A Christmas Tablescape on the Porch

Welcome to the 222nd Tablescape Thursday!

Here we are, on the porch in December!  This is the very first tablescape I’ve ever created on the porch during the month of December.  With temps in the 70’s, I couldn’t resist.  Seems a little strange having a bottle tree in view while gazing at a Christmas table setting.

Christmas Tablescape with Mercury-Glass Christmas Trees and Deer Head Centerpiece


This regal-looking guy was the inspiration for this weeks tablescape.  I spotted him in Hobby Lobby a month or two ago.  I actually remember seeing him in HL last year but he was covered in the gaudiest, fake ice/snow/glitter stuff you’ve ever seen.  It was so awful, it doesn’t even deserve the title of “faux” snow.  No, this stuff was FAKE.

I should have taken a “before” pic of him.  Imagine taking clear plastic, cutting it into a gazillion teeny, tiny squares and sticking it all over him.  He didn’t sell last year and was marked down to $6 this year.  I decided I would try to de-snow him.  It took three sessions working on him, but I was able to get it all off.  Underneath was a very handsome fellow.  He looks rather proud and content now, the center of attention in this wintry, Christmas setting.

Christmas Tablescape with Mercury-Glass Christmas Trees and Deer Head Centerpiece


Come a bit closer and check out the centerpiece.

Christmas Tablescape with Mercury-Glass Christmas Trees and Deer Head Centerpiece


I gathered magnolia and holly from the yard for this weeks table setting.

Christmas Tablescape with Mercury-Glass Christmas Trees and Deer Head Centerpiece


You may remember the mercury-glass Christmas trees from this past Christmas table setting below.  I just realized, I used the same Noritake dishware in that setting, too.  The pattern is Crestwood Platinum and it looks beautiful paired with mercury-glass decor.

Christmas Tablescape Table Setting with Mercury-glass and Cedar Centerpiece


I placed our regal reindeer atop a small white cake pedestal to give him some additional height.  Mr. Reindeer, and the base are surroundrf in holly.  I was so excited to see the holly bush/tree has berries this year.

Christmas Tablescape with Magnolia and Holly and a Deer Head Centerpiece


Wish you could have seen this pitiful guy when he was buried under the worst fake glitter ever.  I love the acorns and acorn leaves that are part of his design.

Christmas Tablescape with Mercury-Glass Christmas Trees and Deer Head Centerpiece


I can see using him around the house in little Christmas vignettes, perhaps on a mantle…so many possibilities.

Christmas Tablescape with Mercury-Glass Christmas Trees and Deer Head Centerpiece


The tablescape was finished but it seemed to need something.  A single mercury-glass ball ornament was that final missing piece.

Christmas Tablescape with Mercury-Glass Christmas Trees and Deer Head Centerpiece


I love mixing elements you wouldn’t always expect…like plaid napkins with dressy sheer napkin sheaths.

Christmas Tablescape with Mercury-Glass Christmas Trees and Deer Head Centerpiece


A view of Crestwood platinum, simple and oh, so elegant.

Christmas Tablescape with Mercury-Glass Christmas Trees and Deer Head Centerpiece


I’ve had these reindeer napkin rings for a few years and they worked well with our reindeer centerpiece.

Christmas Tablescape with Mercury-Glass Christmas Trees and Deer Head Centerpiece


Holly glasses work well with our holly centerpiece.  These were previously used in these table settings:  A Tablescaping Story and Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Christmas Tablescape with Mercury-Glass Christmas Trees and Deer Head Centerpiece


Merry Christmas, dear friends!

Christmas Tablescape with Mercury-Glass Christmas Trees and Deer Head Centerpiece


Looking forward to the tablescapes posted for this Tablescape Thursday!


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  1. He is cute Susan! Glad you de-iced him! Thanks for hosting each week.

  2. Thank you for hosting, have a wonderful week!

  3. Love it♥ I love the sheer fabric over the napkins.


  4. Susan, your guy looks very regal. I think you found a hidden jewel! Love the look of the sheers over the tartan napkins. This is a lovely porch table setting. 😉
    Happy Holidays…………Sarah

  5. Lovely table! My favorite part are the napkins and napkin rings! Glad you rescued that deer from the fake snow!!!

  6. Une très jolie publication… J’aime beaucoup votre table festive… Une atmosphère de noël qui me plaît énormément.

    Gros bisous.

  7. Susan,
    Your tables are LOVELY!
    Always enjoy seeing what you’re sharing with us.
    Embracing the ideas.
    God Bless and may you have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!
    d on the kansas prairie

  8. Beautiful table Susan! I sure hope it cools off here too so it seems more Christmasy. Thanks for hosting!

  9. Very cute! The magnolia definitely reminds me of the South. Wishing it was 70 here!

  10. We are using our porch lots these days and I love being able to do that. Our table is no where near as lovely as yours, but it does have touches of the holiday season.

  11. The reindeer is lovely. A perfect setting.

  12. Beautiful centerpiece, Susan. I love the reindeer head and the mercury Christmas trees….Christine

  13. Love the tablescape. I never would have thought to de-ice the reindeer head. How did you do it?
    Now that we have a Hobby Lobby withing reasonable driving distance – 30 min – I’ll make it a point to go after Christmas for some special ‘calling my name’ items that are on clearance, like your reindeer head!

    • At first I just rubbed it off with my fingers but some was stuck on so tightly, I ended up using a pointed fingernail file to get up under it. It took a long time…probably an hour or two, but well worth it since he looked so much better afterwards. HL has some fun things…you’ll enjoy shopping there!

  14. I love this tablescape, the centerpiece is so beautiful and the napkins are simply gorgeous. Thanks for hosting.


  15. What a lovely table! Thanks for hosting.

  16. So simple and pretty! Love the natural elements mixed with the silver trees and beautiful china place settings. Your deer looks proud indeed, he is fabulous! I have sworn off Hobby Lobby until next spring, they lure me into over buying with all that 50% off stuff! Thanks for sharing so many beautiful tables.

  17. Well, Mr. Reindeer sure looks pretty now. He’s probably even sighing with relief. This is such a pretty table, and I love those reindeer napkin rings. Thanks for being such a good hostess every week. laurie

  18. I love how he looks! I think the whole table setting is wonderful with the plaid napkins and trees. That stag is amazing that you thought to de-ice him!

  19. Ann s Mindicino says

    Susan, You never stop amazing me. Being a New Yorker I always feel Christmas in warm climates looks “out of place”. However the porch looks amazing and is reminiscent of one of the picturesque winter scenes even though you admitted it’s so warm. Just beautiful. If you photoshopped the outside with a little snow it could be a great greeting card. People still send them which is nice.

    • Ann, maybe all the white on the porch helps it for a winter setting. I took all the sheers down a couple of days ago and gave ’em a good washing. I think I’ll leave them off this winter and put them back up in the Spring.

  20. Well aren’t you the smart one! That deer head looks fabulous and it’s hard to imagine him smothered with the cheap faux finish he had! I like the ornamte detail below his head. Your dishes to pair perfectly with the mercury glas trees and those reindeer napkin rings are cute! How nice your holly produced the berries and you were able to use them for your tablescape! Your centerpiece looks great with the deer head and I bet he’ll fit in for another showing next fall!

    • Thanks so much, Liz! I can’t wait to move him around a bit and see where he fits in. Do you have an HL in your area? I may hit another location today to see if I can find one more, although that would take a miracle. lol Happy Holiday, sweet friend!

  21. Another wonderful example of how a table can be handily changed with just a few carefully considered tweaks! Very pretty and, even though it contains several elements from the previous table, it has its own unique look and personality. I don’t remember the reindeer head at Hobby Lobby last year, but the way you describe him sounds like the way a lot of their stuff has been in recent months. I hope their buyers wake up soon. It’s no fun to buy something and then have to spend hours making it “right!” Have a good weekend!

  22. So pretty, Susan! Another master piece to add to your book, girl.

  23. Debra Taylor says

    This looks something that I would do, also, Susan. I also use magnolia and holly every holiday season. Don’t you just love Hobby Lobby?! Beautiful! Loving the reindeer!

  24. I wish I had a porch like yours…I dream of owning a spot where you can enjoy the seasons. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us! Dianntha

  25. Love this table. I am setting one outside this week, too. And we might even eat outside. It’s really been that warm. I wish I had seen that reindeer at HL.. I must go look and see how atrocious he looks. Love love the whites of the table. You are so lucky to have magnolia leaves with which to decorate! Love the silver trees.. thanks so much for hosting.. xo marlis

  26. Again, looks lovely SusAn !! I must say my holly bush is loaded with berries also! The funny thing is when I first planted it years ago, I thought why am I not getting berries??!!?? Well dah I didn’t know I needed a male and a female plant to make berries !! Know I Know !!

    Have a blessed day!

  27. Oh, Susan,
    swollen with pride is Mr. Reindeer looking up to the sky because he knows HE is the king on that beautiful table! Ha!
    (But, hey, who is that cutie on the swing chair? lol)
    ~Hugs to you~

  28. I always look forward to your Thursday Tablescapes. This was not a disappoint either. You have an excellent eye for decorating and a great inspiration to me. Thank you Susan for doing this. I do have one question, do you keep your tables decorated all the time?

    • Thanks, Margo. Appreciate that so much! To answer your question…not intentionally,but since TT is once a week, it seems like a table is almost always underway somewhere. I may start on a table, but if it seems like something is missing or it just doesn’t look how I want it to, it may be there for a few days until I get back to it and have time or good lighting to take the pics. Occasionally, I will leave one set for a few days because I love it and hate to take it apart. That was the case with the recent woodland setting. I kept it up until the magnolia began to look a bit curled. I hated to take that one down. I may recreate it for a dinner party I have coming up on the 16th.

  29. Barbara (WA) says

    I am in love with the trees and had previously pinned your dining room photo for inspiration. I think I’m too late to find any this year but they are on my wish list! I think it is so cool that you rescued that reindeer ~ can’t imagine the before but it sounds horrid. Great vision for what he could be!

    • Thanks, Barbara! I saw them in Pottery Barn earlier in the season…maybe they still have some. I’ve also seen them in Marshalls, HomeGoods and TJ Max. Hope you can find some!

  30. Susan, I love the napkin holders, so sweet, but you know my feelings on deer heads!! 🙂
    I also love the tartan covered with the lighter napkins. Very beautiful.
    Thank you for hosting.

  31. Such a lovely tablescape. I haven’t put one together yet this year, but I’m getting lots of ideas here!

  32. I almost bought that beautiful deer head at Hobby Lobby this year, but by time I actually went back to get it…they were all gone…Before December!

  33. Donnie Mills says

    Your tablescapes are always amazing… I so look forward to Thursdays. My husband even knows the word tablescape now… I have not seen the goblets like these in the Spode Christmas Tree pattern… they look much like Pfaltzgraff Winterberry, but lovely with your reindeer scape. He is lucky to have found his way to your home.

    • Donnie, Thanks! You’re right about the stemware. I was trying to copy that info over from a previous post and I must have grabbed the wrong line. Glad you mentioned it. I’ll change it in the post.

  34. Hi Susan,
    Nice job on de-snowing the deer head. Looks great. Merry Christmas.

  35. Simple tweak is the best, Susan… You always give me the drooling mood and you never ending inspiration teaches me so much.

    TY for hosting and hope you have a great w/end.

    Greetings from a very snowing Stockholm,

  36. Love those napkins and napkin rings, and the glasses and that single lovely ornament. Oh – and those trees 🙂 HO HO HO

  37. LOL. Susan, I hope no one bought that deer in its previous state! 🙂
    Your table is lovely and I envy you being able to set it outside!
    Thanks so much for hosting!
    This NYer still does not get the concept of a bottle tree! 🙂

  38. Linda Page says

    I love, love, love the deer napkin rings. That is such a surprising touch to the setting. I love the unglittered deer. He is very regal looking and you tablescape is a perfect setting for him. I am sure he is very happy now that you rescued him.

  39. Hi!
    I kind of think a tablescape on the porch in December is awesome. I’m jealous! My mom has a new beautiful four seasons room she asked me to help her with for Christmas dinner. This post got me pretty excited for that!

    This is my first time linking up!


  40. Your table looks beautiful! I LOVE that deer and am so glad you had the patience to work on him and make him look GOOD!!!!. I have never been able to find napkin sheaths, and I love them. The mercury glass is the perfect accent with your beautiful dishes. Thanks so much for hosting, I finally have a table to share!!! XO, Pinky

  41. You have a great deal of perseverance…and the results with your reindeer are spectacular. It was 70* here today…glorious weather…supposed to snow on Monday. Ah, life on the prairie. The leaves and berries gave just the perfect weight to your centerpiece, and I really like the goblets. Christmas al fresco…who knew! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Have a happy Christmas season. Cherry Kay

  42. LOVE Mr. Reindeer & what a wonderful bargain you were able to snatch up! Actually, I love your entire table setting from the china to the plaid napkins (OHHHH!! I want some!!) to the mercury glass trees & ornament. Gorgeous! It’s hard to believe while looking at the table setting how warm it was when you photographed everything. There’s something about silver & mercury glass that says “cold” to me & I think the temps look to be about 4oish, LOL. The magnolia leaves & holly branches with berries add just the right organic mix to your table setting. Thanks for some great ideas!

  43. King Richard! I love my sterling flatware in that pattern. You don’t see it too often. Love being able to see it in a table setting. Lovely as usual!

  44. Grogeous tablescape, Susan! I love the reindeer, and your silverware is just gorgeous.

  45. Hi Susan,
    lovely tablescape as always. Especially the tartan napkins and the napkin rings are fantastic. The whole setting is really beautiful.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  46. Beautiful table down to every detail! I can’t believe you de-glittered that deer head — that’s dedication to a craft! It was totally worth it, he, and everything else, is beautiful!

  47. Visited & liked Noritake’s FB page!

    PS- LOVE your reindeer napkin rings!

  48. I certainly don’t have the creativity to create a table like that, but I’m so glad you share so we can enjoy!

  49. I just want to say, again, how much I love your table scapes. I have started my own little collection of tableware and aspire to have tables as beautiful as yours some day. Thanks for the inspiration!

  50. That stag head is awesome. A shame you didn’t get a before pic; that must’ve been quite the transformation. What an eye to suspect something so regal lurking under the glitter stuff. He looks carved from wood.

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