A Woodland Table To Cozy Up To On This Cold January Day

Welcome to the 798th Tablescape Thursday! The sun had been shining so beautifully into the breakfast room all day, but just as I finished setting this table, it began to move away. If you look closely, you can see the last little sunbeam on the napkins near the bottom of this photo. Have you noticed the daylight is staying with us a little bit longer with each passing day? That makes me so happy because that means spring will be here before we know it!

Winter Table, Woodland Theme, Deer Centerpiece


For today’s table, I was craving warm, cozy, rich colors, but I didn’t want the table to fill heavy so I opted to not use a tablecloth.

Cozy Woodland Themed Table Setting, Deer Dinnerware, Deer Plates

This table somehow decided it wanted to have a deer theme, so I went with it! I kept the centerpiece simple with magnolia leaves surrounding this one sweet deer. She’s part of a pair/set but I liked the simplicity of letting her be the sole focus of the centerpiece.

Deer and Magnolia Centerpiece for Woodland Winter Table Setting


I had a lot of fun mixing and matching some of my favorite plates to create four very layered place settings.

Magnolia Leaves, Deer Theme Table Centerpiece


Since I really wanted to include these smaller deer plates in our deer-themed table, and since they are a bit smaller, I thought they would work as an appetizer plate.

Cozy Winter Tablescape with Deer in Snowy Forest


Love the beautiful snowy forest setting depicted in these plates that were a find in Pottery Barn many years ago.

Deer in Snowy Forest Plates


For the salad plate, I pulled out these pretty red and white toile plates–another Pottery Barn find quite a few years back.

Beautiful Toile Deer Salad Plates in Woodland Themed Table Setting


I just noticed this evening, the plates have subtle hints of brown mixed in. I love this woodland scene!

Red and White Toile Deer Salad Plates in Woodland Table Setting


The dinner plates are from Dollar Tree many years ago.

Burgundy Plates from Dollar Tree


I love using these woodland berry charger plates throughout the winter months.

Woodland Berry Charger Plate


All my tree-form Savannah Hollies are covered in pretty red berries right now, so I feel like these chargers work great all winter long.

Woodland Themed Charger Plate with Pine Cones and Berries


Forgot to take a photo of the rattan charger I placed underneath the berry charger, but it’s the same one that I used in THIS Christmas table setting below a few weeks back. The chargers are currently on sale for 20% off here: Rattan Chargers. I wouldn’t normally place a rattan under another charger, but I loved how the brown rattan looked with the brown in the woodland berry charger. It’s fun to just experiment around and play with different options, just to see how it looks/works.

Rattan Chargers in Cozy Candlelight Autumn Table Setting


I was tempted to use deer napkin rings in this setting, but I liked how the pine cone napkin rings tied back to the pine cone design in the charger plates. The burgundy, velvet-edged napkins were from Pier 1 years ago. The paisley napkins are Lauren Ralph Lauren and I’ve had them so long, I can’t remember where I found them now–could have been Tuesday Morning.

Pine Cone Napkin Rings in Woodland Tablescape


A view from above… the water/tea glass is Waterford in the pattern Araglin.

Woodland Table with Deer Plates and Deer Magnolia Centerpiece


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Cozy Woodland Themed Table Setting, Deer Dinnerware, Deer Plates


Update: Adding a few photos taken later in the day with the sun streaming in through the bay window.




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  1. Franceil Parde says

    Oh, kiddo…I DO LUV THAT TABLESCAPE!!! I have that “deer duo”…must get it out of Christmas box…hmmm…did you make napkin pinecone rings??? Luv, that!!! I got these “economical” plastic napkin rings from AMAZON & have been “E6000” gluing “costume” sparkle sunflower brooches” to them…hmmm…think I’ll try your pinecone example (have those red plates, too…xxx) franki

    • Thanks, Franki! No, I found those in Pier 1 many years ago–had to drive to 2 locations to collect enough for a table setting. I miss Pier 1! I know they are online now but it’s just not the same as shopping in the stores.
      Oh, that sounds so pretty! I wonder if you could do that with pine cones. I don’t have any pine trees in my yard here.

  2. This is so pretty. I missed out on those PB deer plates and regretted it ever since. I know you live in a warmer climate than me (half the year in New Hampshire and the other half in Wales UK) but I was thinking how lovely it would be if you had a dark green wicker dining set for autumn/winter. You have so many beautiful accessories in your arsenal and all that nice storage space

    • I would love that or a beautiful wood set. The way I ended up with a white wicker set in my breakfast room 25+ years ago is I really wanted a screened porch with lots of white wicker back then. Since I didn’t have a porch, I tried to appease myself with a white wicker breakfast set here in the breakfast room. I have the screened porch now and quite a few years back, I started trying to find a wood breakfast dining set that I like. I found one, but it was sold out and no longer being made. I kinda quit looking after that. I’ve also thought about moving sometime in the next few years, so I’m not sure it’s practical to buy a new set since I have no idea if it would work in a future home. This wicker set is really a little too large for this area, another reason I’d like to get another set. I do have a dining room that’s great for fall/winter tables, but the lighting in there is a bit of a challenge for picture-taking. I have photographed some tables there. I love green wicker! I should probably start looking again for another breakfast set because I may never move. Ha!

      • I would never leave that lovely place and whatever you do don’t downsize. I know so many who have and regretted it ever since.

  3. This is indeed a cozy winter setting. Nice touch to opt for the pinecone napkin rings over the deer; they do tie-in with the look. I have to say that I am so, so envious of a sunny breakfast spot, especially in the winter, and of those very-own magnolia leaves.

    • Thanks, Mia! That is a nice spot throughout much of the day, especially once spring gets here. I’ve had so many people over the years tell me I should cut that tree down. It took over the original walkway and constantly threatens to take over the new one I had installed many years ago, but I just keep giving it haircuts. Can’t bear to chop it down!

  4. You got plates at a dollar store? I have never even been to a dollar store. Perhaps I should take a wander inside.

    • lol Yup! I haven’t been in ages but the Dollar Tree near me has always had a fun selection of plates and glasses. I’ve purchased a lot of really stemware there over the years! I really should visit them sometime soon to see if they still stock that type thing.

  5. Love the deer theme. Perfect for winter.

  6. Nancy Lou Hauge says

    Boy! Someone really likes to do dishes!

  7. Thank you Susan!Happy new year to you too! Am looking forward to your vlogs/blogs in 2024. Have been a follower for many years! See you finally got Casper covered!

  8. Such a pretty table Susan! I love your deer theme and the magnolia leaves. Just lovely! Amazing what you can find at Dollar Tree, right? 🙂 Thanks for hosting, and hope you have a great weekend!

  9. I love every one of those plates/chargers used in your stack. I wish I had bought those woodland berry chargers. Shoulda coulda woulda.wah wah wah.

  10. So lovely!! Perfect for a winter’s day…going to the negative temps here for the next week, so I will be thinking COZY the whole time! Time to look into my stash to make a cute ‘snowy’ table!

  11. Susan, love the table!! The deer on the plate, with the snow coming down and the one noble deer in the center of the table – just perfect!!!

    Also, I wanted to say thanks again for hosting Tablescape Thursday! I just love looking at your tablescape, and then all the others, in one place each week!

    Have a great week! – Patty

  12. Barbara Zuleski says

    The perfect winter table scape. when the fun bright colors are gone with the packed up Christmas you have brought a charmingly, colorful, delightful look to the long dark water days.

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