One Dish, Many Celebrations

Welcome to the 478th Tablescape Thursday!

Hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends this week. I’m away enjoying visiting with family, so don’t have a table to share, but I have something table related that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Recently I purchased something as a Christmas gift for a family member and loved it so much, I purchased one for myself, as well. You may remember when I shared discovering Nora Fleming serving dishes and the adorable “mini” or charms that can be used to adorn the servers for holidays or special celebrations.

I was surprised when I ordered several of the minis, how much bigger they are in person that they had looked online. Today I’m sharing many of the ones I purchased as a gift along with some I’ve collected to use in future table settings and when entertaining.

You’ll find all the minis/charms shown below available here: Nora Fleming Mini/Charm. Platters, pedestals and other servers can be found here: Serving Dishes.

As a Christmas gift, I purchased a large platter, thinking it would be the most versatile for entertaining. Notice the small hole along the rim, that’s the secret to what makes these serving pieces so special.Nora Fleming Platter for Mini

For myself, I went with the Nora Fleming pedestal, thinking it would be fun to use as part of a centerpiece in future tablescapes. I plan to add additional platters/serving pieces in the future, love how the adorable minis look decorating each serving piece.

For Thanksgiving, there’s a cute Turkey…

Nora Fleming Mini, Turkey


Pretty obsessed over the woody car bringing home the tree–I know that comes as a big surprise. πŸ˜‰

Nora Fleming Mini, Woody Car with Christmas Tree


As I collect additional serving pieces, I’ll be able to use some of the other Christmas holiday minis like the Christmas tree. It’s not showing up in the picture, but the tree is covered in little gold stars, my photo doesn’t do it justice.

Nora Fleming Mini, Christmas Tree


Love the snowman for winter parties, would also work for Christmas and New Years gatherings.

Nora Fleming Mini, Snowman


There are several to choose from for Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Nora Fleming Mini, Hearts, Valentine's Day


Loved the heart, too!

Nora Fleming Mini, Red Heart for Valentine's Day


There’s a Leprechaun hat for St. Patrick’s Day.

Nora Fleming Mini, St. Patricks Day, Leprechaun Hat


I purchased the sheep for my St. Patrick’s Day table because it reminded me of the sheep herding demonstration I saw during my trip to Ireland. Check out BetweenNapsOnThePorch on Instagram to see a video I posted there. It’s was so amazing to see how the dogs keep the sheep from straying too far.

Nora Fleming Mini, Sheep


The bee mini will look great with my bee glassware and bee flatware in a future springtime table setting.

Nora Fleming Mini, Bee


A grill is perfect for grilling out during the summer months. I can see it decorating a platter of hamburgers fresh off the grill.

Nora Fleming Mini, Grill


The flag will be perfect for all the patriotic holidays, including the 4th of July.

Nora Fleming Mini, Flag


Love the sailboat for summer tables.

Nora Fleming Mini, Sailboat


Couldn’t resist this adorable lighthouse!

Nora Fleming Mini, Lighthouse


The birthday cake will come in handy all throughout the year.

Nora Fleming Mini, Birthday Cake


There’s even a spot to place a small candle. πŸ™‚

Nora Fleming Mini, Birthday Cake with hole for Candle


I collected almost all of the ones shown above to include with the platter I’m giving this Christmas, as well as the football mini below since my family member loves watching football this time of year.

Nora Fleming Mini, Football


Just realized I forgot to photograph the pumpkin mini, it’s super cute for fall/autumn.

These little minis are super addictive! I ordered a couple of the storage cases to give with the platter and minis for Christmas, and a couple of the cases to store the ones I purchased for my collection.

The cases are available here: Storage Box for Minis. Minis/charms shown above are available here: Nora Fleming Mini/Charm. Platters, pedestals and other servers can be found here: Serving Dishes.

Nora Fleming Mini, Keepsake Box


Looking forward to all the beautiful table settings for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Susan! Love the interchangeable mini decorations on the cake plate!

  2. Cyndi Raines says

    Oh my, this really is a darling temptation…will have to add to my Christmas wish list! Thanks for the great idea. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, may you have a blessed day. I am thankful for you and your enjoyable blog, always a delight to read!

  3. The Nora Fleming platters and ornaments are adorable! What a clever idea! I had not seen these before! I love the way you always introduce something stylish and cute with good quality. Happy Thanksgiving, Susan! We are letting Cracker Barrel do the cooking this year! My sister & husband were coming but he is in treatment for an illness (doing well by the way) but must stay near home. So we are postponing that visit until next year! Jane xoxo

  4. On this Thanksgiving Day, may I say I am grateful for you!! I learn of so many interesting things from following you…. the sweet Nora Fleming pieces and the mini charms is only one. Thanks for all you do and share!

  5. That is so cute! I love it for a wedding gift. I think I’m going to have to get several, including one for me. Happy Thanksgiving, Susan!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! We are going to my mother-in-laws place for dinner today. We just moved her back to Illinois from Florida. Her place is now the official place for celebrations! It’s nice that we can all be together. We used to take turns going down to Florida for Thanksgiving!
    I’ve seen the Nora Fleming charms before & thought it’s nice to be able to have one serving platter & just change out the small charms! I love the waving snowman, he’s so cute!

  7. This is a clever idea. I know those on your gift list will appreciate this darling gift. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving, Susan, and enjoy your family visit!!! I love these items and am tempted to put them at the top of my Christmas wish list. Thanks for sharing!! Rosie

  9. I love them. I have one question: Are the serving dishes white or cream?

  10. This is especially good for those with little storage space like apartments, condos, RVs, or cottages πŸ˜‰ Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Happy Thanksgiving, Susan. The Nora Fleming serving pieces and charms are really unique and fun. Thanks for hosting the party.

  12. Thank you for all of your sharing year round!
    Happy Thanksgiving
    P.S. Pier1 has a great candy dish, red truck with a Christmas tree in the bed ~ on sale 25% off!

  13. Those are just so cute! Thanks for sharing, Susan. Happy Thanksgiving!…Christine

  14. OMG!
    Insert a smiling face with heart-eyes here ↔ dear Susan!
    Those minis are sooo cute, I love them all! What a simple but yet smart idea they are!
    And what about those yummy looking cakes?
    Okay, insert a second smiling face with heart-eyes here ↔ too!
    What is the cake on the platter with that Christmas tree charm called?
    It looks heavenly! And I bet it tastes heavenly, too! πŸ™‚
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Susan and your family.
    Sending big hugs from across the pond.

  15. Enjoy your time away from table setting!

  16. Peggy Gregory says

    Happy Thanksgiving Susan. I have a Nora Fleming platter and a mini. My sister introduced me to the Nora Fleming goodies last year. I just ordered 2 platters (one for my sister in law and one for me) and 3 minis (2 Christmas trees and 1 snowflake) from The Lampstand. All platters are on sale for several dollars cheaper than Amazon and the minis are $11.88, just over a dollar savings per mini. If your order $50 the shipping is free. I did order the bee mini from Amazon. It was a good deal more expensive than other minis. Is it a retired pattern? Love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Too, too cute! Love the sheep, grill, tree and woody! I need another dish. Bahahahaha!
    Happy Thanksgiving, Susan! We ran away for a few days and among other places we went, had our Thanksgiving meal in Amish country. Ohmygoodness…..they were lined up at 10am for an 11am opening, so they opened earlier. It was GOOD, and what a way to go!

  18. Happy Thanksgiving, Susan! Hope your day was filled with fun and family! The Nora Fleming pedestal plate is charming — I have never seen such a delectable variety of charming minis!

  19. I love each image with those mini figures for all the holidays in a year, just too adorable ! Thanks for sharing, it is a fun post dear friend. This is gonna make me collect darling little things for each occasion.
    I have about three little ones, but need to get the rest.
    Thank you for hosting today been Thanksgiving and all.
    I hope you are having a wonderful Grace Day.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  20. Whoa, you bought just about all the cutest minis. I like the cake stand idea as well as a platter. It certainly makes entertaining fun.

  21. Hope u had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I think you should send the bee to me, after all it goes perfectly with my queen bee themed favorite things party! Darn, I may have to shop for more tableware now…..

  22. Sherry Stuifbergen says

    Had a great thanksgiving…catching up on my blogs…the “clock” you have in the background of your dish feature, can you give more details? I am looking for a clock. Yours looks like an antique. If not, what is the brand, etc? Thank you for your informative blogs.

    • Thanks, Sherry! I’ve forgotten the maker now but I remember the proprietor of the antique shop where I purchased it many years ago, described it as a French Balloon clock. It chimes on the hour and half hour and will last well over a week before it has to be wound. I’ve always loved it’s hot-air-balloon shape. If you google for antique French Balloon clock, you may be able to find one online.

  23. Happy After Thanksgiving to you and your family, Susan! These Nora Fleming decorations are really sweet! I love little collectibles like this for decorating around our table placesettings. I’ve found little s/p shakers are cute to display, too, so I’ve been picking those up wherever I find some.

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend, and thank you for hosting TT!
    Barb πŸ™‚

  24. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and time spent with your loved ones. Adore the minis and have added them to my Amazon Santa Wish list …. :). Also, thank you for sharing as I’ve never seen them before. -Brenda-
    P.S.: We here in Canada celebrated Thanksgiving on October 9th.

  25. These are just DARLING! Love them! And I need that CAKE RECIPE! WOW! It is a show-stopper! Thanks, Susan!

  26. Yes, I’d like that cake recipe too! πŸ™‚

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