3 Beautiful Tables for Thanksgiving With Handmade And Cherished Family Heirlooms

Welcome to the 791st Tablescape Thursday! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones! I have two beautiful tables to share with you on this wonderful Thanksgiving Day. Sheri set this special table for her family’s Thanksgiving. A family member celebrated their birthday a little before Thanksgiving and the table was also used for that special occasion.


Sheri said, “Mike made the cedar box The crochet tablecloth was made by Mike’s stepmother many years ago.”


Sheri’s dinnerware really shows how we are all feeling on this day…so Grateful! ♥


A closer view of Sheri’s autumn centerpiece…


Sheri’s hubby, Mike, often makes the beautiful centerpieces that she uses in her table settings. I love that!


When Sheri shared her photos with me, there was one very small photo attached and though it’s super small, I couldn’t leave it out. Sheri wrote, “My son set his table at his apartment for autumn, also.  I guess the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree!” Oh my gosh, I love this so much! I think it’s so wonderful that Sheri’s son took the time and effort to set such a wonderful table for his home! I love the pumpkin and autumn-leaves centerpiece he created for his centerpiece! Beautiful table to enjoy all throughout the fall! ♥


Thanks so much to Sheri for sharing her Thanksgiving table setting! I know she and her family are enjoying a very special Thanksgiving today. ♥♥♥


Elena created a beautiful table setting this year for her family’s Thanksgiving!


Such a beautiful, elegant table! And what’s that we see in the center of the table?


It’s a Cornucopia, overflowing with beautiful fruits in abundance.


Elena later mixed in pretty autumn florals in with the fruit–love that!


The pretty gold chargers Elena chose for her table are Bordallo Pinheiro, a find on eBay. I love those! The stemware is Tifin Laurel, passed down to Elena from her grandmother.


In this closer view of the Bordallo Pinheiro charger plate, we see little pumpkins, acorns, and some very sassy, strutting turkeys! The design is so perfect for Thanksgiving!


The dinner plate and the bread plate are vintage Enoch Woods & Sons and were passed down from Elena’s husband’s grandmother. Elena’s beautiful silver service is Reed and Barton, Florentine Lace, passed down to her from her mother. So many lovely inherited pieces in this beautiful Thanksgiving table!


Elena shared the most amazing story about this Enoch Woods English Scenery set. She said, “CRAZY story about the Enoch Woods English Scenery set. My husband and I were really good friends for years before we “got together” When we were first dating we would walk down Broadway (Saratoga Springs) and look in all the store windows. One of the antique shops had two sets of china side by side. I said “Oh look, the rose dishes were my Grandmother’s china. I have a complete service.” He looked at the transferware and said “That’s funny, I think that is my Grandmother’s pattern. It looks a lot like it.”


A few weeks later I was ironing an antique tablecloth my SIL gave me. It belonged to my Grandmother, my mother had given it to her but she would not hand wash and iron it. He asked where I got it and if I liked old linens. He said his father had a ton of Irish linen from his grandmother and he would see if we could have some. A little while later I asked if he had found out about the linens. He got a sad look on his face and said, “No, my father sold it all to the lady that owns that antique shop.” I could tell he felt bad about it so I just let it go until it dawned on me–the transferware in the window wasn’t LIKE his Grandmother’s set, it WAS his grandmother’s set!


As I had an antique shop at the time I knew June, the owner of the antique shop, fairly well. I explained what had happened with the linens and dishes. She said she would not be able to tell me what specific linens he sold her but gave me a good price for the dishes, which I bought and snuck in the house. There were five or six large boxes under our Christmas tree that year, and he cried when he read my card and opened the first box! Over thirty years later, those dishes are still side by side in my china closet!


What an incredible story and I’m so glad this beautiful china found its way back home!


Elena cracked me up saying, “The place card holders are vintage. They are supposed to be doves but my kids insist that they are Turkeys!” Hahaha! Well, if they are indeed doves, they are masquerading as turkeys for today’s Thanksgiving table.


Thanks so much to Elena for sharing her beautiful Thanksgiving table!


I wish you and your family a wonderful, cozy, happy Thanksgiving today! Looking forward to the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday! (If you enjoyed this post, subscribe for email updates when a new post is up here: Subscribe for post updates.)

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  1. I loved seeing Sheri’s dishes under the grateful plates. They’re called Heartland. I got the complete set in 1986. I loved matchy-matchy then (still do) and I took a dinner plate into a wallpaper store to find paper for my kitchen that would go with it. The clerk told me Sherwin Williams sold that exact pattern in wallpaper. Off I went to Sherwin Williams and got the paper! Then THAT clerk told me Home Depot sold cabinet knobs and handles that matched! Got them too! Changed houses, put knobs and handles in a box, but still use & love those dishes!

  2. Oh those are both beautiful tables! Sheri’s centerpiece is lovely and so fun that her husband made it! Elena’s china story is so sweet! I love that! What a thoughtful gift. Thanks for hosting, and thanks to all of you for sharing these wonderful tables. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. Wonderful post as usual. Loved the story about the dishes! Susan, I am trying to find the Naps post you did a while ago featuring silver spoon that had sayings or names, etc embossed on them I bought one that said Oma’s coffee. Would love to get a few for friends this year as a Christmas gift. So unusual Tried looking on the internet and several choices came up but none as nice that one you recommended. Would you please send the name is you still have it? Love Naps and buy your recommendations frequently. You have such good taste and I trust your choices. Merry Christmas

  4. I ADORE Sheri’s tablecloth, it is an absolute TREASURE!!!!! I know I have two single size bed covers my Grandmother (or her sister) made in that exact pattern! I never had the guts to wash it………I have to ask how she handles that and if it needs to be blocked when damp? I would really love to know!!

  5. Morning Susan,
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, hon. Those were lovely tablescapes from your friends. Really loved those grateful plates, so cute and inspiring.
    Thanks for always hosting this fun party. They are always a fun treat.

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