A New Lamp for the Guest Room–Love All the Designs!

Welcome to the 650th Metamorphosis Monday!

We’re playing in the guest room for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday. The guest room doesn’t see a lot of use, just the occasional friend visiting. Even when family is here, they usually prefer to sleep in another room that has “Queen size” sleeping accommodations.

Decorating the Guest Room


These photos were taken early this morning so the room is still filled with that early morning light. Ummm, looking at these pictures, I’m tempted to remove the large “flow blue” bowl atop the secretary, but I’ll worry about that later. The change I’m thinking about in this room is the lamp on the bedside table.

Blue and White Bedding for Guest Room


It’s not very inspiring, just an inexpensive lamp I found many, many years ago. I think they came in a set of two and the other one eventually developed a crack, if I’m remembering correctly.

Shopping Lamps for Guest Room


This is the lamp I have ordered. I love the design–will just have to see how it works in this room once it arrives. I thought it would be pretty with all the blue and white I already have in the bedding. What do you think? (Lamp is available here: Blue and White Lamp.)


Blue and White Lamp


I love, love, love blue and white together, so much so, I have a small collection of books on the topic of decorating in Blue and White. (This is an older photo, I’ve actually added few more “blue and white” books since that picture was taken.) Do you love a blue and white color scheme when decorating?


If you love decorating in blue and white, here are a few more lamps I drooled over before choosing the one I ended up purchasing. I almost chose this one but I wasn’t sure it would be as tall as I needed. I’m tempted to order it today so I can compare the two and return the one that works the least best in the guest room. I love the base! (Lamp is available here: Blue and White Lamp.)


Beautiful Blue and White Lamp


Another gorgeous blue and white lamp! I like how they’ve added finials that coordinate with each of the lamps. (Lamp is available here: Blue and White Lamp.)




Notice how the finial on this lamp coordinates with the rich, wood base. I LOVE the bird design! It was so hard choosing from all these great designs, I love them all! (Lamp is available here: Blue and White Lamp.)


This one is designed with a crystal-glass pedestal/base that’s repeated at the top of the lamp and in the finial. (Lamp is available here: Blue and White Lamp.)


If I end up loving the lamp I’ve ordered for the guest room, this company makes a lot of other lamps that I thought were really pretty. Love the colors in this one. This lamp would work great in my downstairs living room–the colors are perfect. (Lamp is available here: Beautiful Lamp.)

Beautiful Lamp



Another pretty one! (Lamp is available here: Colorful Lamp.)



This lamp is small, so it would be great for a small desk, kitchen area, or maybe even on a bookcase. (Lamp is available here where you can check the size/measurements: Small Lamp.)


If you’re interested in seeing all the lamps this company makes (I fell down that rabbit hole last night!) you’ll find them here:  Decorative Lamps. I’ll be sure to share a picture of how the lamp looks after it arrives. Hope it works in this room and I hope I like it well enough to keep it–will keep you posted!

Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters linked for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Beautiful lamps Susan, you can’t go wrong with any of them! Happy Monday!

  2. Hi Susan, love that first blue/white lamp! Thanks so much for hosting, have a great week!

  3. Regality3 says

    Since there’s already so much pattern in the room, I’d prefer to keep the “negative space” lamp that is already there.

    • I know, I am wondering if it will be too much pattern. Thankfully, I can return it if it doesn’t work out. It is supposed to arrive in a week or so.

    • Anne Stevenson says

      I agree. The blue and white lamp will get lost. It is a pretty lamp, though.
      Maybe pull out a solid color from the fabric. I noticed the lovely red ceramic lamp on the link. Love the shape. Not sure if that is rose or red in your sham/table skirt/window treatment pattern. A nice pop of a solid color ceramic would draw the eye and be pleasing. Break it up a bit. Definitely would pick something other than another blue and white lamp.

  4. Jean from Georgia says

    Hi Susan, A few years ago one of your blogs asked how many lamps we have in our home. We enjoyed several messages back and forth and I shared with you that I make many of my lamps. I am in the process of making a lamp using a small white elephant figurine and am searching for a navy blue shade. Will send you a photo when finished. I also have two blue and white vases which will soon become lamps as soon as I find acrylic bases for them. Lamp making is so much fun to me and I am always on the lookout for a vase, etc, that has the possibility of becoming a lamp. Love the lamp you have selected.

    • Ohhh, I can’t wait to see it! As much as I love lamps, I really should spend some time learning how to do this! Handmade lamps are the best!

  5. The lamps are great! I love Delft Blue, actually have a couple of pieces, and my living room is decorated all around my Delft Blue.

    I really love this post and will take a look at the books you recommend.

    Have a great week!


  6. A solid color or clear lamp does seem the better way to go, but omg those were gorgeous lamps you shared. Any other place in your home to use a blue/white one?

  7. Elizabeth says

    Susan, I too have a Blue/White bedroom! and I have been looking for a blue lamp for my side table. This lamp will look very nice in my bedroom. Thank you for always giving us ideas and supplying the source. Your post are always inspirational.

  8. Sharyn Kimbrough says

    Susan, blue & white my favorite decorating color with a little yellow thrown in. The lamps are beautiful! I have blue & white master bedroom lamps too with flared shades. Have fun deciding which lamp to purchase.

  9. Such a decision! I love the one you chose, and the other blue and white ones too. I don’t actually have any blue and white rooms in my house, but I love the combination. Thanks for sharing both the lamps and your lovely guest room!

  10. I have the exact pair of your old lamps in my guestroom, inherited from my parents. The “brass” base is pitting badly. I will replace when I find something better at Homegoods! Love all your choices, but they wouldn’t work for me.

  11. Susan, lamps are one of my pet peeves. So many are just so ugly, yet they want $300 or more for them. These are all pretty and having come to know your style over the years, they are all right up your alley. It will be hard to choose! I like Jean from Georgia’s idea to make her own. Maybe she could do a tutorial for us that you could post? (heehee – sorry.)

  12. I am an advocate for ‘Less is More.” Style is knowing when to stop adding. The art of editing is hard, I know. But too much of anything reduces the impact of the whole. I prefer the crystal-type lamp you now have–it provides a place for the eye to rest.

    • Thanks, Eileen! I know what you mean about giving the eye a place to rest. Thanks for that suggestion, I may need to do that if I don’t like how the pattern on pattern look works.

  13. Sandra D in Joliet says

    I love the crystal looking lamp already in use. I have a large Waterford Pineapple lamp I received for my retirement. Wish I had chose one for my 30 years so I could of had a pair. I did order two small Waterford bedside lamps with brass leaves that’s adorable. I love Waterford and have several of their seahorses-candlesticks, a big bowl, figurines, etc.

  14. franki Parde says

    More is more…your patterns all “play” from one another…so very pretty!! franki

  15. Susan those lamps are beautiful. I can see how you had a hard time choosing. I can’t wait to get lost in their website. Have a great day. XO- MaryJo

    PS. The plate on top of the secretary is beautiful btw.

  16. All of the lamps are beautiful. I love Chinoiserie. If a solid color is the answer here, may as well keep the one you have.
    I have to share this. In one house, I had a blue carpet. Never ever found anything to exactly match that carpet. Accessories are easy peasy.

  17. Catalynn says

    I absolutely love all your blue and white… it was what first brought me to your blog.
    I have the exact same iron bed in one of our spare bedrooms and I was googling for ideas… I think I googled “iron bed blue white decor ideas” or something similar and your guest room was one of the results that popped up… I couldn’t believe my good luck that not only did you have gorgeous blue and white but you had the same bed!!!! Yay!! Bonus!! Hehehe… I’ve been following you ever since and have gotten so many great ideas!.. Thanks Susan, hope you’re having a wonderful day.

  18. Susan,
    Thanks again for hosting this lovely party every week! I know how much time and effort goes into doing so and it is greatly appreciated!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  19. I have blue and white Laura Ashley bedding in blue and white on mahogany twin beds. The first lamp would look great on my table between beds!

    By all means use the blue and white lamp, take the crystal out! More is better with blue and white!

  20. Linda Practical Parsimony says

    I don’t think I would choose a blue and white lamp, maybe just a solid color. Those are are all beautiful lamps in the post. I am looking for an iron bed and love yours. Where did you find yours? I rework old lamps and recover the old lamp shade frame or get another, new or used, and cover them myself.

    • Thanks, Linda! I found this one around 17-18 years ago while antiquing, although it’s not an antique. I guess it would be considered vintage at this point. My son took the guest room furniture to college with him, so I needed to replace the guest bed.

  21. Susan, I love the new lamp you ordered! (By the way, I have an identical lamp to your two bedside lamps in your master bedroom. I got mine at Bombay, too. I miss that store!) About your guest room… this is just a “brainstorming” idea, so toss it if you don’t like it. What if you replaced the blue, green, and pink floral fabric table topper on your night table? You might use solid white to match your bedding, or another solid color… maybe light blue?… which would make a great background for your gorgeous new lamp!

    • I miss it, too! Thanks for confirming that’s where they came from…I bought them so long ago, I was having trouble, but I thought that’s where I found them.
      Thanks for that suggestion, Dianne! I still love that fabric, it will be interesting to see how the lamp looks on it. The pattern on the lamp is so busy, it may not fight the pattern of the topper. The good thing is, if it doesn’t work, I can return it. I just hope they def have the lamp since it still hasn’t shipped, but it did say it would arrive until July16-22, so there’s still time for them to ship it.

  22. I too am a blue lover and love your blog. It’s the only blog that I subscribe to (so please don’t retire for a long, long time). I think your original choice is good and I would keep the “flow blue” dish in place, flow blue is beautiful. The third and fourth lamp, both with heavier blue patterns, would be my first and second choice. I think either of them would look beautiful on the bedside table and “balance” the blue in the room. A solid color, no, not even if it were blue. The third or fourth I think would be the perfect balance (and for the eye) on that table. I also think that having wooden bases is a perfect plus, as they wouldn’t pit, and would become timeless classics in your home. I also love the rich shade on the third lamp.
    If I had a place for the third lamp – I have a lot of lamps – I would buy it immediately!

    • Thanks so much, Renee–appreciate that so much! I don’t have any plans to stop blogging anytime soon.
      It will be interesting to see how it looks once it gets here. It still hasn’t shipped per Amazon…supposed to arrive between July 16 and the 22nd.
      I know, I loved so many of their lamp designs! I’m guessing the shades are not actual silk shades for those prices, but hopefully, it will be nice. It’s really hard to find lamps with nice shades these days, they all seem to be the hard “drum” style shades. I like the shapes of the shades on these lamps.

  23. Another Dianne says

    Love the lamp you chose but agree with other posters that solid colour (not blue) would be better. Find another home for it when it arrives. The present crystal lamp, nice though it is, looks a bit lost.

    How about moving the flow bowl from the top of the secretary to the blank bit of wall above the bed? It looks a bit strange where it is, sorry!

  24. All these lamps are stunning Susan and I can’t wait to see the one you chose in your room. I love the blue and white colors in your guest room. It’s a warm, cozy, inviting room with the patterns and textures! Hugs, Brenda

  25. ellen dec says

    I like the lamp but if you do get it I think you should change the cover on the tissue box.

  26. It’s good to be back after our summer blog break! Hope your summer has been a fun one too. I can’t wait to dive into all these links. Thanks so much for hosting each week, CoCo PS: The guest room is gorgeous!

  27. I really like all of those lamps, wish I could use some in my decor! Well, you asked, so here goes – I just redecorated your whole room! LOL! By all means keep the flow blue plate and put more in the cabinet! Remove the balloon valances and table cover with the floral pattern! Keep the blue gingham and blue and white cover at the end of the bed. Bring in some solid colors and more blue and white patterns! I would also add either bright yellow (my fav color!) or bright red or lime green instead to the floral! Whew! That was fun! I hope you don’t shoot me! Just playing here! A wannabe decorator!

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