiful. I’d love to visit —
    saying, “Susan sent me.”

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