A Favorite Winter Escape Into The World Of Fashion + A Little Bookcase Decor

Welcome to the 781st Metamorphosis Monday! Happy Winter! Hope this cold January day finds you hunkered down under a warm throw, or if you’re working, it’s time to take a little break and enjoy a bit of eye candy.

Do you ever feel a little scatterbrained? Maybe our brains go through cycles of indecision because I changed my mind at least three times this weekend about what I would share today. Sometimes I have too many ideas, and at other times, my mind goes blank. Do parts of our brains go into hibernation in the winter? Ha! In any case, after a lot of false starts, I hope you enjoy today’s topic as much as I did putting it together!

Over two years ago (how has it been that long?!) I shared about a bookcase I purchased from IKEA after a lovely BNOTP reader mentioned that IKEA sells real wood bookcases with shelves that won’t sag. Imagine that–a bookcase with shelves that actually holds books without sagging, unlike the three Billy bookcases in my office, which should be renamed the Billy Ornamental Case because it’s only good for holding decorative items along with a few paperbacks! Whew—had to get that out of my system!

Umm, a bookcase that actually holds books—I was intrigued! In September 2021, I decided to purchase one for the guest room to hold all my “fashion” books since that was a genre that seemed to be growing on my overstuffed, office bookcases. My guest room, which doesn’t see a lot of guests, is also where I house a lot of my favorite handbags—so fashion books seemed like a nice fit for this space.

Fashion Books, Handbag Book, Hemnes Bookcase


You may remember from that 2021 post that I even managed to find a reasonably priced picture/art light for the top. (Light is available here: Picture Light.)

Adding a Light to Bookcase


Though the guest room hasn’t changed much over the last two years, the bookcase has changed a lot, so I thought it would be fun to share how it looks today.

Guest Room, Blue and White, Floral


In this wide-angle view, we can see the bookcase there on the right in the photo below.

Guest Room Bookcase


Here’s a view from the other side of the room. It was dark out when I took this photo so the walls look a lot darker.

Guest Room Furniture, Antique Dresser and Bookcase


This photo taken during the daytime is much more accurate of the wall color in this room. I had the paint mixed to match the yellow in the window treatments, pillows, and table skirt—a Sanderson fabric that was available back in the day.

Guest Room Furniture and Bookcase


Another evening photo…how the bookcase looks today.

Fashion Books Bookcase


Since it would take forever to link to all the fashion/design books I’ve collected over the past few years, last night I stayed up quite late, creating a new category here: Designer Fashion Books + Luxe Accessories. So if you see a book title that piques your interest, check out that category where hopefully, I have it linked. I probably missed a few books so feel free to ask about anything you see on the shelves that I may have forgotten to include. Occasionally, if I buy something that arrives in an especially pretty box, I will look for ways to display those. Dior has the prettiest packaging of all the designer brands! I love their packaging! Even just ordering perfume or lipstick will sometimes arrive in a gorgeous, too-pretty-to-toss box that I find adds a bit of whimsy and beauty to an otherwise ordinary bookshelf.

Diptyque Roses Candle, Luxury Fashion Books


Surprisingly, the teacup is from Penhaligon’s. When I first started purchasing their fragrances, I learned they had produced a cute teacup at some point in the past–I think when they came out with their “Portraits” fragrance collection. They were no longer available at the Penhaligon’s website, but I found a couple on Poshmark for a super reasonable price. By the way, the best place to purchase Penhaligon’s perfumes is from Selfridges online–see those here: Penhaligon’s Perfumes. I’m not sure why they are so much less there than anywhere else, but it’s worth purchasing Selfrigdes’s Global + shipping to shop with them because it covers all shipping and duty fees for a full year. I’ve also discovered that they carry Diptique candles for a lot less, too!

Fashion Books, Diptyque Roses Candle


For example, this large, limited edition Diptique “Roses” candle is around $40 less at Selfridges than it is here in the U.S. (Roses candle is available here: Diptique Roses Candle. Dear Paris: The Paris Letters Collection book is available here: Dear Paris: The Paris Letters Collection.)

Diptyque Roses Candle


The other shelves are filled with heavy, fashion-related books. Unfortunately, some are no longer in production, including one of my favorite Louis Vuitton handbag books.

Fashion Books & Bookcase Decor


I know several of you were looking for the Hermes Pop-up book when I first shared it a while back. Unfortunately, it sold out pretty quickly on the Hermes website. It’s available again now here: Hermes Pop-up Book. I’ve also added it to the Fashion Book category here: Fashion Books.

Favorite Fashion-Luxury Books


A few of my favorite books on the fashion house, Hermes…

Hermes Books & Hermes Box Decor


My collection of “Catwalk” books has grown over the last two years as I’ve managed to catch them on sale. The only one I’m missing at this point is the Chloe Catwalk book. It’s currently reduced, but not as much as I would like. Amazingly, the Givenchy book that was just released in November is on sale right now half off! The Catwalk books are HUGE and filled with big beautiful pictures from cover to cover, so I understand why they are so expensive. Anytime you can find them on sale for around $40 or less is a great deal!

Luxury Fashion Books Bookcase


Cinderella’s slipper rests atop Vogue, the shoe book. 🙂 (Book is available here: Vogue, the shoe. Cinderella Glass Slipper is available here: Cinderella’s Slipper.)

Vogue, The Shoe book


I hope you enjoyed this guest room bookcase update. I love looking through these books from time to time as an escape from the real world. We need that occasionally, don’t we–especially in the depths of winter! Again, you’ll find all the favorites I share here on the blog linked under the “SHOP” category at the top. You’ll find all the fashion-related books on this bookcase available here: Books: Designer, Fashion, Handbag + Accessories.

Fashion Books Bookcase


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  1. Happy Monday, Susan. Your collection of fashion books is amazing. I love how beautifully you styled them your bookcase! Stay warm…brrr it is cold in NE AL!

  2. Did I miss it or did you forget to mention the name of the IKEA ‘no’sag’ bookcase>

  3. You have quite an impressive collection of fashion and style books, Susan. I have to ask you what is the paint color on the walls in this room? It appears to be a soft yellow, but is has a nice glow. That may be due to your camera, or the light, and colors can be deceiving when they appear in photographs. Thank you

    • Thanks, Lisa! Unfortunately, that color was a custom match I had mixed up to go with the yellow in the Sanderson fabric window treatments, tabletopper, and pillows I had made for that room. However, it’s very similar to the yellow I have in entry, kitchen, and office which is an older Duron color called Sugar Cookie. Sugar Cookie does that at night, too–has that wonderful warm glow in the evening.
      Fortunately, there’s a place online that can mix up a sample (or a gallon) of any old paint color that you wish. I tested them by ordering a sample of Sugar Cookie and it was dead on accurate. You can see Sugar Cookie at their website here: https://www.myperfectcolor.com/paint/43965-duron-4610w-sugar-cookie

      Duron was bought out by Sherwin Williams and when I tried to buy Sugar Cookie in an SW store years ago, it was terrible. They had changed the base or something. So don’t go to SW to buy an older Duron color.

      Here’s the post I wrote after I ordered the Sugar Cookie sample to see if they would send the correct color, and they did! I was very impressed how accurate the color was. https://betweennapsontheporch.net/how-to-get-a-sample-of-any-paint-color-even-older-paint-colors-no-longer-available/

      Another great yellow that’s a bit lighter is Duron Tea Biscuit. I have that in my upstairs bonus/living room.

  4. Thank you Susan! You are the queen of organization!

  5. Thanks for having us over, Susan. Love seeing your decorated bookcases! Have a great week!

  6. Just wanted to say that I love the antique vanity you have in the room. It is beautiful. I’m very much into antiques and have quite a few of my own.

    • Thanks, Carol! I found that piece around 25 years ago in Duprees, a local antique shop. I couldn’t afford to pay for it all at once back then, but the antique dealer graciously let me pay for it over a period of 3-4 months. It had a matching bed, but unfortunately, I didn’t have room for it. Duprees is the same antique store where I purchased my yellow dollhouse (with the Christmas wreaths) and a vintage/antique wicker table I have out on the porch. I really should start antiquing again. It used to be my therapy—that and gardening.

  7. Of all those beautiful and interesting items in the room, it’s the glass slipper that captured my attention most. Brrr here too.

  8. Sharyn Kimbrough says

    Susan, I love love love that mirrored dressing table in your guest room-it’s absolutely the cat’s meow!! Love your blog!!

  9. Franceil Parde says

    Oh, this is so cool!! The last one HAS TO BE my favorite…that slipper…Hermes & Tiffany’s colors…so fun!! TY!! franki

    • Thanks, Franki! I loved the old Rodgers and Hammerstein Cinderella movie when I was growing up. It came on every year and I had to watch and dream.

  10. Susan,
    Thank you for the update…perfectly timed since most of us are stuck inside with some nasty cold, foul weather. I love how you styled the bookcase with mementos and “scents”. The room itself is beautiful and the books are an added luxury for late night reading!

  11. Thanks for sharing the new bookcase with us. Image no swag shelves. That is an awesome collection of books you styled. Did you know you can buy Tiffany clothing on Pinterest? Not sure how they get away with that.
    So many stores are being bought by investors or going under. Yesterday, I found out Chico’s was sold. They are out of the Sanibel Island area and employed nearly 20,000 people in stores across the country. I love their clothing and ads. Soft Surroundings went under last year. Why buy nice clothing from them if China can reproduce for one third of the price ? US stores sell petite clothing. My mother always said “You have to get while the getting is good”
    Thanks for cheering us up today. Not a fan of winter.

    • Really? I didn’t know Tiffany made clothing. Are they using the Tiffany name?
      I haven’t been keeping up with that, sad to hear so many stores are selling out. That can’t be good! I didn’t know that about Chico. 🙁

      • If you go on Pinterest and search Tiffany clothing, there they are with Tiffany & Company printed on them in beautiful blue.
        I think we should search who owns all of our favorite stores. Not a fan of investment companies buying up stores without a person interest. Stay warm.

  12. Susan,
    I really love that bookcase and how you styled it…I will be taking some of the inspiration and restyling the bookcases that I have in my upstairs Sitting Room!!!
    Thanks so much for hosting this lovely party!! I really appreciate the time and effort that goes into it along with visiting all the links!! Thank You!! I hope you are having a great week!! And thanks for providing so much inspiration!!

  13. Beautiful room, styling and collection. As a book lover, I can imagine picture walking through all of those great books. Pure bliss!

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