A Screened Porch and Hutch Decorated for Spring and Easter

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Happy Spring! Happy Easter! It was so pretty here this weekend, I couldn’t resist playing a bit on the porch. We’re in the height of pollen season now so I gave the porch a good cleaning before decorating it for spring and Easter. Hope you enjoy this little porch makeover!

Spring Screened Porch


I love tulips, they are such pretty flowers! Unfortunately, they do not grow well here in the south. They bloom great the first year they are in the ground, but in the following years, only the green foliage returns each spring–no blossoms.

A few years back I saw someone using faux tulips in a post on Instagram and they looked so realistic I ordered a batch. It is pretty amazing how realistic they look! I think I may order them again this year in a second color. If you love the look of tulips but can’t grow them where you live, you’ll find these pretty, faux tulips here: Faux Tulips. The bunny vase is available here: Bunny Vase.

Spring Porch, Tulips in Bunny Vase


The porch hutch got a little makeover for spring.

Spring Hutch on Screened Porch


You may recognize the bunny plates and egg cups from a recent table setting I shared here: Mischievous Bunnies in a Spring Garden.

Decorate Hutch for Easter or Springtime


Here’s a better view of the plates from that previous tablescape.

Bunny Floral Salad Plates


Both the plates and matching glasses were from Pier 1 several years ago.

Spring Hutch, Eastertime, Bunny Plates, Bunny Glasses


The little nests with eggs are actually place card holders and I just temporarily pulled out the little metal clip that holds the place card to use them as a decorative piece on the hutch.

Mini-muffins and Pink Lemonade


How about a little mini-cupcake and some pink lemonade?

Pink Lemonade


It was late in the day when I took these photos and the sun was casting shadows across the porch.

Spring Porch Decorated for Easter


The swing got a new pillow for Easter.

Porch Swing for Spring and Easter


Happy Easter Pillow on Porch Swing


I loved this set of pillow covers when I saw them online. This one says, “Bless This Nest” across the bottom.

Bless this Nest Pillow for Spring


You may remember when I purchased another set of four pillow covers a few weeks back for St. Patrick’s Day.

Happy St. Patrick's Day Pillow on Porch Swing


These covers are so inexpensive, I’ll probably end up adding a set of covers for each of the holidays/seasons. If you’re short on storage space, buying just the covers and swapping out the inserts as needed throughout the year is super convenient. As seen below, there’s a fourth pillow cover (the wreath) but I’m using it inside. You’ll find this set of covers here: Spring-Easter Pillows. You’ll find additional spring pillows here: Spring Pillows.



Do you see that hazy green in the trees in the background? The leaves are just beginning to pop out and they will be fully leafed out by the end of the month. Yay! Can’t wait to see that!

Easter Eggs Pillow


I haven’t used my egg wreath in years. I’ve had it for so long, the eggs are starting to fade a little.

Egg Wreath for Easter


I still love it, though. (Faux wicker floor lamp for porches can be found here: Outdoor Wicker Floor Lamp.)

Birdie Lamp, Easter Egg Wreath


The late-day sun lit up the pretty, pastel colors in the egg wreath.

Easter Egg Wreath, Egg Wreath


Since I finished decorating late in the day, it wasn’t long before it began to get dark.

Evening Time on a Spring Porch


I snapped a few late evening photos of the porch with all the lamps turned on.

Screened Porch By Lamplight, Evening Porch


Spring Hutch, Evening party on the porch


We are about to move into warmer spring weather now with highs in the 70s today and all this next week. I think I may go ahead and plant a few spring annuals instead of waiting until the 15th of April, the date that’s normally recommended as safe for planting annuals in our area. What’s the safe-to-plant date for annuals in your area?

Springtime Porch


Happy spring and Happy Easter, dear friends! Hope your Sunday is relaxing and filled with lots of love, sunshine, and copious amounts of chocolate bunnies! 😉

Spring Screened Porch


Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters linked for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. the art hanging over the hutch. love it! where can I purchase one? Love all of it. just perfect for Easter and Spring!

    • Thanks, Harper! That’s a large platter from a set of dishware I found in HomeGoods many years ago. The pattern is Ma Maison, designed by Dario Farrucci for Tabletops Unlimited. You can sometimes find some of the pattern on eBay, but of course, the sellers really mark it up there. Not sure why they always price it so high, I guess because it’s discontinued. Here’s a 13″ square platter that shows the hallmark on the back so you can see the name/artist, etc… https://bit.ly/3cMq3Ht

  2. Everything looks so lovely and fresh on your screened porch, Susan! Your new pillows are perfect. I long ago decided to only purchase pillow covers and use the inserts I have. Storing pillows is a major space user. For me to buy a regular stuffed pillow, I must be very much in love with it! Here in Memphis, we had a freeze a couple of nights ago. I had to get out and cover up my azaleas and emerging hostas with sheets and pillowcases. What a job! And then what a job to wash it all! But my azaleas are either beautifully bloomed out or in full bud, and I couldn’t bear to lose that beauty. I always refrain from planting until April 15th. I like to get my beds cleaned out and amended if they need it and then start with the plantings. Happy Spring and Easter to you!

    • I know what you mean, Martha. I hate it when we get a late frost like that and it kills all the buds. This year is turning out to be a beautiful spring! The wild wisteria was blooming last week and was gorgeous to see as I drove back from a visit with friends at the lake. Enjoy those beautiful azaleas this year! Makes me want to visit Callaway Gardens to see them all in bloom. 🙂

  3. Bernadette B says

    I always assumed your porch was fully enclosed, but your article title says screened in. Now I have to ask, how do you keep it clean from the elements? What is your cleaning routine?

    • It’s basically like caring for another room in my home. Once pollen season has passed, I vacuum and dust it about once a month. I swept and mopped it yesterday since there was a lot of pollen on the floor so it took me about an hour to clean yesterday. Once pollen season has passed, it takes about 15-20 minutes to clean it…about the same amount of time it takes to vacuum and dust a room in my home.

  4. Linda Page Gurganus says

    Your porch looks fabulous as always. I love your porch. And the rest of your house, too. Ben’s ship reunion is rescheduled for September so we will be driving through Georgia to get to Maine and visit friends and family along the way. I’m anxious for you to meet Ben. And I am anxious to see you. September will be here before we know it.

  5. Our safe to plant is after Memorial day or June first for annuals

    • Ahhh, that’s an easy date to remember. One year I got overly eager and planted some annuals in my front garden in early April…and of course, we got one last cold spell. I tried covering them but it didn’t work, they looked awful the next day. The 10-day forecast looks promising though so I’m tempted. lol

      • and we still have to be careful, if there are any colder nights, time to cover up. but we can grow tulips nicely (if the rabbits don’t eat the flowers and the chipmunks don’t dig up the bulbs!)

  6. DawneMarie Anderson says

    Your porch looks so inviting! Good job on the pollen and getting it all shined up.
    Happy Easter Susan. Thanks for all you do. Have a Blessed GA day!

  7. Happy Easter! Any time is g00d to plant where I am in Mexico though the driest months are April, May and the first half of June. Then the rains start but usually only at night.

  8. Beautiful! Happy Easter!

  9. I miss Pier 1. They had the best holiday plates.

  10. Your spring porch is so pretty, cheerful, and and colorful. I love every single detail! Happy Easter!

  11. Kathleen says

    The porch is so inviting! Love what you did with the hutch and offering those very tempting muffins/cupcakes. The pillow covers are perfect. I am a fan of the covers for holiday decorating. The little bird on the lamp is perfect with the egg wreath.

  12. Lovely. So pretty and Spring-y and feminine.

    I would love to stop by and sip some pink lemonade and nibble on mini muffins (that suspiciously look like mini cupcakes – hee – as well as copious amounts of chocolate) with you, Susan.

    • lol I didn’t realize I called them muffins. I must have been trying to make them more healthy/nutritional. Ha,ha,ha I just changed it to cupcakes, they are indeed cupcakes. 🙂

  13. I would love to know how you cover the chains for your porch swing. The coverings give the swing a finished look. I also have a swing on porch, but no covers for the chains. Thank you!

    • Betsy, check out this previous post. I used electrical cord covers. I just keep washing them every year, they’ve last really well. I saw a cool picture the other day that was supposed to be from Atlanta Magazine and they had used thick rope and had draped it casually around the chains. I may create a post and share that because though I didn’t like it as well as the electrical cord covers, it was another great alternative to camouflaging those ugly metal chains.

  14. You are really energetic! We have so much pollen on our porch right now I think I could measure it. We won’t clean it until we are sure all the pine pollen is finished! I’m waiting for a while yet to plant any annuals. We had a heavy frost at our house yesterday. We are out Acworth way.

    • Yeah, it was pretty thick when I cleaned it but not as thick as I’ve seen it during my first spring cleaning in the past. lol I usually give it one good cleaning mid-pollen season, then another good one once the pollen is gone for good.
      Really? It hasn’t been that cold here…amazing since you aren’t that much further north. I think it got down to 32 degrees one night a few nights back. I hope the really cold weather is gone now.

  15. Your porch is always so lovely Susan, and I love its spring makeover! The cupcakes look so yummy, and your pillows are so fun! You inspire me every time, but now I’m all ready to get some pillows! 🙂 Hope you’re having a lovely Easter!

  16. Cyndi Raines says

    Love the porch it looks really great! Those pillows are such a great deal. Our time to plant, free of frost warnings, is not until May 31st! And I have learned, it is best to follow the rule as Jack Frost has been known to show up even that late in the season! The drawbacks of the north! Ha. I have my cushions out on my porch and my swing is ready for me to come and sit a while, hehe. I hope you had a great Easter Susan.

    • Thanks so much, Cyndi! They are–can’t believe I’ve never noticed them until this year. Wow, May 31 is a full month and a half later than our zone, but you’re right–best to follow the rule on planting. Not worth losing them all. Thanks, I did! I hope you guys did, too! Happy spring, Cyndi!

  17. Michele / Finch Rest says

    Susan, your porch has to be one of the cutest and most welcoming cosy looking porches EVER.

    ♥ all your Easter and spring touches – and those pillow covers are adorable – so whimsical and fun! I *love* the Bless Nest one best, of course!

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter. Can’t even believe it’s already over.
    Where is the time flying?????

    • Thanks so much, Michele! I love that pillow, too! I wish the wording was up a tad higher so it was more visible. I know–scary how fast the days/months are going by! I guess we all stay so busy, that it makes time truly fly.
      Happy spring, Michele!

  18. Susan,
    I have always loved your porch! your Blog was the first blog that I ever laid eyes on and I have been hooked on blogging ever since!! Those dishes and glasses are darling!!
    Thanks so much for taking the time to host this lovely party!! Happy Easter to you and your family!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  19. Thank you Susan, your side board with the Easter plates looks adorable!! It’s definitely great porch weather this week!

    • It is! I don’t even mind the pollen so much this year. I got some good exercise cleaning the porch…good workout! lol Happy spring, Jenna!

  20. Such a happy, welcoming, cozy space! I absolutely love getting a glimpse of your porch whenever it is highlighted in a post! I could just curl up on your swing with a good book and enjoy the view outside! Your Spring decorations are perfect. I’m ordering that bunny vase right now. Thanks for starting Monday on such a perfect note, Susan.

    • Thanks so much, Rosie! I’m so glad, I love sharing the porch because it feels so peaceful to me and we def need that these days. Hope that comes across in the photos I share.
      Hope you love the vase, I’m obsessed with mine and plan to keep it out and use it all spring and summer. It just makes me smile every time I see it! 🙂
      Happy spring!

  21. I covet your cute porch and all your wonderful Spring goodies!

  22. Always fun to see how you style the hutch! So fun!!! In central Virginia I put out annuals after April 15th. Happy Spring!

    • Oh, you are on the same time scale as we are then…Awesome! I need to go buy some because based on the forecast this week, I think I can at least go ahead and fill some of my planters. Happy spring, Debra!

  23. What a beautifully decorated sunroom, Susan!!! I really LOVE that large platter above your china hutch! Can you tell me how large it is? I saw where you posted the name of it. I would like to find one like it as well. Have a wonderful week!


    Tee @ Teediddlydee

  24. So many fun links to dive into this week, Susan! I love the way you decorated your porch for Easter. It’s beautiful. Thanks so much for hosting. I hope your week is a special one, CoCo

  25. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    I love your porch all decorated for spring and looking so festive for Easter Susan! I would live on that porch. lol I love a porch, don’t have one though. Instead I live on the pool deck in the summer months. Love those Easter pillows covers, covers really are easy to store than the whole pillow. Who ever thought that up was genius. Those tulips are beautiful too, wonder why the foliage will come back but no blooms? That’s odd, maybe something lacking in the dirt? Our last freeze date is May 2nd. So not to much longer after yours. If we are having a warmer than usual spring (like this year), people will go ahead and plant in April. Enjoy your porch! Hugs, Brenda

  26. Hi Susan, like all your readers I just love your porch … it looks so beautiful dressed for spring! The platter over your hutch is so pretty. Do you remember where you bought it? And your egg wreath — the faded colors just add to its charm.
    We had “snowmaggedon” here in N. Texas in February, and so many neighbors lost long standing trees and shrubs (temps in the teens for many days), so annual planting here will wait until the rest of the clean up work is done. Surprisingly, our lovely George Tabor azaleas still blossomed!

    • Thanks so much, Marlene! I’m sooo glad your George Tabor azaleas survived…what a hardy azalea! That snowmaggedon was insane! The azaleas are all blooming here right now, love seeing them when I’m out running errands. I found the platter in HomeGoods I believe. I think I bought it when I purchased the matching china. The pattern is Ma Maison by Tabletops Unlimited and it was designed by Dario Farrucci. I occasionally see it on eBay, not that often. I wish someone would make it again, it’s one of my favorite patterns ever. You can see the plates/coordinating china here: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/welcome-to-the-9th-tablescape-tuesday-ma-maison/

  27. Janet Sullivan says

    Hi Susan. May I ask the dimensions of your hutch? We just finished a four season enclosure and would love to find a hutch like yours. No luck yet. I found a similar one in an antique shop in Jasper Ga. but it was too short I believe. Would appreciate information on your hutch. Thank you!
    Janet Sullivan.

    • I just measured the hutch and it’s 66-1/2 inches tall, 40 inches wide, and 18-3/4 inches deep. I’ve often wished it was a bit taller and wider since that wall could support a larger hutch and this one seems a bit small with the high ceiling of the porch. I found this one in a tiny antique shop in  Lithia Springs, I think. It’s been so long, hard to remember. 

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