A Shark-Themed Table Setting for a Special Boy’s Birthday Party!

Welcome to the 519th Tablescape Thursday!

These embossed chargers I recently shared in a post just arrived a couple of days ago. They are still in their packing boxes in my entry, been so busy I haven’t had a chance to unpack them, yet. I was impressed with the shipping/packaging, each charger is individually boxed and well padded.Beautiful Embossed Charger Plates

I couldn’t resist opening up one to see how they looked. Love them and can’t wait to use them in a table setting soon! They are wondefully large, heavy and well-made. I’m very pleased with the quality. Unfortunately, they are no longer on sale as they were when I blogged about them a few days ago, but you’ll find them available here: Embossed Chargers.

Embossed Charger Plates


I don’t get a chance to create children’s tables very often, need to move closer to my grandsons. So I was really excited when Elena shared a table she created for her grandson recently.

Elena wrote, ” I had an uber Beauty and the Beast birthday party for my daughter last March, and at the same time I set a shark birthday party table for my grandson Landon (9 years old now).  Daughter’s and grandson’s birthdays are one day apart, I celebrate both birthdays on the same day.  This year Landon asked me if I could do a “boy table” for him.  “You always do pink princess parties, NaNa,” he told me LOL.  So for this year, I had two pink princess tables and the third table in the kitchen was a sharkie table for grandson and the boys.”

Love the shark napkins Elena made for her grandson’s birthday table…are those not the cutest!

Children's Shark-Themed Table Setting


Oh my gosh, I love those shark plates!

Child's Shark-Themed Table Setting


The salad plates Elena used are part of the ongoing series of Dapper Animal Plates that West Elm carries.

Children's Shark-Themed Birthday Table Setting


These are a hoot! I looked to see if the shark plates are still available at West Elm, but I didn’t see them.

Shark Plate for Children's Shark-Themed Birthday Table


These are their newest additions to the Dapper Animal series. I love Miss Lion! She looks like she’s heading out the door for a Ladie’s Tea, doesn’t she? Or, maybe she going shopping for the newest, just-out Dior handbag. Yeah, I think that’s it…she looks like a handbag lover to me. πŸ™‚

I also love the duck, he would be awesome in a Fall setting and later in a Father’s Day table setting. Really all of these (except Miss Lion) would work great in a Father’s Day table. I hope West Elm keeps this Dapper series going for a long time…they just get better and better.

You’ll find this Dapper Animals Collection available here: Dapper Animals and here: Dapper Animals.

Dapper Animal Plates


Shark tumblers from HomeGoods are perfect in this whimsical shark-themed table setting. The beautifully painted stemware was a find in a little shop in Venice, Italy. So beautiful!

Fish Glassware in Children's Shark-Themed Birthday Table


Elena found many of the shark decorations seen in her centerpiece here: Great White Shark.

Shark Centerpiece for Children's Shark-Themed Table


This whimsical shark salt and pepper holder is still available here: Shark Salt & Pepper.  I was thinking how great this would be if having friends over for a “Jaws” movie party.

Shark Salt & Pepper


A friend of Elena’s made this awesome wooden sign depicting the whole family being swallowed up by a Great White! Sooo good! πŸ™‚

DIY Wooden Shark Sign for Birthday Party


Thanks so much to Elena for sharing this wonderful shark-themed table she created for her grandson, Landon’s 9th birthday! I know he must have loved it…a birthday celebration he will always remember! ♥

Child's Shark-Themed Table Setting


Sources for Elena’s Table:

–Aqua cotton tablecloth–Home Goods
–Napkins–hand-sewn, shark fabric from fabric.com
–Resin large great white shark figurine–Amazon
–Simple Lenox flatware–QVC
–Small blue sharks with open bites–Burlington store (they’re holders for kitchen sink scrubbing pads)
–aqua glass pebbles and sea glass–Michael’s
–Shark salt and pepper shaker holders–Amazon
–Acrylic tumblers with blue and aqua tiny fishies–Home Goods
–Painted glass stemware–from a gorgeous little glass shop in Venice Italy!
–Aqua blue dinner plates–Pottery Barn
–Dapper beach shark animal plates–West Elm
–Wooden great white shark swallowing the family (wall decoration)–handmade by a friend
–Colorful large cut-out cardboard sharks on windows–Amazon
–Blue foil streamers with sharks (window decorations)–Amazon


Looking forward to all the beautiful tables linked for today’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Super cute! Thanks for sharing, Susan!

  2. Thanks, Susan for hosting each week. I am glad to have a table to share.
    Look forward to seeing your table with your new chargers. They are pretty.
    Elena’s theme table is adorable. What we don’t do for our grands!

    • Thank you so much! My daughter is my only child and beautiful Landon is my only grandchild. I LOVE making a big fuss over their birthdays. :0)

  3. Elena! Thanks for sharing! A-dor-a-ble! Bravo! Well done! Susan, thanks for sharing Elena’s table!

  4. Awww, poor Landon. πŸ™ I’m glad he got his boy party.

    Those shark salt and pepper shakers made me smile. Who would even think to make / manufacture such a thing? πŸ˜€ I wouldn’t imagine there would be a big demand for shark themed salt and pepper shakers, lol, but I’m glad they were made so they could be used for the shark party. I hope Landon enjoyed it.

  5. I just love the very inspiring Shark Table especially the shark salt and pepper.
    Thank you for sharing it. Thank you, too, for hosting this great party.

  6. I love it! This is just awesome! So unique and creative.

  7. I so enjoyed seeing a sophisticated children’s table. Thanks for sharing this!

  8. Wow, who knew there was so much shark themed tableware! The plates are cute, but I’m not loving the scary shark stuff!! Great fun though, thanks for sharing Elena’s table Susan

    • Yes,the large great white shark figurine is scary, but my grandson loves sharks, and he really loved this centerpiece! At age 9, his favorite things are sharks, dinosaurs, Star Wars, etc. His tenth birthday is about 6 months away and I’m already planning his party table which will feature Godzilla, his favorite monster. There are so many cool and hilarious Godzilla things on Amazon, including vintage (from the 1950’s) Japanese Godzilla figurines, monsters that fought with Godzilla etc.

      I have some really beautiful dishes, fine crystal, china and flatware. But I have to say I have the most fun creating tablescapes featuring fun and whimsical things that children enjoy.

  9. This is very creative and imaginative; it must have been such a huge hit. Elena, you’ve set the bar pretty high πŸ˜€

  10. You found the right things to make a kid happy. Creating awareness when a child is young is a good thing to dol

  11. That is one lucky Grandson! I love the napkins and the glasses. When I was in Venice last year I wanted to buy a similar set of stemware but wasn’t sure if the color would hold up to the dishwasher. Alas, the older I get, the less I want to hand wash.

  12. The Great White Shark center piece is on Amazon – $104 though. Worth it for us shark fans!

    • Thanks! I couldn’t find it before but just now found it and added that link. It’s crazy how realistic it looks! Yikes! lol

      • Thank you both for finding the big shark figurine on Amazon and posting the link. Yesterday morning I was not able to locate the figurine on Amazon. The figurine is even better in person than it is in a photo, I love it.

  13. Adorable and beautiful!

  14. What fun tablescape for a lucky grandson ! Love the stemware.
    Thank you for hosting yet again for us.

  15. I love the napkins they are perfect. Great table.

  16. How fun! What little boy wouldn’t love this table!!! The salt and pepper shakers are hysterical!! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  17. Cyndi Raines says

    What a great tablescape and a birthday he will always remember. Elena you will have to purchase the shark flatware Susan has shown us in previous posts, so when he eats at your house he can use it, lol. Thanks Susan!

  18. Donna zoltanski says

    Shark attack! I love that tablescape. So much fun.

  19. Selma C. Kessler says

    Oh my word! The shark table is FANTASTIC! Well done, Elena!! πŸ™‚

  20. Oh My, what a GREAT tablescape for a birthday party. Just tooooo cute. Thanks Susan for sharing.

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