A Spooky but Elegant Halloween Table Setting with a Count Dracula Vampire Theme

Welcome to the 527th Tablescape Thursday!

Well, I did it again…got sick on a trip overseas. The last couple of days in Egypt, I felt like I was coming down with a bad cold. I spiked a high fever during the flight home and that has continued. It’s been 102 all night. I’m going to try and see a doctor today. I sure hope I don’t have a massive fall-out of hair like happened last time I ran a high fever.

Now for the fun stuff! Recently, Norma, who lives in the lovely country of France, emailed over some pictures of the table she created for a fun Halloween dinner party with friends.

Halloween Table Setting in Red, Black and White


It has just the right amount of spooky going on…love the red roses centerpiece!

As guests arrived, Norma was playing Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor to set the perfect atmosphere for this Halloween dinner party.

Rustic Antique Candelabras for Halloween Table Centerpiece


I asked Norma about the beautiful candelabras and if they were antiques. She said, “Yes, they are 19th-centuryFrench iron ones, circa 1880. When I was an antique dealer, I bought them from a fellow dealer. I think I paid about 110 pounds (don’t know what that is in dollars) about 20 years ago.”

They are amazing! I love them!

Halloween Tablescape, Table Setting Ideas


I asked Norma what her inspiration was for this elegant Halloween table. She said, “I love vampire movies with stars like Vincent Price, Christopher Lee and Louis Jourdan. I think the table setting in the Louis Jourdan film version of Dracula was my inspiration for this table.
Although in the film the plates, dishes and goblets were solid gold. I could not match that!”

Table Setting for Halloween Dinner Party


Norma said, “I also made Paprika Hendl (a chicken dish) which is mentioned in the book by Bram Stoker, so I tried to make much of the food authentic too. I even wrote the menu in Romanian!” Unfortunately, Norma no longer has the menu…would love to have seen that!

Halloween Labels for Wine Bottle, Halloween Decoration


Thanks so much to Norma for sharing this wonderful Halloween table with me so I could share it with you for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Rustic Antique Candelabras for Halloween Table Centerpiece


Looking forward to the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Oh no, I am so sorry you are sick. See a doctor immediately! I am always so impressed with your energy, slow down a bit girl!! I have enjoyed your photos on Instagram of your trip. I know you are going to have some interesting posts. I am not much of a traveler. so I live vicariously through your trips!! Take care!!

  2. Thanks for the spooky fun Susan, black and red is indeed eerie! So sorry you got sick AGAIN, take care!

  3. I really like this table, it’s so elegant! I especially like the candelabras. So nice, thanks for sharing, Susan.

    Sorry you got sick, hope you’re feeling better soon!

  4. That is one seriously beautiful table! Re you getting sick again. I think on any future trips you better take a lot of zinc, emergen-C and any other immune boosters available. Don’t let it stop you from traveling but maybe only do it in the summer months. And do get to the doctor today. Hope you feel better!

    PS. Got my flights booked for London August 19-September 12 and got the flights and seats I wanted.

  5. Oh, Susan –
    Not again! The plane ride must have been awful! What a relief you are home, snug in your bed, and you can see your own doctor. And, you are not at death’s door! (Although it may feel that way right now.) All will be well soon and at least now you have happy memories of your exotic time in Egypt. I’ll be praying for your speedy recovery.

  6. So sorry you got sick on your trip home. At least it wasn’t during your trip, right?! Get well quick. Fun, spooky table…..love her cozy little kitchen too.

  7. Snowflake281 says

    Well, a warm welcome home to you Susan. I think most people who tend to do a fair amount of traveling will testify to the fact that as much fun as it is when visiting new places, it’s always nice to come home, and as in your case especially when you’re not feeling well. The tablescape is very dramatic. The other day while shopping in World Market I spotted a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon wine named Vampire. It came complete with a black cape lined with red satin, which was draped around the bottle & the cost was around $22.00. I came so close to buying it but managed to hold back. Anyway, good luck at the doctor’s today and I hope you start feeling better real soon.

    • Snowflake281, You have better will power. I bought the Vampire wine at World Market! I couldn’t resist the cape! I can always reuse it.

  8. Susan not sure if the Vampire table setting is yours or not BUT would you believe I have the same breakfront? I bought mine in a consingment shop and was told it was custom built in Germany in the 1700/1800. So if you could tell me more I would appreciate it. And, I have bought many of your suggestions….c

  9. That’s an elegant table, and with a few changes, would make a beautiful Valentine’s Day setting. I love the Vampire’s Blood wine label! I hope you will be able to see a doctor today, and that you’ll feel better quickly.

  10. Dawne Marie says

    Oh no! So sorry you’re not feeling well. Last time you had a hard time breathing. Sounds like this is a milder case. Hope today is better for you. It looked like a very exciting trip! Can’t wait to hear more when you’re up to it. Take it easy. Drink drink drink! Get it out of your system!

  11. Another high fever! Hope you’ve been to the dr by now. At least you didn’t get sick during the trip and you had your friend along to watch over you!

    Very pretty table and even though the room itself seems small with large furniture, it doesn’t looked cramped. Very rich looking with the silk, roses and black. Very vampire-ish!

  12. Very macabre tablescape. And I would not have thought to use red–very creative.

  13. Susan, Sorry you are sick. When we went to Egypt, all of us ended up with a sore throat and hacking. The air there was terrible as they didn’t use unleaded gas (maybe still don’t). Hope you feel better soon.

  14. Beautifully dramatic Halloween table.
    So sorry you are sick! Hope you feel better soon and that hair doesn’t fall out!

  15. Helen Peterson says

    Sending you healing thoughts. Fun post as always.

  16. cleo headley says

    Oh, no, not again!!! You have got to rest and get to the dr. quick!! Wishing you well……xoxoxo

  17. Susan,
    Glad you had a good trip (except for getting sick). Please take care of yourself. There is a very nasty version of pneumonia going around the east coast.
    I will have to send you a picture of my camel saddle. It was a gift many, many years ago from a friend stationed in Iran (while the Shah was still in power). Although I don’t own any camels to ride (LOL), it has made a wonderful footstool all these years.
    Take care and get plenty of rest! ((((Get well hugs))))

  18. Hi Susan, I saw your post from the Egypt trip, and it looked really interesting! I’m sorry to hear that you got sick again — hope you feel better soon.

    Wow, this tablescape is pretty creepy-looking! 😀 Thank you for hosting and have a great weekend!



  19. Sorry, Susan, I was having computer problems this morning and my original attempt at linking “French Country Cottage” doesn’t go anywhere. I re-linked as “Dinner at Eight: French Country Cottage”. Don’t know how to remove the messed up one.

  20. Thank you for hosting TT even though you’re under the weather. Welcome back from your trip: it was wonderful to follow you on your adventures. Please get well soon: hydrate and rest: don’t worry about us and getting posts done: we can wait!

  21. I hope you feel better soon! I love those candelabras!

  22. I am so sorry you are ill again. hope you feel better soon, and am glad you got home ok! The table setting is the perfect combination of elegance and macabre. The Count would feel right at home, I’m sure.

  23. I’m sorry to hear you are ill.

    The tablescape is wonderfully evocative (to me, this is what makes your tablescapes magical as well). I imagined creepy, suspenseful organ music in a minor key as soon as I saw it.

    Interesting that such specific inspiration, as well as a detailed execution, at least in some respects, really generated that.

    Feel better soon!

  24. Oh my dear friend, I hope you are better soon. Maybe it was the water or some food in this foreign countries that get Americans sick.
    Very elegant Halloween table for guests.
    Thank you for the party this week.
    Take care and rest, any trip is very tiring after.

  25. So sorry you are feeling ill. You should wear a mask when flying; air flow on an airplane is not the best. Last time I went to the doctor with allergies, he said they were seeing a lot of strep and bronchitis.
    Love that breakfront and the china on it. Not much of a Halloween fan.

  26. Cyndi Raines says

    Thankful you are home safe and sound, sorry you are not feeling well. Hopefully by now you are on a z- pack or some other medicine to move you on the road to recovery. Enjoyed seeing your pictures, what an adventure! Hubby and I just got over a cold, his moderate and mine mild, our first in 3 years and hopefully the last for fall and winter, ha! Get plenty of rest and push the fluids. Hugs and a prayer for a speedy recovery!

  27. Evie Kamback says

    We travel a lot by plane, and I used to get sick much of the time. I read about Airborne and started taking it about 3 days before a flight. (You can buy it at Costco.) I am convinced that it helps prevent illness. My brother was a pilot and said that it is too expensive to bring in the cold air from the atmosphere during a flight, heat it and pressurise it; so the air we breathe is just circulated over and over. Therefore, on a plane, you are breathing everyone else’s germs for hours on end. Airborne gives your immune system a boost, so you are not as vulnerable. (I have no affiliation with Airborne. It just works for me.)

  28. @Susan: So glad you are home safe ‘n sound but so sorry to hear you have taken ill so pamper yourself and take it easy as your readers will certainly understand. Warmest hugs -Brenda-
    P.S.: How is Teresa?

    @Norma: Wonderful Halloween tablescape and thank you so much for sharing. Particularly love the very unique candelabras which IMHO are definitely ‘keepers’.

  29. What a great table she created for Halloween. Love the black and red and I’m like her in that I enjoy those old movies.
    I am sorry to hear you became ill again. I remember hearing about some planes coming in with sick people aboard not long ago. I guess with all the people merging together from various places in the world the germs must start multiplying. I hope you get through this one a lot easier than last years. Take care, Liz

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