A Peppermint-Candy Fantasy Table & Kitchen

Welcome to the 485th Tablescape Thursday!

Before I left for Germany, I visited with my friend Marie and took photos of the beautiful tables she had created for family and friends. Marie had all her tables set for an upcoming Christmas dinner party. Marie hosts a lot of events in her home throughout the year, so it’s always so much fun to see her decorations.

I was afraid I wouldn’t get the chance to share these pictures with you since I took the photos only a few days before leaving for Germany. Marie has a dream kitchen and every year she changes how it’s decorated for Christmas. This year she decided to decorate the tops of the cabinets.

Beautiful Christmas Kitchen


You can see some of the decorations on the cabinets in this photo showing the wonderful display she created for the center of her kitchen island. Notice how the back of the chairs are decorated, too. I know Marie’s grandchildren can’t wait to visit to see what she has created for them each year! Notice the old-world look of the candles on the kitchen chandelier…love that!


Love the little Christmas villages Marie created for the top of her kitchen cabinets!



There were three displays in all.


A few feet away in the breakfast room, Marie had set a delightful table for her grandchildren in a “peppermint candy” theme. The Christmas tree in this corner was also decorated in the same theme. If I can find the photos I took of the tree, I’ll add them to this post. I was moving files around last night on my computer, and somehow I misplaced the tree photos. Arggg.


This is such a cute table for a breakfast/kitchen with the peppermint and baking/cooking theme. 🙂


Love these adorable peppermint plates. I believe Marie said she found those in either HomeGoods or Pier 1 several years back.


Marie always decorates her breakfast room hutch, creating a wonderful fantasy for her six grandchildren, friends and family! I wish you all could see all the decorations in person, photos never really do it justice!

Thanks so much to Marie for sharing her beautiful table for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!


Looking forward to all the beautiful table settings for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Wow she has done a fantastic job! How fun for children to visit and see all this holiday decorating. The table looks fabulos. Her decorating makes me think of an old fashioned candy store! I just heard a report on how bad the flu has been in Europe so I guess you arrived there at an unfortunate time. Glad you are feeling better.

  2. Your friend Marie possesses creative flair.

  3. Cyndi Raines says

    Talk about eye candy! Wow, this is over-the-top! Really like a Christmas candy store. Thanks Marie and Susan.

  4. Marie always sets such beautiful holiday tables, they are always jaw-dropping!! She is so creative with the whimsical details like the elf leg chair ties and the peppermint candy plates. Marie must have BOUNDLESS energy to do this much elaborate decorating. She also must have a MASSIVE amount of storage for all her pretty tablescaping things LOL! I can only dream of having that much storage. :0)

    Thank you for sharing, Susan, and I hope your health continues to improve. XO

  5. Marie’s decorating skills never disappoint! What a magical Christmas “Candy Land” she has created. Such attention to detail. I always love seeing the goodies at Marie’s home. Thanks Susan and thanks especially to Marie for sharing her home. Vikki in VA

  6. Ann E Friend Seigman says

    SO much to SEE!…and put away! lol I will enjoy looking, but don’t have the energy or resources to do it myself!

    Thank you Susan, and Marie for sharing your over the top Holiday arrangements!

  7. Marie and you are a wonderful tag team! I always enjoy seeing her latest holiday tablescapes and decorations and your pictures really make me feel as if I was there. I wish I had higher ceilings so I could decorate the tops of cabinets and bookcases. Of course, then I’d have more stuff I’d have to store too! LOL I especially like how she decorated the chandelier with ornaments. That’s how I find space for my collection of peacock and other seasonal ornaments.

  8. Marjorie Farquharson says

    I always enjoy seeing Marie’s home and decorating vignettes because I get so many ideas from the “visual candy”. Susan, the two of you must enable each other if you ever shop together. Thank you both for sharing!

  9. Susan, would Marie share where she found those adorable gingerbread houses for her villages? They are awesome! I admire and wish for her decorating enthusiasm and energy!! Glad you are feeling better.

    • Marie Barnes says

      Thank you for your kind comments.
      We have a store here in marietta ga called at home. They have all kinds of Christmas decorations. This year they had the most wonderful gingerbread houses and other gingerbread things. Hope you had a wonderful holiday season!

  10. Wow, what a show! I hope someday Marie invites you to see her storage space for the wonderful and ever-changing displays she creates for every holiday. I can’t imagine how I would ever be able to find room for it all! What is her storage secret?

  11. I can not imagine the fantastic and magical memories Marie’s grandkids will carry with them into adulthood–of all the seasonal decorations!

  12. As always a Christmas treasure. I would , as well, like to know where Marie found those adorable gingerbread houses to display.

  13. I love our visits to Marie, she always goes way over the top!! Thanks Susan, glad you’re feeling better~

  14. Thanks for sharing that! Its truly magical!! Ii is cold and gray here, so seeing those bright colors made today a lot more cheerful, and gave me ideas for next Christmas!

  15. Thank you for sharing Marie’s decor with us each season. It must be so fun to visit and see in person. I am really always speechless by the amount of work these displays must be, wondering how she manages it. It is so loving to do this for her friends and family, creating joy and happy memories. What a gift to give her loved ones. They will never forget.

  16. Oh, p.s. do you know where to find that striped flatware?

    • Marie Barnes says

      It has been so long ago that I don’t remember where I got the striped flatware. I think it may have been online.

  17. Marie is totally amazing. It is fabulous that she can change her decor each year!!!! I have candy dishes and have done a table too. I will do it again next year. This has inspired me all over again. I am so glad she allows you to share her with us!!!

  18. Just call us Friends and fans of Marie. Maybe one day you will introduce us to her. Love it all-fantasy land for adults as well as kids. Each year you ladies are better than the previous year. Let us know when the coffee table book will be available. Seriously. I decorate over my kitchen cabinets because I have really fast cats running thru the house.
    Yesterday I was able to score three Hawthorne Village Christmas houses for next year. (unless somebody is missing something from their collection)
    Many thanks to you and Marie for sharing with all of us.

  19. I can’t even imagine what type of storage must be required for all of Marie’s decor, and surely she has help putting up and taking down all of her holiday extravaganzas. Her grandchildren must have “visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads” with Marie as their grandmother. It’s quite beautiful and charming but looks like a lot of work.

  20. What fun! Marie has outdone herself with this candy-land Christmas theme. Love it.
    So glad you are feeling better.

  21. How totally adorable. I have used a candy/canes/cookies theme in my kitchen, but never to this extent. Your friend is creative and very talented. Such fun for the entire family!

  22. Linda Nelson says

    Absolutely darling!

  23. Hi Susan, glad you’re back to feeling normal. 🙂 And I’m so glad Marie allows you to share photos of her decorations. Her decor is akin to a high end resort. It’s always enjoyable to see what she has come up with.

  24. Ann E Friend Seigman says

    Question, Susan, what are the letters in the windows beside the kitchen cabinets? Unless I didn’t catch it in the post. Thanks!

  25. Is Marie really Santa Claus???? That is just above and beyond SWEET!!! franki

  26. Peggy Nodine says

    I love, love Marie’s decorations, she has the cutest things. Thank you for sharing these with us. So sweet and pretty. I wonder where she got the chair back decoration. If you know please share it with us. Please thank Marie for allowing you to share her beautiful home with all of us. I always look forward to seeing her home decorated and dressed for every holiday, especially Christmas!
    So glad you are feeling better and healing well. Take care, and thank you again.

  27. OMG! Your friend Marie is amazing, my goodness. I too love the décor on top of the cabinets, adorable!
    Thank yoy for sharing and hosting Susan, yet again this year, I so appreciate it.
    Have a blessed 2018.

  28. Candy land fun. I always wonder how long it takes to decorate and where decorations go after Christmas. It’s all very magical!

  29. Marie does a fantastic job decorating her house. It is such a treat for the eyes, I am glad you are feeling better, Susan. Have a nice weekend.

  30. donna a zoltanski says

    A beautiful table setting — has me craving a peppermint patty about now! Love red and white together too. She is making wonderful memories for her grandchildren.

  31. I look forward to every magical display Marie does. Everything she does give me new ideas. I decorate the tops of my cabinets with garland lights and Christmas mugs . It adds a lot of decoration with out taking up space I need for cooking and baking. Susan you picture are very clear. Thank you Marie for sharing the joy of the season with us.

  32. What a fantastic “tour”!! I love Marie’s decorations. You can just feel the love and joy her home reflects. Bravo!! So glad you are on the other side of that horrible flu. Take care!

  33. I always enjoy seeing Marie’s beautiful home all decked out for the Holidays!!
    and it surely did not disappoint!! So charming!! Will you be sharing more of Marie’s home decorated for the Holidays??? I hope so….Thanks for sharing!!

  34. Omg, this kitchen looks dreamy! I’ll definitely take inspiration from this for next year’s decor. Thanks!

  35. Sherry Stuifbergen says

    Could Marie show us how she keeps it stored… all organized from year to year, or does she buy new every year for her decor?

  36. Bobbi Duncan says

    Marie never ceases to amaze me with both her beautiful designs and the enormity of the projects! I just know her grandchildren will forever hold the memories dear of all the ways their grandmother made everything so special for them. Susan, I’m still not getting your posts in my inbox–can’t figure out what the problem is. I hope you’re having a fantastic birthday! Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, dear Susan, happy birthday to you! Hugs!

  37. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    I am seriously in love with this theme. I have a tree that is partly decorated in candy canes and am considering expanding the concept. Rock on, Marie!

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