A Cozy, Warm, Candlelit Table For Fall, Mixing The New With The Vintage

Welcome to the 789th Tablescape Thursday! My favorite table settings, especially during the fall and winter, are always by candlelight.

Candlelight Dining in Autumn, November 2023


This time of year, when nightfall begins arriving so early, I crave anything that feels cozy, warm, and comforting. Candlelight definitely gives me that.

Autumn Fall Table Setting, Candlelight


A few days ago I purchased these rattan chargers that are currently on sale. I couldn’t wait to use them in a table setting.


It’s been ages since I used my Better Homes and Gardens dinnerware. I used to collect a few pieces every year when they would start appearing in the store around the holidays. It was so reasonably priced, I collected quite a few pieces over the years. I haven’t checked for it in years, though–so I’m not sure if it’s still being made.

Candlelight Lantern for an Autumn Table, Baldwin Brass


For this table setting, I chose salad plates from my collection that were not specifically Christmas-themed. I love these woodland scenes so much!

Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Salad Plates, Deer


Love these beautiful resting deer… such a gorgeous fall-winter scene! I love how the artist who drew these beautiful scenes included a cardinal in almost every plate. I see a little chickadee down toward the bottom, too. ♥

Resting Deer Salad Plates


For some of the designs, I had enough to use the same scene for all 4 place settings, but I decided to go with a different salad plate/scene instead.

Deer in Snowy Woods, Autumn Winter Table Setting


Notice all the wonderful details! Love the chipmunks, the white bark on the Birch trees, and there’s our beautiful cardinal.

Deer in Snowy Woods Salad Plate


This was one of the first salad plates I collected from this BH&G collection.

Better Homes & Garden Deer & Cardinal Salad Plate


At the time, I didn’t know that they would be coming out with new salad plates every single year, so I bought quite a few of these. Did you collect any of these plates during the time the collection was being produced? Again, we see our beautiful cardinal.

Deer, Cardinal Salad Plate


I didn’t have a fourth “deer” design to use so I decided to use another wonderful winter scene for the 4th place setting.

Better Homes & Gardens Holiday China with Horses, Fox, Red Barn, Ducks


Love this scene with the horses, foxes, swans, and ducks. Notice the pretty red barn in the distance. ♥

Salad Plate with Horses, Red Barn, Fox and Ducks


I’m not sure if some of the red tartan dinnerware is finally being retired. It’s been available for many, many years and I keep expecting it to one day vanish. I wish they would keep it around forever! I wasn’t able to locate the dinner plates, maybe they will still get those in, but the tablecloth and napkins are still available. The round tartan tablecloth appears to still be available in two sizes here: Round Tartan Tablecloth.

Amber Brown Wine Glasses


The linen, burgundy, velvet-trimmed napkins were from Pier 1 many years ago. You can really see the beauty of the rattan chargers in this picture. I love their open design and they made them the perfect size to show from under large dinner plates. (Rattan chargers are on sale here: Rattan Chargers.)

Rattan Chargers in Cozy Candlelight Autumn Table Setting


The red and tartan napkins are still available here: Red/Green Tartan Napkins. The pinecone napkin rings were from Pier 1 many years ago. I love those for fall table settings! I decided to use a mix of flatware for this table.

Pine Cone Napkin Rings in Autumn Candlelit Table


The antler-handle fork and knife are vintage, not exactly sure how old. I found them on eBay around 12-15 years ago.


The leather, velvet, and satin storage case they came in says: Made in Sheffield, England.


A small card was included inside the case that said, Argyle Triple Plate, A Lifetime’s Wear.


I think we should make it a rule that all fall and winter dinners must be enjoyed by candlelight. Are you with me? 😉

Thanksgiving Table Setting by Candlelight


I kept the centerpiece simple with a beautiful Baldwin Brass lantern I purchased over 30 years ago in the Baldwin Brass store in Atlanta. Sadly, it closed many years ago.

Baldwin Brass Lantern with Large Glass Globe


The pine cones were collected here and there over the years. I love decorating with pine cones. They keep for a very long time which makes them great for pulling out to use during the fall/winter months. I placed a small pine cone on the brass surface of the lantern. It serendipitously came in handy later giving me something to hide behind when I started taking photos of the table. Ha!

Beautiful Baldwin Brass Lantern, Polished Brass


Hope this table warms you up today if you’re in an area where it’s really cold right now.

Autumn Fall Table Setting, Candlelight

Resources for Table That Are Still Available:
Round Red/Green Tartan Tablecloth in 2 Sizes
Red/Green Tartan Napkins.
Tartan Dinnerware
Rattan Chargers

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  1. Your warm and cozy table is beautiful Susan, and you can use these pieces all winter long~ the plates are so pretty and the plate stacks look great in your new rattan chargers. Thanks for the party!

  2. Franceil Parde says

    Ever so beautiful…those rich colors!! Honestly…you would think that ALL the things you & I purchased, alone, from “Pier One,” would have kept those stores OPEN…*sigh* franki

    • I know! Isn’t it the truth?! I miss that store sooo much and it was so close to my home. It felt like a mini vacation whenever I went there, I love browsing all the new stuff for each season.

  3. I agree with you on the candlelight. I just added new LED lights on a ledge above my dining area in some eucalyptus garland, just because Fall/Winter can be so dreary! Funny story, I had a meeting at the house for like 20 women one year, I had been working long hours and frankly the kitchen was disgusting, so I set up candles, my treats and all the beverages on the island by candlelight—the gals all thought how special I was treating them…yep—everything looks better by candlelight…LOL.

  4. Hi Susan, love this post, I started collecting the BH&G Christmas dishes the first year you posted them at WalMart. Each year, a new addition, it’s totally addictive! Sorry I missed the two deer salad plate – didn’t get out to California desert W-M stores. Not to worry, I have plenty of the previous editions!:-)

    • I know, I had no idea it was going to go on for so many years so initially, I would buy 6 or 8 plates. After a few years, I had to whittle that down and would usually only buy a couple of each pattern. For the last 2-3 years, I didn’t visit the store to see what was new since I had so many plates already. I feel kinda bad that I didn’t check it out. I bet I missed some good ones those last few years. We only have so much space, right? I’m glad you got the ones you did before it ended. ♥

  5. Susan, this setting is so cozy…perfect for a fall and winter meal. I agree…candlelight makes everything better!!!

  6. Yes! I LOVE candlelight! This is a darling table, and those chargers are perfect for it. I’ve had my eye on those plaid plates for years – maybe it’s time to actually get some before they’re gone. Thanks for another round of great inspiration, and for hosting the party. Hope you have a great rest of the week!

    • Thanks, Barbara! I know, I’m amazed they keep bringing it back. Since there’s less of it this year, I wonder if that signals that they are just selling what’s left and won’t be bringing it back next year.

  7. Susan, I also started collecting the BH&G Christmas dishes when I saw a post from you about them . My set is called the Heritage collection and I would love to have more pieces of it but so far this year every store I have looked in that used to carry them they have not been around. I was wondering if they discontinued the pattern? That would make me so sad, but it does blend well with so many of the other Christmas patterns, so I guess if I can’t find it I will have to decide which one I will mix it with and get some of that to blend with it. Love the candlelight!! We may have to do Christmas with candlelight this year! So so pretty!!

    • Oh, that’s right, I remember now that it was called the Heritage Collection…had forgotten that. I’m not sure either. I guess I should visit Wally World and see if they have this year. I think someone mentioned in a comment that it had been discontinued. You may be able to find it on eBay. I haven’t looked there so not sure. Yes! A candlelight Christmas sounds wonderful! Love that idea!

  8. I didn’t realize they would have new patterns every year either. I think the first ones I purchased were eight of the red truck with trees. The next year featured a locomotive – the year my husband retired from the railroad. So I bought twelve of the train. I also have a few random plates I purchased just because they are too cute.

    • I have this thing for trains, too…I ended up purchasing 8 of the train plates. I loved the image on that plate, so glad you were able to get those, Merry! I know your husband must really love those when you use them. ♥

  9. I love those BH&G plates! I have several of them, didn’t see any new ones last year. My grandson has claimed the one with the train on it, and would prefer if I kept it available all year. 🙂 My tartan chargers are plastic, from Michael’s, (low budget) but they still set a pretty table!

  10. I started collecting the salad plates the first year they came out. Then added the original dinner plates (they changed the pattern in later years. So sad they discontinued the pattern in 2019. At the time BH&G stated they had only planned the collection for 10 years. Some Wal-Mart’s still had inventory in 2020 but not new patterns. I use the salad plates every year for a large Christmas party. I think I have at least 140 of them because I would buy 4 of every pattern! But this is an adult party and I hate paper plates!

  11. Lovely table. I can see the new chargers going with so many plates and seasons. My local Walmart never has those plates. The one year I saw a few, they were chipped. I love the napkins Susan. Since they have a velvet trim, how do you wash them ? I would be afraid the colors might bleed.

    • Thanks, Myrna! Fortunately, I haven’t had to wash them since I just use them to cover the actual napkin. I look at them as just a decorative overlay, over the real napkin…kinda like the sheer organza ones that I sometimes use in table settings.

  12. I love those WM plates. I got a few the first or second year–amaryllis design.
    Last winter we started eating every Sunday dinner in the dining room. By candlelight. With music. Basic but seasonal touches table decor.

  13. Hahaz love the comment of the pinecone hiding you- I always try to make sure I do that too. Love this late fall / wintry look on your table. Tis the season for all things plaid, and I’m about to break mine out too. I loved all the dishes you shared the other day, and your new rattan chargers are great. That English flatware is fabulous. I did collect a few of those BH&G plate patterns, but not the deer (I don’t think, lol). I scored a couple of Baldwin candlesticks recently and used them in my tablescape I’m sharing this week for a Thanksgiving table. Finding nice vintage finds like those are one of the reasons I love keeping an antique mall booth!
    Thanks for the party and virtual shopping trup this week, and the great advice on the SQ.

    • Yes, nothing is more distracting than a face staring at you when you’re trying to enjoy a tablescape. Hahaha. Yay for Baldwin Brass scores! I should go antiquing more than I do! I still miss A Classy Flea.

  14. Susan, your table is beautiful! I love your new chargers and they look fabulous with the tartan dinner plates and BH&G salad plates. The BH&G series has so many gorgeous patterns and make such a lovely collection. Love the candlelight – the table just gleams!

  15. The table is so cozy and lovely. I agree with Franki..I still wonder after all I purchased at Pier One how they could go out of business! I never shop their online store. I purchased the same Baldwin brass candleholder many years ago….maybe 30…. and use it every Christmas on my coffee table. Love it and will never let it go!

  16. I love this warm and cozy table setting Susan! It really does give all the warm and fuzzy vibes! Those BH&G plates are gorgeous, never knew about them, but then again…I’ve lived in the country my whole life, so don’t always know about this kind of thing. I so love them though, perfect for fall and winter with those beautiful scenes of the deer and birds, etc…They look fabulous with your tartan plates and of course I love the pinecone items. Nothing says fall like pinecones and leaves! LOL I don’t think one can ever go wrong with candle light in the fall and winter months! Hugs, Brenda

    • Thanks so much, Brenda! They were available in Walmart for quite a few years in a row, but I’m not sure they still carry them.
      I so agree–bring on the candlelight! ♥

  17. Cozy is right! I love the warm simplicity of this table, Susan. I have several pieces of this dish ware and love to use them throughout the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  18. Everything is truly gorgeous. You definitely have the touch with tables. One reason, only just one for there are many more, that I started following you. All those years ago was for Thursdays tables. During the dreaded C years I joined a Facebook group called Beautiful Table Settings and I’ve found my tribe. You need to check it out.
    Love everything about your table.

    • Thanks so much, Deborah! I never go on Facebook anymore, mostly check IG these days, but try to avoid that since I probably spend way too much time online. Ha! It’s addictive!
      Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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