Hear the Beautiful Bells of Santa Maria Assunta in Positano, Italy

Now that the holidays are behind us and I have a bit more time, I’m starting to go through all the photos I took while traveling this past fall to Africa, Italy and Mexico. I took a lot so it’s taking a while to go through them and choose the best to share.

I also shot a little video along the way so I’ll be mixing those into each post as I share the beauty of these amazing places. I can’t wait to share the fascinating animals we saw in Africa, the gorgeous architecture and beauty of Italy and the Amalfi Coast and the Mayan Ruins on the Yucatan Peninsula. If you follow Between Naps On the Porch on Instagram HERE, you’ve seen some short snippets of video.

The day we visited Positano, located on the Amalfi Coast of Compania, we only had about an hour to explore this wonderful place. I would gladly go back and spend several days there, so an hour was definitely not enough. On Monday I’ll share what it was like to be down there on that beach looking up at the homes and villas that feel as if they were carved right out of the hills.

I took this photo as I climbed, climbed, climbed the streets to reach our meeting spot. I ended up going higher than I needed, but I think it was meant to be since it let me capture the view of the Positano coast on this cloudy, rainy day.

Positano, Italy Overlooking Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta Church and the Amalfi Coast


As I climbed the winding, narrow paths up, I came across so many beautiful doors. Occasionally I stopped to take a photo. I wanted to photograph a lot more than I did but I knew I’d be late meeting back up with our group if I kept stopping. Hope you enjoy the ones I did capture and the video you’ll find at the end of this post.

La Scalinatella in Positano Italy


La Scalinatella Villa in Positano, Italy



Colorful Blue Door of Positano, Italy


Beautiful Paneled Door in Positano, Italy


Lantern Beside Door, Positano, Italy


Colorful Green Door of Positano, Italy


Paneled Wood Door in Positano, Italy


Wish I could have explored every nook and cranny of this beautiful hillside town.

Colorful Doors of Positano, Italy


I’ll share more of this beautiful place on Monday, along with some additional video.

Positano, Italy Overlooking Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta Church and the Amalfi Coast


In the meantime I thought you might enjoy hearing the bells of Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta. I was so surprised and thrilled as I climbed the stairs and suddenly the air was filled with the sound of beautiful bells ringing out. Hope you enjoy!

Pssst: Once the video is playing, click on the You Tube logo to watch it in a larger format at You Tube.


Remember the boots I shared a while back, the ones I wore on many of the rainy days in Italy? In the photo below, I’m wearing them on the beach in Positano. I noticed last night, they are now on sale here: Plaid Rain Boots. I’ve enjoyed them so much this fall and winter, I’m super tempted to buy another pair in a second color.

Sperry Plaid Rain Boots


Have a great weekend, see you on Monday for Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. This is very pretty. Love the doors but so odd not have a door knob. Isn’t that really different ? Thanks for sharing !

    • Good point! I guess they unlock them and then use that center handle that I see on some of them, to pull them open. I bet those are some heavy doors, too!

  2. Reminds me of The Bells of St. Mary movie from my childhood. Nostalgia. The homes breathe of charm but up close and personal, I would be very nervous over the outside wiring. I guess I am a bit too practical. The doors reflect the persons within I imagine. Beautiful. N. from Tenn.

  3. How could they ever drop you all off in such a captivating place and give you just an hour? So cruel! The bells are so clear. Good job capturing them. I got a bell suprise in Austria one Sunday. Village churches let loose and they echoed throught the valley.

  4. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    Slightly off topic–Do you know that Frances Mayes is the 2016 Writer in Residence for Victoria Magazine?

    • No, did not know that. Interesting! Wonder what a “Writer in Residence” does? Maybe write a monthly article? I’ll have to pick up an issue…love her style of writing.

  5. Just gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing. I want to go to Positano someday. Positano and the Cotswolds are both on my dream travel itinerary.

  6. Ah the doors of Italy! I too have many pics of beautiful doors and gardens.
    Will go back again someday, for sure…k

  7. Linda Palmer says

    Enjoyed your photos so much. Interesting to see the green door because I’m thinking about painting window sashes that color instead of the very very dark green recommended to me. So that was fun to see. Our house will be painted golden-yellow with cream porch posts and trim. It’s hard to imagine seeing a hillside town like this in real life–it looks so story-book like. I look forward to seeing your next “batch” of photos!

  8. We spent the entire day on the Amalfi Coast…loved it and would love to go back. We had our own personal driver, Luigi….Positano was so beautiful but most of Italy was. Thanks for reminding me!

  9. Positano is positively the most incredible place…our Amalfie Coast trip was the best ever. Luv’d the bells!! franki

  10. It is just awesome!!! Love the doors…thanks so much for sharing..Your boots are great!!

  11. Such an interesting place! Would love to be there with a camera!

  12. My father’s family is from the Amalfi region; a little fishing village named Pisciotti. I love visiting Positano and hiking over to Ravenna. The doorways always capture my imagination too. Thank you for bringing me back!

  13. Kathy Miller says

    L oved the photo of the town from above. The Hotel California is visible which reminded me of happy times spent there . Lucky me, I have visited twice and hope to return.

  14. Susan,

    Keep sharing! Love your travel posts. Four years ago we left on Christmas Day to head to Italy for a few days of traveling before heading to Positano for a week. We stayed up in Nocelle in a little B&B. It was amazing to be able to celebrate Christmas and NYE with this tiny town. They were so welcoming and the joy of being there was the reduced crowd. We spent our days in Positano and surrounding towns getting to know people.

    We leave for Venice in 8 days…can’t wait.

    • Thanks, Jojo! Oh, that would be so much fun, to experience Positano at Christmastime! I just put up a post about Positano today. 🙂 Have fun in Venice! I’ve never been there but would love to go!

  15. Beautiful as it was, imagine what that view would’ve been like had the sun been shining….and the architecture leaves us wallowing in our modern, throwaway existence here in the states {sigh}. Thanks for sharing.

    • I know, I wonder. Sometimes it can be too bright outdoors for photos. I’ve read that overcast days are best for photographing outside for that reason. But I still would have liked a bit more sunshine. The ones I’ll share on Monday from down on the beach are better, I think. I so agree, Rita! I don’t see a lot of the homes that are being built today lasting hundreds of years.

  16. Kathy Miller says

    It is the yellow one with the orange roof. The owners were Italian born but had lived in Brooklyn for a couple of decades then returned to Positano to run the hotel. Looking forward to Monday’s post.

  17. Jane Franks says

    Hi Susan:

    Amazing doors and view! Love the bells! Also love your boots! I have an old pair of LL Bean with plaid lining, very similar! Love love those boots!! I’ll have to keep watching Sperry. Sadly, they don’t have my size in the plaid, but may have others on sale sometime! Thanks for the tip!

    Btw, different subject! Your tip about fuses and Christmas tree lights paid off for me this year and I saved some strings, also finally found the solution in my New England Village bulb that wouldn’t work. They have fuses in the plug, too! Voila!! I never paid attention to all that stuff on the plugs before! Thanks!!

  18. Those photos of Positano are breathtaking! What an incredible time you must have had! I visited there in 1995 while we were staying in Sorrento. I remember how scary it was to drive those insane cliff-side roads! If you get a chance, watch the movie, Only You with Robert Downey, Jr and Morisa Tomei. It was filmed on location in Positano and all over Italy so its really fun to watch – plus it’s an adorable film. Thanks for sharing your photos!
    Ciao! Shelley

  19. Marlene Stephenson says

    I can just imagine the joy of seeing this and hearing those bells. There is so much history it gives me goose bumps!!

  20. Love your post and the sharing of all your trips. I was in Positano, Italy in 2005 and loved it. I bought some beautiful pottery and had it shipped home. Would love to go back again someday.

  21. bobbi duncan says

    Oh, what beautiful doors, and those metal mail boxes are divine! Thank you for sharing …hope I’ll get to visit Italy and see where my Dad’s side of the family comes from. The bells were a great touch…almost felt like I was standing there along with you. Can’t wait to see more!

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