Attractive, Waterproof, Patio-Deck Storage For Outdoor Cushions, Toys, Gardening & Grilling Tools

Welcome to the 756th Metamorphosis Monday! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! Well, it has been a process spanning several years, but I have finally managed to move all the toys I saved from my son’s childhood–to my son’s home in Ohio for his children to enjoy. Of course, I didn’t save every toy from his childhood, but I did try to save the best ones that I felt were perennial and would never be outdated. Back story: When my brother, who was much older than me, had children, I remember he bought Tonka trucks for them one Christmas. I guess that left an impression on me because I really wanted my son to have Tonka trucks to play with when he was growing up.

Tonka Trucks, Vintage


They have been stored away in the basement for many years, frozen in time just as he left them over 30 years ago. Determined to save them for my grandsons, I started working on cleaning them up a couple of weekends ago.


Soap and water definitely weren’t cutting it. Some of the dirt stains were really stubborn and almost seemed embedded into the paint. I wondered how the paint would look once they were clean.


I worked on them for several hours over the span of two days and it was a job and a half! So many grooves, so many nooks and crannies to clean!


The only thing that really cut through the dirt and grime was this amazing Super Cleaner that I’m always raving about. It has come to the rescue many times over the past few years, and once again, it saved the day. I can not say enough good things about this cleaner! (This amazing cleaner is available here: Super Cleaner.)


Super Cleaner for Leather Seats Upholstery and Carpet, Works for Denim Transfer


As mentioned, there were so many nooks and crannies to clean, but after hours and hours of cleaning, they were looking almost new again and ready for their trip north to Ohio.

1980s Tonka Trucks


My son and DIL live in an adorable, historical cottage that’s over 100 years old, so there’s not a lot of storage room for things like big Tonka trucks. But I had an idea that I thought would work.

Tonka Trucks from the 1980s


We added one of these patio/deck storage boxes to their patio area in back. Those weird marks on the top are light reflections. I kept seeing those in various areas of the storage box as I was putting it together and wondered what they were. The light kept reflecting weirdly off the surface and it almost looked like spots/stains, but it was just the light.


After I loaded in all the trucks, there was still plenty of space for other toys. This storage box is supposed to be rainproof, so hopefully it is. It’s been raining this morning so I think I’ll go out and see if it stayed dry inside.


Okay, just ran outside and took a few photos after this morning’s rain ended.


Everything inside was nice and dry. A drop or two fell off the lid and into the box when I first raised the lid…you can see one of those drops on the brown football, but everything inside was nice and dry. Storage boxes like this are also great for storing outdoor furniture cushions–I guess anything you enjoy using outdoors on a regular basis. This box is designed with a mechanism that will let you add a lock if you wish to keep it secured. I doubt we’ll ever add a lock to it since it’s only being used for toy storage.


It really looks nice with the other furniture, too. My son and DIL are very pleased with how it looks and functions. If you could use a storage box for your patio or deck, this one is available in several colors here: Large Outdoor Storage Patio Deck Box. They also come in smaller sizes, too.


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  1. Wow, that cleaner is amazing, I’m going to get some! Thanks Susan~

  2. What a great collection for the grands. Good job on cleaning them up. I’ll have to try your cleaner, it looks pretty powerful! Thanks for having us over!

    • It is! I can’t imagine how I would have cleaned those trucks up without it. Hope they never stop making it!
      Have a great week, Debra!

  3. I bought the Super Cleaner when you first recommended it and I can’t sing enough praises. It is wonderful for so many different cleaning needs. Thank you for finding it 🙂

  4. Carolyn Price says

    We actually just bought a smaller version to keep fire pit supplies in. The best part about it? About 25 years ago, Publix grocery stores had soft drinks arrive in open-topped, cardboard “crates” with handle cut-outs on the sides. These held six 2-liter jugs. The boxes were sturdy and a manageable size. As a teacher at the time, they were the perfect size for carrying cumulative folders to and from the office. They were also perfect for storing science lesson goodies by chapter. I also used them in closets for toys at home. They had a million uses.
    Well, fast forward and the deck box I purchased holds the two last crates I have, side-by-side: one for kindling and one for paper.
    Happy retiree! Why did I wait so long to get one?
    Love your posts! The things you find?! Cooler light!!

    • That sounds perfect! What a great way to upcycle those crates. I’m thinking I should bet one for my deck at home.
      Thanks, Carolyn! That cooler is so awesome looking when you open the cooler. 🙂

  5. Tina Reynolds says

    Best Grandma EVER! Such a good idea for storage. My son had a Tonka forklift which I saved, and my grandson played with it, too. I added a Tonka bulldozer and a John Deere tractor and haywagon to the mix for our grandson. Those are stored now…for who knows how long! I do need to do some work on that big bulldozer because my grandson loved to use it to plow snow! He had more fun with those things in the snow than on a lovely summer day! The hay wagon hauled many bundles of “Lego Hay”, too. I think I’ll get some of that cleaner and give it a go on the bulldozer before I put it in a storage tote on the high shelf…again, for who knows how long. I sure miss the days of trucks, Legos and toys. In 3 weeks, my grandson returns to campus as a college sophomore. Where did the years go?

    • Aww, thanks Tina! I’m so glad you mentioned the snow. The boys used to have a sandbox but they no longer have it so I wasn’t sure where they would be able to use the bulldozer and the dump truck, etc… They get plenty of snow here so I bet they will love playing with them in the snow this winter. Love that idea!
      I know, I miss that so much, too! I had found a photo on my computer of my son when he got the dump truck for Christmas, but when I was putting the post together, I couldn’t find it again. He was so little then. It was fun showing my two grandsons a photo of their dad with the dump truck nearby so they could see how little he was when he first got the truck.

  6. Those eight trucks in great condition are worth between $350 – -$500 total. Of course condition is the main factor. Lots of collectors out there.

    • I had heard about that. I think I read somewhere that the new Tonka trucks are all made of plastic. Seems like so many things were made/built better back in the day. Thanks, Nmp!

  7. Susan,
    Thanks so much for hosting this lovely party each and every week!! I really appreciate the time and effort that goes into it along with visiting all the links and choosing Features!!! Thank You!! I hope you are having a great week!!

  8. Hi Susan this is not related to your new post but I value your recommendations and I was wondering do you have a bread box that sits on the counter? I am looking for one and didn’t know if you recommended a certain type and style. Thank You

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