Follow-up to Your Requests: 12 More Products I Use for Fabulous Before & Afters

Welcome to the 509th Metamorphosis Monday!

Good Morning!

I had hoped to post a lot more while traveling across Egypt. Unfortunately, fast WiFi has been sadly lacking in many of the hotels. It reminds me of the days of dial-up–remember those? Ugh. I wish I could fast-forward technology right now so every hotel in the world would have high-speed internet. Dreaming! Fortunately, I was finally able to upgrade the WiFi this morning where we’re staying, otherwise, this post would never have happened.

A few weeks ago I shared 12 products I use regularly for cleaning/maintenance in my home. (If you missed that post, you’ll find it here: 12 Products I Would Never Want to be Without.)

Afterward, I received several comments and emails asking about other cleaning needs…like what I use to clean my glass-top stove, my granite counters, etc…  Today I’m sharing 12 more products I currently use and would never want to be without. I guess we’ll call this a Cleaning Before & After, only one without any ugly “Before” pics, because who wants to see that!


NOTE: Click the title of the item for more information and to access that product.

Weiman Stove Top Cleaner

I use this cleaner on my glass-top stove…it works really well!



I just purchased this before I left for Egypt, so I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. It came recommended by a reader and I’m looking forward to trying it out on my shower doors.

Pumice Cleanser

Ya know how sometimes when you clean your toilet, there’s still a faint line/ring that seems to never come out. I think that’s probably hard water stain from the minerals and such in our water. My friend, Teresa, told me about this amazing trick for getting rid of that faint ring. She said that it normally lasts for about 6 months before it comes back again. I tried it in my 1/2 bath so far and it worked great!

Granite Cleaner

This is the granite cleaner I use on my kitchen countertops. I also like their “polish” product.


Goo Gone

One bottle of Goo Gone has lasted me forever since I mainly use it to remove the sticky residue left behind by price stickers on plates and other products. It works great for that! It has a lot of other uses, as well…but the sticky glue issue is why I like it.


Weiman Leather Wipes

I think I mentioned these in a post recently. They are awesome for cleaning shoes and other leather products. I just recently used them on a pair of Sperry Topsiders to remove a stain so I could wear them on this trip to Egypt. They worked great! Was very impressed!


Minwax Wood Finish

Love these touch-up wood stain markers! They come in a bunch of different stain-colors and are perfect for touching up a scratch on wood furniture. If you buy a set, test it out in an inconspicuous place before using it on your scratch.


Drain Clog Stopper/Hair Catcher

If you have long hair and have a problem with the shower/bath tube drain stopping up, this is what my daughter-in-law and I use to catch the hair. You do have to clear the hair off from around the stopper after each shower, but it stops the need for pouring chemicals down your drain/pipes every few months.



Recently I was asked what vacuum I use in my home. I’ve bought very expensive vacuums in the past and regretted it when they no longer worked well on today’s thick carpets. I only have one room in my home that’s carpeted now, plus some rugs here and there, so most of my vacuuming is on hardwood flooring.

When I replaced my expensive vacuum, I went with this one because of two main features: It works with bags so there’s no disgusting canister to empty AND the electrical cord rewinds at the press of a little pedal. I detest emptying out a dirty canister of dirt, who wants to see that stuff after you’ve vacuumed it up! Yuck!

I love the bags because they are large and last a long time before they need replacing. They may fill up a bit faster if you have several furry pets. I love how fast the cord retracts once you’re done vacuuming…no rewinding the cord required.

I liked this vacuum so much, I purchased two—one for the main level and one for the upstairs. They are so inexpensive, you can do that. Love not having to haul the vacuum up and down the stairs!


Weiman Wood Floor Cleaner

I often mop my hardwood flooring with a damp mop, dampened with water. But every now and then I will use this Weiman product if I feel the water isn’t enough. It does a great job!

Mill Creek Shampoo

This is my absolute favorite shampoo…been using it for years. I love how gentle it is on color-treated hair…highly recommend it.

Ion Clarifying Shampoo

Recently I was having an issue with my hair having a greenish cast…like I’d been swimming in a pool a lot. I guess it’s the chlorine they add to our water here in the Atlanta area because I definitely had not been in a pool recently. A hair stylist recommended this product and it’s awesome! Totally got rid of that greenish cast. Now I use it about every 3-4 shampoos to make sure it doesn’t return.


You’ll find a previous post where I shared many products I use and love here: 12 Products I Would Never Want to be Without. Please share any you love! I love trying out new products when they come highly recommended!

Hope this post answers some of the recent questions I’ve had about products I use around my house. If you have any questions, let me know. I’ll be taking a high-speed train from Alexandria to Cairo today, so will be without internet for much of the time, but I’ll reply back as soon as it’s available again.

This trip is coming to a close, I’ll actually be back home in time for Halloween! Will have to make a mad dash to the store for candy on Wednesday!

Looking forward to all the fabulous Before and Afters linked for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Good list, I love proven product reviews! I may have to try a couple of those mentioned, like the water stain remover and the leather wipes for shoes (didn’t even think of that! I use them for my husband’s recliner). If we do ever move and have granite in our next place, I’d try that one too.
    Thanks for keeping the party going while you’re away and having less than stellar internet, Susan. You are appreciated! Continued safe travels!

  2. Amazes me how many of the very same products we use!! The shampoo is new to me, though, will try it!…my Dr. recommended Biotin tablets for hair health…3 mo. on, 3 mo. off. franki

    • I took Biotin for a while and it does help. I agree about the 3 months off. When I take it every day for a long time, I tend to get these little under-the-skin bumps/pimple-like things that take forever to go away.

  3. Love these posts; I see some things to put on my list.

  4. Susan, when you arrive safely back in the States you must try Wet & Forget indoor cleaner for your shower doors. Spray and forget them or if you want to see instant magic use your shower head to spray off the doors….instant clear! I had to buy and use myself to believe it. I first heard this tip about 5-6 years ago on Glenn Hagee’s radio show. He was known as America’s Handyman. You can purchase the outside version of this to use on your porch railings, soffits, decks, outdoor furniture and many, many other uses. We purchased a house that had a rock BBQ….covered in that wonderful green junk. I mixed up a sprayer of the outdoor version and sprayed it on the BBQ. Mother Nature has, over time, utilized what I sprayed and the BBQ looks like it was just built.

    • Oh, I’ve used the outdoor version, didn’t realize they made an indoor version for shower doors. I will definitely look for that. Thanks for telling me about it, Elizabeth! That is amazing about your BBQ! I need to use it on my mailbox that has become so blackened looking over the years…will do that soon!

  5. That pumice stone looks like something I should check out. My cleaning lady uses muriatic acid and we have hard water here too. Hard water stains haven’t been a problem on my shower doors because I’m fanatic about wiping down the glass after every shower and remind houseguests as well. With that product you mentioned maybe I could ease up on my lectures to the guests!

    • I used to do that but just dreaded doing it every shower. I finally quit since I plan to renovate the bathrooms eventually anyway. I don’t think I’d use the pumice stick on glass doors, not sure how it would work…but the wet and forget for shower doors that Elizabeth mentioned sounds perfect. I’m going to try it because the outdoor version works great…I’ve used it before.

  6. Grace White says

    Susan, I have followed your blog for several years. I love all of your posts, especially your travel post. I would like to know how you handle carrying your shampoo, etc. that are usually much more than airlines will allow. I have some ideas but would love to hear your success stories. I hate to have several bottles to allow enough for 2 weeks worth.

    • Thanks, Grace! I’ve been using various types of travel containers that I’ve purchased over the years that are supposedly designed to hold the amount that’s allowed for travel. The only problem is, most of them have leaked like crazy.

      For my trip to Egypt, I used the ones you see in this post:

      They did great on this trip! The only one that leaked was the one I put a lotion in. I think it probably leaked because I didn’t screw the lid on tight enough because none of the others leaked. The bag they come in kept the lotion from getting on any of my clothes…so I think this set works great. I like the two toothbrushes it came with, too.

  7. Thanks for the party and for sharing your tips Susan!

  8. Thanks for the list. I’m going to try the glass stove top cleaner.

  9. I have used a few of this myself Susan. Great products.

  10. Thanks so much for the recommendations. My Sunday School class has lunch together monthly, and we have a different topic each time. One time we brought our favorite product, and that was one of our most popular meetings.

  11. Can someone help me out here? I can’t read the name of the vacuum cleaner.

  12. Can someone help me out here? I can’t read the name of the vacuum cleaner and my daughter in law needs a new one.

    • Nita, click the title of the product and it will take you right to it. It’s a Panasonic vacuum. You can read the reviews at that link. Excuse typos, in the airport on the way back from Egypt.

  13. Cyndi Raines says

    Thanks Susan. I love the shampoo and conditioner, switched a few years back on your recommendation and glad for it. Will have to try the granite cleaner/ polish. Thanks for the other tips also.

  14. Thanks so much for hosting this lovely party each week!!

  15. Love your product posts! Hope you will follow up on shower door cleaners. I prefer a bagless vacuum although I discovered a tip for the vacuum that used bags. My last vacuum with bags got a bad smell that I couldn’t get rid of so I put a tissue with a drop of peppermint essential oil in the bag. It smelled wonderful. Doesn’t work as well with the canister vacuums.

  16. Hi Susan, It’s good to hear you’re back safe and sound! Your pics from the dinner cruise were just beautiful. A question for you and poster Elizabeth, who mentioned Wet and Forget for shower glass — I’ve read that the indoor version can strip the sealant from shower tiles, and also loosen the grout. We have travertine on the floor of our master shower (for non-slip), which is very porous on its own. Any ideas on that? For now, I use straight Pine Sol on the glass and ceramic tile and let it sit for a few minutes– that hard residue just wipes right off. Strong smell, though — friends know you’ve been “cleaning the bathroom again?” 😉

  17. P.S. Weimar plus Mr. Clean Erasers for glass cook tops — a great combination.

  18. Jon Anne Winstead says

    Does the pumice stone scratch the toilet? Thanks!

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