June Favorites + Christmas Came Early for My Son

I almost skipped creating favorites post this month since I didn’t really buy or come across anything super exciting last month. I did buy one gift for my son that was a big hit.

I’m always asking my daughter-in-love for gift ideas. She recently texted me that my son had mentioned how much he would love a Yeti cooler but it was one of those items that she knew he would never buy for himself. I thought I’d file that idea away for Christmas but then decided I really wanted him to have it now so the whole family could enjoy it this summer.

It was definitely a big hit and I got this text message below from my son when it arrived. πŸ™‚


They put it to use in the backyard that very weekend. One of the really neat things about this cooler is it has a handle that makes it easy to pull along behind you. Usually, coolers are very heavy once they have been loaded down with ice and drinks, so the handle makes a huge difference. My son loves that feature and had not realized it was available. (Cooler is available in two colors here: Yeti Portable Wheeled Cooler.)


You may remember the pool I bought for my grandsons last summer. They really loved it, so if you have little ones visiting this summer, I can definitely recommend it! (It’s still available here: Dinosaur Pool.)

Rainbow Sprinkler and Dinosaur Play pool for Summer


This was the other one we bought last summer that the adults loved as much as the kids.


It even had built-in cup holders! lol


My daughter-in-law found one very similar for this summer.


I love the bottom of it! She took this photo right before a HUGE water balloon fight took place: Dad vs the Boys! (Pool is available here: Backyard Family Pool.)  Looks so refreshing! I may have to get in when I visit this summer.


The only other fave purchase I made last month was this extra-large mouse pad…absolutely loving it! You’ll find it in many designs here: Extra Large Mouse Pad.

Extra Large Mouse Pad


Thanks for all your fun comments on the “Bedside Table” post. I have loved reading those!

Happy Summer! Love this time of year!


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  1. franki Parde says

    What a cool present…and a surprise, too!! Sure does beat the days hauling that ice block around in back of the horse drawn wagon!! franki

  2. Victoria Morgan says

    Love the cooler you got your son! He will never need another one. I bought one in an seafoam green three years ago. It lives in the back of my Honda Element. It holds all my milk, produce and frozen foods from the store as I complete all my errands around town, have lunch, whatever. No matter how long I’m out, my food remains fine. Packed with soft drinks and picnic foods, it is great for long distance travel. What a wonderful gift!

    • Wow, that’s awesome! I may need to buy one for me! I always hate that when I’m out shopping and I want to run by the grocery store but I still have other errands I need to run. With a cooler, you can do it in any order you wish. Love that! Thanks for that tip, Victoria!

  3. SharonFromMichigan says

    Aww, I just love that you refer to your daughter-in-law as daughter-in-love! I wish my mother-in-law was half as sweet as you are πŸ™‚ I’m loving that adult wading pool – what a great way to enjoy the hot days!

    • Really! I could totally use it right now! Was just out front trimming back some branches from the magnolia so I can get down my driveway and the bees that are nesting in the dovecote came after me! I ran like crazy…didn’t get stung but hot and sweaty now! lol

  4. It’s Glorious! Haha. Don’t you wish every gift you gave illicited that enthusiastic response!

  5. May I adopt your two grandsons so I can have an excuse to buy the wading pool?

  6. I love the orange and white kitty! They are my favorite! Nice cooler too! πŸ™‚

  7. Another big thing about Yeties is they’re also supposed to be bear-proof. That is a BIG deal for people who tent camp in bear country—-which is something I would never do, I’m too afraid of bears!! I’m part of a large Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park Facebook group, and I see all the postings from people visiting these parks this year. It’s incredible how many bears (grizzly and black), wolves, bison, and other wildlife are everywhere in the parks and campgrounds.

    I love the photos of your grandsons playing in the water!! When I was a girl growing up here in the Phoenix furnace, our family didn’t have much for staying cool in summer–just swamp cooling, no A/C! But we did have a garden hose, a sprinkler head for watering the grass, and a large galvanized laundry tub (my Grandma’s). We made our own water park every day, playing in water in our yard was the best thing ever! :0)

  8. Kansas Kay says

    Do you know anything about the round colorful rope swing shown in the pool photos? Looks awesome for kids! As for Yeti coolers, the deceased, cremated father of my brother-in-law was buried in a Yeti cooler. Cemetery allowed only Yeti or their purchased containers for cremated remains.

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