A Whimsical Alice in Wonderland Table Setting Featuring Singing-Talking Flowers from the Garden

Welcome to the 653rd Tablescape Thursday, a blog party sharing beautiful table settings for all occasions!

Almost 5 years ago, I posted this delightful table created by Elena, a lovely reader, now friend, of BNOTP. (View that previous table here: Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Party.)


Elena has done it again! Recently, she created a wonderful, whimsical table for her daughter’s birthday celebration and the beautiful centerpiece of the table featured the humorous “talking flowers” from the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland.

Whimsical Alice in Wonderland Tablescape with Talking Flowers


After I saw Elena’s fun table, I did a quick YouTube search for the flower garden scene and it’s quite funny. In that scene, Alice finds herself in a beautiful garden surrounded by talking-singing flowers.

Whimsical Alice in Wonderland Table with Talking Flowers


Eventually, these funny, personality-filled flowers decide that Alice may be a weed so they quickly oust her from the garden before she can “go to seed.” lol

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party with Talking Flowers


Love the clock-themed tablecloth Elena used for this whimsical birthday party table! It was a find in Walmart years ago. Elena said, “It wasn’t quite the right size, so I added/sewed crazy gold, swirl—on–black fabric to the ends of the tablecloth to make it the right size. I used double napkins—the black swirl fabric, topped with gorgeous floral fabric that looks so much like the animated Disney “Talking Flower” scene from 1951.”

Alice in Wonderland Table with Talking Flowers


Elena placed red round placemats on top of the tablecloth and ran a pinch-pleated, green taffeta runner down the center of the table. Elena said, “Some of the talking flowers are on small wood slices for height variation.

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party with Talking Flowers


Elena found her adorable bee-themed plates in Anthropologie. How perfect for a flower/garden-themed table setting! Unfortunately, I do not believe they are available there any longer.

The beautiful cabbage chargers were a find in Pier 1. I love those! Elena and I both miss Pier 1 terribly! Wish someone would reopen the stores again, shopping online just isn’t the same.

Bee Salad Plates, Green Bee Plates


Of course, an Alice in Wonderland table would not be complete without Alice herself. Dormouse is so sleepy, he has fallen asleep in one of the teacups!

Alice in Wonderland Table Setting, Dormouse, asleep in cup


The “talking” flowers in this table setting are just as personality-filled as those in the movie!

Talking Flowers from Alice in Wonderland


Isn’t Alice beautiful?! Elena found all her “talking” flowers online here: Alice in Wonderland Flowers.

Alice in Wonderland Talking Flower


The face on each flower is so detailed!


Though these flowers do not actually talk or sing, their wonderfully expressive faces really bring the story/movie to life!

Alice in Wonderland, Talking Flowers, Rosy Petals, Tickled Tink


This one called Tickled Tink is one of my favorites! Just love her happy, laughing face!

Alice in Wonderland Talking Flower, Tickled Tink


Absolem looks a little scary, doesn’t he? lol That fits perfectly since he’s a little scary in the movie, too! Ha!

Alice in Wonderland Talking Flowers, Blue Caterpillar


I just love these! I’ve put together a couple of AIW tables over the years and if when I do another one in the future, I would love to incorporate a few of these adorable flowers into the table. You can see all the flowers that are currently available here: Singing-Talking Flowers from AIW.

Alice in Wonderland Talking Flower, Singing Poppy


Elena also decorated her sideboard for this birthday celebration.

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Themed Party, Talking Flowers 01


Elena made these whimsical “floating” teacups and I just love them!


Aren’t they amazing?!


Elena has promised to share a tutorial with us and I can’t wait to see how she made these! So fun!


Wouldn’t it be fun to see this fantasy table setting and sideboard in person!



More of the wonderful “talking” flowers–such detail!


There are so many wonderful flower designs–love how different each face looks!


I can’t get over how different all the faces are and some are quite funny!  (See them all here: Whimsical Talking Flowers.)


Elena, thanks so much for sharing this absolutely delightful table setting! I would love to have seen your daughter’s face when she arrived and saw this wonderful birthday party celebration!

Whimsical Alice in Wonderland Tablescape with Talking Flowers


Elena also decorated her mantel and a console table for this birthday celebration. When I share her tutorial for making the floating teacups, I’ll share the photos of how she decorated those areas for the party, as well!

Here’s a list of where Elena found all the lovelies she used to create her table setting.

Talking Flowers, Blue Absolem caterpillar, and sleeping Dormouse—Etsy Shop HERE
Large green Absolem caterpillar—By American McGee, from eBay
Floating china teacups—individual teacups from eBay, stout coat hanger wire, E6000 glue, vintage genuine watch faces from Etsy, beads, and flowers from Michaels
Hand made purple and pink mushrooms—wooden bases, modeling clay, moss, tools, and paints from Michael’s
Hand-made tipsy teacup towers—various teacups, teapots from eBay, Good Will, Home Goods
Hand made Mad Hatter top hat—mini hats from The Halloween Store, decoration supplies from Michaels
Alice figurines from Hallmark Store and eBay
Various china teapots from eBay: Royal Albert Moonlight Roses, Paul Cardew Cheshire Cat, Paul Cardew Dormouse, Paul Cardew White Rabbit
Little Dormouse’s espresso cup—from Home Goods
Wood slice pedestals—from Etsy
Various banners and window decorations—hand made, supplies from Michaels
Mirror arrows and Cheshire Cat grin teacup—hand made, supplies from Michaels
Green moss table runners—White Petals store on Etsy
Green moss sparkle tulle and various ribbons—Joann Fabrics
Red placemats—Amazon
Green cabbage leaf charger plates—Pier One
Bee salad plates—Anthropologie
Handmade napkin rings—red napkin rings from Amazon, pocket watch faces from Michaels
Black and white bone china teacups and saucers— Marchesa pattern from Lenox.com
“Drink Me” tags on teacup handles—from Etsy
Crystal wine goblets—Waterford Crystal from ShopHQ
Waterford Crystal cake pedestal—from ShopHQ
Flatware—Oneida gold-accented Michelangelo


Looking forward to all the wonderful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. warren giering says

    Wow! An incredibly beautiful and imaginative tablescape. My compliments!!!

  2. An incredible, marvelous display that magically transport you down the rabbit hole! Several years ago, I hosted a Wonderland theme event to celebrate my 60th “unbirthday.” I also made floating teacups and lots and lots of decor. Would love to see how she made the mushrooms as well. And, I used the same bee plates for the mad tea party. Was a real treat going back to Wonderland today!

    • Hi Debee! I will be posting a floating teacup tutorial. But I’m kicking myself for not taking “how to” type photos for the mushrooms. At the time I made them, our entire house except for the master bedroom/bathroom were totally torn up for renovations. It was a hectic time:: Me, working on two TV trays in the bedroom with my retired husband, grandson and four cats confined in the same space. I managed to turn the master bath counter into a temporary craft room, but things were so hectic, I forgot to take “progress” photos of the mushrooms. Happy Tablescape Thursday!

  3. Thanks for sharing Elena’s fun table. I always enjoy going down the rabbi hole. Lots of fun ideas.

  4. What a party that must have been. Can’t wait to see how the floating teacups were made; they could be modified to suit different themes.

  5. I echo Warren – WOW! That’s really something – how fantastic and fun. Who knew there was an Alice in Wonderland flower shop? Elena is so creative – thanks to both of you for sharing!

  6. Great attention to detail. Elena’s daughter had a wonderful start to her party. Especially loved the teacup sculptures. Will look for the tutorial.

  7. Amazing!! Thank you Susan and Elena!

  8. Oh my goodness, this is enchanting!

  9. Thank you all for your kind words! As you can tell, I had SO MUCH FUN doing this tablescape. I don’t know how exactly I first stumbled across the Etsy store with the talking flowers–but I am so happy that I did. I now own 36 different talking flowers, and I have four new ones on order. My husband’s head might explode if I don’t stop buying new flowers; but oh well, men usually don’t understand stuff like this LOLOL.

    I’m a professional electrical engineer who has been required to work from home remotely for the last 13 months. I discovered a lot of new-found extra time while “sheltering in place,” and I spent that extra time trying out new crafts and projects. I’m honored that Susan is using my tablescape photos on her LOVELY blog. XO to you all!

  10. Yes, this is really, really cute! I love the flowers. I have a special place in my heart for Alice in Wonderland. When I was performing in our state’s ballet, we did a full-length production of Alice in Wonderland. So fun! I was the door mouse. 🙂
    And yes, absolutely, I miss Pier 1! Their online attempt sucks.

    • Elena S Wortman says

      Rita, thank you for your kind words! I have truly been in mourning since the Pier One stores shut down. That was one of my favorite places to shop, especially during Christmas and Easter seasons. There are still a few Kirkland’s and Cost Plus stores in the Phoenix area–but none of them come close to being as wonderful as the Pier One stores.

  11. franki Parde says

    ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!! KUDOS & Birthday Wishes!!! franki

  12. Teresa M. says

    What conversation pieces – you could sit complete strangers at that table and instantly have a ton to talk about.
    Last year Frank & I visited an Alice & Wonderland themed Restaurant in Colorado Springs. “Rabbit Hole” was a little hard to find and located underground. Due to so few travelers, we lucked out and got a table reservation and I highly recommend.
    I wonder what Elena served for this spectacular Birthday setting…

  13. Kathleen Lazarski says

    Someone above said “enchanting” and I so agree. I could just stare at the talking flowers forever. All the added decorations around the room and on the table were wonderland wonderful!

  14. What an amazing, fun and wonderful wonderland! It’s the kind of decoration you want to go back a few times to stare at it.
    Thank you for sharing Susan.
    Thank you for hosting for us this week.
    Happy Easter.

  15. Incredible table! Thanks for hosting this fun party! Zenda

  16. Oh my goodness… Those flowers are amazing and what a beautiful table! I can’t wait to see how the floating teacups were done. This is the perfect trip down memory lane and thanks so much for sharing Susan and Elena! Wow!

  17. Very creative Elena.
    Susan, I don’t think the Pier I site is even owned by Pier 1. At the bottom it also says Dress Barn. Very disappointing because they missed the mark.
    Happy Easter

  18. What a cornucopia of things to see! It is all so beautiful and magical. I am a big girl and just love it, so I can only imagine how amazed I would be as a little girl to see Alice and her world come to life. Susan, great choice to share. And Elena, I can only say I am in awe of a woman working around a retired husband, grandson, 4 cats AND in the middle of a renovation! You are my new personal heroine!!!

    • Thanks Shelia for your kind words. We were living out of the master bathroom and bedroom for three weeks, and it almost broke me. But I couldn’t cook during that time (kitchen was torn up), so at least I got a break on that LOL. :0)

  19. Selma Kessler says

    Oh. My. Word. LOVE THIS! And are those watch faces on the napkin rings?? Elena, you are so one of “my people”! Seriously, wouldn’t a traveling BNOTP Tea be a blast?? I’d love to see this table (and so many others) in person!

    Thanks to both of you for sharing!!


  20. I would love to see a sideline story of Jennifer Sutherland, Creator of the AIW Talking Flowers and characters. She is an amazing artist!

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