Create Your Own Plant Stand

Welcome to the 38th Metamorphosis Monday!

I have a little query for you. What would you do if one day at your workplace, you discovered the items shown below were being tossed out…thrown into the trash? I know some of you are so creative and talented, you’d probably snag them and take them home.

Me? I would have probably looked at them, thought they were interesting, but wouldn’t have had a clue how to use them in a project. Well, fortunately for us, Cheryl, a reader of BNOTP, is very creative and can’t stand to see good stuff go to waste.

Cheryl told me, “I am a teacher and was looking at some of the “stuff” they were getting ready to throw away. Old “T” stand bases, tubes and blocks and other assorted dirty junk. I gathered up the things I thought I could use and went to work.

“I glued the kids blocks together to make a base for the column. Then, on top went one “T” stand base, then the cardboard tube got glued on. On top of the tube I glued 2 more “T” stand bases, small side to small side, and then I glued jute around the cardboard tube on the top and bottom for extra support. I used both hot glue for a “quick stick” and Elmer’s glue for strength.

Cheryl continued, “I painted 3 coats of left over green paint for a primer, then 2 coats of black. I lightly sanded the edges and it was done.”

Take a look at how Cheryl decided to use the column she created…

Cheryl said, “It made a great tall support for one of my pumpkins. As you can see I love Halloween decor.”

Doesn’t it make a beautiful statement in the corner of Cheryl’s family room?!

Love the basket turned up on it’s side…great idea for displaying more fall treasures!

What a warm, inviting room…I’d never want fall to end! The oranges and browns are beautiful against the soft green wall. If you decorate for autumn in mid September, which is right around the time fall officially begins, you’ll be able to keep your fall decor up all the way until just after Thanksgiving. That’s a nice long time to enjoy the beautiful colors of fall,right in your own home.

Cheryl, thanks so much for sharing this ingenious “Before and After,” as well as your beautifully decorated family room!

Let’s go see what everyone else has been working on…lots of wonderful “Before and Afters” await! πŸ™‚

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  1. tales from an oc cottage says

    That is awesome!!!! Of course, I'd have cats launching themselves from it…but I do adore the idea!!!

    m ^..^

  2. I saved the large tubes from when we had our new carpet installed and now I'm so glad I kept them. I also have some caps that were leftover when we replaced our fencing!

    Such a clever idea!

    Congratulations Bj!

  3. Jenglamgirl says

    DARLING DARLING DARLING decor! love your comfy cozy festive room!

  4. Great idea! One man's trash… πŸ™‚

  5. Gypsy aka Tam says

    Hi Susan,
    I've been MIA for a while. But I'm finally participating today. I Love Cheryl's idea. How cool to end up with such a great looking architectural piece for free!!!
    Have a great Monday,

  6. Cottage Rose says

    Hi Susan; Wow I would never have thought of that… She did a beautiful job on it,, thanks for sharing it with us,,, I will have to look at things with a new eye now… Have a great week.


  7. nannykim/spindle cottage says

    I don't think I would have thought of that!! Wow–creative!

  8. Christi @ A Southern Life says

    That is so clever. How creative can you get? I love the end result!


  9. Joan@anthinggoeshere says

    That is unbelievable. It looks so great!

  10. Julie Harward says

    The tassel is the most gorgeous thing ever!!! What you created is totally amazing to me and it looks SO good in your room..WAY TO GO!
    Come say hi πŸ˜€

  11. texasdaisey says

    What an amazing idea. It is similar to something I have thought of trying. I guess I need to go for it now.

  12. Blue Creek Home says

    Cheryl's idea turned out so nice. Her whole room is so warm and fallish!

  13. Great Halloween decor, I think it's such a fun season for decor! I love the tassel, I'm sure she is swamped with orders, her work is so creative!!! Thanks for sponsoring. . .

  14. Connie from Big Bear Lake California says

    Wow!! I luv that idea. I might have to steal it! Great job very creative. Stop by when can. Hugs, Connie

  15. Great ideal, and it kept all that material out of the landfill. Pretty and green.

  16. Susan, thank you for sharing Cheryl's creative metamorphosis. Great idea! I enjoyed seeing her home dressed for fall. I agree, it is a warm and inviting home. All her fall details are so charming. Loved seeing this. And congratulations to BJ. Lucky girl! Happy Met Monday and have a good week. ~ Sarah

  17. I am so excited to win this beautiful tassel, I am making blunders all over the place. First, I posted here but ….where did it go? You may receive 2..or more…comments from me..:)
    THANK YOU so much for this tassel..I just love it.

    Next, I linked up 2 times and the first one is wrong. The second is ok. Could you please delete the first? I am so sorry to be such a klutz…just got excited!!
    Thanks again, Susan

  18. Mama Thompson says

    Such a cute idea…I wish my brain worked that way…thanks for sharing!

  19. marty (A Stroll Thru Life) says

    This is just so clever. It looks like a real column. What a great idea and such a lovely home. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Marty

  20. That is a brilliant idea! Love the pumpkin on top!!!
    Congrats to the winner of the darling tassel!
    All Things Heart and HOme

  21. cindy@cottage instincts says

    Neato frito. I love it!

  22. What a creative "green" project! It turned out so well! And she can reuse it for other seasons.

  23. Hi Susan! Oh, what a most creative friend you have! That post is wonderful and so is her family room.
    Be a sweetie and hope you've had a great weekend,
    Shelia πŸ˜‰

  24. Tammy@InStitches says

    I need a project for leftover fabric tubes. This looks great.

  25. Her home is lovely, and the pillar is a great idea!

    I so happy for bj! Lovely tassel!

  26. Someone's Mom says

    I would never have thought of it. I'm getting quite an education through blogging. Love it!


  27. Cindy (Applestone Cottage) says

    How creative~ I love her beautiful family room, so warm and inviting! Great Post Susan and congrats to the tassel winner too! Cindy

  28. inner_child says

    How creative! Like "Tales from an OC Cottage" I'd have cats launching themselves from it. Oh, who am I kidding, Mr. Mise en scène would have it all hauled out to the curb before I could locate the primer.

  29. Some people's thought processes just amaze me. This transformation of what was seemingly just pieces of junk now looks terrific.
    Congrats to BJ on her tassel win. She is a sweetie!
    πŸ™‚ Sue

  30. pretty fall ideas!

  31. Judy @ In His Grip says

    Okay, this is the best idea! I do drapery fabrication for a living and I have tons of these large tubes hanging around my studio and have never known what to do with them. I have always hated throwing them out. Now I can make some pedistals. I throw away dozens of these a week. Thanks for the idea!!!!!

  32. What a cozy living room, neat idea on the column. Congrats to BJ for winning the beautiful tassel…Christine

  33. WOW… it looks like a real column. How smart to grab all the junk and make a great decoration for fall… Congratulations BJ…

  34. ImagineCozy says

    It is such fun to see so many creative ideas.

    I love how all of the decorations turned out in the family room.

    Thanks for hosting such a fun party!

  35. Isabella & Max Rooms says

    Well, I wouldn't have seen that!! Very ingenious!

    Linked up for my first time, now off to add the button and then I'll be back to see what everyone else has linked!!

    Thanks, Janell

  36. Funky Junk Interiors says

    I'll admit, I would have never thought to create something like that. I love 'thinking outside the box' uniqueness!

    Thanks for the party! My little kitchen backsplash addition I linked up to is so easy to do and has made such a big impact.

    Funky Junk Donna

  37. Rona's Home Page says

    Congratulations to the winner.

  38. I am LOVING that column!

  39. Now THAT is having a vision! It turned out gorgeous! She has a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  40. Awesome idea. Thanks once again for hosting this party! Pam

  41. Hi Susan!
    That Cheryl is one clever gal! Some people have these wonderful imaginations and know just what to do with all those odds and ends. Of course, around here everyone knows not to ever throw away a piece of cardboard, cause you never know what I might use it for…I have quite a stash. Some might call me crazy….
    Thanks for always having inspiring posts, and for sponsoring Met. Monday! Have a great week, my friend.
    Heidi – Heart and Home

  42. Glenda/MidSouth says

    She had a great idea. I also, would have never thought of that. Looks great.

  43. Southern Fried Gal says

    Wow – what an eye for transformation! And her home is adorable, too!

    Yay! So excited to be able to join the fun this week. Thanks for hosting!

  44. Fifi Flowers says

    LOVE your faux column… FAB!!!

  45. So clever of Cheryl to see past the "stuff" and create such a great display piece for her home, which looks fab btw.

  46. NOW THAT'S COOL!!!!!!
    Who would have thought to do that….Cheryl of course.
    Happy Met Monday Susan… thank you so much.
    Love Claudie

  47. Joyce @ Cheap Frills says

    That is just one great idea. Thanks so much for sharing! Happy Monday.

  48. Super great idea…as usual. Love, love, love your blog!!!

  49. Southerncook says

    Thank you for sharing your Met Mon. post. What a great recycling idea and Cheryl's home is adorable. Also, congratulations to the lucky winner.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  50. Kelee Katillac says

    Great ideas! The pumpkin stand/pedestal is so cute!
    I love innovation!

  51. Linda/"Mom" says

    * What a CLEVER IDEA~~~ and executed so well!!!! Yessireebob, TEACHERS alllways do the greatest things, BESIDES teach our KIDS!!!

    Glad this "FUN-NESS" was shared!

    Linda in AZ *

  52. What a neat idea! The column turned out great. I love Cheryl's beautiful family room, all decorated for fall.

  53. Can I just say again how much I admire your blog!!! Great ideas as usual!

  54. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    I'm having a great time reading everyone's posts and getting some great ideas! Today I linked up for the first time.

  55. Debbie @ The Shabby Bungalow says

    Wow what a fabulous dea – don't think I would hav been able to think outside the box like that – tfs πŸ™‚

  56. Diann @ The Thrifty Groove says

    I love it! She did an awesome job!!

  57. Annie @ Birdcages n Butterflies x says

    Wow..just found you blog and LOVE it!!
    Your project is just lovely!!
    Look forward to participating more in the future!!
    In the midst of transforming a giant birdcage and stand at the mo so will be back soon!!
    Have a lovely day
    Annie x

  58. Phyllis AROUND THE HOUSE says

    Thats exactly when I put up my fall things, even in ca. where it was 1oo degrees. I like to leave things up for awhile to enjoy before christmas. I adore your blog and I think your pictures are amazing. I sincerely love the articles that help bloggers to do all those things to make their blogging easier, more fun and pleasing to the eye, again thanks, PS you should have a weekly or monthly section to teach us more, I think most everyone would have that link on their blog…lol phyllis

  59. Delightful Dwelling says

    I'm participating for the first time. I kept forgetting on Mondays to join in!

  60. Thanks for hosting yet another wonderful linky party! Hope you have a great week!

  61. Lady Katherine says

    Love the column she made, and painting it black. Made a great pumpkin stand! I used larger carpet rolls and made columns that were 10-12 feet tall painted them white.Used them in the reception area with a pond, plants,and bench to make a garden area. Now I should have kept some of them and painted them black. I never thought of using them for my home. I donated them to the church.

  62. Brilliant idea! Makes for an inviting setting in your very cozy room. Job well done, girl!

    So glad I popped in today. As we say in the Ozarks, Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!"

  63. The Raggedy Girl says

    That stand is really wonderful and I too love the basket on its side.

    The Raggedy Girl

  64. The Crazy Suburban Mom says

    Wow, I've got nothing great like that going but I sure enjoyed having a look at it!

  65. Ellie Mae's Cottage says

    I love looking at everyone's transformations! They are all so beautiful! Sorry I'm linking up late… but computer problems prevented me from doing it yesterday. Happy Fall everyone! -Jackie

  66. I love recycle ideas, this one is great!
    And her house looks adorable for Fall!
    Linda Q

  67. Very clever! Thanks for sharing Cheryl's project!

  68. Ahhhhh jajajaja sos como yo con dos cositas me invento un mundo jajaja, que bueno sos muyyyy espeial e inteligente, un abrazo grande, enorme, Chany.-

  69. What a great metamorphosis! It's so cute with the pumpkin on it lol. Lucky Bj to win the tassel!

    All the best,

  70. Vicci @theplaidbasket says

    Wow! What a creative and ambitious friend you have. Her home and decorations are so cool…would LOVE to see all of her home.

  71. Very clever. Great!

  72. Thank you for showing us Cheryl's family room with all the darling decorations. I hope you show it to us decorated for Christmas, too! Also, would love to know the green paint color.

  73. Thank you for showing us Cheryl's family room with all the darling decorations. I hope you show it to us decorated for Christmas, too! Also, would love to know the green paint color.

  74. Thank you for showing us Cheryl's family room with all the darling decorations. I hope you show it to us decorated for Christmas, too! Also, would love to know the green paint color.

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