A Snowy Winter Table Setting

Welcome to the 382nd Tablescape Thursday!

We’re celebrating winter with a snowy winter tablescape for Tablescape Thursday.

Winter Tablescape on a Sunny Winter Day


It was a cold but sunshine-filled day yesterday when I created this table setting in my breakfast room.

Winter Table with Snowy Tree Centerpiece


For the centerpiece, I used the little tree I had previously used for our Hot Cocoa Bar on the porch. (See more of the Hot Cocoa Bar in this post: Create a Hot Cocoa Bar for Winter Entertaining)

Hot Chocolate Bar


I usually don’t have much luck with little trees like this indoors. They always seem to dry out quickly and before I know it, they are crunchy. I’ve been doing my best to keep this one well-watered and so far, it’s doing well. We’ll see if I can say that three months from now!

Winter Table Setting, Snowy Theme


I surrounded it with faux snow. I should have taken a close up, I added some snowy glitter to the surface of the snow to give it the sparkle of real snow.

Table Setting for a Winter Dinner Party


It’s alway s a bit of a challenge to take photos with the shutters thrown open in this room. The bright sunshine wreaks havoc with my camera but I still love trying to capture the shadows and sunlight as they dance across the table.

Winter Tablescape with David Carter Brown Christmas Valley



Winter Table, Christopher Radko and David Carter Brown Plates



Winter Tablescape


Snowflake napkin rings worked great with this snowy-themed tablescape. I can’t remember where I found those now since I’ve had them for many years.

Snowflake Napkin rings


I love to use these snowman plates in a winter table setting each year. For this table I paired them with David Carter Brown’s Christmas Village pattern. Though the name of the dinner and salad plate is Christmas Village, the snowy theme of the plates is wonderful for winter. I love to use this dishware all through the winter season.

Christopher Radko Snowman Plate


The salad plates have the initials CR on the back which may stand for Christopher Radko. I found them in HomeGoods several years ago.

A Snowy Winter Table Setting


The glasses are also by David Carter Brown and the cute mugs were part of the snowman plate set.

Snowman Plates for a Winter Table


Silver twig flatware looks icy cold in this winter-themed table setting. It was a find from West Elm, 2-3 years ago.

Silver Twig Flatware


I wonder if we’ll see any snow here this winter. You never know with our crazy Georgia weather!

Winter Table Setting, Snowy Theme


Looking forward to the beautiful tables posted for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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Winter Tablescape on a Sunny Winter Day



Chargers: Horchow in 2008
Dinner and Salad Plates: David Carter Brown, Pattern: Christmas Valley, eBay and Replacementdotcom, 2-3 years ago
Snowmen Plates and Mugs: Christopher Radko (I think), HomeGoods, many years ago
Glasses: David Carter Brown, Christmas Valley, eBay, 2-3 years ago
Silver Twig Flatware: West Elm, 2-3 years ago
Napkin Sheers: The Magnolia Room, Marietta, GA, several years ago
Napkins: Not sure, think I found them while thrifting/antiquing


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  1. So pretty, Susan. I love the way you captured the sunshine and shadows in your photos. I have such a difficult time photographing in our sunroom because of all of the light. I need to figure out how to do it as well as you do it. Those snowman plates and mugs are so cute, and I love all of the color they add to your snowy tablescape. Thank you for hosting TT.

    • Thanks, Laurie! I know what you mean, all that extra light can be a challenge. I try to not face directly toward the window but in a sunroom that would be even tricker. Certain times of the day seem to work better than others. I guess we just need to experiment around to find that perfect time when the light is good but not too, too bright.

  2. What a fun tablescape. How fun to have that darling snowman smiling at you as you dine. I am always tempted by those trees, too, Susan. I hope yours hangs in for you.

    Thank you for Tablescape Thursday. I remember when you were conceptualizing it.

  3. Such a fun tablescape, Susan. How fun to dine with that adorable snowman face smiling at you. I have always been tempted by those trees, too. Good luck.

    Thank you for Tablescape Thursday. I remember when you were conceptualizing this.

  4. Love your snowy table Susan with the sunlight streaming in! I think your snowman plates were part of Christopher Radko’s home collection. I regret not picking up a set when I saw them at HG several years ago!

  5. Boy is it ever cold up here in NW Wisconsin this week! 19 below zero on Monday… Brr… Hope you’re having a great week. Thanks for hosting. (even I don’t have a dining table, I figured creating vignettes and arrangements would fit in… if not just delete it. πŸ˜‰ ) Liz

    • Wow! I can’t even fathom temperatures like that, Liz! When it freezing here, I’m miserable outdoors. How do you even bundle up for those type temps!

      • We do somehow, and actually, it seems easier to me than trying to bear the hot hot summers the south can get… ha ha I guess it’s just what you’re used to.

  6. Diana Clark says

    You are my favorite blogger. I love your posts and especially appreciate you posting where you buy your items. I have used that information often.

    • Thanks so much, Diana! So glad that’s helpful. I always like that information, too so I try to share it. If I ever forget, feel free to ask…always happy to share it.

  7. I can kill those little trees with the best of them…either too much or too little water…I never seem to find the happy medium. Delightful table setting. Thanks for inviting us for a peek and for hosting each and every week. Cherry Kay

  8. Hi Susan, what an adorable table you set! I love that you use “Christmas” dinnerware all winter long. You did an amazing job capturing the changing light on the table. Thanks for sharing and for hosting! Christine

  9. Even though I know you live in GA I swear, I could feel the temp dropping as I looked at your snowy scene Susan! The snowman mugs and plates are Adorable, and they look great mixed the David Carter Brown pieces. Love the evergreen centerpiece too- thanks for the fun today

    • Thanks, Jenna! I love pretty much everything David Carter Brown has ever done. Such a talent and his paintings/art show so much love for the New England area.

  10. Beautiful table, as always Susan! Here in Pittsburgh we just had our first real snowfall of the season. It looks like winter is finally here.

    I fell in love with the “Christmas Valley” pattern when you used it for the winter table setting in the snow on your deck a couple of years ago. I had to go to eBay and at that time was only able to get the coffee mugs in the set. This year a couple weeks before Christmas I looked on eBay again and found a set of four “Christmas Valley” dinner plates very reasonably priced so I snapped them up as a gift to myself! I intend to use them all winter. Thanks as always for the inspiration!

    • Gloria, I’m so glad you found some of that pattern, I absolutely love it, too. It just makes you smile to see all the happy scenes it depicts.

  11. bobbi duncan says

    Susan, this is such a darling table setting, and I love dappled sunlight…gives everything a special glow. The flatware is soooo perfect! We are cold here today (brrr). I planned to take a nice morning stroll, but the wimp in me decided to do it inside Longwood Gardens conservatory, so I’m off, and then on to do errands. Have a nice day.

    • Well, at least you walked, which is more than this girl did today. Oh, I wish I had a place like Longwood Gardens near me! So awesome that you can walk there!

  12. This is a really cute tablescape, I love those snowman plates & mugs. Even though I live way down in New Orleans (Mandeville actually) I still dream of just a little snow.

    • Same here in Georgia, although I’m almost afraid to wish for it after our Snomageddeon a few years ago. A little snow for a day or two, and that’s enough. Hope you see some this winter Charlotte…but not too much! πŸ™‚

  13. That flatware sure takes your tablescape “over the top”…love it all!

  14. Beautiful wintery table, Susan! i love it….Christine

  15. What a great combination of winter elements you have used on your table. You just never run out of ideas for a wonderful setting.

  16. Susan, I just can’t wait for Thursdays to see your tables! This one is precious! I have those snowman plates and mugs that I got a few years ago from TJ Maxx online, and the maker is Corner Ruby. Strange name! They are so colorful and pretty and look good with so many dishes. You introduced me to the sheer overlay napkins, and I so love that look! I have some snowflake napkin rings like yours, except mine are sparkly. I got them from amazon.com last year. I think winter tables are lovely! I’m already looking forward to next Thursday. =) I will be in Vail for a girl trip, but will view see it on my phone from CO. Keep warm; we’re sending you some cold weather from Memphis soon!

    • Thanks so much, Martha! So the CR stands for Corner Ruby? I always wondered what it was. The C and R kind of overlap. Mary was saying she thought it might be Christopher Radko, so I wasn’t sure. I’ve tried to find that CR hallmark online but haven’t been able to.
      I just love all the little details like the holly, berries and the bird.
      Oh, Vail sounds like so much fun, especially this time of year. We used to ski in Breckenridge and one time we made the drive over to Vail to check it out. We went skiing so infrequently, I never got good at it, but it was fun shopping and seeing that part of our country. I’d love to see it in the summer!
      Have an awesome time!

  17. You DO have SO MUCH FUN!!! Really enjoyed!! franki

  18. What a cute table! Love the snowman plate and it looks so cute on the Christmas Village plates. That flatware is so cute- but it looks difficult to hold?? Seeing the sun makes me happy in the winter since it’s so limited! It does make it harder to take pictures though. You did a good job with the pics. I hope your little tree stays healthy!

    • Thanks so much, Liz! That’s the first time I’ve paired those two together, not sure why it took me this long. lol I know, you are so right. Have to enjoy the sunshine days!

  19. So I came across this video on youtube and thought of you and the people who follow you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tll77Vzr9l4 It’s from the Indianapolis Museum of art and it’s titled China in America. I enjoyed it but I’m nerdy that way πŸ˜‰

    • Oh, that’s looks sooo interesting. I was gone all day today, but I’m going to take some time to watch…looked so interesting. Thanks for the link!

  20. Very cute! I two have the snowman mugs! May have to get them out but kitchen already for Valentines Day!!

  21. Gorgeous!

  22. You captured the season perfectly! The tree looks very vibrant and I doubt if I could keep one looking healthy for this long. Have a happy weekend!

  23. So Very Pretty!
    You Are A True Inspiration To Me!
    Thanks So Much!

  24. So pretty! I love the cheerful snowman’s face. Makes me smile πŸ™‚

  25. How gorgeous this table setting for Winter is Susan! I love your snowman plates, the flatware is fabulous and all your attention to detail.
    I hope your new year is off to a great start.
    Thank you for hosting this inspiring party.
    Blessings for 2016.

  26. So beautiful and, as always, your attention to detail is phenomenal!

  27. Table looks great Susan. Love the snowmen. What a nice sunny room to sit in.
    Have a great weekend.

  28. Love the snowman n the plates! The sun is lovely, and the dancing rays and shadows set the scene. I could sit here and drink hot chocolate with you!

  29. That flatware is the perfect touch. Seeing it next to the snowman plate shouts snowman arms! If it comes with soup spoons, you might have to serve a course of carrot soup πŸ™‚

  30. I love the looks of the napkin sheers but am wondering what do your guests do with them when seated with the napkin in their lap?

  31. Hi Susan! I’ve just discovered your blog and I love it. I get a bit obsessed with Christmas and love to decorate the house too. I live in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, Australia, and our Christmases are always balmy. I still love the snowy Christmas theme and decorations though, even if I only get to experience it on our occasional Christmas trips to Canada. Can’t wait to see more of your fabulous Christmas decorating

    • Thanks so much, Susan! One good thing about your Christmases, when you’re a kid and get a new bike for Christmas, at least you’re not freezing your buns off when you ride it. lol I always hated that growing up, I’d get a bike for Christmas and be dying to ride it and it would be FREEZING outside! πŸ™‚

      • True. Our Christmas mornings as kids were always spent riding up and down the street with the neighbourhood kids in the summer heat. Now our Christmas festivities are sprinkled with outdoor fairy lights, Australian Christmas bush and lots of chilled bubbly in the garden. I’ve just moved into a 1902 mountains home with a little porch (we call it a verandah) and I’m already looking at it with fresh eyes after reading your blog! Can’t wait to decorate it for Christmas – I’m thinking big tubs of poinsettias, fairy lights and lots of greenery πŸ™‚

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