A Million Daffodils, A Porch Decorated for Spring & A Whimsical Spring-Easter Tree

Within walking distance of my son’s home is a home with the most amazing display of daffodils that I’ve ever seen. It’s one of those homes were people stop, gawk and take photos. It’s gorgeous this time of year!

Daffodils, Mass Planting


I would love to know how long ago the daffodils were planted and how many were planted at that time. They stretch all across the property, you can see them there on the other side of the driveway in the background of this photo. When I took these photos, some still weren’t in bloom. I think I’ll take a walk today (or a drive since it’s freezing out) and see if the rest have opened up now. I hope they didn’t get hurt in our below freezing temps last night. Daffodils are so hardy, I bet they did fine.

Beautiful Daffodils in Spring


I’m sure some of this magnificent display is via naturalization, but you would have to start out with a heck-of-a-lot of daffodils to get this effect.

Daffodils, Naturalized


If more have opened up, I’ll share another photo in a future post. Soooo beautiful!

Do you have a home in your area with a mass planting of daffodils or spring flowers? What a wonderful gift to the neighbors and the surrounding community!

Daffodils Planted in Mass


Ruth’s Easter Tree

You may remember from previous posts that my friend, Marie, decorates a tree for Easter each year.


Ruth, a BNOTP reader, also decorates a tree for spring and Easter!

Easter Tree


Depending on where you live, it may still be cold outside, but this is a great way to welcome spring into your home no matter the temps.


A few close-ups of Ruth’s tree…

Decorations for Easter Tree



Beautiful hand-painted egg…

Egg Ornament


I love this little bunny family out for a drive.

Bunny Family for Easter


I wonder if they are headed over to the daffodil house to see all the beautiful daffodils in bloom?! 🙂

Bunnies in Car, Easter Decorations


Amy’s Front Porch Decorated for Spring

Recently Amy, a BNOTP reader, shared how she had decorated her front porch for spring. I love the checked bunny on the front door!

Amy said, “On the front door is a bunny I bought off of Etsy a couple of years ago. I just wanted something other than a wreath for a change. And I just fell in love with him. He reminds me of Mackenzie Childs cookware 😀and he gives my front door a pop of color!

Bunny Door Decoration, Checked Bunny


Amy shared, “The distressed chair, in robin egg blue, was a thrift store find for $20. I loved the color for spring so I left it that way. I just knocked the bottom out of the chair and turned it into a planter. The egg wreath matched perfectly and I’ve had that for years. I found the bunny this year at Homegoods. And just tied some spare ribbon I had around his neck.”

I love that soft robin’s egg blue color so much! The chair planter is so unique, love that idea!

Chair Planter and Egg Wreath


A pretty geranium for the wicker table…

About this pretty display, Amy said, “The wicker piece is also a thrift store find. I use it on the front porch all spring and summer and change out the flowers and display other things on it. This bunny also came from Homegoods this year. I love him because his color is so unique. He’s kind of a green color.”


Thanks so much to Ruth and Amy for sharing their spring/Easter decor! So nice to see how others are decorating for spring. The best way I know to keep our spirits up during these uncertain times is to surround ourselves with the beauty of nature and spring. It definitely has a healing effect on my heart.

See you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Anne Shaheen says

    Those people had daffodils when I was growing up! So nice to see how they spread/naturalized. I am sure they continued planting bulbs for years. My mother grew them on either side of our driveway.

  2. Love your porch decorated for spring Amy! Very pretty!

  3. Daffodils for the win- just the best spring look- so glad you get to walk there

  4. What a gorgeous yard – those daffodils are stunning! Thanks for sharing them Susan. And Amy & Ruth’s trees – you all are so creative!

    Hope it warms up for you soon! ❤️

  5. I’d love to drive by this house. Could you share the street name? I live in the area you are visiting.

  6. Vivien Wulff says

    What an amazing display of daffodils! love the Easter tree-next year! Thanks for sharing this.

  7. Those daffodils in that amount would just take your breath away! I’m sure it took years of planting and naturalization to get to this point in time. I wish I had planted more down my driveway, but the ground was so hard and it is “work”. In Northern California we have a Daffodil Hill that’s been there forever and now a tourist attraction rather than a nice drive to view the daffodils. Very nice Easter trees and porch decorations!

  8. Franki Parde says

    Ooooh, wonderful photos!! Eggsactly what was needed today w/ temps in 30s!! One time…when kiddos were younger…we spotted an abandoned farm house, SO BEAUTIFUL it must have been…we walked through massive boxwood…and…daffodils as far as you could see, doubles as well, self propagated…franki

  9. Reminds me of Gibbs Garden outside of Atlanta. Kind of looks like their house too.

  10. Beautiful daffodils!! That has been a work in progress that just takes your breath away. Imagine just happening upon that sight!

  11. I love daffodils! But I don’t love how they look when they are spent. Maybe you can take another walk a few days from now and see what it looks like then. I’m so curious!

    • I agree. They are lovely until you have all the spent slimy foliage on the ground. I actually dug all of mine up because I found them such high maintenance.

  12. Wow that’s a lot of daffodils! Very beautiful! They do multiply but I wonder how many they actually planted! The Easter trees are cute!

  13. Hi, Susan,
    There are some gardens north of Atlanta that I recently heard about called Gibbs Gardens. You might check it out.
    Thanks for the view of daffodils, Just beautiful!
    We once lived within walking distance of the Potomac River in Virginia. One day, while walking through a wooded area we happened on plantation ruins with a host of daffodils nearby. So lovely! Years of growth.

  14. Loved the daffodils! We had a neighbor who planted the word “SPRING” in daffodils in the middle of his front lawn and they bloomed every year. He passed away a couple of years ago and the house was sold but the word Spring still remains in planted daffodils and I think of him with fondness.

  15. The daffodils are beautiful. I have never seen such a large display. When I lived in IN. there was an entire huge field that was covered in sunflowers which reflected the late summer sun. The whole field just glowed .

  16. I would love a huge yard of daffodils. Sadly it can’t really be done in So Cal, both the huge yard and the cold loving bulbs. You may have heard of it already, but not far from us in Carlsbad, CA are the Flower Fields. It’s 50 acres of different colored giant ranunculus as far as the eye can see. It’s quite the sight for about two months and I loved seeing the huge hill of color while driving past on the freeway. Looks like something out of the Wizard of Oz.

  17. Brenda Lawrence says

    Wow, I wonder too how many daffodils they started with and how long it took to plant them?! It is just beautiful though, what a treat to view this in person. So uplifting for sure. I love Ruth’s Easter tree, so beautiful, festive and gives the feel of spring for sure. Such beautiful and cute decorations on it and around it. Loving the bunnies in the car. lol Amy’s porch is so cute, fun decorations for sure, my favorite is the chair, but love it all. Hugs, Brenda

  18. Sally had the same idea I did–looks like Gibbs Gardens, one hour north of Atlanta:

    I have never been, but my family went and said it was gorgeous. When I accessed their site, it stated “OPEN-IN COMPLIANCE”–probably because it is a huge place with lovely gardens and paths and they are able to control the number visiting the gardens. Susan, if you have not been–this should be one of your spring visits (maybe next year), right here in your own state.

  19. Bobbi Duncan says

    Just what I needed with these chillier than normal spring days we’ve had this week. Know that yard took years of effort! I know of several places near our home where there are hillsides with daffodils galore and two large tracts in Lancaster County, the county just west of ours- -just so beautiful! I’ve been to Gibbs Gardens. Didn’t even know it existed until I was visiting a friend up in Big Canoe, GA and she suggested we go for a visit there–a lovely place! A good friend used to live in Oakwood, OH–it’s a wonderful neighborhood full of lovely homes. Hugs!

    • Cyndi Raines says

      Oh my word, what a lovely view! I love this and what a joy to be able to walk past it! I love daffodils and their bright yellow faces, so much cheer in them! For the past 3 night’s I had to cover my plants due to our low dipping temps, but hopefully we’re done with that. If I ever make it down to Georgia again I would love to visit the Gibbs Gardens that the others have mentioned, it sounds awesome. Glad they included the link to their website, will view it later. Kudos to Amy and Ruth for their great decorations, I barely decorated for Easter, but I did manage to put out some spring items and hang my purple flag with the Christian yellow cross. Hard to believe it has come and gone.

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