All My April Favorites Together In One Post

Before May gets too far gone, I’m sharing all my favorites from the month of April. As usual, there’s quite the variety here. Last month, I went on a search for a cell phone holder that would fit on the handlebars of my Peloton bike. Occasionally, when I’m taking a “scenic” ride, unless it’s one of the guided scenic rides, I like having my phone nearby so I can easily check and reply to emails while I’m riding.

This holder was perfect for what I needed and is working great. To fit my phone into the holder, I just slide it apart and the phone fits snugly inside. If you have a Peloton or a stationary exercise bike and would like to add a phone holder to the handlebars, the one I’m using is available here: Phone Holder for Peloton Bike and other Stationary Exercise Bikes.  Update: Just noticed that the Peloton bikes are still on sale for an amazing price! If you ever wanted one, they are currently available for around $800 less than I paid for mine several years back. You’ll find them on sale here: Original Peloton Bike with the Updated Seat Post.

Phone Holder for Peloton Bike or Exercise Cycle


Last month, I shared these fun Hermes Twilly scarves that I love putting on my handbags to add a bit of color.

Twilly Scarf for Summer Handbags


They are also great for protecting handbag handles from hand lotion, sweat, etc… like my friend, Teresa, has done for the vachetta handle on her Louis Vuitton Croisette bag.

Hermes Bingata Twilly Protects Handle of Louis Vuitton Croisette Bag


Last month, I accidentally stumbled across some beautiful silk scarves online that were in the cutest, most whimsical patterns.I decided to order one since the pricing was so good—about 1/10 of what I’ve been spending for the Hermes silk scarves. This was the one I ordered, and I was impressed with the quality when it arrived. The colors are so beautiful and rich! The silk itself is probably the slightest bit lighter weight than what Hermes uses, but if you didn’t have the two scarves side-by-side to compare, you would never notice it since there’s so little difference. I love this whimsical animal design so much, and the bear reminds me of my visit to Big Canoe last summer. (This scarf is available here: Silk Scarf with Animal Design.)

Adorable Silk Scarf with Bear, Deer and Birds, Handbag Accent


I was so impressed with the quality of that first scarf, I immediately ordered two more in this adorable print. I haven’t yet taken the time to remove my current twillies that I already have on my bag, but I can tell this scarf is going to go with the bag really well. I love it! These scarves are also great to wear in your hair as a headband, or around a ponytail. They are also cute worn around the neck or around the wrist—so many ways to use them! You’ll find all the patterns they are currently available in here: Silk Ribbon Scarf for Handbag Handles, Neck, Wrist, Hair.

Twilly-Style Silk Scarves for Handles of Bag


Still loving the chain covers I added to the porch swing last month. Love how they Velcro together—so much faster than the gazillion snaps I had on my last covers. The fabric has started to relax in the humidity, so they look even better than they did in this photo below when I first added them to the swing. If you order these covers, I recommend washing them first on a gentle cycle to take a bit of the stiffness out of the fabric. You’ll find these covers available here: Covers for Swing Chains.

Covers to Hide Swing Chains


I am still very happy with these heated gloves I purchased last month for when my fingers/hands are feeling a bit achy or stiff. I like these so much better than the ones that have to be microwaved, which never stay warm as long as I would like. If you could use some heat therapy for your hands, these are available here: Electrical Heated Gloves for Hands.

Heated Gloves for Arthritis and, Carpal Tunnel Pain


Thanks so much to Carol who suggested this Curel wet-skin moisturizer last month. I love Cutemol for my hands and feet, but Cutemol is a little too rich/thick for applying all over. I just had a chance the Curel last night, and I’m very pleased with how it feels and works. It has amazing reviews, so I had a feeling it would be great. You can read more about it here: Curel Wet Skin Moisturizer.


Last month, I ran out of the lens cleaner I normally keep here on my desk for cleaning my eyeglasses. I decided to try a different brand and this was the one I ordered. I’m actually glad that I ran out of the cleaner I was using because I like this one so much better. I think it does a much better job of cleaning my glasses. I also like that it’s alcohol and ammonia free because both of those chemicals/substances are terrible for eyeglass frames, per the optical store where I always buy my glasses. I’m very pleased with this lens cleaner and you’ll find it available here: Lens Cleaner.



Last month I tried this Pepperidge Farm Cookie Collection, and it was so good, I’ve already ordered it again for this month. I love that Pepperidge Farm has combined all their favorites into one package, and the price is great—much better than I normally see in the grocery store for a single package of any one of these flavors. If you love cookies as I do, you’ll find this yummy variety collection here: Pepperidge Farm Cookies, 9 Varieties.


If you enjoy the Monthly Favorites posts that I put together each month, you’ll find all my previous Monthly Favorites here: Monthly Favorites. See you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. I always love seeing your favorites each month. Sometimes I find them in Canada and sometimes unfortunately not. I love those scarves for ponytails. I love the pink purse, which brand is it?

    • Thanks, Brenda! The bag is an Hermes Toolbox 20. I always wanted that bag, but by the time I thought about buying it, it was no longer in production. I found it pre-loved at Fashionphile during one of their awesome sales. I love their preloved bags because they are always better than described. This one looked pretty much brand new, some of the Toolbox 20 bags I see online look pretty battered.

  2. I see a couple of things to check out in the near future. And cookies are my favorite food group!

  3. Kathleen says

    LOL! I sent that box of cookies to my young grandson for his birthday. He loved them.

  4. Always temping us with pretties Susan. I am not a cookie fan, but they look great. What a nice gift. I wait every year at Christmas time for their Snowball cookies to put in gift baskets. Did you try the Tates Lemon Cookies?
    I am loving Nuts About Pistachio ice cream at Publix.

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