Antiquing at A Classy Flea

It has been ages since I took you antiquing/thrifting with me at A Classy Flea. I try not go too often because I’m always super tempted by so many things! I do love antiquing, though and find it so relaxing. Do you find that, too?

As I pulled into the parking lot of A Classy Flea, these chairs caught my eye. They were priced at $199 each or $349 for the pair. I hope someone buys the pair and keeps them together.

Pair of Toile French Chairs


This little vintage table was nearby. It would look great in a narrow foyer or hallway, or even under a window with a lamp. $99

Vintage Table


I rarely give you a broad view inside but I snapped this photo from the upper level of the store as I passed by one of the doorways. A Classy Flea spans over three levels and there’s so much to see, you can easily miss something the first time through. I sometimes walk through one way, then walk back through again from the other direction. Amazing the things you see on the second pass that you missed the first time around.

Shopping at A Classy Flea


I’ve always loved vintage wicker pieces. This chest would be great in a bedroom, sunroom or really anywhere. $178

Vintage Wicker Chest

Cute rocking horse: $139

2016-04-15 17.04.07-1_wm


I didn’t know Vera Bradley made garment bags. I used to have a small VB bag in this pattern. $48

Vera Bradley Garment Bag with Bee Floral Pattern


Rustic Bins: This was marked as not being appropriate for food but it would be really cute for storing craft or sewing supplies. What would you put inside? $59

Rustic Bins


I loved this painted highboy. It was huge! I pulled out a few drawers and noticed they were all dovetailed.  There was a matching dresser nearby. I didn’t check the price on it but the highboy was marked, $599.

Painted Highboy in Antique White Color


I love the bamboo style of this dining set. The chairs are made of a heavy metal. I was wondering if it could be used outside. It would probably need to be sealed really well for that. $279

Metal Bamboo Style Table & Chairs


A set of cranberry colored dishware: 28 pieces for $28

Cranberry Red China


This was marked as a Tiffany Lamp, but the price was so good I’m guessing it’s not an actual “Tiffany” lamp. I think the shade was glass, though. $49

Tiffany Lamp


This wingback with matching ottoman would be so cute in the right room. I really love the ball and claw feet on the chair and the ottoman. $189 for both pieces!

Green & Cream Check Wingback Chair with Ottoman


Another pretty highboy: $249.95

Tall Highboy


This appeared to be a dresser that’s been converted into a double-sink vanity: $299. You absolutely never know what you’ll find here, which is one of the things I love about shopping at A Classy Flea.

Dresser Vanity with Double Sinks


Was tempted by this book, Flea Market Style: $8

Flea Market Style by Emelie Tolley & Chris Mead


A pretty hand-painted mirror: $35

Hand-Painted Mirror


I loved these drapes. They felt nice and heavy. They only had a single pair or I would have been tempted to buy them for a room in my home. The pattern depicted beautiful birds and the drapes had blue tassle fringe running down the inside edge. Just stunning! $98 for the pair

Drapes with Birds and Blue Tassles


This armoire looked very old, wonder if it’s an antique. It was priced at $699.95

Cherry Armoire


4 Cute French Country Rooster Placemats, wouldn’t these be cute with Mackenzie-Childs dishes! $12.95

French Country Rooster Placemats


A fleur-de-lis leather wine caddy: $12.99

Fleur-de-lis Leather Wine Caddy


This small secretary had really pretty inlay all over. The tag said it was marked “Italy.” I was surprised to see it was only $229.

Small Secretary with Beautiful Inlay, Italy


See anything that would have come home with you?

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  1. Jill from Southern NH says

    Wow-those red toile chairs perfectly match our bedding and curtains – I think it’s the very same fabric! Tempted to drive down to Georgia;) I would certainly have to scoop up that cherry highboy for my pajamas on the way!

    • Jill, before you drive down, you may want to have them take a few photos for you. The fabric was a little faded in some places, so they definitely have a vintage look. It kinda added to the charm of the pieces, though.

  2. I love it all, but the small table for $99 would fit in many places.

  3. I like that small secretary. It’s petite size makes me want it more. Also really like the chair with the ottoman. Did you get a chance to see that link?

  4. Denise Alford says

    Is this in Atlanta? My daughter is getting ready to set up housekeeping. Some really nice things and great bargains!

    • They are located in Marietta, Georgia. Just google A Classy Flea or click on that link at the beginning of the post to visit their site for the exact address. They are my favorite store for bargains!

  5. You found lots of wonderful things! I really like that rocking horse. I can’t believe that place is 3 stories! They’ve really done a wonderful job staging everything.

    • Thanks, Brenda! It’s not exactly stories, more like levels. You tour one level, then walk down a few steps to the next level, then down (I think a ramp) to another level, so it’s pretty big. It changes constantly too because things never last there very long.

  6. I always love it when one of you Atlanta girls take us along to the Classy Flea. I want to load up a truck and bring a few things home. Only a small problem of no space in our casa! ‘-)
    The chairs are great buys, but then so are all the wonderful pieces of furniture you showed. up. Did you take anything home?

  7. Peggy Thal says

    Fun day! I love that High Boy. So many nice draws to fill.

  8. I LOVE visiting antique stores and just have to fulfill my longing for the special smell of one every so often. The painted gray highboy is so pretty!

  9. I love the fabric on the one drapery! It would be perfect for a shower curtain that I have been thinking about making. I have a daughter in Atlanta. I am wondering how far she would have to travel to pick it up for me! 😉

  10. Most of the furniture is so high priced compared to prices around here. The chair with ottoman was well priced as was the handpainted mirror. Oregon prices seem better!

  11. Jane Franks says

    Some of those pieces — especially the French looking ones must be reproductions, at those prices, don’t you think? We have two French antique shops in town. I know both of the owners, and they go the France and pick out their things. The prices are 3 to 10 times as much as these prices. These are attractive though. I’d buy something like that I liked. Thanks for sharing, Susan. xo

  12. I would take those red toile chairs in a NY minute. Do you know if they ship? Did you sit in the chairs by any chance? Wondering how comfy they are. I love the painted highboy. Do you have any idea what paint they used? I have one I am getting ready to paint, and that color would be perfect. It is so neutral, it could go anywhere. I also love the rocking horse, although it looks more like a display piece that one that could be used. It has wheel so I assume it could be pulled. We don’t have any places this good near us. Everything is a trip. Oh well. Let me know your thoughts on those chairs. Thanks.

  13. However do you get your items into a flea market like that one? My parents had a beautiful mahogany dining room set complete with china cabinet. We should have found a way to place it in a set up like this market. Someone could have appreciated it. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Hahaha, well, yes, I probably would have bought the book and the wine caddy. And I really liked the secretary marked Italy. I was glad to hear you go up one aisle and back the other way. Our antique mall is set up very similarly (3 floors + mezzanine), and people really a lot if they don’t travel both ways. Fun trip – thanks!

  15. Susan Sofield says

    Hubby and I will be visiting our sons in Marietta, Georgia the end of the month and I will have to make sure The Classy Flea is on my agenda. There are some really intriguing items in your pictures. If you have any other quaint places to visit, please let me know!

    Have a wonderful weekend! Susan

  16. I’m in love with the green plaid chair and ottoman! I wish I lived near A Classy Flea, but then again I like having money in my retirement accounts too!

  17. Susan, I would have loved to have accompanied you on this excursion. So much to see …. and purchase …. pure bliss! ☺ Did you have any success? -Brenda-

  18. The Italian secretary grabbed at my heart! Love it! I’m a NorthEast girl, and the prices you quoted are a steal compared to what we find up here. I’d grab and run! And did you walk away with something that tugged at your heart strings Susan?

  19. Wow! So many great things. We have two shops very nearby, and the ladies who work there know me. This is probably not a good thing. I love my stuff, too! No minimalist decor heart lurking behind my ribcage, that’s for sure.

  20. Linda Page says

    All I can say is that I am glad we didn’t go to the Classy Flea on my visit because there would not have been room in the car for me or Diane!!! I definitely have to come back to visit so we can go there. The rooster placemats look like they would go with your rooster dishes. I wish they would go with mine but my rooster dishes are in brown and rust colors mainly. I love the rustic bin and could fill the jars with the colored ribbons that I use in my cardmaking. The hand painted mirror would definitely come home with me. I would love to hang it in my small bathroom that we are updating. I think Arell should get the drapes for a shower curtain. I think it would be beautiful. Thanks for the tour. One day I will see it for real.

  21. Cyndi Raines says

    Some very nice pieces, really liked the tall white/ grey tall boy. If I’m ever in the area, I would stop for sure. Thanks for taking us along!

  22. Susan, what beautiful treasures! The pair of red toile chairs is simply beautiful and timeless! The painted high boy was another piece that really caught my eye! Thanks for the classy flea market visit! Happy Saturday!
    Pam @ Everyday Living

  23. Margo Kuhn says

    I loved the pair of red chairs and the green wingback with matching stool. The really tall highboy was quite nice too. I also am tempted on some other pieces I saw in the large picture of a large section of the store.

  24. My Mom had a beautiful toile chair very similar to the red ones. It was in black and white rather than red. I loved that chair and wish she had kept it. If I was in Atlanta with a truck, those red chairs, the wing back and ottoman, the wicker chest, high boy and rocking horse would be on the truck headed for Victoria, Texas right now! Thanks for a lovely tour. I want to go to the next one so badly. I need to plan a trip to Atlanta to visit my childhood friend Kathleen 🙂

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  25. I LUV shopping there and never miss a chance when in Atlanta!
    Thanks for taking pics for us to see–I would have totally been leaving with that wine caddy!

  26. Heather Snively says

    Love that drape panel among many other goodies pictured. It reminded me of a garage sale customer at my last home. In sale was a beautiful set of custom made drapes designed to close over 2 sets of very large French doors (huge amount of yardage). They were removed from then, our newly purchased Farm house. They were gently aged (slight fading but strong fabric) but a magnificent pattern (bird & vine). Wouldn’t work with my decor plan. I saw them as drapes only and could not think where to use them again, though I loved them. Most who came to sale looked but they were way to big, well lined and too much work to cut down. Everyone loved them, no one could use them. I dropped the price almost to free. A remarkably well dressed lady and several friends arrived. The woman rushed to the drapes , said to me on the price “is this correct?” She asked me “did I know what I had?” named the pattern and was thrilled to purchase! I was happy she had them. What will you do with them? “I have a huge enclosed porch filled with antique wicker and all the cushions need replacing. New Fabric would just look wrong there. This is perfect and I can afford it. I’ve been looking for a long time!” She had designed & made (seamstess) her amazing outfit which included a matching turban. Her Friends raved about this choice for her porch which was described as beautiful. I am guessing that porch is fantastic! Should have asked her to share a picture. I realize better how beautiful strong, vintage fabrics can be since that lovely lady’s talented eye. Happy she shared her idea.

  27. KathleenfromCA says

    I did see something. Next to the cute wooden horse…an oar that looked like it was made into a clever towel holder. If you had a nautical theme it would look great. Loved all the pictures. The desk from Italy was really nice. Looked like it had a glass cabinet up top. Also the bamboo dining set. Guess I saw more than one thing. Thanks for bringing me to the flea market–very classy in deed.

  28. I love The Classy Flea. The prices are always very reasonable

  29. Oh there’s hardly anything I didn’t really like a lot – but wow, I’d snatch that double sink vanity in a second flat if I lived near there.

  30. SuSan ~

    What a wonderful store, wish I could stop there on my way to Savannah!!!

    Speaking of Vera Bradley, which started here in my home town and tomorrow is the last day of the yearly sale. This is the first year I worked the sale and probably my last hehe!! It is unreal the $$ spent by these shoppers!


  31. I so need those cranberry dishes for my Virginia Tech Football tablescape in September. Do you know if I could order and if they’d ship them?

  32. bobbi duncan says

    Boy, I need to come back to Atlanta to shop–prices are higher where I live and it seems our nearby shops carry quite a lot of expensive antiques rather than more eclectic and reasonably priced goods. I love that highboy, those drapes, and that wicker chest, especially. A Classy Flea would be a danger zone for me. LOL!! Thanks for the fun tour.

  33. Love your field trips, especially Class Flea as it’s a one-of-a-kind. You must take us there more often, and just leave all cash/credit cards etc at home.

  34. Lisa Shoemaker says

    Can you reiterate where you purchased the fabric cord covers for your porch swing chains?

    • Sure, they are just electric cord covers and I found them in Hobby Lobby. I caught a sale, 50% off. I had a reader tell me a while back that her Hobby Lobby didn’t have them, so not sure if they are still carrying them. If you go online or on Amazon and search for electric cord fabric covers or a similar phrase, you should be able to find some.

  35. MR Gellerstedt says

    Have you ever gone on the backside of a classy flea to check out the marietta antique mall? It’s well worth the time!!!

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