A Painting Completely Changed The Feel of This Room + A New Purchase for the Bed

Welcome to the 669th Metamorphosis Monday!

How was your weekend? I hope it was great! Mine was productive as I got a few things done here in the house that I’ve been hoping to do for a long time. Around this time last year, you may remember that I was shopping for the perfect frame for this beautiful Chuck Pinson giclee canvas print/painting. I ended up not getting it framed because after finally choosing a frame, the frame shop realized the company from whom they purchased their stock had changed the style/design of the frame. Argggh.

Framing for The Governor's Party, Chuck Pinson


I’m actually glad now that it worked out that way because when I restarted the frame-shopping process recently, I found a frame I actually liked even more.

New Painting for the Master Bedroom


I have to say, I’m shocked at the impact adding a painting over the bed has had on the way this room looks and feels. Not sure if that’s coming across in the photos. Here’s how the room looked with a preserved boxwood wreath hanging above the bed.

Red, Green Plaid Tartan Bedding Duvet


And here’s how the room looks now.

Tartan Bedding for the Holidays


It’s probably not coming across in these photos, but in person, the painting has given this room a beautiful focal point that has really elevated the whole feel of the room. It’s added a bit of drama, in a good way. It’s also added a touch of elegance, something I never expected!

Tartan Bedding, Four Poster Bed


I really do love it here! My plans are to leave it up all year long. You know how much I love a beautiful, traditional home, so even though this painting depicts the Governor’s Palace in Colonial Williamsburg all decorated for Christmas, I love the idea of enjoying and keeping a bit of Christmas in this room all year long.

Art for the Bedroom


I’ve been toying with the idea of purchasing a summer-themed painting in the exact same size to have framed to go with my summer bedding, but when I tried one of my summer-bedding pillow shams on the bed underneath the painting, it looked great! I guess I’ll wait until next spring to make that decision. Not sure where I would hang this one if I took it down for the summer months and I wouldn’t want to just store it away in a closet for fear it would get damaged. Ummm, we’ll think more about that next spring. For now, we’ll just enjoy that it’s finally framed and hanging! (To see this painting and other beautiful pieces by Chuck Pinson, you’ll find his website here: Chuck Pinson. Note: I paid for my painting–didn’t receive any discounts, just sharing his website because I love his work!)

Wall Art for Christmas Holidays and All Year


Initially, I had the painting hanging 1-1/2 inches higher and it looked too high in relation to the bedposts on either side. Also, it was a tad higher than I liked in relation to the headboard when the shams were removed at bedtime. This height feels just right, at least it does when you’re standing here in the room.

Tartan Bedding for the Master Bedroom


Notice the pillows I have on the bed in the photo below. I made a little change with those over the weekend, too.

Chuck Pinson Art, The Governor's Party


In this closer view of the painting, do you spot the pillow change?

The Governor's Party by Chuck Pinson


You may remember a couple of years back, I purchased this pretty flannel bedding from L.L. Bean. I love the design but I’ve been wishing I had purchased two sets so I’d have a spare when the other set was in the wash. Unfortunately, Bean isn’t carrying this exact pattern anymore. They have a similar one on their website this year, but I don’t like it as much.

L.L. Bean Flannel Sheets for Fall and Winter Holidays


A week or so back, I was “Googling” for the L.L. Bean bedding above to see if perhaps someone had a set available on eBay in “new/unused” condition. Though I didn’t find the Bean bedding, I found something I loved even more. This bedding is like the L.L. Bean flannel bedding, but even better because it has Chickadees in the design! Oh my gosh, you know how I love my birds!

I can’t believe the words that are about to come out of my mouth, but the quality of these sheets is so much better than my Bean flannel sheets. Don’t get me wrong, the L.L. Bean Heritage flannel sheets are amazing, but their other flannel sheets, though really nice, do not feel near as nice as these new sheets I just purchased from Garnet Hill. I can’t get over the weight and thickness of these sheets, they are amazing!

Chickadee and Pine Boughs Bedding


And when washed, look how fluffy and plush they get! They are so soft, you can literally see the fluffiness in a photo! lol They are super warm and cozy for sleeping. I love them so much, I’ve ordered two more sets, including the matching shams! They should arrive this week. Update: One thing I forgot to mention is that the pillowcases that come with this sheet set actually close up on the ends, so you don’t have the inside pillow showing when you make up the bed. There’s sort of a little pocket on the end, hard to explain. I’ve never had pillowcases that were designed like that before, but I really do like that feature.

Organic-Cotton Flannel Bedding


Here’s how they look with my winter tartan bedding.

Cozy Bedrooms for Winter


If you like these, there’s a little trick I discovered accidentally while ordering them that can save you 25%.

Cozy Bedding for Fall and Winter


When I ordered the first set, I got 25% off as I was checking out. Awesome! After they arrived and I knew I HAD to have another set, when I placed them in my cart and went to check out, the 25% discount didn’t appear. Ummm, maybe the sale had ended? Then I remembered something from when I ordered the first time, I had clicked on an ad I saw when I searched for “flannel sheets with pine design.” So I removed the sheets from my cart, went back and Googled for “Garnet Hill, Flannel Sheets,” then clicked on the first link that popped up that said “Ad” beside it. This time when I checked out, the 25% discount appeared in my cart.

Chickadee & Pine Bedding with Tartan, Winter Bedding


So all this is to say, if you love these sheets, (or just want to check out their other products) Google the words, “Garnet Hill Flannel Sheets” then click on the very first link that pops up saying, “Garnet Hill Official Site-Take 25% Off Full-price Today.” If it works as it did for me, you won’t see the 25% discount until you get to the last phase of checking out, then it should appear. I would give you a link in this post for the sheets, but then you probably wouldn’t see the 25% discount at checkout.

The only thing I don’t like about Garnet Hill is they charge for shipping. I’ve really gotten spoiled by not having to pay for shipping when I shop at most places online, so it really bugs me when I have to pay for shipping. I still did it though because these are the best flannel sheets I’ve ever experienced, maybe even better than L.L. Bean’s Heritage line. I never thought I’d find flannel sheets I liked better than Bean’s Heritage line!

Bedding for Birders, Chickadee Bedding


I’ve ordered a tartan tablecloth for the bedside table on the right side of the bed. I need to find a topper, I think. We’ll see how the tartan tablecloth looks after it arrives. If it doesn’t look right on the bedside table, I can always use it on my round table in my breakfast room. (All my tartan bedding, including the new tablecloth, can be found here: Tartan Bedding, Tartan Tablecloths.)

Tartan Bedding, Four Poster Bed


And–I would love to find draperies for this room, something that will work with both my spring-summer and fall-winter bedding. That’s a tall order, but I’m going to start looking once the holidays are past. After seeing how this painting has transformed the feel of this room, I know draperies will probably do that same thing.

Tartan Bedding for the Holidays


Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters linked for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. That looks so good, Susan! I am turning my attention indoors now that I have the interim landscape makeover complete at our new home (sharing). I have some walls that are the original plaster in this house and I’ve already bent a few nails that should’ve been screws. I’m also undecided about what to hang, and where!
    Meanwhile, I started some decorating, but today is nothing more than Mimi duty! I hope you have a great start to your week.

    • Thanks, Rita! I know plaster walls can be tricky for hanging art. My dil uses the command hooks for some pieces on their plaster walls. Have fun with Mimi duty! 🙂

  2. This is such a gorgeous print and it looks lovely above your wonderful “winter” bedroom! I love the idea about a spring print to replace it when you change out your bedding. Thanks so much for hosting, Susan. Have a perfect Thanksgiving!

  3. I love the new painting. It looks great there and really makes the room. The frame is perfect too.

  4. love…love the frame…ten times better ..


  5. Linda I. Palmer says

    I also like your Garnet Hill sheet design the best and love the way it looks with your plaid comforter. I’m so glad you are enjoying your picture and the impact it has in your room. Nothing says you can’t give yourself a few little gifts at Christmastime!

  6. franki Parde says

    YOU just “tickle me!…I could have written this…not as well as you…but SAME content!! LUV the giclee…LOVE!! It truly…”just what it needed!” I did same…but do change in late spring to a “flowers giclee”…yep…coordinates that season’s bedding. LUV!! franki

  7. The painting is beautiful and really does bring your bedroom to life. I would leave it there throughout the year. I have artwork in all my rooms, including a Christmas painting of Rockefeller Center, in the hallway bathroom. Always get compliments on that one. To me, paintings and prints complete a room’s decor. Thanks for all your posts Susan!

    • Thanks, Sheree! I think I’ll be so attached to it by spring, I won’t want to remove it for a spring painting. Love that you keep your Christmas painting up year around.

  8. I agree, the room feels more complete with the picture! Love the frame too. Beautiful. Love the new sheets as well. Have a lovely thanksgiving.

  9. Wow! – says it all. The painting is perfect and it completes the room with the bedding. May I ask what color paint is used on the bedroom walls? Have a great day and a Blessed Thanksgiving Day with family and friends.

    • Thanks, Kim! It’s an old Duron color called Sugar Cookie. It’s a soft yellow. I also have it in my office, kitchen and entry. If you ever want to get a sample of it or purchase it, there’s a company that can mix up any paint color, even those that have been discontinued. Here’s their website: https://www.myperfectcolor.com/

  10. Nothing like soft flannel sheets on a cold night. I like the new print. Maybe the pillowcases have pockets so they can also double as a sham. The painting looks great; I am drawn to the blue in the sky. My little bit of ocd that I seem to have is bothered with how close the pillows are to the bottom of the frame. The painting seems to be part of the bed and not “framed” on the wall. That’s just me, but my eye kept going to the bottom of the frame. It’s all a great and fun experience sharing your new “stuff”! Agree the table needs a new skirt and look forward to what you can find. Will it be the blue/green tartan and not red?

    • I thought about that, too…but they also make shams for this bedding. I ordered those in my second order which will probably arrive this week sometime. I do love how finished they look and how the pillow inside isn’t visible. I know, in a perfect situation it would be a bit higher, but when I had it hanging around 1-1/2 inches higher, it put the top of the painting even with the tops of the bedposts on either side, and that didn’t look good at all. I can probably slouch the pillows down a little, although I don’t mind it so much, which is rare for me since I can be pretty OCD about some stuff. lol Not sure yet about the tableskirt. I have one that works great with my summer bedding but just need to find the right one for the winter bedding. I ordered the matching tartan one that goes with the bedding, but I feel like it needs a topper. I actually want to put a chest on either side of the bed, but haven’t found any that I like or are the right size while antiquing.

  11. The picture looks beautiful above your bed. The only thing I thought didn’t look right was not seeing any of the wall under the picture. Perhaps moving your back pillows down a little would show some of the wall and create a “frame” for the picture which would give a place for the eye to rest before continuing down to the bed. Not seeing the way you have it hung in person might make a difference. Just a thought.

    • Thanks, Vikki! I know, that would be ideal, but the painting just didn’t look right when I had it higher due to the height of the bedposts. Maybe I can slouch down the large pillow shams a bit. In person, you do see the bottom of the frame peeking out behind the shams as you walk through the room.

    • Vikki, I just took a photo of how it looks right now from when I made the bed this morning. See what I mean about how you can see a bit of the wall. I didn’t bother to really stand up the shams as much this morning, I guess. When I had it hanging higher, it didn’t look right since the top of the painting was even with the top of the bedposts…just looked weird.

  12. I’ve been a Garnet Hill fan for many years. I love their percale sheets as well.
    Their Signature flannel sheets are fantastic. Thick. Lustrous. I don’t tend to buy patterned sheets, I prefer simple with monograms, but these do look wonderful on your bed. Just right.

    I hate to say it, but the LL Bean sheets, which I tried in the past, simply do not compare. These are on an entirely different level

    • I’ve purchased a sweater from them in the past and loved it, although it does pick very easily due to how it’s woven. But I still love it. If their percale is as nice as their flannel, it must be awesome! I’m so impressed with these! I’ve never seen flannel sheets this thick, not even L.L. Bean’s heritage sheets are this substantial!

  13. Sherry Stuifbergen says

    Is this a “painting” or a “print?” There is a huge price difference.

  14. Mary From Virginia says

    It looks great! Glad you found a frame and discovered new bedding. The chickadees are so cute. Have a good Thanksgiving!

  15. Garnet Hill is a good brand. A great choice for a picture!
    happy Thanksgiving.

    • Thanks, Rachelle! I’ve purchased a sweater from them but never their linens. Very impressed with the quality! I wonder if all their products are as nice and the same quality as the linens?

  16. Did you know that you can get that painting as a Christmas card? I received one from someone several years ago and I use it for a bookmark. Unfortunately, I only saved the front of the card, so I don’t know who made it; but I bet you can use your research skills to track it down if you’re interested.

    • I bet it makes a gorgeous Christmas card! I have several puzzles that depict his beautiful paintings. That’s good to know they are also available on cards.

  17. The sheets are lovely and YES! That painting looks fantastic and really ‘finishes’ the room. I like the idea of drapes too — they would soften and warm the room. Wow, that one thing, that painting, has had such a big impact. I’m sure that some lovely curtains would have a huge impact, as well. I’m glad you’re happy. And I don’t envy you trying to find drapes that will work with both summer and winter bedding, but if anyone can do it, it’s you, Susan.

    • Thanks, Pam! I know, that’s going to be a challenge! They will have to be pretty neutral, I think. Thanks, Pam–I’m shocked how art can transform the feel of a room! I have a feeling this is going to send me on some art shopping trips in the future. I really, really need to add more paintings to the rooms in my home.

  18. I should have also mentioned earlier that Garnet Hill offers 25% off and free shipping in their Christmas catalog. That’s substantial!

  19. That looks just lovely! The painting makes big impact and the tartan looks fabulous with it!

  20. Painting looks great – and love the idea of getting a “summer” painting for the next season!

    • I love that idea, too–just not sure I can bring myself to take this one down, although I have another spot where I think I could use it. 🙂

  21. Susan your picture looks beautiful above your bed. Took your room to a new level. So luxurious and cozy. I would be tempted to leave it up year round also. Love your new sheets also. Your room is decorated beautifully.

  22. Bobbi Duncan says

    Susan, I love how the painting looks over your bed–just beautiful! You get so excited about things, just like me; I believe it’s wonderful to appreciate things so much. I haven’t tried Garnet Hill bed linens as yet, but they sure look lovely. I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving. Hugs!

    • lol I do! I can’t help it! Glad you understand, Bobbi! Sounds like we are “birds of a feather.” 🙂 You gotta treat yourself to some of their flannel sheets. Hopefully they are all this same quality. Can’t get over how thick/heavy they are!

  23. It truly is a beautiful painting (Giclee) and definitely your choice of frame enhanced it. The new flannel sheets also look very cozy however its been years since I’ve opted for such since my husband finds them too warm so needless to say I just layer my side of the bed with an extra blanket. (After 50 years of marriage … one learns to compromise … lol!) -Brenda-
    P.S.: Now to play some catch up on your blog as haven’t been online that much for months now due to problems that I had with my back but am now on the road to repair.

    • Brenda, I hope your back is much, much better! I’m so sorry you’ve been sick. I’m so glad you are doing better now–just in time for hopefully a joyous Christmas!

  24. The painting looks lovely! I have a large winter Paris scene that I keep over my fireplace mantle year round. If you do decide to temporarily store it off season, I would suggest an artist portfolio case to keep it protected.
    30% off at Garnet Hill today! Thanks for the recommendation. I just ordered the vintage floral flannel sheet set. The reviews on the page were all positive!

  25. Cyndi Raines says

    The winter scene looks great over your very comfy, cozy winter bedding. Your new sheets with the chickadees are lovely. Reminds me of the beautiful Lenox “Winter Greeting” china that I love ( I think that’s the name, it is creamy white with a chickadee and a cardinal and a red ribbon, too lazy to get out of bed and go look at one in my hutch, ha). Excited to see what you find for the drapes. Happy shopping!

  26. Thanks, Deb! Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

  27. I didn’t think I could love this room more than I already did, but the painting does add a lot! And your new flannel sheets are gorgeous. I think I’d have trouble getting out of this bed in the mornings if I were you b/c it looks so cozy.

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