Whimsy In The Kitchen, My Favorite Lemon Pepper Seasoning & Incredible Cookware

So, you all know that I’m a bit of a lazy cook. I do enjoy cooking/baking when friends or family are here, but the rest of the time, I go for the fastest, easiest meal I can make. My favorite food that I enjoy at least once a week, sometimes more, is Lemon Pepper Chicken. Over the years I’ve tried various Lemon Pepper seasonings and I’ve found them all to be about the same–until recently! Oh my gosh, have you ever tried Newman’s Own Lemon Pepper?

Newman's Own Lemon Pepper Seasoning


I’m not a food photographer, but I snapped a quick photo when I made it a few days ago. This has to be the easiest meal in the world. The way I make it is I put a couple of THESE liners in my Ninja AirFryer, then I place the chicken pieces into the baskets. I can normally get 4 strips per basket, placed horizontally. The chicken I purchased last time from Kroger was “Simple Truth, Natural Raised Cage-Free Chicken Breast Tenders.” I prefer cooking smaller pieces as opposed to a large chicken breast because that way more of the chicken is covered in the seasoning. Next, I place 3 or 4 small pats of butter atop the chicken breast, then I sprinkle the Lemon Pepper seasoning over the breast. As it cooks, the pats of butter melt and cover the chicken and the butter collects in the bottom (on the liner) where the chicken continues to cook in the butter.

Lemon Pepper Chicken


The last time I made Lemon Pepper Chicken, which was jsut a couple of days ago, I cooked the chicken for 20 minutes–4 tender/strips per basket. After that, I opened the air fryer, turned over each piece of chicken, and cooked it for about 6 more minutes. I probably tend to overcook my chicken a bit, but I never want to risk it not getting totally done, so you may want to experiment with the time. The chicken came out moist and delicious! I normally only eat 2-3 pieces and save the rest for later, but I ended up eating 4! It was that good! I very much recommend this seasoning for making Lemon Pepper Chicken…it’s amazing! You’ll find it here: Lemon Pepper Seasoning.

Lemon Pepper Chicken


Update: Meant to mention this–one more way I love eating Lemon Pepper chicken is after cooking it as described above, I heat up (in the microwave) some Rao’s Homemade Tomato Basil sauce and pour a little over the chicken. Oh, my gosh–sooo good!

Lemon Pepper Chicken


While shopping online recently, this adorable toothpick holder popped up. It’s designed so it looks like a deer is standing in a meadow surrounded by tall grass. 🙂 I didn’t buy it at first, but I couldn’t quit thinking about it. I love little whimsical pieces like this. I could envision opening my spice cabinet and seeing it inside next to the salt/pepper grinders.



So, yup–I had to get it. There’s a little hole in the top where you shake out a toothpick when needed. If you love a bit of whimsy in your kitchen, you’ll find it available here: Deer Toothpick Holder.

Cute Toothpick Holder, Deer in tall grass


So, I have a question for the serious cooks out there–has anyone tried this HexClad Cookware? I saw it advertised on Instagram and decided to read more about it. Apparently, it’s a hybrid type cookware–it’s stainless cookware, which is what I grew up with, but non-stick. So it’s supposed to be the best of both worlds.



I never watch cooking shows, but my sister used to watch all of them. I bet she would have loved this cookware since she loved cooking so much. Has anyone tried it? The reviews are outstanding–the 2-quart saucepan has 92% 5-star reviews after 1,116 reviews! You can see the various pieces it’s available in here: HexClad Cookware.


I was thinking of buying a piece for my daughter-in-love who loves to cook, just to see how she likes it. The best price I’ve found for it is when purchasing it in a full set like this one: HexClad, 12-Pc Set.




I would love to hear if anyone has tried it and if it’s as awesome as it sounds. It definitely has incredible reviews, so I’m intrigued!

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  1. SharonFromMichigan says

    Susan, I’ve been wanting to try the hex-clad too. In the picture you posted, the pot lids are the best ones I’ve ever owned. The small steam outlet hole on each lid lets excess steam escape (so no messy boil over) while keeping steam inside the pans for quicker cooking and poaching. Maybe I can put these on my list to Santa this year! (lol)

    • I like the steam outlet hole idea! Now that you mention it, I see that in the photos. Love that! I’m tempted to try a piece just to see how it works. I may get the sauce pot since that has 4.8 stars and looks really cute.

  2. Have you read the negative comments on Amazon about HexClad?

    • No, just saw all the great review stats. The 12 piece set has 4.9 stars. Most of the reviews are 4.7 and above. The reviews look amazing but I’d like to hear from some BNOTP readers who have it, too.

  3. I love the toothpick holder. Looks like one of the little joys in life. Either that, or I am easily entertained. We all need something that makes you smile when you see.it sitting on a counter or shelf.

  4. Hex-Clad coating contains PTFE, “ polytetrafluoroethylene is a synthetic polymer consisting of two simple elements; carbon and fluorine. I would
    research its properties carefully before committing to a large purchase. Not sure, but i think it is related to Teflon.

  5. Patricia Lapp says

    I immediately ordered both the lemon pepper seasoning and the toothpick holder. Thank you!

  6. Thanks for the tip about the lemon pepper and also how you prepare. I have not tried that seasoning brand but will. Thanks so much.

  7. Hey Susan, Before you go with that cookware, check out ourplace.com. They have cookware that basically replaces all the pans in your cupboard — it is amazing and worth every penny. It is so pretty that most people leave on their stove and one pan can do about 500 things. Nonstick, lasts forever – I purchased for myself and my sons who are both cooks and they got rid of all their other cookware and use this on the daily.

  8. That should say ‘Fromourplace.com’

  9. I have to agree with Susan’s suggestion to check out Our Place.com. I have 4 of their pans and love, love, love them. The larger pans come with a wooden utensil (spoon or spatula), that is self-storing, and my favorite feature is that they practically clean themselves. Our Place also offers several accessories for the pans which gives them such versability. Thanks for the tip regarding them lemon pepper.

  10. My daughter purchased a set of these before she went overseas. When she returned I started using them. I found that the skillet does still stick on some items. So I would say they are not totally non-stick if that is what you are looking for.

  11. . . a chef where I take cooking classes recently purchased a whole set for his teaching kitchen and loves them. Love that you can use metal in them. . and they are really pretty!!

  12. Check out Ninja pans. I recently bought these. I was tired of my calphalon pans which were stainless and certainly not non stick. Dishwasher safe, can use with metal utensils, guaranteed not to chip or flake. And not quite as pricy as hex clad. Love the toothpick holder! Added it to my list of desires!

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