3 Happy Spring Table Settings

Welcome to the 706th Tablescape Thursday!

Last night we had a huge thunderstorm here. Unable to sleep because it was so loud and there was so much lightning, I got back up and was sitting at my desk, reading,  when a super loud, explosive thunderclap/lightning strike happened. Simultaneously, I heard a loud, ear-piercing pop close by. It was so loud, it sounded like a firecracker had gone off a few feet from me. Immediately afterward I started smelling a burning smell.

It took me a few minutes to figure out what had happened but I’m pretty sure the burning smell was from my modem because it will no longer turn on. It had been working fine before the huge thunder/lightning strike and now it is totally dead.  So I am writing this post this morning using my phone. I’ll be off to Comcast today, modem in hand, and hopefully will have working internet again later today.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy and find inspiration in these three previous spring/Easter table settings. Happy spring!

(Click the title/link for each table below to view that tablescape in more detail.)

Spring Bunnies for Easter.

Bunny Planters for Spring Table



Spring Bunny Table Setting


Spring Easter Table Setting with Spode Emma’s Garland.



Wisteria for a Spring Easter Table Setting.

Wisteria for Easter Centerpiece, Spring Table Setting


Bunny with Pink Mercury Glass Egg


Looking forward to all the beautiful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Oh those are all beautiful tables Susan – I so love the wisteria one! Good luck with your modem, and thanks so much for hosting, as always!

    • Thanks so much, Barbara! I think I missed the wisteria blooming here this year, don’t ever remember seeing it blooming unless it just hasn’t occurred yet. I hope it didn’t happen during the 10 days I was in Ohio, I love seeing it and smelling it!

  2. Wow – Good job transferring and publishing on your phone! Is it your new fancy one? We are visiting CA this week and missing all the big storms in Charlotte. Do you have a surge protector on your house or equipment? You will now!!

    • It has been a crazy week so fortunately I already had those pictures loaded into the post and was just going to write it this morning. I’m glad I had that much of the post already done. Everything in my entire home that’s electronic is plugged into surge protectors, the expensive kind, not the cheapo ones. The last time this happened which was only about a year or so ago, the technician who came out from Comcast said that the cable wasn’t grounded. She commented that she was going to make a report on it and that the last person who had been out to my home would get into trouble because they are supposed to always check and verify that the cable is grounded where it comes into the home. She said that will get a cable technician fired. She said that she grounded it herself where it comes into my home. So I have no idea how lightning or surge or whatever it was took out the modem this time since she claimed it was grounded. I’m just glad it didn’t take out my computer that I just had built last year. It’s probably time to replace some of the surge protectors because they are only good for x number of surges. Mine are pretty new but after this last strike, I’ll probably replace them just to make sure that they are still functioning properly. A lot of people think surge protectors last forever and they do not. They are like sponges and can only take so many surges before they quit functioning.

    • Oh, and I am using my new phone now. I had a crazy wild time getting that connected and up and running this week, spent two and a half hours in a Verizon store, but it is working now and so far I really like it.

    • Thanks, Lin! Yes, I created the post on my new phone. I’m really enjoying it! I do have surge protectors for everything and the modem was plugged into it, but the guy at Comcast told me that the modems are extremely sensitive and that anything will take them out. He says it happens all the time and yesterday when I took mine in, he said that people had been coming in all day long with broken modems because of the storms last night. He gave me a new one and I got it connected and up and running yesterday. I may look into a whole house surge protector but the article I read about those yesterday was a little discouraging because it said that even those will not fully protect everything in the house but that it can help. They are also pretty expensive running about $500 which I think includes installation. I’m glad you missed the storms!

  3. I love all your spring tables Susan. I’ve wondered about Wisteria in an arrangement myself. We have some in the backyard and I am always tempted but you reinforced what I always imagined would happen. Nonetheless it looked beautiful on your table. XO- MaryJo

    • It is beautiful, but I totally understand why you never see it in arrangements now. I was lucky to even be able to get it home and set the table and get the pictures taken before it completely wilted. It does not like being picked! Lol

  4. Wow. I hope nothing else is damaged. We replaced our surge protectors last year after I read an article about them only lasting for a certain period of time. I don’t think they will protect things anyway if you get a direct hit. We had lightning all around us last night, but nothing close by. I think most of the bad stuff was to the south of us. Good luck dealing with Comcast

    • So far it appears to be the garage door opener…it will open but not close, the speakers that I use with my office computer and the modem. I’ve replaced the modem and the speakers and the garage door is supposed to be repaired tomorrow. Georgia is one of the worst states for lightning. 🙁 Glad you guys were okay, Pam!

  5. Susan, your tables are beautiful! I’ve never grown wisteria, but I wish I had some after seeing your table. I think it was well worth the effort to bring it home, even if it did wilt right after you took the photo. Hope you’re able to get your modem sorted out quickly – the smoke smell sounds a little scary. Technology can be so frustrating…maybe that’s why tablescapes are so appealing, beautiful and low tech.

    • The smoke smell did freak me out a bit. I’ve heard of so many fires starting in attics from lightning strikes. Fortunately, the smell was only coming from the modem, although I did loose the speakers I had connected to my computer. I know, I was just thinking about that today. I just went through a nightmare getting all my data from one phone transferred over to my new phone. Made me wish for the days when a phone was just a phone and not a minicomputer. But I sure would miss the internet access if I went back to a regular mobile phone and ditched having a smart phone.

  6. Can you comment on your new Verizon phone. I need to upgrade my Verizon phone. I am so confused as to what to purchase. Thanks

    • Sure! I had a Samsung Note 8 and have been thinking about upgrading for a while because the cameras just get better and better. I checked on purchasing one in December but then found out that the s22 was coming out in February so I decided to wait. I ended up going with the Samsung Galaxy s22 ultra purchasing it about a month ago. It took a full month to get it. So far, I absolutely love it! It’s a large phone but so is my Note 8. I like large phones but not everyone would want one that big probably. I think it does come in a more slender size for people who don’t like the bigger phones. I’ve taken a few photos with it and they look amazing. The zoom is absolutely out of this world and super easy to use. So I would not hesitate to take this phone on a trip, in fact I might use it as my only camera when traveling because the zoom is that incredible!

  7. So sorry for your sleepless night & so glad if the modem is the only casualty of your lightning strike. As always, your tables are such a delight to look at. The first one with the bunnies’ baskets holding Angelonia plants is just ADORABLE! I want to just sit there & soak in the springtime! Best of luck @ Comcast!

    • Thanks, MerriJo! So far I lost the modem, my speakers that were connected to the computer and the garage door opener doesn’t work correctly now. Hopefully, that’s everything.
      Thanks, I am so ready for some spring tables and something fun and light hearted!

  8. Oh my goodness – I’m so glad you’re okay! These storms sweeping the South are dreadful. I’m in a Southeast coast state and there’s a tornado watch while I’m writing this. It sounds like you may have had a power surge and I hope it didn’t affect any of your other electronics. Wishing you speedy resolution of the modem issue!

    • They are! I hope all went well, Ann and you didn’t suffer any damage.
      So far, it appears I lost the modem, the speakers that were connected to the computer and the garage door opener doesn’t work correctly now. I haven’t noticed anything else…at least not yet.
      Thanks! I have a new modem and new speakers and the garage door is supposed to be repaired tomorrow.

  9. Oh my Susan, so happy that there wasn’t a fire and that you are ok! We had storms too, came up from down your way. Thankfully no lightening strikes here! That must have been a bit scary for you, especially smelling that burning smell, very worrisome! Love these gorgeous Easter table settings, they are all so beautiful that I can’t even pick a favorite one! Hugs, Brenda

    • I know, very lucky that it was just the modem or maybe my computer speakers that I was smelling since those died in the strike, too…along with my garage door opener.
      Thanks, Brenda! The pollen is knee deep on the porch right now! lol Gonna require a lot of cleaning before I can set a table out there.

  10. Your tables are gorgeous, Susan. I love your back porch. Something similar to your modem going out happened to me last year, except I thought it was a gun! Mine turned out to be the cooling fan within my tower. Thankfully, Best Buy geek squad fixed it in a day.

    • I can believe it! It sounded like a gun when it went off. I thought lightning had struck the back of my home where the office is because it was so close…but I think it was modem being destroyed…well that and the speakers that were attached to my computer that no longer work.
      I need to remember that…I always forget about the Geek Squad. Did they come to your home or did you take it into them?

  11. Thank You for sharing your lovely display.
    Marilyn,Joan and Marion

  12. I must say as a new visitor to your blog … I think only a couple of weeks ago, I just love all the whole blog. However today I noticed something… I have been searching and searching for a picture that I had saved for several years but lost when I lost my phone. It was a picture of a big standing bunny on a table. I was under the impression it was green. I have spent hours scouring the internet looking for such a bunny to no avail. I would not let the internet defeat me…. so I searched tablescapes from 2013 and your Miss Bunny showed up!!! This is the picture!! Words cannot describe how happy I am, yet I can’t find this anywhere in a store. Any idea where I might find a big Miss Bunny? Keep up the fabulous blog! I just love it!!

    • Thanks, Kelly! Glad you found it again! Is the bunny you’re talking about the white bunny in this post that’s holding the mercury glass egg?

      The white bunnies in this post (there are actually two on the table in this setting) were from Marshalls, I believe. It’s so hit and miss with Marshalls, you never know what they will have in stock. I haven’t seen them again when I’ve been shopping there, but both Marshalls and HomeGoods get bunnies in almost every year…just not exactly like these. Pottery Barn often has white bunnies in around this time of year, too. You may want to check eBay but I’m afraid it will be tough to find them now since it’s been so long ago that I purchased them.

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